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Dazzling, diverse, and dynamic.

The domain of sports starting with the daring letter ‘D’ is a delightful display of dedication, discipline, and dexterity.

In this article, we delve into an assorted variety of dynamic sports beginning with the distinctive letter ‘D’.

Sports that start with the Letter D

  1. Darts
  2. Dance Sport
  3. Deadlift
  4. Decathlon
  5. Deer Hunting
  6. Deep Diving
  7. Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM)
  8. Deep Sea Fishing
  9. Demolition Derby
  10. Dakar Rally

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#1 Darts


A popular competitive sport, darts involves launching small missiles, known as darts, towards a circular target called a dartboard.

Governed by the World Darts Federation (WDF), the sport enjoys a massive following, particularly in the United Kingdom (UK).

There are two main international tournaments: the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) World Championship and the British Darts Organization (BDO) World Championship.

#2 Dance Sport

Dance Sport

A competitive, artistic sport that combines elements of ballroom dancing and athleticism, DanceSport is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) oversees global competitions, and prestigious events like the DanceSport World Cup and the DanceSport European Championships draw the world’s top dancers.

#3 Deadlift


A staple in the world of weightlifting and strength training, the deadlift is an essential compound exercise that builds overall strength and muscle mass.

As a part of powerlifting competitions, the deadlift is one of the three disciplines that determine an athlete’s score.

International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) are the governing bodies for powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, respectively, with prominent championships like IPF World Championships and IWF Weightlifting World Championships held annually.

#4 Decathlon


An ultimate test of athletic prowess, the decathlon is a two-day, ten-event track and field competition that challenges an athlete’s speed, strength, and endurance. The events include various running, jumping, and throwing disciplines.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) governs the sport, and the decathlon features prominently in international competitions, such as the Olympic Games, the World Athletics Championships, and the European Athletics Championships.

#5 Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting

A traditional outdoor activity practiced worldwide, deer hunting involves the pursuit and harvesting of deer for sport, wildlife management, or food.

Ethical and sustainable practices, as well as safety measures, are emphasized to protect both hunters and the environment.

Various organizations oversee hunting regulations and conservation efforts, including the National Deer Association (NDA) in the United States and the British Deer Society (BDS) in the UK.

Deer hunting seasons and methods may vary depending on location and species.

#6 Deep Diving

Deep Diving

An extreme underwater sport, deep diving pushes the limits of human endurance and skill as divers explore the depths of the ocean beyond the conventional recreational diving limits.

It requires specialized equipment, training, and safety precautions to manage the increased risks associated with greater depths.

The sport is governed by organizations like the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), which offer various deep diving certifications and courses.

Record-breaking deep dives and thrilling underwater expeditions attract the attention of the global diving community.

#7 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM)

Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters

A prestigious touring car racing championship, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) is a premier motorsport event, featuring high-performance vehicles competing on various European circuits.

With its roots in Germany, the series has attracted fans and drivers alike from around the world since its inception in 1984.

The DTM series is governed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and organized by ITR, showcasing major automakers such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

The championship calendar features a mix of sprint and endurance races, including popular events like the Norisring and Hockenheimring.

#8 Deep Sea Fishing

An adventurous and thrilling water sport, deep sea fishing involves venturing far from the coastline in search of large, elusive fish species, such as marlin, tuna, and swordfish.

Anglers use specialized equipment and techniques to battle and land these impressive catches.

Organizations like the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) promote ethical and sustainable fishing practices while maintaining records and hosting prestigious tournaments, such as the World Offshore Championship and the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

#9 Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

A chaotic, adrenaline-fueled motor sport, demolition derby involves drivers intentionally crashing their reinforced vehicles into each other until only one car remains operable.

The focus on destruction and spectacle attracts enthusiastic crowds at county fairs and standalone events alike.

Popular derbies include the Metal Mayhem, Bash for Cash, and the Demolition Derby World Championship.

#10 Dakar Rally

A grueling and iconic off-road endurance race, the Dakar Rally challenges competitors to traverse thousands of miles across treacherous terrain in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and quads.

Originally traversing from Paris to Dakar, the race has since moved to South America and now Saudi Arabia due to safety concerns.

Organized by the Amaury Sport Organization (ASO), the Dakar Rally tests not only the drivers’ skill and endurance, but also the durability and performance of their vehicles.

The event draws international attention, with a diverse lineup of professional and amateur racers taking on the daunting challenge.

More Sports Starting with D

  1. Deck Tennis: A fun and competitive racket sport played on the deck of a ship, players throw a ring to opponents over a net without letting it touch the ground. Suitable for all ages, Deck Tennis is an enjoyable pastime for cruise ship passengers and maritime enthusiasts.
  2. Dancercise: This upbeat physical fitness activity involves incorporating modern dance moves into energetic workout routines. Dancercise classes, like Zumba and Jazzercise, are popular worldwide for their cardiovascular benefits and fun workout experience.
  3. Dansu: A traditional Japanese dance art form, Dansu involves both men and women performing intricate, expressive movements accompanied by music. Typically performed during festivals or cultural events, Dansu is an essential aspect of Japanese tradition and culture.
  4. Darts Cricket: A popular variation of darts, Darts Cricket, combines the rules of cricket with the conventional dartboard setup. Players ‘bat’ and ‘bowl’ by throwing darts to score points, and the objective is to score more runs for their team. This variant is popular at clubs and pubs, especially in the UK.
  5. Daygame: A sport in the world of pickup artistry, Daygame requires participants to seek out and engage potential romantic partners in public settings. Daygame adherents focus on developing social skills, confidence, and conversation techniques to enhance their romantic lives and usually operate during daytime hours, contrasted with nighttime venues.
  6. Deep Water Soloing: A form of rock climbing performed without safety ropes over deep bodies of water, allowing climbers to push their limits without fear of serious injury from falls. This thrilling and adventurous sport requires strong swimming skills and acute awareness of climbing techniques.
  7. Deer stalking: A methodical and stealthy technique of hunting deer through silent, deliberate tracking and observation. Deer stalkers rely on their knowledge of deer behavior, skilled marksmanship, and patience to responsibly engage in this popular hunting sport.
  8. Danish Longball: Also called Danish Rounders, this traditional outdoor sport is played with a bat, ball, and players divided into two teams. The objective is to score more runs by hitting the ball and running around bases without being tagged out. Danish Longball maintains a dedicated base of recreational players, primarily in Denmark.
  9. Derny Racing: A type of track cycling event where riders draft behind a pacer on motorized bicycles known as Dernys. The objective is to maintain the highest speed possible without overtaking the pacer, testing cyclists’ agility, endurance, and tactical skills.
  10. Desert Racing: An off-road motorsport that takes place in desert environments, featuring vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, and cars. Rally raid events like the famous Dakar Rally are popular examples of competitive desert racing, drawing racers and spectators from across the globe.
  11. Desi Wrestling: A traditional form of wrestling popular in the Indian subcontinent and known as Kushti or Pehlwani. Athletes compete on clay or dirt surfaces, and the objective is to pin the opponent’s shoulders to the ground. The sport has deep cultural roots and is practiced in regional competitions and local Akharas (wrestling schools).
  12. Destreza: A Spanish martial art and fencing style that emphasizes fluid movement, agility, and precision. Practitioners, known as Diestros, use rapiers and circular footwork to outmaneuver opponents. Destreza gained popularity in the 16th and 17th centuries and maintains a following in historical European martial arts (HEMA) communities.
  13. Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM): A professional touring car championship series in Germany, featuring high-performance racing vehicles from major manufacturers like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. DTM is a popular motorsport event that draws large crowds and intense competition among elite racing teams.
  14. Devil Stick: A prop manipulation skill and juggling art that involves using two handsticks to control and manipulate a larger, central stick. Devil Stick performances showcase the performer’s dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and creativity, making it a popular discipline in juggling circles and live performances.
  15. Dhobi Aqil: A competitive balancing game from India, where players crouch and use a wooden stick to hit an opponent’s wooden block while keeping their block balanced. The sport tests agility, balance, and reflexes and is often played during community gatherings and festivals.
  16. Dhopkhel: A traditional Assamese sport, similar to rugby, played with a ball made from bamboo and cloth. Teams score points by passing the ball through a designated scoring area. Dhopkhel is typically played during the Rongali Bihu festival, showcasing the rich cultural traditions of Assam.
  17. Diabolo: A form of juggling that involves manipulating a spool on a string using two handsticks. Diabolo performers exhibit impressive dexterity and coordination while combining tricks, tosses, and catches. The sport is popular among juggling enthusiasts and circus performers.
  18. Diamond Racing: A high-speed boat racing competition featuring specialized hydroplane vessels that race on a diamond-shaped course. Participants showcase skill and strategy while navigating the challenging waterways, making Diamond Racing a popular event among aquatic sports enthusiasts.
  19. Disc Golf: A flying disc sport played on specially designed courses, where players throw a disc with the goal of reaching a target in the fewest number of throws. Governed by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), the sport is growing in popularity, with numerous amateur and professional tournaments held worldwide.
  20. Discus Throw: An ancient track and field event where athletes throw a heavy disc, called a discus, as far as possible. The sport is a part of the modern Olympic Games, and top-level competitions are held under the auspices of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).
  21. Diving: A popular Olympic aquatic sport, diving involves athletes jumping from a platform or springboard into water while performing acrobatic maneuvers. Governed by the International Swimming Federation (FINA), prestigious diving events include the FINA World Aquatics Championships and the Olympic Games.
  22. Dodgeball: A fast-paced team sport played with soft balls, where players eliminate opponents by hitting them with a thrown ball without being struck themselves. Dodgeball is popular in schools, community centers, and has even spawned professional leagues and high-profile tournaments like the World Dodgeball Championships.
  23. Dog Sledding: A traditional mode of transportation and competitive sport in cold regions, dog sledding involves teams of dogs pulling sleds with a human driver, known as a musher, over snow and ice. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and the Yukon Quest are two famous long-distance dog-sledding events.
  24. Downhill Mountain Biking: An adrenaline-fueled form of off-road cycling, downhill mountain biking involves descending steep, rugged terrain at high speeds. The sport requires specialized bikes, safety gear, and superior bike handling skills. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) governs international competitions, including the Mountain Bike World Cup and World Championships.
  25. Downhill Skiing: A popular winter sport that involves skiing down snow-covered slopes at high speeds. Alpine skiing events, such as slalom and giant slalom, are featured in the Winter Olympic Games, and the International Ski Federation (FIS) oversees international ski competitions, including the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup.
  26. Drag Racing: A type of motor racing where competitors compete to cover a straight, quarter-mile track in the shortest possible time. Governed by the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) and the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), drag racing events like the NHRA Nationals draw massive crowds and showcase incredible automotive engineering feats.
  27. Dragon Boat Racing: An ancient Chinese water sport, dragon boat racing features teams of paddlers propelling long, decorated boats through the water to the beat of a drummer. The International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) organizes international competitions, including the IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships.
  28. Dragon Dancing: A captivating and acrobatic Chinese traditional dance performed during celebrations and festivals, dragon dancing teams manipulate a long, flexible dragon figure, creating mesmerizing patterns and synchronized movements. Though not a competitive sport, dragon dancing requires teamwork, coordination, and physical skill to execute complex choreography.
  29. Dressage: An elegant and disciplined form of equestrian sport, dressage emphasizes harmony, precision, and partnership between horse and rider. Dressage competitions, including the prestigious FEI World Equestrian Games and the Olympic Games, are governed by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and showcase the highest levels of equestrian skill.
  30. Drifting: A motorsport that challenges drivers to navigate a designated course while maintaining optimal control and speed during intentional oversteering or skidding. The sport showcases driving skill, precision, and vehicle handling. Drifting competitions such as Formula Drift and D1 Grand Prix attract large fan followings worldwide.
  31. Drone Racing: A futuristic racing sport that utilizes small, high-speed remote-controlled drones equipped with cameras to navigate complex, three-dimensional courses. Drone racing is growing in popularity, with major events like the Drone Racing League (DRL) and MultiGP Drone Racing championship pushing the limits of technology and piloting skill.
  32. Droning: An increasingly popular hobby and sport, droning involves flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for recreation, photography, or racing. Droning enthusiasts often participate in local flying clubs, drone racing events, or aerial photography competitions.
  33. Drop Weightlifting: Categorized as a test of strength and endurance, drop weightlifting consists of a lifter releasing a weight from overhead and catching it at waist level before repeating. This sport develops a lifter’s upper body strength and agility while adhering to precise technique and safety measures.
  34. Dumbbell Snatch: A strength-focused weightlifting exercise that involves lifting a dumbbell from the ground to an overhead position in a single motion. The sport tests an athlete’s raw power, speed, and control, making it an essential component of functional fitness and athletic conditioning programs.
  35. Dune Bashing: A thrilling off-road motorsport activity that takes place in desert environments, dune bashing involves driving modified vehicles like SUVs, ATVs, or dirt bikes at high speeds across sand dunes. The sport requires skill, vehicle control, and a sense of adventure to navigate challenging terrain and tackle thrilling jumps.
  36. Dune Racing: Closely related to dune bashing, dune racing is a competitive desert motorsport where participants race against the clock or each other while navigating sand dunes and challenging off-road courses. Popular racing events like the annual Baja 1000 and King of the Hammers combine elements of dune racing and other off-road disciplines.
  37. Duplex Sailing: An exciting, competitive sailing sport that consists of two boats sailing in unison while attempting to complete a racecourse faster than their opponents. Duplex sailing tests teamwork, communication, and agility as both boats must synchronize their movements to achieve optimal performance and avoid collisions.
  38. Durak: A popular Russian card game, Durak is not a sport in the traditional sense but requires strategic thinking, skill, and keen observation. As a social and competitive pastime, Durak is widely enjoyed for its blend of strategy, opportunity, and unpredictability during gameplay.
  39. Duathlon: A multisport race composed of running and cycling disciplines, duathlons challenge athletes to excel in both endurance and speed. Governed by the International Triathlon Union (ITU), duathlon competitions occur on various terrains and formats, including the ITU World Duathlon Championships and the Powerman World Series.
  40. Dune Surfing: An exhilarating outdoor sport involving the use of specially designed boards to surf, carve, and slide down sand dunes. Drawing similarities to snowboarding and surfing, dune surfing requires balance, agility, and a sense of adventure while taking on vast desert landscapes.
  41. Dutch Baseball: A traditional Dutch game resembling baseball, called “Honkbal” in the Netherlands. This sport is notably popular in the Dutch Caribbean, and the Netherlands’ national team has garnered significant success on the international stage, including winning the European Baseball Championship multiple times.
  42. Dyeing: Although not a sport, dyeing is a creative art that involves applying color to textiles or other materials using dyes. The process can be complex and requires skill, patience, and creativity. Dyeing techniques vary widely, from simple tie-dye to intricate batik or shibori methods.
  43. Dzongkha Archery: A traditional Bhutanese sport that has been practiced for centuries, Dzongkha archery involves shooting arrows at a small target set at a considerable distance. Archery holds a special place in Bhutanese culture, with numerous traditional competitions, festivals, and celebrations featuring the sport.
  44. Dzongkha Wrestling: A Bhutanese form of wrestling, Dzongkha wrestling is a popular sport during traditional Bhutanese festivals and events. Competitors engage in grappling and various takedown techniques, with the objective of forcing an opponent’s back to the ground or out of the designated ring.
  45. Dynamic Discs: A brand of disc golf equipment, Dynamic Discs manufactures high-quality discs, bags, and accessories for disc golf enthusiasts. Though not a sport in and of itself, the Dynamic Discs name is closely associated with the sport of disc golf and its growing popularity worldwide.
  46. Dyslexia Football: A unique adaptation of football (soccer) that aims to be more accessible for individuals with dyslexia or other learning challenges. Modifications may include adjusted game rules, visual aids, and supportive coaching techniques that create an inclusive and enjoyable sports experience.
  47. Darchula Taal: A traditional sport from the Darchula district in far-western Nepal, Darchula Taal is a unique indigenous game that involves players kicking or hitting a wooden target. Played during special occasions and festivities, this sport showcases the rich cultural heritage of Nepal.
  48. Dacquoise: Not a sport but a French dessert, the Dacquoise consists of layered almond or hazelnut meringue discs filled with whipped cream or buttercream. This delicate and delicious pastry requires precise baking techniques, patience, and a flair for presentation, making it an art form in its own right.
  49. Daf: Originating from the Middle East, the Daf is a large frame drum used in traditional Persian music and Sufi ceremonies. Mastering the Daf’s different rhythms and techniques requires skill, practice, and a deep appreciation for the instrument’s cultural significance.
  50. Dahanu Bordi Beach Ultra: An endurance running event held along the picturesque Dahanu Bordi beach in Maharashtra, India. This coastal ultramarathon challenges participants to complete 50km, 100km, or 100-mile distances while enjoying stunning views of the Arabian Sea and experiencing the local culture.
  51. Dandi Biyo: A traditional sport from Nepal that resembles cricket, Dandi Biyo involves striking a wooden pin while preventing an opponent from catching it. Played during the Nepali festival of Dashain, the game is often played outdoors with simple equipment like sticks and wooden pieces.


Which sports start with the letter D?

Some of the sports that start with the letter D include Darts, Dance Sport, Deadlift, Decathlon, Deer Hunting, Deep Diving, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), Deep Sea Fishing, Demolition Derby, and Dakar Rally.

What is the most popular sport that starts with D?

Darts is a highly popular sport that has gained significant recognition for its competitive gameplay, televised events, and skilled players. It is played by millions of people worldwide and has even been recognized as a professional sport.

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