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Tee up your swagger and conquer the greens by mastering the lingo of golf!

From the casual fairway chit-chat to the intense golf cart debates, knowing these 30 golf terms will make you the ace in any golfing crowd.

Ready to golf like a champ?

Let’s drive straight into the lexicon of the links!

Must-Know Golf Terms, Phrases and Slang:

  1. Albatross
  2. Birdie
  3. Bogey
  4. Chip
  5. Divot
  6. Eagle
  7. Fairway
  8. Green
  9. Hazard
  10. Hole-in-one
  11. Iron
  12. Links
  13. Mulligan
  14. Par
  15. Putt
  16. Rough
  17. Slice
  18. Tee
  19. Wedge
  20. Backswing
  21. Fore
  22. Hook
  23. Match play
  24. Out of bounds
  25. Sand trap
  26. Stance
  27. Stroke play
  28. Sweet spot
  29. The turn
  30. Up and down

#1 Albatross

A term that refers to three strokes under par on a single hole, an exceedingly rare and impressive feat in golf. It’s a dream score for any golfer, often achieved on a par 5 with a long and skilled second shot.

#2 Birdie

A score of one stroke under par for a hole, indicating a very good performance by the golfer on that particular hole. Making a birdie can provide a psychological edge and a boost on the leaderboard.

#3 Bogey

A score of one stroke over par for a hole, this term signifies a slight misstep in a golfer’s play, suggesting there’s room for improvement. Regularly shooting bogeys will have a golfer struggling to win a round.

#4 Chip

A short-range shot intended to travel through the air over a short distance and roll the rest of the way to the hole. Typically played with a higher-lofted club, the chip shot is crucial around the greens.

#5 Divot

The piece of turf that is displaced when the clubhead strikes the ground as the ball is hit. Good etiquette demands a golfer replace or fix their divots to maintain the course’s condition.

#6 Eagle

An eagle is a score of two strokes under par on any given hole. This is a highly desirable score, indicating exceptional skill in covering the hole in significantly fewer strokes than expected. For instance, achieving an eagle typically involves reaching the green in fewer shots than usual and then making a long putt.

#7 Fairway

The fairway is the well-maintained area between the tee box and the green where the grass is kept shorter than in the rough areas surrounding it. It’s the ideal landing area for drives off the tee because it provides a better and more predictable surface from which to hit subsequent shots.

#8 Green

The green is the area of finely-cut grass surrounding the hole where players aim to get the ball, and it is where the putting takes place. The grass on the green is cut very short to allow for smooth putting, and the terrain often includes subtle slopes to challenge players’ skills.

#9 Hazard

An area on a golf course that is designed to be a difficult obstacle for golfers, such as bunkers, water hazards, or dense vegetation. Golfers must navigate through or avoid hazards to maintain a good score.

#10 Hole-in-one

Also known as an “ace,” this term refers to the rare achievement of getting the golf ball into the hole with just a single stroke from the tee box. It is a dream accomplishment for many golfers.

#11 Iron

A type of golf club with a flat, angled face and a shorter shaft, designed for a variety of shots depending on the number on the iron. Lower-numbered irons are for longer shots, while higher numbers indicate shorter-distance clubs.

#12 Links

A term originally associated with coastal golf courses in Scotland, characterized by undulating terrain, natural hazards, and a lack of trees. It now generally refers to any golf course or to the sport itself.

#13 Mulligan

An informal do-over where a player is allowed to retake a poor shot, not counted in the official score. Mulligans are not allowed under official golf rules but are common in casual play.

#14 Par

The pre-established number of strokes that a skilled golfer is expected to require to complete a hole or an entire course. Each hole’s par is based on its length and difficulty.

#15 Putt

A putt is a type of golf stroke used on the green where the ball is typically hit softly and with precision to roll it into the hole. This stroke is crucial as it is usually the final shot aimed directly at getting the ball into the hole from a short distance.

#16 Rough

In golf, the “rough” refers to the areas of a golf course that border the fairways and are not as meticulously maintained. The grass in the rough is left longer and more natural than the finely mowed grass of the fairways and greens. The rough is designed to penalize inaccurate shots while adding strategic complexity to the game.

#17 Slice

A slice is a shot that curves dramatically from left to right for a right-handed golfer, often unintentionally. It happens due to sidespin when the clubface is open relative to the swing path at impact.

#18 Tee

The tee is both the act of starting a hole by hitting the ball from the designated tee area and the small peg used to elevate the ball above the ground for that initial shot. It sets the stage for each hole.

#19 Wedge

A wedge is a type of golf club designed for short distance shots, typically to get the ball onto the green, out of sand traps, or over hazards. Wedges have the highest lofts in a golfer’s bag.

#20 Backswing

The backswing is the initial part of the swing where the golfer lifts the club backward and upward away from the ball. A good backswing sets the foundation for a powerful and accurate shot.

#21 Fore

“Fore!” is shouted as a warning when it appears possible that a ball may hit other players or spectators. It’s a crucial etiquette term for safety on the golf course.

#22 Hook

A hook is a shot that curves sharply from right to left for a right-handed player, which is often the result of a closed clubface at impact. This mistake can lead to challenging situations on the course.

#23 Match play

Match play is a format of golf where players or teams compete to win individual holes. The score is determined by the number of holes won rather than the total number of strokes taken throughout the round. The game ends when one side leads by more holes than there are remaining to play.

#24 Out of Bounds

When a ball is hit outside the boundaries of the golf course, it is deemed “out of bounds,” resulting in a penalty. Players must play a new ball under penalty from where the original ball was played.

#25 Sand Trap

Also known as a bunker, a sand trap is a hollow area of the course filled with sand, usually positioned as an obstacle around the green or along the fairway. Shots from here require special technique.

#26 Stance

The stance refers to a golfer’s body position and footing before making a swing. A proper stance aligns the feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to the target line and provides balance throughout the shot.

#27 Stroke Play

A common scoring format in golf, stroke play counts the total number of strokes taken across the entire round or tournament. The player with the fewest strokes at the end wins.

#28 Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is the optimal impact area on the clubface that creates the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball, resulting in longer and more accurate shots. Hitting this spot is a golfer’s goal.

#29 The Turn

“The turn” refers to the midway point in a round of golf after the front nine holes have been played. Golfers then “make the turn” to the back nine to complete the round.

#30 Up and Down

In golf, “up and down” refers to the situation where a player is able to hit the ball onto the green and then putt it into the hole in just two strokes, typically from off the green.


What are some Golf terms for beginners?

“Birdie,” “Bogey,” “Eagle,” and “Par” are some Golf terms beginners should start with. These are fundamental scoring terms that will help understand how well one is playing.

What are some funny Golf terms?

“Mulligan” and “Sand trap” are some funny Golf terms. Mulligan brings a smile with its do-over implications, while Sand trap adds a desert twist to the course obstacles.

What is a famous Golf phrase?

“Fore!” is a famous Golf phrase, often shouted as a warning when a ball is heading toward a person or group of people, indicating they should be alert and protect themselves.

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