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We list a large load of leisure pastimes laced with the letter L.

From lacrosse to Lucha libre, this lineup boasts both mainstream and lesser-known leisure sports that cater to every level of athletic ability.

Lovers of a luxurious lawn game or lean long jumpers alike can leap into the litany of L-centric sports laid out in this lovely article.

Sports that start with the Letter L

  1. Lacrosse
  2. Long jump
  3. Luge
  4. Lifting
  5. Lawn tennis
  6. Limbo
  7. Land sailing
  8. Laser Tag
  9. Le Parkour
  10. Lucha libre

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#1 Lacrosse


This exhilarating sport has its origins in the indigenous tribes of North America, dating back to the 17th century.

Combining elements of hockey and basketball, lacrosse has evolved into a popular sport in the United States and Canada.

Today, the sport enjoys international recognition, with the World Lacrosse Championship being the most prestigious tournament.

#2 Long jump

Long jump

An ancient athletic event, the long jump, dates back to the first Olympic Games in Greece in 776 BCE.

It remains a popular sport in athletics, with many countries participating in international events, including the Olympic Games and World Athletics Championships.

The United States, Russia, and Great Britain are among the notable long jump powerhouses.

#3 Luge


Luge originated in 19th-century Switzerland as a thrill-seeking sled sport. Today, it is an Olympic sport practiced in countries with natural ice tracks, such as Germany, Austria, and Canada.

The Fédération Internationale de Luge de Course (FIL) governs this adrenaline-pumping sport, organizing the prestigious Luge World Cup and World Championship events.

#4 Lifting


As a general term for weightlifting, lifting originated in Ancient Greece and Egypt, and today, it encompasses exercises focusing on strength and muscle building.

Olympic and powerlifting are two popular forms of lifting, which involve different techniques and competition rules.

The sport enjoys global popularity, with the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) hosting championships and the Olympic Games featuring it on their program.

#5 Lawn tennis

Lawn tennis

Known simply as tennis, this sport traces its roots back to 12th-century France, where it was played with the palm of the hand.

Rackets were later introduced in the 16th century, and modern tennis was born.

Today, it enjoys worldwide popularity, with the four Grand Slam tournaments – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open – ranking as the most prestigious events.

#6 Limbo


A dance-sport from Trinidad, limbo tests participants’ flexibility and balance as they bend backward to pass beneath a horizontal bar without touching it.

It originated as a celebratory dance during Trinidadian wake ceremonies but later gained broader popularity as a vibrant and fun activity at parties, festivals, and even competitions.

#7 Land sailing

Land sailing

Also known as sand yachting or dirtboating, land sailing is a wind-powered sport involving tinkered vessels that function on dry land.

Its origins trace back to Ancient Egypt, but it gained popularity in Europe during the 20th century.

The sport is popular on sandy beaches and desert landscapes all over the world, and prestigious events include the World Landsailing Championships.

#8 Laser Tag

Laser Tag

This fast-paced, recreational shooting sport uses infrared-emitting devices to simulate combat scenarios.

Developed in the United States in the 1970s, laser tag gained popularity among children and teenagers as a fun and safe alternative to paintballing.

Today, it has become a popular team-building activity and competitive sport, with international leagues and tournaments such as the Laser Tag World Championships.

#9 Le Parkour

Le Parkour

Also known as parkour or free running, this discipline was founded by David Belle and Sébastien Foucan in France during the 1980s.

Parkour emphasizes the efficient navigation of urban obstacles through jumping, vaulting, and climbing.

Although it is not currently an Olympic sport, parkour has a growing following worldwide and has made its way into international competitions like the World Parkour Championship.

#10 Lucha libre

This high-flying, masked Mexican wrestling style originated in the early 20th century, serving as a blend of Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling.

Lucha libre emphasizes acrobatics and colorful personalities, with its theatrical masks adding a touch of mystique.

The sport is particularly popular in Mexico and the United States, and the most prominent organization is Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL).

More Sports with L

  1. Logrolling: A unique and competitive sport involving two contestants balancing on a floating log, attempting to knock each other off by spinning it. Traditionally practiced by North American lumberjacks, this sport now has official competitions like the World Log Rolling Championship.
  2. Linear Cricket: A variation of the traditional cricket game, linear cricket is played with a smaller team and involves unique tactics and strategies. Its simple rules allow players of all ages to enjoy the game, making it a popular choice for neighborhood parks and community groups.
  3. Loop kitesurfing: A thrilling water sport that combines elements of wakeboarding, windsurfing, and paragliding. Participants use a specialized kite to harness the wind’s power and perform aerial tricks while being pulled across the water. Kitesurfing has gained international recognition with professional competitions like the GKA Kite World Tour.
  4. Ladder golf: Also known as bola or hillbilly horseshoes, this yard game involves players tossing bolas (ropes with balls attached at each end) onto rungs of a ladder-like structure. Highly adaptable for all sorts of landscapes, ladder golf is a popular choice for family gatherings and casual sporting events.
  5. Luge sledding: Essentially the recreational counterpart to Olympic luge, luge sledding takes the excitement of high-speed sliding to casual snow-covered landscapes. Luge sledding is popular among winter sports enthusiasts who seek the thrill of a downhill journey without the intense competition of professional events.
  6. Ladder racing: A competitive sport wherein participants race up or down ladders, often as part of a larger obstacle course. This sport requires great agility, speed, and coordination, making it popular among fitness enthusiasts seeking a challenging and unique racing experience.
  7. LARPing (Live Action Role Playing): This immersive, interactive sport combines elements of role-playing games, theater, and improvisation, with participants donning costumes and assuming characters in a complex, narrative-driven world. LARPing events can span anywhere from a few hours to several days, attracting fans of fantasy, science fiction, and historical settings.
  8. Lawn bowls: An outdoor sport in which players roll biased balls towards a smaller ball or “jack.” Popular among senior citizens and younger generations alike, lawn bowls is played in many English-speaking countries and has even been featured in the Commonwealth Games.
  9. Laser sailing: A form of competitive sailing that uses the Laser, a popular one-person dinghy class sailboat. The sport requires excellent sailing skills, balance, and agility. The Laser class is an Olympic boat and an integral part of the World Sailing Youth Championships.
  10. Light athletics: A general term for various athletic events, including track and field, sprints, hurdles, and long-distance running. Light athletics is popular worldwide, with competitions ranging from local track meets to international championships like the Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championships.
  11. Little League: A youth baseball and softball organization, Little League provides children with opportunities to participate in these sports at a competitive and developmental level. Founded in the United States in 1939, Little League has spread internationally and hosts the Little League World Series annually.
  12. Lollipop racing: An unconventional sport in which participants navigate a course while balancing a lollipop on their foreheads. This creative and entertaining activity is often played as a team-building exercise, party game, or part of quirky relay-race events.
  13. Longboarding: A sport derived from skateboarding that features a longer and wider board, offering greater stability and easier maneuverability. Longboarding gained popularity in the 1990s and continues to be a favorite activity among board sports enthusiasts, with riders tackling downhill races, free-riding, or cruising along streets and parks.
  14. Labora Jenga: A specialized variation of the popular stacking game, Labora Jenga involves players working together to build a tower using oversized blocks while adhering to specific roles and tasks. This cooperative activity promotes teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  15. Land Paddleboarding: Combining the excitement of stand-up paddleboarding with the convenience of dry land, land paddleboarding involves riding longboards propelled by a pole with a rubber foot. Popular as an alternative to traditional skateboarding, this sport offers a full-body workout and can be practiced on various terrains.
  16. Lochness Racing: Inspired by the mythological Loch Ness Monster, this water-based sport has teams racing in large, ornamental canoes resembling the legendary creature. This entertaining and visually striking activity is often part of charity events, festivals, and team-building exercises.
  17. Line dancing: A social dance form consisting of choreographed steps performed in sequence by a group of dancers, often arranged in lines. It is popular worldwide, predominantly accompanying country and western music, and can be seen at parties, dance halls, and special events.
  18. Lumberjack Sports: Encompassing a variety of competitive logging events such as logrolling, axe-throwing, and chainsaw racing, lumberjack sports celebrate the skills and strength of lumberjacks. These sports gained popularity in North America, organizing events like the TIMBERSPORTS Series and the Lumberjack World Championships.
  19. Land hockey: A variation of field hockey designed to be played on hard surfaces rather than grass. Played with a hard plastic ball and lighter sticks, land hockey is an alternative to the traditional field hockey, offering a faster-paced, high-energy game to players.
  20. Limbing: Stemming from logging activities, limbing is a sport involving the swift removal of branches from a tree trunk for contests or demonstrations. Participants in limbing competitions are typically expert woodcutters, showcasing their skills with axes and chainsaws in a controlled environment.
  21. Lacrosse Box: A variant of lacrosse played indoors within an enclosed space, often on a similar-sized rink as hockey. This fast-paced sport emphasizes physical contact and high-scoring skills, with the National Lacrosse League (NLL) being the premier box lacrosse organization.
  22. Lowrider cycling: A creative blend of cycling and self-expression, lowrider cycling features uniquely designed bicycles with long frames, short seats, and elongated handlebars. Participants in this sport customize their bikes and display their creations in parades, contests, or cycling events.
  23. Land windsurfing: This recreational activity brings the excitement of windsurfing to land, utilizing a wheeled board and a handheld sail. Participants use the wind to propel themselves across flat surfaces, making land windsurfing a popular choice among windsurfing enthusiasts and skateboarding fans alike.
  24. LARP combat: A subdivision of LARPing (Live Action Role Playing), LARP combat focuses on the physical aspect of the sport, with participants engaging in organized battles using foam weapons and various armor. This activity allows players to immerse themselves in a more combat-centered role-playing experience.
  25. Long Stroll Marathon: An unconventional marathon featuring a more leisurely walking pace rather than running or jogging. Long Stroll Marathons focus on the social and recreational aspects of distance walking, making them a popular choice for casual participants looking for a less strenuous challenge.
  26. Lateral Pass Football: A variation of American football or rugby, Lateral Pass Football emphasizes the lateral pass, where the ball is thrown parallel to or behind the player rather than forward. This adds a new layer of strategy and skill to the traditional game.
  27. Leapfrog Racing: A playful, energetic game often played by children, leapfrog racing involves players taking turns “leaping” over each other like frogs in a race to the finish line. While not an organized sport, leapfrog racing can be enjoyed as a recreational activity or team-building exercise.
  28. Linemanship Rodeo: Originating from the electric utility industry, Linemanship Rodeos showcase the skills of linemen in a series of competitive, work-related events such as pole climbing, equipment repair, and rescue simulations. The International Lineman’s Rodeo is among the premier events for these skilled technicians.
  29. Low impact paintball: A modified version of paintball that uses lighter equipment and smaller paintballs, reducing the force and potential for injury. Low impact paintball is an appealing option for younger players, families, or those looking for a more accessible entry into the sport.


Which sports start with the letter L?

Some of the sports that start with the letter L include Lacrosse, Long jump, Luge, Lifting, Lawn tennis, Limbo, Land sailing, Laser tag, Le Parkour, and Lucha libre.

What is the most popular sport that starts with L?

Lawn tennis, undoubtedly the most popular sport that starts with the letter L, is played worldwide at various levels, from amateur to professional. It has gained substantial recognition for its athletic prowess, intense gameplay, and prestigious tournaments, such as the Grand Slams.

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