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Xpect the unexpected!

We take an exhilarating journey into the world of sports that start with the letter โ€œXโ€!

Experience the extreme, the exotic, and the exceptional as we delve into an exquisitely curated list.

Prepare to examine some of the most extraordinary and exclusive sports that start with the letter โ€œXโ€!

Sports that start with the Letter X

  1. X-games
  2. X-country skiing
  3. X-treme surfing
  4. Xare
  5. Xipho
  6. Xiangqi
  7. Xtreme air sports
  8. Xingyiquan
  9. Xtreme Bull Riding
  10. X-treme diving

#1 X-games

A showcase of adrenaline-pumping action, the X-games is a premier extreme sports competition featuring athletes from around the world.

Events include skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, and freestyle motocross.

Since its inception in 1995, the X-games have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in action sports, inspiring countless fans and competitors alike.

#2 X-country skiing

Cross-country skiing, sometimes referred to as X-country skiing, is a popular winter sport that involves traversing snow-covered terrain using skis and poles.

The sport demands endurance, strength, and technical skill, with athletes racing across varying distances, from sprints to marathons.

Cross-country skiing has been part of the Winter Olympics since the inaugural Games in 1924.

#3 X-treme surfing

X-treme surfing takes the sport to new heights, challenging surfers to ride towering waves in hazardous conditions.

The pursuit of monstrous waves has given birth to big wave surfing, a discipline that sees athletes taking on swells exceeding 20 feet in height.

While pushing the limits of what’s possible, surfers must also be mindful of the potential dangers that come with this high-stakes, high-reward pursuit.

#4 Xare

Xare is a variation of Basque pelota, a fast-paced racket sport originating from the Basque region of Spain and France.

In Xare, players use a basket-like racket to catch and throw a small rubber ball against a wall. The objective is to force the opponent into a mistake, such as failing to catch the ball or throwing it out of bounds.

Xare requires speed, agility, and exceptional hand-eye coordination.

#5 Xipho

Xipho is a form of fencing that involves the use of a short sword. This lesser-known discipline places an emphasis on close-quarters combat and swift, agile movements.

While modern fencing competitions typically feature the foil, รฉpรฉe, or sabre, Xipho offers a unique alternative for those looking to explore the world of swordplay in a different light.

#6 Xiangqi

Xiangqi, also known as Chinese Chess, is a traditional strategy board game that has been played for centuries in China.

It shares some similarities with Western chess but features a different set of pieces and rules.

Xiangqi is played on a 9×10 board, with each player controlling an army of pieces that include a general, advisors, elephants, horses, chariots, cannons, and soldiers.

The objective is to capture the opponent’s general, making Xiangqi a fascinating and intellectually challenging game.

#7 Xtreme air sports

Xtreme air sports encompass a wide range of aerial activities that test the boundaries of human flight and daring.

These thrilling pursuits include skydiving, BASE jumping, wingsuit flying, and paragliding.

Participants often leap from planes, cliffs, or other elevated platforms, using specialized equipment and techniques to control their descent and execute aerial maneuvers.

Safety is important in these high-risk sports, with extensive training and experience required to minimize the dangers involved.

#8 Xingyiquan

Xingyiquan, sometimes referred to as “Form and Will Boxing,” is a Chinese martial art characterized by its linear, explosive movements and emphasis on internal power.

Practitioners seek to combine their mental intention with their physical actions, employing a series of coordinated stances and strikes that mimic the movements of various animals.

Xingyiquan is known for its practical self-defense applications, as well as its potential to improve one’s overall health and well-being.

#9 Xtreme Bull Riding

Xtreme Bull Riding pushes the limits of rodeo competition, pitting cowboys against powerful, bucking bulls in a test of endurance and skill.

With just a rope to grip and no saddle for support, riders must rely on their balance, strength, and courage to remain atop the bull for a full eight seconds.

As one of the most dangerous and thrilling sports, Xtreme Bull Riding captivates audiences with its combination of athleticism and raw, unbridled power.

#10 X-treme diving

X-treme diving, or high diving, takes traditional diving to new heights, as athletes launch themselves from platforms or cliffs towering over the water.

With heights reaching up to 90 feet (27 meters) or more, divers must execute a series of acrobatic maneuvers while maintaining precise body control and spatial awareness.

As they plummet towards the water at high speeds, divers must also master the art of entering the water with minimal impact to avoid injury.

X-treme diving is a breathtaking spectacle that demands equal parts courage, skill, and grace.

More Sports starting with X

  1. X-treme rock climbing: X-treme rock climbing takes the sport to new heights, challenging climbers to tackle some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous rock faces. Often venturing into remote locations, athletes ascend steep cliffs and overhangs, relying on their physical strength, mental fortitude, and technical expertise. With an emphasis on skill, endurance, and risk management, X-treme rock climbing appeals to those who are passionate about pushing their limits and conquering the most formidable natural obstacles.


Which sports start with the letter X?

Some popular sports that start with the letter X include X-games (Extreme Sports Competition), X-country skiing (Cross-country skiing), X-treme surfing, Xare (Basque Pelota Game), Xipho (Fencing with a short sword), Xiangqi (Chinese Chess), Xtreme air sports, Xingyiquan (Chinese martial art), Xtreme Bull Riding, and X-treme diving (High Diving).

What is the most popular sport that starts with X?

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the most popular sport that starts with the letter X, X-games and X-country skiing (Cross-country skiing) are both widely enjoyed by athletes and spectators worldwide. These sports have large followings and are regularly featured in competitions and events.

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