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Ever wondered what drives the heartbeat of Angola?

It’s not just its vibrant culture and music!

Soccer undoubtedly leads the way in Angola’s sports scene.

But what other sports ignite the passion of Angolans?

Dive into our list of the 11 most popular sports in Angola.

Most Popular Sports in Angola:

  1. Soccer
  2. Basketball
  3. Athletics
  4. Cycling
  5. Boxing
  6. Rugby
  7. Skeet Shooting
  8. Handball
  9. Swimming
  10. Marathon
  11. Chess

#1 Soccer

  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: Early 1900s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Player from Angola: AkwΓ‘ (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Players in Angola: 800,000

Soccer, without a doubt, is the most popular and beloved sport in Angola. Its appeal transcends age and social strata, uniting the nation in passion and pride.

The top-tier league in Angola, Girabola, draws great attention, with fans devotedly following their favorite clubs. AkwΓ‘, the iconic Angolan forward, is revered for his goal-scoring prowess and contributions to the national team.

Angola’s participation in the 2006 FIFA World Cup remains a landmark event in the nation’s sporting history and continues to inspire the younger generation to pursue their soccer dreams.

#2 Basketball

  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1930s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Player from Angola: Jean-Jacques Conceição (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Players in Angola: 250,000

Basketball in Angola holds significant popularity among the youth, with grassroots development and international success fueling its growth.

The premier basketball league, Unitel Basket, showcases fierce competition among clubs and garners a substantial fan base. Jean-Jacques Conceição, a former national team player and African basketball legend, has graced the sport with his stellar performances.

Angola’s dominance in the African Basketball Championships, securing 11 titles, cements its position as a powerhouse in the continent, inspiring admiration and reverence among basketball enthusiasts.

#3 Athletics

Track Running
  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1970s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Athlete from Angola: AntΓ³nio Francisco (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Athletics Enthusiasts in Angola: 1 Million

Athletics in Angola has been gaining prominence over the years, with the nation producing accomplished athletes across various disciplines.

National and regional athletics events bring out the best in Angolan talent, showcasing potential stars and rigorous competition. AntΓ³nio Francisco, a renowned Angolan long jumper, has made his mark internationally, bagging medals and championships.

The Angola National Athletics Championship and other regional events continue to foster a culture of athleticism in the country, driving its growth and allowing athletes to shine on larger platforms.

#4 Cycling

  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1950s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Cyclist from Angola: Igor Silva (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Cycling Enthusiasts in Angola: 1.5 Million

Cycling in Angola is both a popular form of recreation and a competitive sport. The beautiful landscapes and regions in the country provide cyclists with challenging and picturesque routes.

Angola’s premier cycling event, the Volta a Angola, is an annual race that sees fierce competition among local and international racers. Igor Silva stands as a prominent figure in Angolan cycling, representing the nation both regionally and internationally.

Cycling clubs and events across Angola further contribute to its growing popularity, encouraging participation and ambitions among enthusiasts and aspiring competitors alike.

#5 Boxing

  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1960s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Boxer from Angola: Manny Fernandes (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Boxing Enthusiasts in Angola: 300,000

Boxing has a strong following in Angola, with its rich history of producing talented pugilists and hosting memorable bouts throughout the years.

The Angolan Boxing Federation organizes numerous events, both at amateur and professional levels, that keep the sport alive and vibrant. Manny Fernandes is a well-known Angolan boxer who has made significant strides in the international boxing scene.

The sport’s significance in Angola is not just about the thrilling fights, but also about the discipline and dedication of its athletes. Boxing remains firmly rooted in the Angolan sports landscape, promoting personal growth and national pride.

#6 Rugby

  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1990s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Player from Angola: HΓ©lder Gomes (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Rugby Enthusiasts in Angola: 150,000

Rugby, although relatively new to Angola, has garnered a dedicated fan base and captured the imagination of the sports community.

The Angolan Rugby Federation strives to develop the sport, organizing local tournaments and matches that boost awareness. HΓ©lder Gomes, a respected Angolan rugby player, has played a significant role in promoting rugby in the country.

While rugby still has room to grow in Angola, its status is on the rise, with efforts being made to establish infrastructure and grassroots development programs to take the sport to new heights.

#7 Skeet Shooting

Skeet shooting
  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1980s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Shooter from Angola: Filipe Barreiros (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Skeet Shooting Enthusiasts in Angola: 50,000

Skeet shooting in Angola is a niche yet captivating sport, offering a unique blend of focus, skill, and precision.

The Angolan Federation of Shooting organizes national and international shooting events, providing a platform for talented marksmen to showcase their abilities. Filipe Barreiros further puts Angola on the map with his superb display of shooting aptitude.

Despite being a lesser-known sport, skeet shooting has managed to carve out a space for itself among the various popular sports in Angola, attracting a loyal following and steadily growing fan base.

#8 Handball

  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1970s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Player from Angola: Justino Tavares (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Players in Angola: 100,000

Handball has been gaining ground in Angola, catching the interest of sports enthusiasts. The sport offers a fast-paced gameplay that keeps audiences engaged and entertained.

The Angolan Handball Federation has played a central role in creating opportunities for growth, staging championships and encouraging local clubs in their endeavors. Justino Tavares stands as a spirited Angolan handball player who consistently holds top ranks in various tournaments.

Handball’s potential in Angola is evident, as the sport captures the imagination of athletes and fans alike, with its dynamic nature and extensive outreach initiatives.

#9 Swimming

  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1970s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Swimmer from Angola: Maria Freitas (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Swimmers in Angola: 200,000

Swimming in Angola has emerged as both a popular recreational activity and competitive sport, with numerous swimming clubs and events attracting enthusiasts across the nation.

The Angolan Swimming Federation is dedicated to promoting the sport, holding various swimming competitions where talented swimmers can display their abilities. Maria Freitas, an Angolan swimming sensation, has inspired local talent with her international achievements.

Swimming in Angola continues to gain traction, with the sport fostering a culture of athleticism, discipline, and an appreciation for the country’s beautiful coastline and aquatic environments.

#10 Marathon

  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1980s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Marathon Runner from Angola: Augusto AndrΓ© (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Marathon Enthusiasts in Angola: 100,000

Marathons have steadily gained popularity in Angola, attracting runners and spectators alike with their inspiring displays of endurance and determination.

Events like the Luanda Marathon stand as the hallmark of Angola’s marathon scene, drawing participants from all walks of life. Augusto AndrΓ©, a prominent marathon runner from Angola, has achieved both regional and international recognition.

The growing interest in marathons isn’t just about running – it’s also about promoting health, fitness, and camaraderie among the Angolan people.

#11 Chess

  • πŸ“… Year of Introduction in Angola: 1980s
  • 🌟 Most Famous Chess Player from Angola: Eugenio Campos (Angolan)
  • 🌍 Estimated Number of Chess Players in Angola: 50,000

Although not a physical sport, Chess has carved out a niche in Angola, captivating the minds of enthusiasts and fostering critical thinking skills.

The Angolan Chess Federation works diligently to promote the sport, organizing local and regional tournaments that encourage strategic gameplay and rivalry. Eugenio Campos serves as an icon for chess in Angola, having represented the country in multiple international events.

Chess clubs and competitions continue to grow in Angola, raising the profile of the sport and nurturing the intellectual prowess of young and old alike.


What is the most popular sport in Angola?

Soccer, also known as football, is the most popular sport in Angola, holding a special place in the nation’s culture, and enjoyed by millions of fans across the country.

What is the national sport of Angola?

The national sport of Angola is soccer (football), which is deeply rooted in the Angolan cultural and sporting traditions, capturing the passion and pride of the nation.

What are the most watched sports in Angola?

The most watched sports in Angola are soccer (football), followed by basketball, athletics, boxing, rugby, handball, and swimming, each having substantial viewership and fan bases throughout the country.

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