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Concerned about paddle board theft? You’re not alone.

Everyday, countless boards disappear, leaving behind frustrated owners and empty docks.

But there’s hope.

Secure your leisure with top-rated paddle board locks—your first step toward worry-free water adventures.

Uncover your key to theft prevention now.

#1 Burg Wächter 1600 HB KIT D Lock

Lock StrengthGold Sold Secure rating, double-bolted mechanism
Length of Lock2.1M cable with a 12mm thickness
MaterialHardened steel shackle and aluminum body with ABS plastic cover

When it comes to paddle boarding, securing your gear is just as important as finding the perfect wave. The Burg Wächter 1600 HB KIT D Lock delivers exceptional security, safeguarding your board with the prowess of a Gold Sold Secure rating. The double-bolted locking mechanism is a testament to its commitment to preventing unauthorized access, making it a top performer in the realm of paddle board locks.

Crafted with a hardened steel shackle and sturdy aluminum body, this lock withstands cutting and brute force attempts with ease. The significant presence of the 4.62-pound lock is complemented by its lengthy 2.1M cable, ensuring both the board and additional accessories are protected together.

Mobility isn’t sacrificed, thanks to the convenient frame mounting kit that accompanies the lock. Whether docked or in transit, your paddle board stays secure without added hassle. Two keys ensure that you always have access to your equipment, while a spare offers peace of mind against loss or misplacement.

The protective ABS plastic covering is the cherry on top, keeping your prized paddle board free from scratches. Evidently, Burg Wächter’s lock system bridges the gap between formidable strength and user-centric design. Opting for the 1600 HB KIT D Lock is a decision that embodies confidence, ensuring the safeguarding of your leisure investment remains uncompromised.

#2 DocksLocks SUP Anti-Theft Security System

Lock StrengthMarine-grade steel lock with a nylon housing
Length of Lock10-foot vinyl-coated coiled cable
MaterialWeather-resistant steel and plastic

The DocksLocks SUP Anti-Theft Security System is a robust solution for protecting your surfboards and paddleboards against theft. With a solid 4.6 out of 5-star average from over three hundred customer reviews, this system has proven itself reliable in the field.

Constructed to latch onto either the leash plug or fin box, its versatility stands out in the market. The marine-grade steel lock, encased in durable nylon, and the substantial 10-foot coiled cable, represent a remarkable combination of strength and flexibility. It’s especially designed to secure multiple boards, each requiring only one lock when linked together — an efficient feature for group outings or family trips.

The inclusion of a fin box cleat and resettable combination lock enhances the security aspect, while still maintaining easy use. By encouraging users to attach the Jaws to the installed DocksLocks Fin Box cleat, it further increases the system’s theft deterrence.

Market presence since 2005 and a focus on outdoor and waterman lifestyle security since 2002 underline the brand’s expertise and commitment to quality. Whether you’re protecting your board at the beach or during transit on your vehicle’s roof rack, the DocksLocks SUP Anti-Theft Security System presents a great choice for safeguarding your water sports equipment.

#3 Seattle Sports Kayak Cradle Lock

Lock StrengthVinyl Sheathed 6mm Galvanized Steel Cable
Length of Lock20 Feet
MaterialGalvanized Steel with Vinyl Sheathing

The Seattle Sports Kayak Cradle Lock is a versatile and dependable option for securing your paddle board or kayak. Designed to accommodate crafts up to 18 feet in length, it offers a sturdy solution to protect against common theft, particularly when the craft is mounted on outdoor racks or vehicles.

Featuring a hefty 20-foot length and a 1/4-inch thick vinyl sheathed galvanized steel cable, it delivers a strong barrier without causing scratches or damage to your equipment. This balance of durability and gentle handling is crucial for outdoor enthusiasts who value both security and maintenance of their gear.

Set up is straightforward, making it an ideal choice for those who frequent the water and require quick and reliable security solutions. Its lightweight and compact design ensure that the Cradle Cable Lock can be easily stowed away when not in use, without adding any unnecessary bulk.

Given its practical design and a model that fits all sizes, it caters to a wide range of users and vehicles. This lock’s affordability and straightforward utility make it a smart pick for paddlers looking for a reliable theft deterrent without breaking the bank.

Overall, the Seattle Sports Kayak Cradle Lock stands out as a solid, convenient option for paddle board and kayak security that promises confidence and ease of use to a diverse audience. Whether for the casual paddler or the dedicated enthusiast, this lock offers the practicality and peace of mind necessary in today’s outdoor sports landscape.

#4 MARQUE Universal Combination Lock MLK-02

Lock StrengthHeavy-duty 7 braided steel
Length of Lock10FT
MaterialVinyl-coated cable

The MARQUE Universal Combination Lock MLK-02 stands out for its clever design and robust construction. At 10 feet, it offers adequate length to secure your paddleboard and other gear, making it a practical choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Its keyless convenience is a boon, as the resettable combination lock eliminates the worry of losing keys.

Featuring a 3/8″ thick, vinyl-coated cable, the MLK-02 is tailored not only to deter theft with its heavy-duty braided steel construction but also to be gentle on your valuables, preventing scratches or damage. Whether you’re looking to secure kayaks, bicycles, or gates, this versatile lock accommodates diverse objects with ease.

The coiled design means the lock retains a compact form when not fully extended, conserving space during transport or storage. The end’s unique configuration is particularly noteworthy; it easily passes through narrow openings, broadening its compatibility.

Overall, the MARQUE Universal Combination Lock MLK-02 brings together durability, functionality, and user-friendliness. With a customer satisfaction rating that speaks volumes, this product provides dependable security without the fuss, cementing its position as a reliable choice among paddle board locks.

#5 DocksLocks Combination Cable Lock

Lock StrengthDesigned to deter theft, resistant to cutting and tampering
Length of LockAvailable from 5ft to 25ft
MaterialWeatherproof, anti-corrosion, and rust-resistant materials

When it comes to securing your paddle board and other outdoor gear, the DocksLocks Combination Cable Lock offers a trustworthy deterrent against theft. The resettable combination means you’ll no longer be fumbling for keys, a feature that resonates well with active enthusiasts who frequent the outdoors.

The wide range of lengths—from a manageable 5ft to an extensive 25ft—ensures that you can find the perfect fit whether you’re locking up a single paddle board or multiple items. This lock’s versatility extends to securing bikes, kayaks, and more, which is a boon when you require a multipurpose security solution.

Durability is at the heart of this cable lock, with weatherproof capabilities that withstand various conditions without corroding or rusting. This robust build gives users peace of mind in the longevity of their lock, and by extension, the safety of their belongings.

Given its multifunctionality and ease of use, the DocksLocks Combination Cable Lock is a fine selection in the category of paddle board locks. Its adaptability and strength emphasize the product’s appeal, catering to a broad audience and a range of security needs.

Finally, while it doesn’t claim the top spot in our list, its solid features make it an excellent choice for those in search of reliable gear protection. Enjoy outdoor adventures with increased confidence, knowing your equipment remains secure with this well-crafted locking mechanism.

#6 DocksLocks Jaws Anti-Theft SUP Lock

Lock StrengthMarine-grade weatherproof steel
Length of LockSecurity cable sold separately
MaterialSteel housed in plastic nylon

The DocksLocks Jaws Anti-Theft SUP Lock is a reliable safeguard for paddleboard enthusiasts who are serious about security. It’s been praised for its innovative design that conveniently secures to leash plugs or fin boxes, adapting to a variety of boards with ease. Its marine-grade weatherproof steel construction reassures users that their equipment is protected against the elements and opportunistic thieves alike.

While it’s robust on its own, the Jaws Lock’s true potential is unlocked when partnered with the separately sold security cable and fin box cleat. This setup means it can effortlessly secure multiple boards, albeit requiring an individual lock per board, offering flexibility for users with extensive gear. The durable plastic nylon housing further ensures longevity, so you can invest in this security measure with confidence.

Notably, the Jaws Lock asserts itself in the market with the backing of a reputable brand that has sustained its expertise in outdoor and watersports security solutions since 2002. While it stands as our sixth choice, the Jaws Lock is a strong contender due to its specialized utility in preventative theft for watersport equipment.

The lack of an included cable may seem like a drawback; however, consumers appreciate the customization options this allows, enabling them to choose the length and style that best suits their needs. The DocksLocks brand’s comprehensive range of security products ensures that users can assemble a tailored protection system for their adventures. Whether you’re settling in for a beachside brunch or a quick surf shop run, the DocksLocks Jaws Lock provides the peace of mind that your paddleboard will stay just where you left it.

#7 Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock

Lock StrengthCut-resistant construction with a pick-resistant pin tumbler
Length of Lock6 feet vinyl-coated cable
MaterialDurable, weather-resistant, vinyl-coated steel cable

The Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock is a versatile and reliable option for securing paddle boards and various outdoor equipment. Its robust construction includes a cut-resistant cable and a pick-resistant pin tumbler mechanism, ensuring your gear stays safe from theft and tampering. The 6 feet length of the vinyl-coated cable provides ample reach, and the adjustable nature of the lock means it can snugly fit equipment of different sizes without slack that could be exploited by thieves.

The weathertight design is particularly advantageous for paddle board enthusiasts, as it stands up to the elements and maintains performance over multiple seasons. Notably, the convenient keyed alike system allows for simplified security when using multiple locks. The Python lock’s ergonomic design and easy-to-coil cable make it not only secure but also effortless to use and store.

Reflecting Master Lock’s commitment to quality and reliability, this model’s sleek black and silver casing keeps it looking professional while being discreet when in use. Overall, the Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock strikes an excellent balance between robust security and user-friendly operation, making it a solid choice in the paddle board locks category.

#8 Master Lock 8143D Combination Bike Lock Cable

Lock StrengthBraided steel construction, cut-resistant
Length of Lock4 ft length for flexibility
MaterialVinyl coating to prevent scratching

The Master Lock 8143D Combination Bike Lock Cable is a solid choice for those who need reliable but lightweight security for their paddle board or outdoor gear. Its 4-foot braided steel cable offers robust strength and the flexibility to wrap around a variety of objects, keeping your gear secure.

No need to fret over lost keys—the four-digit combination can be personalized and reset as needed. This feature adds a layer of convenience and ensures you can always access your belongings without hassle.

The vinyl coating is a noteworthy addition, protecting your paddle board’s surface from scratches, a detail that reflects the thoughtfulness of Master Lock’s design. When not in use, the self-coiling nature of the cable simplifies storage, making it an unobtrusive companion during your outdoor adventures.

With its smooth operation and easy-to-follow instructions, the Master Lock 8143D proves to be a user-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on security. For those seeking a practical, affordable lock that does its job without added complication, this model does not disappoint.

#9 MARQUE Multi-Length Security Cable

Lock Strength3/8″ thick cable for resistance to cutting and tampering
Length of LockAvailable in 4′, 7′, 15′, and 25′ lengths
MaterialHardened material suitable for outdoor use

Finding a reliable paddle board lock that offers security without sacrificing convenience can be a challenge, but the MARQUE Multi-Length Security Cable hits the sweet spot. Its 3/8″ thick cable is tough against potential thieves and provides peace of mind, whether you’re securing bikes, scooters, or your precious paddle board.

The choice of lengths from 4 feet to an ample 25 feet grants the flexibility needed for various locking situations, ensuring you’re not left with ungainly cable slack or coming up short when securing multiple items together.

What I appreciate about this lock is how its straight cable design simplifies the threading process through different equipment parts, a small but significant boon for ease of use. The inclusion of keys offers a traditional and enduring method of securing your gear. No need to memorize combinations or worry over electronic malfunctions — simplicity is key, quite literally.

Its suitability for outdoor use also indicates that weather resistance is built-in, meaning you can secure your paddle board at the dock with confidence, come rain or shine. The focus on a single, strong material likely means this lock is prepared to withstand some serious attempts at tampering.

Overall, the MARQUE Multi-Length Security Cable is a practical solution for paddle board enthusiasts who value robust security coupled with versatility. Whether it’s for your morning ride or a weekend on the water, it provides a straightforward, reliable way to keep your sports equipment safe.

#10 NDakter Cable Combination Lock

Lock Strength8mm thick cable, tough to cut or break
Length of Lock18 feet long, suitable for larger equipment or multiple items
MaterialWeatherproof design for outdoor durability

The NDakter Cable Combination Lock strikes an excellent balance between flexible use and robust security. Its ample length of 18 feet offers tremendous versatility, making it suitable for not just paddle boards but canoes, kayaks, and even motorboats. The ability to secure multiple items at once without compromising on safety is a standout feature.

Aspects like weatherproof materials and a straight cable design combine functionality with ease of use, ensuring the lock remains a faithful companion through diverse outdoor activities. The 8mm thickness of the cable is reassuring, deterring potential thieves with its substantial resilience against cutting or tampering.

What embellishes this lock further is its 4-digit resettable combination—this keyless convenience means no more fumbling for lost keys when it’s time to get on the water. Plus, the ability to personalize your security code adds a layer of comfort in preventing unauthorized access.

Beyond its primary function, the simplicity of securing and releasing the lock means that outdoor enthusiasts can spend less time worrying about their equipment and more time enjoying their adventures. Overall, the NDakter Cable Combination Lock is an intelligent choice for those seeking a reliable solution to protect their outdoor gear.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Paddle Board Lock

  • Lock Strength: The lock should have a high strength rating, such as a Gold Sold Secure rating or marine-grade steel, to resist cutting, tampering, and brute force attempts.
  • Lock Length: Choose a lock with an appropriate length to secure your paddle board and accessories. Options range from a portable 4 ft to an extensive 25 ft for versatility.
  • Material Durability: Look for materials like hardened steel or weather-resistant coatings to ensure the lock withstands outdoor elements and deters potential thieves effectively over time.
  • User Convenience: Consider locks with user-friendly features like resettable combinations, multiple keys, or coiled cables that offer both security and ease of use.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the lock is compatible with your paddle board by checking if it can attach to leash plugs, fin boxes, or through other secure points on your equipment.
  • Weatherproofing: For longevity, select a lock designed with weatherproof, anti-corrosion, and rust-resistant materials, capable of withstanding varying environmental conditions.


How does a paddle board lock work?

A paddle board lock secures your board to a fixed object using a strong cable or shackle and typically requires a key or combination to unlock.

Can a paddle board lock prevent theft entirely?

While no lock can guarantee complete theft prevention, a robust paddle board lock can significantly deter thieves and provide substantial protection for your board.

What should I consider when choosing a paddle board lock?

Consider lock strength, length, durability, ease of use, compatibility with your board, and weatherproofing when selecting a paddle board lock.

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