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Ever wondered what makes the pulse of Uzbekistan race?

Look beyond their vibrant culture and cuisine!

In Uzbekistan, soccer is undoubtedly a favorite, but there’s more to explore.

Uncover the most popular sports in Uzbekistan with our list.

Most Popular Sports in Uzbekistan:

  1. Soccer
  2. Equestrian
  3. Wrestling
  4. Basketball
  5. Boxing
  6. Rugby
  7. Judo
  8. Kurash
  9. Swimming
  10. Track and Field
  11. Gymnastics

#1 Soccer

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: Early 1900s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Player from Uzbekistan: Server Djeparov (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Players in Uzbekistan: 500,000

Soccer reigns supreme in Uzbekistan, captivating the hearts of its citizens with its dynamic gameplay and intense rivalries. The country’s love for soccer can be seen in packed stadiums and lively discussions.

The Uzbekistan Super League is the highest professional league, where clubs from different regions compete for the prestigious title. Server Djeparov, a celebrated midfielder and two-time Asian Footballer of the Year, has brought immense pride to Uzbekistan’s soccer scene.

Historic moments, such as the national team’s participation in the AFC Asian Cup, reflect the growing prowess of Uzbekistan on the international stage. Soccer’s legacy in Uzbekistan continues to flourish with each passing season.

#2 Equestrian

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: Ancient Times
  • 🌟 Most Famous Equestrian from Uzbekistan: Abdulla Aripov (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Equestrian Enthusiasts in Uzbekistan: 100,000

Equestrian sports hold a special place in the hearts of Uzbekistan residents, given the country’s historic connection to horses. Steeped in tradition and skill, equestrian events draw significant interest from fans and competitors alike.

National and regional horse racing events showcase the endurance and speed of the native Uzbek horses. The fame of Abdulla Aripov, a renowned equestrian from Uzbekistan, has further increased the sport’s visibility.

Equestrian sports, both on a competitive level and as a leisurely pastime, continue to form an essential part of Uzbekistan’s cultural landscape, preserving ancestral heritage and fostering strong connections with the noble animal.

#3 Wrestling

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: Ancient Times
  • 🌟 Most Famous Wrestler from Uzbekistan: Artur Taymazov (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Wrestlers in Uzbekistan: 300,000

Wrestling is deeply embedded in Uzbekistan’s culture, stemming from its ancient roots and continuing to maintain a strong presence today. Both traditional and modern forms of wrestling are practiced and cherished by the citizens.

Local and national wrestling competitions regularly draw large crowds, with athletes showcasing their finesse, strength, and skill. Artur Taymazov, an Olympic gold medalist wrestler, has brought international attention and prestige to Uzbekistan’s wrestling community.

With a proud history and a continual passion for the sport, wrestling in Uzbekistan remains a significant part of its cultural identity, inspiring the younger generation to carry forward the tradition.

#4 Basketball

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: 1940s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Basketball Player from Uzbekistan: Rustam Murzagaliev (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Basketball Players in Uzbekistan: 150,000

Though introduced more recently than some other sports, basketball has gained immense popularity in Uzbekistan. The high-energy and exhilarating nature of the game has attracted a dedicated fan base.

The Uzbekistan Basketball Super League stands as the premier platform for professional basketball, witnessing fierce competition among talented teams. Rustam Murzagaliev, a skilled Uzbek basketball player, has added a touch of star power to the sport in the country.

Local leagues and international tournaments featuring the national team draw considerable attention, fostering the growth and development of basketball in Uzbekistan, especially among the younger generation.

#5 Boxing

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: 1940s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Boxer from Uzbekistan: Hasanboy Dusmatov (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Boxers in Uzbekistan: 80,000

Boxing in Uzbekistan maintains a strong following, with the sport’s intense matches and display of athleticism resonating with spectators. The nation has produced a significant number of talented boxers, earning a respected position in the global arena.

National championships and international boxing tournaments, such as the AIBA World Boxing Championships, draw immense attention. Hasanboy Dusmatov, an Olympic gold medalist and decorated boxer, serves as a role model to aspiring young fighters in Uzbekistan.

Through grit, determination, and commitment to excellence, Uzbekistan continues building its boxing legacy, showcasing the potential and prowess of its athletes on the world stage.

#6 Rugby

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: 1990s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Rugby Player from Uzbekistan: Anvar Ishmuhamedov (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Rugby Players in Uzbekistan: 15,000

Rugby, although relatively new to Uzbekistan, has quickly gained traction with passionate fans and dedicated players. The exciting, physical nature of the sport has drawn interest from all walks of life.

The Uzbekistan Rugby Championship, the nation’s premier competition, showcases both emerging talent and seasoned players. Anvar Ishmuhamedov, a popular Uzbekistan rugby player, has inspired others to take up the sport.

Rugby in Uzbekistan continues to flourish as awareness and participation grow, carving out its place in the country’s diverse sporting landscape.

#7 Judo

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: 1950s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Judoka from Uzbekistan: Rishod Sobirov (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Judokas in Uzbekistan: 40,000

In Uzbekistan, judo has garnered significant recognition and admiration, thanks to its engaging combat style and disciplined approach. The country boasts a strong tradition in martial arts, which has provided a fertile ground for judo’s growth and development.

National judo tournaments and prominent international events, such as the Judo World Championships, captivate spectators in Uzbekistan. Rishod Sobirov, a judoka who has brought home multiple Olympic and World Championship medals, has become an iconic figure in Uzbekistan’s judo community.

As the sport continues to grow, Uzbekistan cements its reputation as a powerhouse in judo, fostering discipline, technique, and sportsmanship among its athletes.

#8 Kurash

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: Ancient Times
  • 🌟 Most Famous Kurashchi from Uzbekistan: Ilhom Tukhtaev (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Kurash Enthusiasts in Uzbekistan: 60,000

Kurash, a traditional Uzbek wrestling style, is steeped in the nation’s rich heritage and cultural identity. The sport showcases ancient techniques and teaches values such as respect, honor, and perseverance.

Uzbekistan hosts numerous kurash tournaments and participates in global events such as the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Ilhom Tukhtaev, a Kurash World Cup champion, has become a symbol of pride for the sport in the country.

With its deep roots in history and strong cultural significance, the art of kurash continues to thrive in Uzbekistan, preserving an essential aspect of the nation’s identity while promoting athleticism and sportsmanship.

#9 Swimming

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: 1950s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Swimmer from Uzbekistan: Oleg Tikhobaev (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Swimmers in Uzbekistan: 100,000

Swimming is an increasingly popular sport in Uzbekistan, with it being both a competitive and recreational activity. As a result, numerous aquatic centers have opened throughout the country to accommodate enthusiasts.

Swimming tournaments and international competitions, such as the Asian Swimming Championships, draw significant interest from fans and participants in Uzbekistan. Oleg Tikhobaev, an accomplished Uzbek swimmer, has become a notable figure in the swimming community.

The sport has a strong presence in Uzbekistan, and as the country continues to invest in its youth, swimming facilities, and national team, it only promises to grow further.

#10 Track and Field

Track and Field
  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: 1940s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Athlete from Uzbekistan: Ekaterina Voronina (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Athletics Enthusiasts in Uzbekistan: 200,000

Track and field has a strong following in Uzbekistan, as it encompasses a wide range of disciplines that cater to different strengths and capabilities. It plays a pivotal role in the development of well-rounded athletes.

Local and international track and field competitions are highly anticipated, with athletes representing the country in various Olympic and World Championship events. Ekaterina Voronina, an Uzbek long jumper, stands out as a renowned athlete excelling in the sport.

Uzbekistan’s rich history in athletics propels promising young talents to excel on the international stage, maintaining the nation’s presence in the world of track and field sports.

#11 Gymnastics

  • πŸ“… (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Uzbekistan: 1950s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Gymnast from Uzbekistan: Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbek)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Gymnasts in Uzbekistan: 50,000

Gymnastics enjoys a prominent place in Uzbekistan’s sports scene, owing to its demonstration of flexibility, strength, and precision. Schools and clubs across the nation have opened their doors to young gymnasts, developing local talent.

Uzbek gymnasts have competed in numerous international events, leaving their mark on both the Olympic and World Championship stages. Oksana Chusovitina, a legendary Uzbek gymnast with a record of eight Olympic appearances, is an influential figure within the community.

With the success of gymnasts like Chusovitina, the interest and dedication to gymnastics in Uzbekistan continue to flourish, inspiring the next generation of athletes to pursue this incredible sport.


What is the most popular sport in Uzbekistan?

Soccer, also known as football, is the most popular sport in Uzbekistan, capturing the hearts of citizens with thrilling matches, and boasting a dedicated following across the country.

What is the national sport of Uzbekistan?

There isn’t a designated national sport in Uzbekistan, but traditional wrestling styles like Kurash hold immense cultural significance and the most popular modern sport is soccer (football).

What are the most watched sports in Uzbekistan?

The most watched sports in Uzbekistan include soccer (football), equestrian, wrestling, basketball, boxing, rugby, and judo, attracting large audiences and fan bases throughout the nation.

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