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Bracing the cold for a round of golf?

You might consider toughening it up, but your hands should not suffer.

Frozen fingers lead to poor grip and even worse swings.

Equip yourself with the right winter golf gloves.

Let’s explore the top options to keep your game hot even when the weather’s not.

#1 FootJoy WeatherSof Cadet Small

Insulation LevelWeather-resistant synthetic leather with mesh for breathability
MaterialSynthetic and leather construction with Soft PowerNet mesh
SizeCadet Small tailored for adult players

FootJoy’s WeatherSof Cadet Small golf glove emerges as a top performer, suitable for dedicated golfers facing various weather challenges on the course. Its design superbly balances flexibility and durability, crafted with a mix of synthetic and leather materials. The inclusion of Soft PowerNet mesh across the knuckles allows for optimal breathability, preventing the discomfort of damp hands.

For golfers seeking a dependable grip, the WeatherSof golf glove offers Enhanced Durability. The performance leather strategically placed in high-stress areas withstands the rigors of play, ensuring that wearers can swing with confidence no matter the conditions. The glove’s ComforTab Closure offers a Secure Closure, guaranteeing a snug fit that doesn’t detract from the sense of touch and connection to the club.

Sizing is paramount in achieving the Extraordinary Fit FootJoy is known for, and the Cadet Small option caters well to adults seeking a tailored feel. Real-world feedback supports the glove’s credibility, with an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars rating derived from a considerable number of reviews.

Considering its status as the preferred choice of one in every five golfers in the United States, the FootJoy WeatherSof stands out in the crowded market of winter golf gloves. Overall, it provides the tactile advantage players need amidst the elements, a key reason why it’s regarded as one of the best winter golf gloves available.

#2 Orlimar Men’s Winter Performance Fleece Gloves

Insulation Level100% Polar Fleece
MaterialWater Resistant Polar Fleece with Synthetic Textured Palm
SizeSmall to XX-Large, including Cadet Sizes

Facing the chill on the golf course requires suitable gear, and the Orlimar Men’s Winter Performance Fleece Gloves stand out for this purpose. The use of 100% water-resistant Polar Fleece material ensures warmth and the ability to play through less-than-ideal weather conditions.

The gloves feature a synthetic textured palm that provides a reliable grip in wet conditions, a crucial aspect for any golfer aiming for a stable swing. This reinforcement is particularly beneficial as the temperature drops and conditions become slippery.

Comfort and fit are addressed with an elastic wristband, which seals nicely to keep the cold out. A key design consideration is the long-knit cuffs, which add a layer of protection against cold air intrusion, an often overlooked but vital detail.

Available in a wide range of sizes, including Cadet sizing, these gloves offer a personalized fit for any golfer’s hands. With attention to detail in design and material, the Orlimar gloves are a worthy addition to your golf wardrobe for those brisk winter rounds.

#3 FINGER TEN Winter Golf Mittens

Insulation LevelDouble-layer thermal fleece with windproof outer shell
MaterialPremium fleece
SizeMed (S-M), Lrg (M-L), X-Lrg (L-XL)

The FINGER TEN Winter Golf Mittens caters to golfers who don’t let the cold stop their game. These mittens combine functionality with comfort, ensuring warmth without compromising on playing efficiency. The double-layer thermal fleece material acts as a barricade against the winter winds, so your hands stay snug from tee-off to the final putt.

Ease of use is a clear focus; the smart design allows the mittens to be rolled up when it’s time to swing without the need for complete removal. This convenient feature means less fumbling and more focus on the game. With the bonus of being wearable over standard golf gloves, these mittens are all about keeping you as comfortable as possible during play.

Size inclusivity is also a particular strength. With options from Medium to X-large, finding the right fit is straightforward, allowing for a broad range of golfers to enjoy the benefits of the FINGER TEN mittens. They glide on effortlessly and offer ample room without the discomfort of being too bulky.

Practicality extends to the care of these mittens, simplicity is the key – a quick hand wash is all that’s required to maintain their condition. This ease of maintenance is a subtle but appreciated feature, particularly for regular golfers who value longevity in their gear.

While the FINGER TEN Winter Golf Mittens may be third on our list, they stand out for their practical design and efficacy in keeping hands warm. Ideal for winter activities both on and off the golf course, these mittens are a solid choice for anyone looking to maintain their grip and their game during the colder months.

#4 Mizuno ThermaGrip Men’s Golf Gloves

Insulation LevelBreath Thermo flexible upper with fleece cuff
MaterialSynthetic suede palm with 3D printing technology
SizeAvailable in Small, with additional sizes offered

The Mizuno ThermaGrip Men’s Golf Gloves are a substantial choice for golfers looking to maintain their grip and hand warmth in chilly conditions. Featuring a breath Thermo flexible upper, these gloves offer a tailored warmth that allows for comfortable play without compromising dexterity. The synthetic suede palm ensures durability and a steady grip, much needed during those colder rounds.

Advanced 3D printing technology on the palm works wonders for grip in wet conditions, offering a reliable performance no matter the weather. This technology, paired with the practical fleece cuff, not only adds to the comfort but also the gloves’ insulation properties, making late-season games more enjoyable.

Designed to cater to golf’s specific needs, Mizuno’s experience in sports equipment shines through in these gloves. They strike a fine balance between functional design and non-bulky aesthetics, lending themselves to streamline any golf attire seamlessly. The gloves’ lightweight at a mere 3.2 ounces per glove means that players can enjoy their game without any unnecessary hand fatigue.

Their black color offers a classic, professional look that many golfers prefer. Moreover, being sold in pairs is convenient, ensuring both your hands are equipped to perform in harmony. The ease of selecting different sizes adds to their user-friendliness, allowing for a perfect fit for any golfer.

In conclusion, the Mizuno ThermaGrip Men’s Golf Gloves stand out with their blend of warming technology, grip enhancement, and thoughtful design. Their positive customer reception and long-standing availability mark them as a steady option for any golfer looking to extend their playing season into the cooler months.

#5 Zero Friction Storm All Weather

Insulation LevelOptimized for all weather conditions
MaterialSpandex, Leather, Suede, and Lycra
SizeUniversal One-Size-Fits-All

Winter golf comes with its own set of challenges, among which is maintaining a good grip on your clubs. The Zero Friction Storm All Weather gloves rise to the occasion, offering exceptional grip thanks to their premium microfiber suede and strategically placed leather patch around the first finger.

Breathability and a good fit are crucial in any pair of gloves. With integrated black mesh Lycra across the hands and fingers, these gloves offer not just fit but also enhanced breathability, allowing for a comfortable game regardless of the temperature.

Convenience is another factor to consider in the course. Each glove in this pair comes equipped with a detachable tee and ball marker, streamlining your game by keeping necessities within reach at all times.

The gloves’ durable reinforced Lycra design not only promises longevity but also addresses the one-size-fits-all aspect, ensuring a snug fit for a wide range of hand sizes. Given their light weight of just 2.08 ounces, these gloves offer robust performance without weighing down your hands.

Ultimately, the Zero Friction Storm All Weather gloves serve as a practical choice for the golf enthusiast. They blend durability, convenience, and functionality, making them a worthwhile investment for those looking to play through the elements. While the market offers many alternatives, the thoughtful design features and the provision for ultimate grip in all conditions justify considering these gloves among your winter golfing essentials.

#6 Nike Cold Weather Performance

Insulation LevelDouble-layer fleece and water resistant
Material50% Polyurethane, 30% Nylon, 20% Polyester
SizeLarge, ambidextrous fit 8 x 4 x 6 inches

The Nike Cold Weather Performance gloves offer golfers the warmth and durability required for challenging winter conditions on the course. Their double-layer fleece and synthetic suede ensure hands remain warm yet responsive to the demands of the game. Flexible and enduring, the combination of polyurethane, nylon, and polyester provides comfort when taking each shot.

Designed specifically for cold-weather play, these gloves feature an adjustable ergonomic tab that secures snugly around the wrist, guaranteeing consistent grip and overall control. This attention to detail ensures that each swing is executed with confidence, no matter the weather.

These Large-sized gloves cater to most adults and are ambidextrous, which is convenient for quick wear and game readiness. The synthetic suede on the palm, fingers, and thumb not only enhances feel but also ensures a reliable grip on the club, reinforcing precision and stability throughout the swing.

Easy to maintain by hand washing, these gloves are built to last. Their dependable construction backed by Nike’s reputation showcases a product that has been gratifying golfers since 2015. Though not the frontrunner in our selection, the practicality of the Nike Cold Weather Performance gloves makes them a commendable choice for any dedicated golfer facing the cold.

Lightweight and compact, the gloves can easily find a permanent place in your golf bag. With Nike’s known commitment to quality reflected in strong customer reviews, you can trust these gloves to deliver the performance needed to extend your golf season well into the cooler months.

#7 FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Insulation LevelWeather-Shield foam fleece for warmth and wind protection
MaterialWater-resistant Sure-Grip Autosuede knit palm, waterproof nylon
SizeAvailable in a variety of sizes, with dimensions of 10.4 x 4.4 x 0.8 inches for packaged gloves

While golfing gloves are a dime a dozen, the FootJoy WinterSof gloves stand out β€” mainly for their capacity to maintain a strong grip and tactile feel in colder conditions. With their water-resistant Sure-Grip Autosuede knit palm, your swing remains steadfast even when the mercury drops. A key asset is the extended knit cuff, gracefully securing warmth while ensuring the elements stay outside of your swing zone.

Refined through FootJoy’s centennial worth of golf apparel wisdom, the gloves exhibit a formidable Weather-Shield fleece composition; it’s like having a warm and wind-resistant shield right at your fingertips. These traits foster the endurance to face less-than-ideal weather, without the concern of losing functionality or comfort.

Adding to its versatility, the reflective piping does a subtle yet serviceable job of making your hands noticeable during twilight rounds or unexpected fog β€” a discreet safety feature that’s always welcome. However, warmth does not come at the expense of bulkiness, as their light 1-ounce weight is almost imperceptible, facilitating unhindered wrist movement essential in golf.

Finally, these gloves are not just about function. Packaged in a sleek black design, they present an air of sophistication to your gear. The sports-specific WinterSof gloves underscore the understated importance of fine details that make winter rounds not only possible but also enjoyable. Their sturdy construction and sought-after features merit their place as a top choice in the winter golf gloves category.

#8 FootJoy WinterSof Women’s Golf Gloves

Insulation LevelWaterproof structured nylon, Weather-Shield foam fleece
MaterialSuede, Fleece
SizeMultiple sizes available, including large for women

Crisp, cold mornings on the green call for reliable winter gear, and the FootJoy WinterSof Women’s Golf Gloves deliver warmth and grip that’s crucial during cooler rounds. Constructed with advanced materials such as waterproof structured nylon and a Weather-Shield foam fleece, they provide a cozy shelter against the chill.

The soft feel and water-resistant Sure-Grip Autosuede knit palm ensure a secure, consistent fitβ€”a boon when precision is paramount. Coupled with a unique Weather-Shield cuff design, these gloves shield your hands, maintaining a needed warmth without hindering your swing.

What sets the WinterSof gloves apart is their ability to be not just a part of your golf attire but a companion for other outdoor activities too. The reflective piping details are not only fashionable; they offer an added safety benefit, enhancing visibility during those early morning or late afternoon stints.

Suitable for a range of sizes, the WinterSof gloves cater to a variety of women golfers. While the lack of a warranty might detract for some, the overwhelmingly positive reviews echo the satisfaction among users, emphasizing comfort and functionality.

Ultimately, these gloves showcase FootJoy’s dedication to blending craftsmanship with modern technology. They stand out not only for their stylish appearance but also for their dependable performance in the face of winter’s challenges. For the female golfer who wants to keep her hands warm and her strokes unhindered, the WinterSof gloves are an unquestionably strong option.

#9 HJ Glove Winter Performance

Insulation LevelThermoTex fleece construction with reinforced wind block and fully lined wrist cuff
MaterialWeatherTan Cabretta leather palm, ThermoTex fleece body
SizeSelectable for a proper fit; Adult sizes

The HJ Glove Winter Performance offers an excellent combination of warmth and control for golfers playing in cold weather conditions. These gloves, with their sleek black and Grey Steel design, ensure that style is paired with functionality. The heart of the glove’s success lies in the ThermoTex fleece, which keeps hands warm without compromising the flexibility needed for an effective grip.

What makes them stand out is the WeatherTan Cabretta leather palm which is known for its soft feel yet enduring quality. This premium material ensures your hands stay insulated against the bitter cold, but still maintain the delicate touch needed for precise shots. The incorporation of a reinforced wind block and a fully lined wrist cuff adds an extra barrier against the elements, making them suitable for the most challenging weather.

One of the notable features of the HJ Glove Winter Performance is the range of sizes available, making it possible for golfers to find the perfect fit. A proper fit is critical in maintaining control and feeling of the golf club, which this glove provides seamlessly. Also, their lightweight of 0.08 kilograms and compact package dimensions suggest simplicity in handling and storing the gloves between rounds.

Though they rank as our ninth choice, the ratings and reviews stand as a testament to their high customer satisfaction. Given that HJ Glove is a specialist in the field with a long history of crafting quality gloves, it’s no surprise that these golf gloves are a worthy addition to any golfer’s arsenal. With over three decades of expertise poured into their creation, the Winter Performance gloves represent a blend of tradition and innovation, delivering a grip that stands up to winter’s test.

#10 FootJoy StaSof Winter Golf Gloves

Insulation LevelThermal protection for cool playing conditions
MaterialTaction3 advanced performance leather and fleece
SizeCadet Small with a detailed size chart for fitting

The FootJoy StaSof Winter Golf Gloves are a noteworthy selection for golfers faced with the challenge of cold weather. Utilizing Taction3 advanced performance leather, these gloves offer an unbeatable combination of softness and durability, providing comfort that lasts throughout your game.

Despite the cooler conditions, maintaining a reliable grip is crucial, and that’s where these gloves excel. The all-climate grip, courtesy of APL leather, delivers both water and perspiration resistance, ensuring your hold is steady and unaffected by the elements.

Comfort and fit are further refined by strategically placed moisture-wicking elastics and power net mesh, which promote breathability and flexibility. These gloves are not merely winter wear; they’re a golfer’s ally for consistent performance.

Although as our Number 10 pick, the FootJoy StaSof Winter Golf Gloves stand out due to their thermal protection and premium construction. Ideal for those seeking to extend their season into the colder months without sacrificing their swing.

In summary, the FootJoy StaSof Winter Golf Gloves offer a sophisticated blend of technology and comfort, underlined by FootJoy’s trusted craftsmanship. For the golfer who won’t let the chill interrupt their game, these gloves are a solid choice for sustained performance and hand protection.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Winter Golf Glove

  • Insulation Level: A crucial feature to look for is effective insulation. High-quality gloves offer materials like thermal fleece or foam to keep hands warm without reducing grip sensitivity.
  • Material Quality: The best gloves combine durability and comfort, often made from synthetic leather, water-resistant fleece, or performance leathers that resist wear while ensuring a steady grip.
  • Weather Resistance: Winter conditions can vary, so opt for gloves that are waterproof or at least water-resistant, ensuring they can withstand damp or snowy environments.
  • Fit and Comfort: Look for gloves with adjustable wrist straps, flexible inserts like mesh or spandex, and correct sizing, which are essential for comfort and maintaining a natural swing.
  • Grip Enhancement: Gloves should offer a dependable grip. Look for those with textured palms, advanced 3D printing grip enhancements, or reinforced patches in high-contact areas.
  • Breathability: Even in cold weather, hands can sweat; breathable gloves with mesh or Lycra panels prevent moisture buildup and maintain hand comfort over time.


How do winter golf gloves improve play in cold weather?

Winter golf gloves provide insulation and grip enhancement, crucial for comfort and performance in chilly conditions on the course.

What features should I look for in winter golf gloves?

Opt for gloves with thermal insulation, weather resistance, a snug fit, enhanced grip, and breathability to maintain hand comfort and swing efficiency.

Is breathability important for winter golf gloves?

Yes, breathable materials in winter golf gloves help prevent moisture buildup, ensuring hands stay warm and comfortable during play.

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