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Planning to plunge into the waves or paddle through serene waters?

Imagine your smartphone safe, dry, and by your side.

A waterproof smartphone bag is your tech’s unsung hero on aquatic adventures.

Dive into our top picks and keep your device dry and functional – no matter the splash!

#1 Fidlock Neomag Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof RatingIPX8 (up to 30 meters)
Size CompatibilityFits smartphones up to 6.8″
DurabilityRobust material with neodymium magnet seal

The Fidlock Neomag Waterproof Phone Case blends innovative design with reliable functionality. Its robust construction and IPX8 waterproof rating ensure your device stays dry and secure, even when submerged up to 30 meters. The case is meticulously crafted to accommodate most modern smartphones with screens up to 6.8″, providing a universal fit that many enthusiasts seek.

Unlike traditional cases, the Fidlock Neomag features a unique magnetic closure system, utilizing three rubber strips with strong neodymium magnets that automatically seal the case. This inventive feature is not only secure but also allows easy access to your device, streamlining the process of capturing those breathtaking moments on the water.

Clear PVC material allows for seamless interaction with your phone’s touchscreen, although it should be noted that the fingerprint sensor may be obstructed. Despite this, the case’s transparency does not impede the use of the camera or other functions, making the case ideal for documenting your aquatic adventures without fear of water damage.

The case’s practicality extends beyond its protective qualities. Included is an adjustable lanyard which enhances wearability during a variety of activities. Whether you’re stand-up paddling, kayaking, or engaging in other water sports, this phone case ensures your device remains accessible and safe.

Overall, the Fidlock Neomag Waterproof Phone Case stands out as the best waterproof smartphone bag due to its premium quality and user-friendly design. Though it may come at a higher price point, the investment is justified through its superior protection, making it an indispensable accessory for water sport enthusiasts and professionals alike.

#2 Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case

Waterproof RatingCertified IPX8 with triple-seal technology
Size CompatibilityFits most phones up to 8.3 inches
DurabilityConstructed from robust Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material

The Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case stands out in the category of Waterproof Smartphone Bags for its remarkable ability to keep your device dry and secure, no matter the aquatic adventure. Offering IPX8 certified protection, it readily stands up to the demands of activities like swimming, snorkeling, or beach outings. This pouch is compatible with a sweeping array of smartphone models, even accommodating large devices up to 8.3 inches.

As you dive into your favorite water sports, the pouch’s TPU construction ensures that touch screen functionality remains responsive, and the clear windows provide high transmittance for stunning underwater photography. The adjustability of the lanyard, changing from 13.8 to 21 inches, adds a layer of practicality by letting you keep your phone close and accessible.

Durability is a vital concern, and this case meets the challenge with its robust PVC composition, ready to protect your phone from scratches and impacts. Its eco-friendliness is a noteworthy advantage, as the case is labeled Climate Pledge Friendly, indicating a step towards sustainability. With such strong use case flexibility and high user satisfaction, the Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case is an excellent choice for keeping your mobile device safe from the elements.

#3 Newppon Universal Waterproof Case Trio

Waterproof RatingIPX8 certified up to 100 feet (30 meters)
Size CompatibilitySmartphones up to 7.2 inches
DurabilityResistant against water, sand, snow, and dust

The Newppon Universal Waterproof Case Trio is a practical accessory for adventurers looking to shield their devices from the elements. This 3-pack offers varied color combinations, making it suitable both for individual preferences and family needs. Each case boasts an IPX8 rating, certified to withstand depths of up to 100 feet—enough to reassure the most ardent underwater explorers.

Size inclusion is one of the key strengths of these cases, as they hug devices as large as 7.2 inches in a secure, yet accessible grip. This universal approach confirms compatibility with a broad array of popular smartphones, from the iPhone series to the Galaxy S range. The touch-friendly front of each pouch keeps full screen functionality, an essential for uninterrupted usage and underwater photography.

Durably crafted from polyvinyl chloride and plastic, the Newppon cases resist more than just water; they repel sand, snow, and dust as well. The thoughtful design even considers the convenience of carry, as evidenced by the comfortable, detachable neck lanyard that minimizes twisting while worn.

Finally, despite being our Number 3 choice, these pouches offer reliable protection and usability highlighted by their position as Amazon’s Choice in Cell Phone Dry Bags. The Newppon Universal Waterproof Case Trio promises users tranquility in safeguarding their devices so they can focus on capturing those memorable moments without the worry of damage.

#4 JOTO Universal Waterproof Case

Waterproof RatingIPX8 (up to 100 feet deep)
Size CompatibilityDevices up to 6.9″ diagonal, 100 x 170 mm
DurabilityDurable PVC material

The JOTO Universal Waterproof Case stands out for its reliable waterproofing, offering IPX8-rated protection that’s effective up to 100 feet deep. This resilience to water makes it ideal for various aquatic adventures – whether you’re swimming, fishing, or simply caught in the rain.

Smartphone compatibility is a strong suit of the JOTO case. It’s designed to accommodate most phones, supporting device sizes up to 6.9 inches diagonally, including the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy S20 Ultra. You won’t be sacrificing convenience for protection either, as the clear window allows full functional use of your device, from snapping photos to sending texts.

Durability hasn’t been overlooked, with the case constructed from robust PVC material, safeguarding your tech from water, snow, and dust. The neck strap enhances the convenience factor, making it a hands-free solution when you’re on the move.

While there are newer versions catering to the latest phone models, the versatility and performance of the JOTO Universal Waterproof Case make it a commendably practical choice. It balances functionality with environment-friendly considerations, confirmed by its inclusion in Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly selection. With such a balanced offering of features, it’s clear why this product has garnered significant customer approval, making it a top pick for safeguarding your smartphone from the elements.

#5 ProCase Floating Pouch TPU Explorer

Waterproof RatingIPX8 certified to 100 feet
Size CompatibilityFits smartphones up to 7″ diagonal
DurabilityQuality TPU construction

In the realm of waterproof smartphone protection, the ProCase Floating Pouch TPU Explorer stands out as a solid choice. This 2-pack offers a practical solution that caters to most smartphones with dimensions up to 7 inches diagonally, making it a versatile accessory for a variety of water-involved excursions.

The protection it affords is reliable, as evidenced by its IPX8 certification, capable of withstanding depths of 100 feet. While submerged, the case promises to secure your device against water, dust, and snow without compromising touch screen functionality – a tough act to balance, but one that the ProCase manages with finesse.

Durability is a given with its robust TPU construction. This material choice not only contributes to the longevity of the case but also ensures that the touch screen remains responsive even when the phone is sealed inside. Practicality meets protection, as the clear window design of the case allows for easy access to email and other essential phone functions without exposing your device to elements.

What sets the ProCase apart, however, is its buoyant design. The added air padding encircling the pouch gives users peace of mind, thanks to the floating capability that prevents your phone from sinking should it escape your grasp. Whether you’re kayaking, cruising, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, the Floating Pouch TPU Explorer by ProCase is your phone’s trusty guard against the unforeseen aquatic plunge.

While not the most feature-rich on the market, the cost-effective 2-pack does not skimp on the essentials, excelling in a competitive category with its blend of practicality, protection, and peace of mind. Consider the ProCase Floating Pouch TPU Explorer for safeguarding your digital companion on your next waterside adventure.

#6 ProCase OceanView Pouch

Waterproof RatingIPX8 up to 100 feet
Size CompatibilityUp to 7″ diagonal, 3.35″ x 6.69″
DurabilityDurable PVC material

The ProCase OceanView Pouch is the quintessential companion for water enthusiasts looking to safeguard their smartphones. Flaunting an impressive waterproof performance, certified by its IPX8 rating, this case shields your device up to an astounding 100 feet underwater. Whether you’re snorkeling or kayaking, the OceanView Pouch ensures your phone stays dry and functioning.

Designed for broad compatibility, the pouch fits phones with up to a 3.35 x 6.69 inches footprint. It also houses devices up to 7 inches in diagonal screen size, embodying the very essence of versatility. The convenient touch-sensitive windows foster effortless photo-taking and screen interaction, transforming your phone into a marine-friendly device.

Crafted from robust PVC, the durability of the ProCase OceanView Pouch speaks for itself. It withstands the elements like a champ, making it a long-term investment for your aquatic adventures. Plus, with its user-friendly snap and lock system, securing your phone within this protective cocoon is a breeze.

What sets this product apart is its innovative side access, allowing you to manage your phone’s side buttons with ease. This thoughtful design element cements the ProCase OceanView Pouch as a practical and reliable choice. Including a neck strap for hands-free carrying, it ensures your cherished tech is always within reach, even when you’re swimming or engaging in water sports.

In a market flooded with waterproof cases, the ProCase OceanView Pouch stands out as a solid selection for those seeking peace of mind by the water’s edge. Its combination of style, functionality, and protection earns it a well-deserved spot in your outdoor gear repertoire.

#7 Takfox HydroGuarder Universal

Waterproof RatingIPX8 (Up to 100 feet underwater)
Size CompatibilityUp to 6.5-inch phones (iPhone SE to 14 series, Samsung S7 to S23, etc.)
DurabilityThermoplastic polyurethane construction

The Takfox HydroGuarder Universal is a reliable safeguard for your smartphone against water, dirt, and snow. Constructed of robust thermoplastic polyurethane, the pouch offers durability along with flexibility, ensuring your phone’s protection under various conditions. With its IPX8 waterproof rating, the Takfox pouch provides peace of mind by withstanding submersion up to an impressive 100 feet.

Particularly convenient is the case’s touch-sensitive design which facilitates underwater photography, video recording, and even checking emails without removing the phone. The clear windows on both the front and back are ideal for full phone functionality while maintaining waterproof integrity.

Additionally, the floating design adds an extra layer of security by keeping the phone at the water’s surface, avoiding the panic of a deep-water retrieval. Coupled with a reflective armband and a durable lanyard, the HydroGuarder caters to an active lifestyle without compromising on access or style.

For optimal use, the recommendation to operate the camera with volume buttons under water is smart, considering the common issue of hydraulic pressure affecting touchscreens. Overall, the Takfox HydroGuarder Universal is a strong choice for those seeking to protect their devices during aquatic adventures or everyday spills.

#8 FECEDY AquaShield 4-Pack

Waterproof RatingIPX8 Certified
Size CompatibilityUp to 7″x8.5″ (fits iPad Mini or two iPhone 14 Pro Max)
DurabilityDurable PVC material with secure buckle closure

FECEDY’s AquaShield Waterproof Case is an excellent choice for individuals seeking dependable protection for their devices near water. The case’s IPX8 certification assures that your gadgets are safe in the depths of the water whether you’re snorkeling or poolside. The 7″x8.5″ size generously accommodates devices as large as an iPad Mini or two iPhone 14 Pro Max, offering versatility that is hard to beat.

Crafted from robust yet flexible PVC, the AquaShield does not compromise on touch screen functionality, and the transparent design allows you to capture clear underwater shots or interact with your device without obstruction. The added convenience of multiple color selections not only caters to style preferences but also aids in quick identification among friends or family members.

The case distinguishes itself with its airtight buckle closure that provides peace of mind and a secure waterproof seal – a must-have feature for any waterborne adventure. With its multifunctionality extending beyond just electronics protection to store cards and cash, the FECEDY AquaShield is adaptably suited for a wide array of outdoor activities.

Durable, practical, and easy to operate, the set of four waterproof cases admits no compromise in safeguarding your devices from water, snow, and dirt, while simultaneously sporting a fresh and vibrant look. The FECEDY AquaShield’s combination of dependable protection, functional design, and enhanced durability makes it a stellar option within the waterproof smartphone bags market.

#9 Outdoor Products Vault DryPac

Waterproof RatingPrevents damage from moisture, dirt, and sand; watertight seal; not intended for prolonged submersion
Size CompatibilityOuter: 7.25″ x 4.25″ x 0.75″; Inner: 3.75″ x 6.75″ x 0.5″; suits smartphones up to 6″ screens
DurabilityConstructed of ultra-clear, shatterproof polycarbonate; comes with a 1-year limited warranty against defects

Designed to withstand the elements outdoors, the Outdoor Products Vault DryPac is a robust choice for your smartphone protection needs. This case, constructed of shatterproof polycarbonate, is a shield against water, dirt, and sand. The transparency of the material also means you can use and view your phone without removing it from the case, maintaining full protection at all times.

Size-wise, the Vault DryPac is incredibly accommodating, fitting most smartphones up to a 6-inch screen. Its external dimensions ensure a snug yet accessible fit, while the internal measurements provide a precise haven for your device. Even while focused on durability, the case does not compromise on size and usability—your device is safeguarded while you stay active.

A particularly useful feature is the secure latch closure complemented by the sealing gasket, offering further reassurance against water ingress. Though it’s not intended for prolonged dips, the case fulfills its promise to keep your phone high and dry during your aquatic adventures or in the worst weather conditions.

The added touches of a woven sport leash and swivel clip underscore the product’s design for on-the-go convenience. Whether you’re attaching it to a backpack, belt, or life vest, the case remains within easy reach.

If you’re engrossed in outdoor activities—be it camping, hiking, or kayaking—the Outdoor Products Vault DryPac blends seamlessly into your gear set without adding bulk or needless weight. Despite not being the top-ranked product in our roundup, the Vault DryPac’s blend of features makes it a reliable contender in the waterproof smartphone bag category.

#10 MoKo Universal Waterproof Pouch 3Pack

Waterproof RatingIPX8 Certified
Size CompatibilityUp to 8″ diagonal
DurabilityLightweight PVC with snap and lock closure

The MoKo Universal Waterproof Pouch 3Pack emerges as a trusty companion for adventurers who wish to keep their smartphones safe in aquatic environments. Its IPX8 certification implies comprehensive protection against water ingress, ensuring your device remains dry even when fully submerged.

What stands out is the pouch’s compatibility with a broad range of smartphone models. Whether you’re toting an iPhone 14 Pro Max or a Samsung Galaxy S21, this accessory can accommodate up to 8-inch diagonal devices. This also leaves room for extras like cards, cash, or coins, adding practicality for outdoor excursions.

Crafted from lightweight PVC material, the design focuses on safeguarding your smartphone, with the snap and lock closure offering a fortress against the elements. Although it doesn’t support Touch ID underwater, the transparent windows on both sides maintain full touchscreen functionality, and side buttons can still be used for snapping underwater shots.

Comfort hasn’t been overlooked—as evident by the wider-than-average strap—allowing for casual yet secure wear without the common annoyance of tangles. Despite being our tenth choice, the MoKo Universal Waterproof Pouch is anything but last in quality, offering a conscientious mix of robustness, convenience, and user-friendly design.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Waterproof Smartphone Bag

  • Waterproof Rating: Prioritize a bag with an IPX8 rating, the industry standard for waterproof cases, which guarantees protection in water depths of at least 30 meters, ensuring your device’s safety during most water-related activities.
  • Size Compatibility: Select a bag that comfortably fits your smartphone. Consider cases compatible with screen sizes up to 8 inches to accommodate a range of devices, from small phones to large phablets.
  • Durability: Look for strong and resilient materials like PVC or TPU in the construction of the bag, as these materials are known for their ability to withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting protection.
  • User-Friendly Design: A bag that offers a clear, touch-responsive interface allows seamless interaction with your smartphone, especially for underwater photography or essential communications.
  • Secure Closure System: Assess the locking mechanism; it should be airtight and reliable, such as snap-and-lock closures or magnetic seals, to ensure a watertight bag even during active use.
  • Practicality: Look for additional features such as adjustable lanyards, buoyancy, and room for extra items. These enhance wearability and convenience and ensure your smartphone is both secure and accessible.


Are waterproof smartphone bags reliable for underwater photography?

Yes, high-quality waterproof smartphone bags allow for clear underwater photography while keeping your device dry and secure.

What should I look for when choosing a waterproof smartphone bag?

Choose a waterproof smartphone bag with an IPX8 rating, suitable size compatibility, durable material, user-friendly design, secure closure, and practical features like an adjustable lanyard.

Can I operate my phone’s touchscreen while it’s inside a waterproof bag?

Yes, most waterproof smartphone bags are designed with a clear, touch-responsive interface allowing seamless interaction with your phone’s touchscreen.

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