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Grab your clubs and sport your best polo because we’re taking a swing through the greenest courses worldwide.

Where do people live and breathe golf?

From misty Scottish links to sun-kissed Australian fairways, let’s find out which countries are at the top of the leaderboard!

Countries where golf is most popular:

  1. United States
  2. Scotland (United Kingdom)
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Japan
  6. South Korea
  7. South Africa
  8. Ireland
  9. Sweden
  10. Spain
  11. Germany

#1 United States

Golf in the United States is not just a sport; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Home to numerous iconic courses and the Masters Tournament, it has a rich history that includes legends like Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods.

With an extensive infrastructure of courses and a strong collegiate system, golf is deeply ingrained in American leisure and competitive spheres.

#2 Scotland (United Kingdom)

SN#1 (Steven Newton0 Profile at flickr.com18th hole, Carnoustie, Open 2007, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.0

Scotland, known as the ‘Home of Golf,’ holds the sport in its heart, with the Old Course at St Andrews among its hallowed grounds. The Scottish take pride in golf’s rich heritage, which dates back to the 15th century.

It’s woven into the fabric of the country, with courses that are as much a part of the landscape as the Highlands themselves.

#3 Canada

Golf in Canada thrives amidst breathtaking scenery and a season that, although short, is intense. Canadian golfers demonstrate a deep love for the game, with figures like Mike Weir inspiring a nation.

Canada’s varied terrain provides a plethora of courses, contributing to its popularity and making it one of the top sports in the country per participation.

#4 Australia

JChris007Coastine golf australia, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.0

Australia’s favorable climate and vast, diverse landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for golf, a popular sport embraced across the country. Renowned golfers like Greg Norman have left a significant mark, fostering a strong golf culture.

With numerous world-class courses, Australia nurtures both enthusiastic amateurs and professionals, embedding the sport into its national sporting consciousness.

#5 Japan

Matt Muskovac, Maruyama Shigeki 2006, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0

Golf in Japan is a prominent recreational and professional sport, with a deep-rooted golfing culture that includes over 2,000 courses across the country.

Japanese golfers have consistently excelled on both the domestic and international stages, with several players achieving success in major championships. The sport is widely televised and supported, contributing to its popularity among all age groups.

#6 South Korea

All-Pro Reels from District of Columbia, USA, 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship – Choi Hye-jin (52178950830), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 2.0

In South Korea, golf is immensely popular, especially among women, with South Korean female golfers dominating the international women’s circuit. The country hosts several high-profile golf tournaments that attract a global audience.

Golf is seen as a status symbol in South Korean society, which has driven substantial investment in golfing facilities and training programs.

#7 South Africa

Jonathan PalomboDavid Frost (9367966287), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.0

Golf is one of South Africa’s most popular sports, with a history of producing world-class golfers who have won numerous major championships.

The country’s diverse landscapes provide stunning and challenging golf courses that are ranked among the world’s best. Golf is also an important part of South Africa’s tourism industry, attracting golf enthusiasts from around the globe.

#8 Ireland

WhoisjohngaltTrump International Golf Links and Hotel 2018, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Golf in Ireland is not just a sport; it’s a revered tradition ingrained in the lush, green landscape synonymous with the country itself. With a rich history of iconic courses like Royal Portrush and Ballybunion, Ireland offers a golfing experience steeped in beauty and challenge.

Irish golfers, such as Rory McIlroy, have made significant impacts on the global stage, solidifying golf’s prominent role in Irish sporting culture.

#9 Sweden

Cath MudfordASBrit2005a, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0

In Sweden, golf’s popularity can be attributed to the country’s strong emphasis on leisure and outdoor activities, combined with its natural scenic beauty, providing a perfect backdrop for the sport. Swedish golfers, like Annika Sörenstam and Henrik Stenson, who have achieved international success, help inspire a strong golfing community.

The country boasts hundreds of golf courses, catering to a sizeable portion of the population who actively participate in the sport.

#10 Spain

Peter from Liverpool, UK, Seve Ballesteros 2006-07-19, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 2.0

Golf in Spain benefits from the country’s favorable climate and diverse landscapes, attracting players year-round. With esteemed golfers like Seve Ballesteros and Sergio Garcia as national icons, Spain’s golf culture has flourished.

Its prestigious tournaments and world-class golf resorts not only cater to a domestic audience but also draw in golf tourists, making it a notable destination for enthusiasts of the sport.

#11 Germany

Axel Schümann, Esther Henseleit – pic 1, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC0 1.0

Golf in Germany has grown significantly in popularity, particularly following the success of German golfers on the European Tour and major championships. The sport is supported by a network of over 700 golf clubs, with a strong emphasis on youth development.

Germany’s temperate climate and scenic landscapes offer ideal conditions for golf, making it a favored activity among the German population.


Which country is Golf played the most?

Golf is played the most in the United States, boasting the highest number of golf courses and players, which reflects the sport’s vast popularity and deep-rooted presence in American culture.

Which country watches Golf the most?

The United States watches Golf the most, with a significant viewer base for major tournaments like the Masters and the prominence of American golfers on the global stage.

Where was Golf originally played?

Golf was originally played in Scotland. To uncover more about its history, here’s a link to our Golf history article. The game has evolved since the 15th century, shaping it into the modern sport we know today.

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