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Get ready to reel in the excitement with the ultimate fish-whisperer’s glossary!

If you’re eager to splash into the deep blue or just hook some fun at the local pond, mastering these 30 knockout fishing terms will turn you from a minnow into a shark.

Grab your gear, it’s time to cast off into the lingo sea!

Must-Know Fishing Terms, Phrases and Slang:

  1. Angler
  2. Bait
  3. Cast
  4. Chumming
  5. Creel
  6. Drift fishing
  7. Fly fishing
  8. Hook
  9. Lure
  10. Net
  11. Reel
  12. Rod
  13. Sinker
  14. Tackle
  15. Trophy
  16. Waders
  17. Jig
  18. Knot
  19. Leader
  20. Line
  21. Spinner
  22. Spoon
  23. Trolling
  24. Weigh-in
  25. Catch and release
  26. Depth finder
  27. Fillet
  28. Ice fishing
  29. Landing net
  30. Spearing

#1 Angler

An individual who engages in fishing, often as a hobby or sport, using various techniques to catch fish. The term is rooted in the use of the angle (hook) in fishing, hence ‘angler’.

#2 Bait

Substances used to attract and catch fish, which can be live, such as worms or minnows, or artificial, resembling prey. Bait selection is crucial as different species are enticed by different baits.

#3 Cast

The act of throwing the fishing line out into the water using a flexible fishing rod. The technique and distance of the cast can be pivotal to the success of an angler.

#4 Chumming

A practice where anglers throw bait into the water to attract fish to a particular spot, enhancing their chances of a catch. Chumming can consist of various fish-attracting materials, including fish parts or manufactured chum.

#5 Creel

A portable container, often woven, used by anglers to hold their catch. The creel is designed to keep fish cool and moist until the angler returns ashore.

#6 Drift fishing

A technique where anglers allow their bait to drift naturally with the current, offering a more subtle presentation to fish. It is especially effective in rivers or streams with a steady flow.

#7 Fly fishing

A method of fishing where lightweight, artificial ‘flies’ are used to imitate natural prey. This technique involves casting a nearly weightless fly with a specially designed rod and line, often used to catch trout and salmon in freshwater.

#8 Hook

A curved piece of metal with a sharp point used to catch fish by piercing their mouth when they bite bait or a lure. Hooks come in various sizes and shapes, tailored to the type of fish being targeted.

#9 Lure

A type of artificial fishing bait designed to attract fish’s attention through movement, color, and vibration. Lures mimic the appearance and behavior of prey, encouraging fish to strike, and are used in various fishing techniques.

#10 Lure

An artificial fishing bait designed to mimic the look and movement of prey, used to attract and entice fish. Lures are made from a variety of materials and come in countless shapes, colors, and styles.

#11 Net

A piece of netting material attached to a hoop and handle used for landing fish once they have been reeled in close to the angler. Nets aid in safely capturing and releasing fish unharmed.

#12 Reel

A device attached to the fishing rod used to wind and stow fishing line. It allows the angler to cast the line out, retrieve it, and play the fish by letting out or taking in line as needed.

#13 Rod

A long, flexible pole that provides leverage to an angler when casting a line and reeling in fish. Rods vary in length, strength, and flexibility, accommodating different fishing styles and species.

#14 Sinker

A weight used in fishing to force the bait or lure to sink more rapidly, maintain depth when fishing, or increase casting distance. Sinkers come in various shapes and weights, tailored to the fishing environment.

#15 Tackle

The general equipment used in fishing, including rods, reels, lines, hooks, lures, and baits. Tackle can vary widely depending on the type of fishing, targeting specific species or adapting to different environments.

#16 Waders

Waterproof boots or pants often extending to the chest, used by anglers to stay dry while wading into water bodies for fishing. Waders are essential for fly fishing and other forms of angling that require entering the water.

#17 Jig

A type of lure that consists of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it, often covered by a soft body to attract fish. Jigs are versatile and used in both freshwater and saltwater fishing, especially for bass and panfish.

#18 Knot

A critical aspect of fishing, the knot secures the hook, lure, or swivel to the fishing line. There are many knots for various purposes, with the Palomar and Improved Clinch being among the most popular and reliable.

#19 Leader

A short length of material, stronger than the main fishing line, used to prevent fish with sharp teeth or rough mouths from cutting the line. Leaders can be made of monofilament, fluorocarbon, or wire.

#20 Line

The fishing line is the cord used for angling, crucial for reeling in a catch. It comes in different strengths, materials, and diameters, known as the pound-test, and can be monofilament, braided, or fluorocarbon.

#21 Spinner

A type of lure with a blade that spins around a wire shaft, creating vibrations and visual appeal to entice fish. Spinners are effective for predatory fish like pike, bass, and trout.

#22 Spoon

A type of fishing lure made from a curved, oblong piece of metal that wobbles and reflects light when pulled through the water, simulating a swimming action. Spoons are effective for attracting and catching predatory fish due to their vivid motions.

#23 Trolling

A fishing technique where lures or bait are dragged through the water behind a moving boat, designed to mimic the movement of prey and entice fish to bite. Trolling is commonly used in both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

#24 Weigh-in

A critical event in competitive fishing where anglers present their catch to be weighed. The weigh-in often determines winners in tournaments and is a moment of truth for boasting the biggest fish.

#25 Catch and release

A conservation-minded practice where anglers carefully unhook and return the caught fish to the water. Catch and release helps to sustain fish populations and is a hallmark of responsible fishing.

#26 Depth finder

An electronic device used by anglers to locate fish and determine water depth. Also known as fish finders, they use sonar technology to provide insights into the underwater landscape and fish location.

#27 Fillet

A boneless piece of fish meat that has been cut or sliced away from the bone. Filleting is both a culinary preparation method and a skill prized by anglers for preparing fish for cooking.

#28 Ice fishing

A winter fishing technique where anglers catch fish through a hole cut in the ice on a frozen body of water. It requires specialized gear, including ice augers for drilling holes and often portable shelters.

#29 Landing net

A net used by anglers to safely capture and land a fish once it has been reeled close to the boat or shore. The landing net helps to prevent the fish from escaping and reduces harm to the fish.

#30 Spearing

An ancient fishing technique that involves thrusting or throwing a spear at fish. Today, spearing can be done by hand or with specialized tools like spear guns, primarily in shallow waters or through ice in frozen lakes.


What are some Fishing terms for beginners?

“Angler,” “Bait,” and “Cast” are some Fishing terms beginners should start with. They encapsulate the basic concepts of the sport, including the fisherman, what attracts fish, and the action of throwing the line.

What are some funny Fishing terms?

“Chumming” and “Trolling” are some funny Fishing terms. The first involves scattering bait to attract fish, humorously sounding like buddy behavior, while the second has a dual meaning with internet slang.

What is a famous Fishing phrase?

“Catch and release,” is a famous Fishing phrase, denoting a conservation practice where fish are caught but set free instead of being kept for consumption, promoting sustainable fishing habits.

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