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Quest for quirky and quaint Q-named sports?

Are you on a quest looking for unusual sports with names starting with the letter “Q”?

Well, fear not!

From the popular Quidditch to the ancient practice of Qigong, we have quantified and qualified each of these quality Q-sports.

So, worry no more and gear up for this exceptional athletic adventure with us!

Sports that start with the Letter Q

  1. Quidditch
  2. Quad Racing
  3. Quoits
  4. Qianball
  5. Quadrathlon
  6. Queimada
  7. Quaffle
  8. Qigong
  9. Qiuping
  10. Quibble Quack

#1 Quidditch

Originating from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Quidditch has transformed from a fictional sport into a real-life athletic endeavor.

First played in 2005 at Middlebury College, Vermont, it has grown in popularity across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

The Quidditch World Cup, organized by the International Quidditch Association (IQA), takes place annually, bringing together competitive teams from various countries.

#2 Quad Racing

Quad Racing

This motorsport traces its origins back to the 1970s in the United States. Quad racing, also known as ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) racing, enjoys widespread popularity in North America and Europe.

The professional GNCC Racing series and the Quadcross series are among the sport’s most prestigious competitions, showcasing top off-road racers.

#3 Quoits


Dating back to Ancient Greece, Quoits is a traditional ring-toss game played worldwide, but especially popular in England and the United States.

The World Quoits Championship takes place regularly, featuring the sport’s elite players. In Quoits, participants throw rings at a peg to score points.

#4 Qianball

Invented in the late 1990s in France by former tennis player Jean-Michel Qian, Qianball is a hybrid sport combining tennis and squash elements.

It is played on a specifically designed court, with a rubber ball similar to a tennis ball.

Though primarily played in France, scenes in Germany and Switzerland have also emerged. As a niche sport, Qianball currently lacks a major international tournament.

#5 Quadrathlon

As a multisport event, Quadrathlon combines swimming, kayaking, cycling, and running. Quadrathlon competitions take place throughout Europe, primarily in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.

The sport is yet to become an Olympic event, but it hosts several championships annually, including the World Quadrathlon Championship.

#6 Queimada

Also known as “Bola Queimada,” this Brazilian game resembles dodgeball, with origins dating back to the early 20th century.

Players aim to eliminate opponents by hitting them with a ball or capturing them.

In Brazil, Queimada tournaments are organized at state and national levels, featuring various age categories.

#7 Quaffle

This variation of dodgeball originates from the United States during the late 20th century.

Though not as well-known as Queimada, it is played mainly in North America.

Quaffle has not yet gained widespread professional recognition, remaining a casual recreational sport.

#8 Qigong


An ancient Chinese practice with roots in Taoist philosophy, Qigong involves meditation, breathing exercises, and movement.

Though not a competitive sport, Qigong has gained international popularity for its health and wellness benefits.

As part of the martial arts tradition, the World Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange takes place worldwide, with participants showcasing their skill and proficiency.

#9 Qiuping

Another traditional Chinese game, Qiuping shares similarities with hacky sack.

The sport involves keeping a feathered shuttlecock (Jianzi) in the air using only the feet and other body parts, except the hands.

While popular in China, there are no official global championships or rankings.

However, Qiuping is played casually and can be found in various cultural and sporting events.

#10 Quibble Quack

Quibble Quack

This lesser-known Australian sport involves competitors passing a rugby-like ball between teammates, where the objective is to advance the ball down the field without being tackled.

While still predominantly an amateur invitational sport, Quibble Quack has a small but committed following.

With its unique combination of rugby, football, and a few crocodile wrestling techniques, it has endless potential for growth.


Which sports start with the letter Q?

Some of the sports that start with the letter Q include Quidditch, Quad Racing, Quoits, Qianball, Quadrathlon, Queimada, Quaffle, Qigong, Qiuping, and Quibble Quack.

What is the most popular sport that starts with Q?

Quidditch, originally a fictional sport from the Harry Potter series, can be argued to be the most popular sport that starts with the letter Q. As a real-life adaptation, it has gained a dedicated following worldwide, with annual competitions such as the Quidditch World Cup showcasing teams from various countries.

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