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Got a passion for handball and looking for elite gear?

Step into the arena with the go-to brands that pros and enthusiasts swear by.

These champions of design and durability bring their A-game, so you can bring yours.

Top Best Brands for Handball in the World:

  1. Select
  2. Molten
  3. Hummel
  4. Mikasa
  5. Kempa
  6. Adidas
  7. Nike
  8. Puma
  9. Salming
  10. Under Armour
  11. Errea

#1 Select

  • 🌍 Origin: Denmark
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1947
  • πŸ’» Website: select-sport.com

Select, hailing from Denmark, has made a significant mark on the handball community since its establishment in 1947. The brand is a dominant force in the sport, known for its well-crafted handballs and other sports accessories.

Select has become a name synonymous with quality, providing handball players worldwide with equipment that perfectly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, thereby solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

#2 Molten

Molten, originating in Japan, began crafting sports gear in 1958 and quickly ascended as a premier supplier of handball equipment. The company is revered for producing balls used in major competitions around the globe, including the Olympics.

Molten’s commitment to excellence in design and functionality is evident in each product, making their handballs the choice of champions. They continue to foster the growth of handball through their dedication to quality and performance.

#3 Hummel

  • 🌍 Origin: Germany
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1923
  • πŸ’» Website: hummel.net

Hummel, founded in 1923, is a renowned Danish brand specializing in sportswear and equipment, including high-quality handball gear. Known for their innovative designs and durable materials, Hummel offers a range of products such as shoes, apparel, and accessories tailored for handball players.

The brand’s commitment to performance and style has made it a trusted choice among professional and amateur handball players worldwide.

#4 Mikasa

  • 🌍 Origin: Japan
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1917
  • πŸ’» Website: mikasasports.com

Mikasa, with origins in Japan and established in 1917, is often associated with high-quality, durable sports equipment. As a respected handball brand, Mikasa has carved a name for itself through a commitment to crafting reliable gear for the sport.

The company, while known for volleyballs, also offers handball products that meet the needs and demands of players worldwide, staying true to its promise of excellence in sports manufacturing.

#5 Kempa

  • 🌍 Origin: Germany
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 2002
  • πŸ’» Website: kempa-sports.com

Kempa, established in Germany in 2002, rapidly became a well-regarded name in the handball community. The brand’s dedication to innovation and functional design tailored to handball players is evident in its product line.

Kempa offers not only high-quality handball shoes and apparel but also essential accessories for professional and amateur players alike, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to the handball sport and its athletes.

#6 Adidas

  • 🌍 Origin: Germany
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1949
  • πŸ’» Website: adidas.com

Adidas, established in 1949, is a leading German sportswear brand known for its high-performance athletic gear, including handball equipment.

Renowned for their advanced technology and superior design, Adidas handball shoes and apparel provide excellent support, durability, and comfort. The brand’s dedication to quality and innovation has made it a popular choice among handball players at all levels of the game.

#7 Nike

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1964
  • πŸ’» Website: nike.com

Nike, conceived in 1964, is an iconic brand that has permeated various sports, including handball. With its roots deeply embedded in athletics, Nike consistently delivers high-performance handball shoes and apparel.

Their commitment to innovation is reflected in their use of advanced technologies and designs that cater to the agility and speed required by handball players. Nike’s influence extends beyond equipment, contributing to the sport’s culture and community.

#8 Puma

  • 🌍 Origin: Germany
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1948
  • πŸ’» Website: puma.com

Puma, launched in 1948, has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of athletic and casual footwear, apparel, and accessories. As a staple in handball, Puma offers a range of handball-specific shoes designed for comfort, stability, and performance.

Focused on combining functionality with style, Puma equips both amateur and professional handball players with gear that helps enhance their game while infusing fashion into sports.

#9 Salming

  • 🌍 Origin: Sweden
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 2001
  • πŸ’» Website: salming.com

Salming, founded in 2001, is a prominent Swedish brand specializing in high-quality sports equipment, including handball shoes and apparel.

Known for their innovative designs and exceptional performance, Salming products offer superior grip, support, and durability, enhancing players’ agility and comfort on the court. The brand’s focus on quality and continuous improvement has quickly made it a favorite among handball enthusiasts and professional players.

#10 Under Armour

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1996
  • πŸ’» Website: underarmour.com

Under Armour, recognized as a powerhouse in athletic wear, has made significant strides in the handball equipment industry. Established in 1996 in the United States, the brand has quickly become synonymous with innovation and performance.

With a relentless commitment to improving athletic performance, Under Armour offers handball players top-tier footwear and apparel crafted to enhance agility and comfort on the court.

#11 Errea

  • 🌍 Origin: Italy
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1988
  • πŸ’» Website: errea.com

Errea, an Italian sportswear company founded in 1988, has earned prestige in the handball world for its high-quality teamwear. Notable for personalized kits, Errea supplies handball teams at various levels, priding itself on European manufacturing standards and attention to detail.

The brand’s commitment to producing durable, stylish, and technical sportswear has made it a preferred choice for handball athletes seeking to combine performance with fashion.



What are some top handball sports brands in the world?

Select, Molten, and Kempa are some top handball sports brands in the world, known for their specialized equipment tailored to handball players’ needs.

What are the best handball clothing brands?

Hummel, Kempa, and Adidas are the best handball clothing brands, renowned for their high-quality apparel designed specifically for the agility and comfort required in handball.

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