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Dive into the dynamic and diverse world of “V” sports, where vibrant activities meet physical and mental challenges.

From team games to individual contests, there’s a “V” sport for every enthusiast.

Let’s explore!

Sports that start with the Letter V

  1. Volleyball
  2. Velodrome racing
  3. Video game speedrunning
  4. Vintage racing
  5. Vert Skateboarding
  6. Vertical wind tunnel flying
  7. Vaulting
  8. Viking wrestling
  9. Viking chess
  10. Visually impaired skiing

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#1 Volleyball

Volleyball is a versatile and vigorous sport where two teams, typically comprising six players each, volley a ball over a net in an attempt to ground it on the opposing team’s court.

Originating in the United States in the late 19th century, volleyball has since grown into a popular sport worldwide, played both indoors and outdoors.

Featuring high-flying spikes, rapid digs, and strategic serves, volleyball demands teamwork, agility, and endurance, making it a thrilling and engaging sport for players and spectators alike.

The most well-known professional organization for volleyball is the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).

#2 Velodrome racing

Velodrome racing, also known as track cycling, is a high-speed sport that takes place on specially designed indoor or outdoor tracks, known as velodromes.

These banked tracks allow cyclists to achieve remarkable speeds and maintain them through the turns.

Competitors race on fixed-gear bicycles with no brakes, making velodrome racing an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the most well-known professional organization for Velodrome racing.

#3 Video game speedrunning

Video game speedrunning is a unique and competitive form of gaming where players aim to complete a video game, or specific levels, as quickly as possible.

Speedrunners often exploit glitches, employ clever shortcuts, and optimize routes to shave precious seconds off their completion times.

With a dedicated and passionate community, speedrunning events like Games Done Quick raise funds for charity, while online leaderboards showcase the relentless pursuit of perfection in this fascinating niche of gaming.

#4 Vintage racing

Vintage racing is an exhilarating motorsport that celebrates the heritage and history of automobile racing.

Participants compete in classic and historically significant race cars, often meticulously restored and maintained to preserve their original performance and aesthetics.

Vintage racing events take place on various tracks and circuits worldwide, attracting car enthusiasts, collectors, and racing fans alike.

The nostalgic atmosphere, combined with the timeless beauty and performance of these vehicles, creates a thrilling experience for everyone involved.

The Goodwood Revival, held annually at the Goodwood Circuit in West Sussex, England, is one of the world’s most renowned vintage racing events, featuring historic race cars and motorcycles from the 1940s to the 1960s.

#5 Vert Skateboarding

Vert skateboarding is an exciting and gravity-defying discipline of skateboarding that takes place on a vertical ramp, known as a half-pipe.

Skaters perform aerial tricks and maneuvers while soaring above the ramp’s lip, showcasing incredible skill, balance, and creativity.

Vert skateboarding has produced some of the most iconic moments and athletes in skateboarding history, such as Tony Hawk’s groundbreaking 900-degree spin.

With its roots in the 1970s skateboarding scene, vert skateboarding continues to captivate audiences and inspire new generations of skaters to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a skateboard.

#6 Vertical wind tunnel flying

Vertical wind tunnel flying, also known as indoor skydiving, is an exhilarating sport that simulates the sensation of freefall without the need for an airplane or parachute.

Participants float on a powerful, upward stream of air generated by massive fans within a vertical, enclosed chamber.

This thrilling activity allows individuals to experience the freedom and excitement of skydiving in a controlled environment.

Vertical wind tunnel flying requires balance, body control, and spatial awareness, making it an engaging and challenging activity for adventure-seekers of all ages.

#7 Vaulting

Vaulting is a unique and captivating equestrian sport that combines elements of gymnastics and dance, performed on the back of a moving horse.

Athletes, known as vaulters, execute a series of choreographed movements, lifts, and holds while maintaining harmony with their equine partners.

Vaulting demands exceptional strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as a deep connection between vaulter and horse.

Competitions showcase individual, pas-de-deux, and team performances, with athletes and horses judged on their technique, creativity, and overall presentation.

#8 Viking wrestling

Viking wrestling, or Glรญma, is a traditional Scandinavian wrestling style with roots dating back to the Viking Age.

Glรญma focuses on technique, balance, and sportsmanship, with competitors attempting to throw their opponents off balance or to the ground.

There are several variations of Glรญma, including the popular “belt wrestling” style, in which competitors hold onto each other’s belts while trying to execute throws.

This ancient sport continues to be practiced and celebrated in Nordic countries, preserving an important piece of cultural heritage.

#9 Viking chess

Viking chess, or Hnefatafl, is a strategic board game that originated in Scandinavia during the Viking Age.

This asymmetric game pits one player, who controls the king and his defenders, against another player commanding the attacking forces.

The objective of the game is for the defenders to help the king reach the edge of the board, while the attackers aim to capture the king.

Viking chess emphasizes strategy, planning, and adaptability, offering a fascinating insight into the mindset and pastimes of the ancient Norse people.

#10 Visually impaired skiing

Visually impaired skiing is an inspiring and empowering sport that allows athletes with visual impairments to participate in the thrill of skiing.

With the help of a sighted guide, visually impaired skiers navigate the slopes using verbal instructions and signals, such as the sound of a bell.

Guides communicate information about the terrain, speed, and direction, while the athlete relies on their sense of balance, timing, and trust in their guide.

Visually impaired skiing is an important Paralympic event, showcasing the incredible determination, courage, and skill of these remarkable athletes.

More Sports Starting with V

  1. Vuelta a Espaรฑa: The Vuelta a Espaรฑa is one of the three prestigious Grand Tours in professional road cycling, alongside the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. This grueling, multi-stage race takes place in Spain and covers a challenging variety of terrain, testing the skill, endurance, and tactical prowess of the world’s top cyclists.
  2. Vigoro: Vigoro is an Australian sport that combines elements of cricket and baseball. Played with a bat, ball, and wicket, teams of 12 players compete to score the most runs while trying to dismiss their opponents. Vigoro emphasizes teamwork, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking, making it an engaging and competitive sport for players and spectators.
  3. Valencian Pilota: Valencian Pilota is a traditional Spanish sport played in the Valencian Community. It involves striking a small ball with the hand, racket, or bat against a wall, attempting to outmaneuver opponents and score points. With various styles and rules, Valencian Pilota showcases the agility, reflexes, and skill of its athletes while preserving a cherished cultural tradition.
  4. Ving Tsun: Ving Tsun, also known as Wing Chun, is a Chinese martial art that emphasizes close-range combat, efficiency, and practicality. Developed in the 17th century, Ving Tsun focuses on striking, trapping, and grappling techniques, along with the development of body structure and sensitivity. Practitioners of Ving Tsun train in forms, drills, and partner exercises to refine their skills and understanding of this effective martial art.
  5. Vovinam: Vovinam is a Vietnamese martial art that combines elements of traditional Vietnamese fighting styles with influences from other martial arts, such as karate, judo, and kung fu. Founded in the 20th century, Vovinam emphasizes self-defense, physical fitness, and mental discipline. With a diverse curriculum that includes striking, grappling, and weapons training, Vovinam offers a well-rounded approach to martial arts for practitioners of all ages.
  6. Viola: Viola is a traditional Brazilian soccer game played on sand with a smaller ball and fewer players than conventional soccer. With a focus on skill, agility, and creativity, Viola matches are fast-paced and entertaining, highlighting the flair and finesse of Brazilian soccer culture.
  7. Vehicle Gliding: Vehicle gliding, or parasailing, is an exhilarating adventure sport where a person is towed behind a vehicle, such as a boat or car, while attached to a specially designed canopy wing, known as a parasail. As the vehicle accelerates, the parasail lifts the participant into the air, offering a thrilling and unique perspective on the surrounding landscape.
  8. Vintovka Rifle Shooting: Vintovka rifle shooting is a competitive shooting sport that involves using rifles, such as the Mosin-Nagant or the Dragunov, at various distances and targets. Participants aim for precision and accuracy, showcasing their marksmanship, concentration, and discipline.
  9. Vajra-mushti: Vajra-mushti is an ancient Indian martial art and combat sport that involves grappling, striking, and weapon techniques. The name Vajra-mushti translates to “thunderbolt fist,” reflecting the power and ferocity of the techniques practiced in this martial art. Although rare today, Vajra-mushti is an important part of India’s rich martial heritage.
  10. Videoball: Videoball is a competitive, fast-paced, arcade-style video game that combines elements of soccer, air hockey, and other sports. Players control triangular “ships” and shoot projectiles to move a ball into the opponent’s goal. Videoball emphasizes strategy, teamwork, and quick reflexes, making it an engaging and exciting e-sport for players and viewers alike.
  11. Varzesh-e Pahlavani: Varzesh-e Pahlavani, also known as Persian Yoga or Iranian calisthenics, is a traditional Iranian sport that combines elements of wrestling, gymnastics, and strength training. Practiced in a special gymnasium called a “zurkhaneh,” athletes perform various exercises using bodyweight, clubs, and other equipment to develop strength, flexibility, and endurance. Varzesh-e Pahlavani also emphasizes spiritual and moral values, making it an integral part of Iranian culture.


Which sports start with the letter V?

Some of the most popular sports that start with the letter V include Volleyball, Velodrome Racing, Video Game Speedrunning, Vintage Racing, and Vert Skateboarding. There are also many lesser-known sports like Vertical Wind Tunnel Flying, Vaulting, Viking Wrestling, Viking Chess, and Visually Impaired Skiing, among others.

What is the most popular sport that starts with V?

Volleyball is likely the most popular sport that starts with the letter V. Volleyball is a widely enjoyed team sport, played both indoors and outdoors, where two teams of six players each aim to score points by sending a ball over a net and into the opposing team’s court.

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