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Settle for less, and you’ll be tossed about by the waves of regret.

Summer waves beckon, but a wobbly paddle board can sink spirits.

Seek stability and luxury—found in a seat-equipped SUP.

Explore the finest balance of excitement and ease in our top picks.

End the search for your perfect water throne here.

#1 MYBOAT Explorer Inflatable SUP with Kayak Seat

Seat ComfortKayak seat with fishing rod holders for relaxed paddling and fishing
Board Size11’6″ long by 34″ wide, ensuring stability and balance
Weight CapacityMax rider weight of 370 lbs, ideal for carrying gear or an additional rider

The MYBOAT Explorer Inflatable SUP stands out in the realm of paddle boards with seats, offering versatile performance and luxurious comfort. Given the instability often associated with SUPs, the Explorer’s generous size of 11’6″ by 34″ imbues confidence, even in choppy waters, making it harmonious for calming yoga or adventurous fishing trips.

Engineered with triple-layer fusion-laminated military-grade PVC material and a Carbon Tech rail, this board’s durability is comparable to solid boards, promising many seasons of use. Furthermore, its non-slip deck helps maintain footing during rides, enhancing safety for all users.

Accommodating a tremendous weight capacity of 370 pounds, the MYBOAT Explorer is perfect for solo adventurers loaded with equipment or those wishing to enjoy the water with a companion. And with the convenience of the included high-quality accessories, such as the comfortable kayak seat and fishing rod holders, this board transcends mere paddling, evolving into a vessel for a wealth of aquatic activities.

The thoughtful design also includes features that address the practicalities of transporting and storing an inflatable SUP. With front and rear handles, an adjustable paddle, and a full kit that includes a hand pump and waterproof bags, you’re set to embark from the moment you unbox.

Ultimately, the MYBOAT Explorer Inflatable SUP’s blend of comfort, stability, and versatility makes it an exceptional choice within paddle boards with seats. It’s no surprise that this board secures the top spot for anyone looking to combine the thrill of paddling with the relaxation of seated navigation.

#2 FunWater Ultralight Inflatable SUP with Kayak Seat

Seat ComfortErgonomic kayak seat included
Board Size10’6″ long x 33″ wide x 6″ thick
Weight CapacityUp to 300 lbs

The FunWater Ultralight Inflatable SUP with Kayak Seat offers an unbeatable combination of durability and lightness, thanks to its military-grade double-wall PVC construction. It’s impressively lightweight at just 16.7 pounds, without sacrificing build quality.

Its dimensions ensure a stable and comfortable experience for paddlers of all skill levels. The board’s 10’6″ length and 33″ width provide a reassuring platform for both peaceful yoga sessions and engaging exploration trips. With its 6-inch thickness, it holds up well against waves and maintains rigidity underfoot.

Not just a stand-up paddleboard, this package includes an ergonomic kayak seat, transforming your SUP into a seated paddle experience, thus doubling the fun. Whether standing or sitting, users will appreciate the inclusivity of a 300-pound weight capacity.

The FunWater SUP is not just user-friendly with its lightweight and quick inflation, but it also considers your memories, with a camera mount to capture the moment. Side handles, a multifunctional elastic string, and a variety of included accessories, make it a full-featured choice for adventurous spirits.

Finally, the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shines through their generous warranty offers, ensuring your investment is protected. Overall, the FunWater Ultralight Inflatable SUP with Kayak Seat is a versatile, reliable, and enjoyable option for those looking to maximize their time on the water.

#3 Flypark Adventure SUP

Seat ComfortNon-slip EVA deck pad with grooved bars
Board Size11′ x 35″ x 6″
Weight CapacityUp to 430 lbs

Designed for the adventurous at heart, the Flypark Adventure SUP is a solid contender in the realm of paddle boards with seats. Its 11-foot length and 35-inch width offer a stable and spacious platform for a variety of activities from yoga to fishing, catering to different skill levels. With its robust weight capacity, large individuals or a couple with a pet can comfortably enjoy their time on the water.

The non-slip EVA deck ensures a comfortable and secure seating area while the board’s military-grade PVC material promises durability. Whether you’re documenting your water escapades with the included camera mount or transporting the board single-handedly via the shoulder strap, this paddle board is rigged for convenience.

The Flypark Adventure SUP is lightweight, tipping the scales at just 20 pounds, making it a breeze to handle for all demographics, including women and children. And with quick inflation times courtesy of the dual-action pump, your water adventure can start in no time.

Overall, this Flypark paddle board offers a delightful combination of performance, comfort, and ease of use, making it a great selection for those looking to combine paddling with the comfort of a seated position. Its versatility and user-friendly design are sure to enhance any paddle board enthusiast’s collection.

#4 iTAOSTAR Journey Inflatable Kayak Paddle Board

Seat ComfortErgonomic seat with foam footrest
Board Size11’6″ long and 34″ wide
Weight CapacityUp to 420 lbs

The iTAOSTAR Journey Inflatable Kayak Paddle Board is a noteworthy addition to the paddle board market. At a length of 11’6″ and width of 34″, this board offers exceptional stability, even for two riders, which is particularly appealing for adventurous duos or families – especially given its generous 420 lbs capacity.

Not only is this board spacious, but it also ensures comfort with an ergonomic seat and foam footrest, inviting users to enjoy longer periods on the water. The military-grade fusion materials used in its construction offer a balance of rigidity and buoyancy, often matching the performance of hard boards.

Users will appreciate the added functionality, as the board is equipped with luxury 3-layer side rails to safeguard against air leaks, and an action camera mount for those who like to document their excursions. Although the camera is not included, this feature is a clever touch for the socially savvy paddler.

The abundance of accessories, such as an adjustable paddle, kayak conversion kit, and a spacious 120L backpack, make the iTAOSTAR Journey not just a paddle board but a versatile aquatic platform suitable for a variety of activities including fishing and yoga.

While it may be our fourth choice, the iTAOSTAR Journey stands out as an excellent all-around board that offers something for virtually every paddler, making it a worthy contender for anyone looking to invest in a multifunctional paddle board with the comfort of seated paddling.

#5 Dama Adventure Seeker Inflatable SUP

Seat Comfort5mm thick deck pad, kayak seat with back support
Board Size11’6″ x 35″
Weight Capacity400 lbs

The Dama Adventure Seeker Inflatable SUP is an exceptional combination of comfort and functionality. Enhanced by its 5mm thick deck pad, the SUP provides excellent comfort, especially when using the included kayak seat. Measuring 11’6″ long and 35″ wide, it offers ample space for a stable and versatile paddling experience, suitable for a wide range of activities from yoga to surfing.

With its robust PVC construction and a weight capacity of 400 lbs, it’s clear that both beginners and seasoned paddlers will find this board reliable. The thoughtful design includes a sport camera mount, fishing rod holders, and double steel D rings for attaching additional gear, making it an excellent choice for adventure seekers and fishing enthusiasts alike.

The comprehensive accessory pack ensures that everything needed for a day on the water is included—one can simply grab the waterproof bag and hit the waves. What stands out is the ease of setup, with an inflation time of only 10 minutes and even quicker deflation, offering more time to enjoy the outdoors.

Yet it’s the details like the floating design of the paddle—which doubles for kayak use—and the innovative shoulder strap for easy transport that underline the practicality of this SUP. With D-rings to secure the paddle and an anti-slip decking, the Dama Adventure Seeker optimizes safety and user-friendliness on any water adventure.

Combining durability, stability, and a host of features that cater to a diverse array of outdoor preferences, the Dama Inflatable SUP makes a compelling option within the paddle board with seats category. It’s a fantastic choice for those looking to enjoy a relaxed paddle or an adventurous fishing trip.

#6 YUSING Inflatable SUP-Kayak Hybrid

Seat ComfortAdjustable kayak seat with superior cushioning
Board Size11′ x 32″ x 6″
Weight Capacity330 lbs

The YUSING Inflatable SUP-Kayak Hybrid delivers an impressive balance of functionality and ease. With its generous 11-foot length and 32-inch width, this board provides an ample platform for both paddleboarding and kayaking experiences. The adaptability for various water activities such as fishing and yoga makes it a versatile choice for enthusiasts.

Stability is a cornerstone of the YUSING SUP, offering peace of mind for newcomers with its non-slip pattern and 6-inch thickness. Supported by military-grade PVC and drop-stitch technology, the board represents a commitment to both durability and user safety. Efficiency hasn’t been sacrificed with the inclusion of a double action pump facilitating quick inflation, making setup a breeze.

For those looking to capture their water adventures, the built-in camera mount is invaluable, ensuring no moment is lost in the surf. Added safety features like the Runwave Foot Leash underscore YUSING’s dedication to secure and carefree paddling. At the heart of its appeal is the exceptional weight capacity of 330 lbs, accommodating both solo riders and duos comfortably.

Though our sixth featured board, the YUSING Inflatable SUP-Kayak Hybrid stands out for its thoughtful design. Paddlers looking for a reliable, multi-purpose water craft with emphasis on comfort and stability will find this board to be an excellent option. Its array of included accessories and dependable construction establish the YUSING as a noteworthy contender in the world of paddle boards with seats.

#7 UPWELL Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

Seat ComfortPolyurethane foam with waterproof cushion
Board Size10’6″ to 11’6″ x 32″ to 33″ x 6″
Weight CapacityUp to 450 lbs

The UPWELL Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard with its admirable range of sizes from 10’6″ to 11’6″ caters to a broad spectrum of paddling aficionados. Varied in designs from the vivid Cosmos to the serene Native Floral, this board does not only promise performance but also allows personal expression. It’s the watercraft that embraces both aesthetics and utility.

Notably, its military-grade, ultralight double wall PVC construction positions this board 25% lighter than its competitors at a mere 18 pounds. This marks an impressive milestone in the merger of durability and portability, beneficial for those seeking adventure without the burden of heavy gear.

With a generous capacity of up to 450 pounds, this paddleboard outshines many by enabling heavier riders or those wanting to bring along additional gear or a furry companion. The versatility of the UPWELL board ensures a stable and enjoyable experience, whether engaged in the tranquility of yoga or the thrill of surfing.

Among its crown jewels is the included SUP kayak seat, fashioned from polyurethane foam topped with a waterproof cushion that delivers notable comfort for extended journeys. Coupled with a full accessory set – from the adjustable paddle to the emergency repair kit – the UPWELL Inflatable Paddleboard is a ready-to-go solution for any paddleboarding enthusiast.

The UPWELL backs its confidence in quality with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, reassuring buyers of its commitment to satisfaction. This UPWELL Stand-Up Paddleboard, while our seventh pick, upholds a standard that makes it a fine contender in the world of paddle boards with seats, offering a comprehensive package for a spectrum of users.

#8 Blue Water Toys VersaBoard Kayak/SUP 2022

Seat ComfortDetachable lightweight seat with footrest allows for comfortable kayaking
Board Size10′ x 32″ x 6″, combining stability with easy handling
Weight CapacitySupports up to 300 lbs, accommodating most users

The Blue Water Toys VersaBoard Kayak/SUP 2022 stands out in the burgeoning market of versatile watercraft. Utilising military-grade PVC for its construction, this board is not only durable but also UV-resistant, ensuring long-term enjoyment and color vibrancy. Riders can experience the dual fun of stand-up paddleboarding or sit-down kayaking thanks to the lightweight detachable seat and footrest.

The board’s size is particularly noteworthy; at 10 feet long and 32 inches wide with a thickness of 6 inches, it provides a solid platform for a range of activities from water sports to yoga. The 2022 model’s honeycomb EVA padding is a testament to Blue Water Toys’ focus on quality and comfort.

With its inflatable nature, the board mimics the rigidity of a hardboard while providing the convenience of easy transport and storage. Weighing a mere 22 pounds and supporting up to 300 pounds, it is designed for accessibility across levels from novices to seasoned enthusiasts.

The kit is comprehensive, including a convertible paddle, a high-pressure pump for rapid inflation, and a travel backpack for adventures far from home. Combined with a repair kit and a one-year warranty, the Blue Water Toys VersaBoard Kayak/SUP represents a thoughtful investment for those wanting to explore water sports or simply relax on the lake.

Rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars, customer satisfaction aligns with the product’s performance and aesthetic appeal. Its blue/turquoise motif will surely draw eyes on the water, making it an attractive choice for style-conscious paddlers.

#9 FunWater Tiki Cruiser Inflatable Paddle Board

Seat ComfortErgonomic Kayak Seat
Board Size10′ x 31” x 6”
Weight Capacity300 pounds

The FunWater Tiki Cruiser is a versatile inflatable stand-up paddleboard that offers a mix of stability, portability, and functionality, making it a suitable option for water enthusiasts. Weighing a mere 17 pounds, its light build doesn’t hold back on durability – the double-wall PVC construction is akin to military-grade equipment.

Designed for adaptability, the paddleboard measures 10 feet in length and 31 inches in width, providing ample size for a comfortable stand-up paddling experience, while its 6-inch thickness ensures maximum buoyancy. A notable feature is the ergonomic kayak seat, which brings a new level of comfort when you decide to take a seat and paddle.

The paddleboard is not only easy to carry but also has a weight capacity that belies its size, supporting up to 300 pounds. This accommodates almost anyone, from kids to adults, and provides a stable platform for various activities like yoga and fishing.

With an array of included accessories such as the adjustable paddle, fins, and a handy waterproof phone bag, the FunWater Tiki Cruiser prides itself on offering a holistic package. The ultra-light design makes it a breeze to transport to your next paddling destination.

Its multifunctional design and the included ISUP kayak seat make the FunWater Tiki Cruiser Inflatable Paddle Board a great choice if you’re looking for redundancy in your watercraft. Whether you’re a beginner or have more experience, this paddleboard is equipped to offer a satisfying experience on the water.

#10 UPWELL Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Seat

Seat ComfortPolyurethane foam cushion with supportive mid-sized back
Board SizeAvailable in 10’6″, 11′, 11’2″, and 11’6″
Weight CapacityUp to 450 lbs

The UPWELL Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board presents a fusion of versatility, durability, and thoughtful design. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, the range of sizes from 10’6″ to 11’6″ promises a model that will cater to your needs—be it for serene yoga sessions, exciting surf adventures, or family fun on the water.

Built from military-grade PVC and weighing just 18 pounds, the UPWELL board showcases exceptional durability without sacrificing portability. The soft, non-slip EVA deck pad enhances comfort and safety, ensuring user stability during prolonged use.

What sets this board apart is the included SUP kayak seat with a cushy polyurethane foam base and supportive back. Coupled with a hefty weight capacity of 450 lbs, this feature transforms your paddling experience, offering comfort during long excursions and making it ideal for users of all ages.

The comprehensive accessory pack that accompanies the board underscores its value. With everything from adjustable paddles to a high-speed pump and a 10L waterproof bag, users are equipped with all they need for a full day on the water.

The UPWELL Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a worthy contender for those looking to enjoy a range of activities on the water. Its robust construction and inclusive design make it a reliable companion for creating memorable aquatic experiences.

Checklist: What makes a great Paddle Boards with Seats

  • Stability & Size: The board’s width and length are crucial for balance and stability, especially in choppy waters. Look for boards around 11′ long and 32″-35″ wide for versatile, stable paddling and seating.
  • Seat Comfort: Seats should provide back support and be made of durable, comfortable materials. Features like additional cushioning or foam footrests enhance comfort for prolonged use on the water.
  • Weight Capacity: Ensure the board can support the combined weight of the paddler(s), gear, and any additional riders. Weight capacities between 300-450 lbs cater to a range of needs and uses.
  • Material Durability: High-quality, military-grade PVC material offers durability and can withstand repeated use. This is essential for longevity and maintaining board performance over time.
  • Portability & Storage: Inflatable boards should be easy to transport and store. Features like lightweight construction, carrying handles, and a backpack for storage are beneficial.
  • Accessory Package: Look for boards that come with an all-inclusive accessory pack, like adjustable paddles, pumps, and waterproof bags, to ensure you have everything you need for a day on the water.


Why should I consider a paddle board with a seat?

A paddle board with a seat offers versatile use, allowing for comfortable seated paddling or fishing, in addition to traditional stand-up paddle boarding.

How does board size affect paddle boarding?

Wider and longer boards enhance stability and balance on the water, making them suitable for a variety of activities, including yoga and leisure paddling.

What’s important to look for in paddle board material?

Durability is key, so opt for high-quality, military-grade PVC to ensure your paddle board can withstand repeated use and varying water conditions.

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