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Imagine effortlessly gliding on water, the thrill of adventure whispering with every paddle stroke.

But, an unforgettable experience begins long before you hit the water – it starts with the right knowledge.

Avoid the common pitfalls that can sink your paddleboarding adventure.

Propel your passion for paddleboarding forward with our handpicked selection of must-read books for paddleboarders.

Dive in, and let these pages steer you towards mastery and unforgettable moments on the waves.

#1 Paddleboard Bible: Stand-Up Paddleboarding Guide

Content RelevanceComprehensive coverage of SUP basics, gear, and advanced techniques
Reading LevelAccessible to novices while offering depth for experienced riders
Quality of InformationExpert insights from certified SUP instructor, well-structured & detailed

The “Paddleboard Bible” emerges as an essential resource for the paddleboarding community. An invaluable guide penned by Dave Price, a proficient certified SUP instructor, it serves as a foundational text for both the rookie and adept paddler. With a rich compilation of 256 pages, this book dives deeply into the exciting realm of stand-up paddleboarding, presenting it as the definitive guide to mastering the waters.

Building from basic maneuvering to advanced techniques, this book ensures paddleboarders are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge to confidently navigate various water environments. Safety is a cornerstone of the guide, and readers are taught to respect and anticipate the whims of nature, from tides and currents to weather patterns.

But the “Paddleboard Bible” is more than a mere instruction manual. It’s an open invitation to explore and embrace paddleboarding as a lifestyle. Adventurous souls will find night tours, wildlife expeditions, and photographic journeys well-mapped out for their enjoyment. The inclusion of SUP fishing and yoga adds layers of intrigue, guaranteeing that every boarding enthusiast finds their niche.

What distinguishes this guide as the best in its category is the holistic approach to the sport. From competitive racing and wave surfing to building a sense of community within the sport, the book instills a sense of camaraderie and personal challenge. The plentiful high-quality illustrations and clear, engaging writing style complement the expert advice, making for an engaging read.

The “Paddleboard Bible” is more than just an instructional text; it’s the gateway to an exhilarating and fulfilling paddling experience. Whether you’re dipping your toes into SUP or aiming for the heights of proficiency, this guide is proficiently tailored to elevate your paddleboarding journey, claiming its rightful place at the top of our recommended reading for paddleboarders.

#2 The Best Flatwater Paddles in Oregon Guide

Content RelevanceHighly relevant for paddlers seeking tranquil Oregon waters
Reading LevelAccessible to both novice and seasoned paddlers
Quality of InformationDetailed maps, tips, and over 50 carefully selected locations

“The Best Flatwater Paddles in Oregon” by Christopher Heaps is a definitive guidebook for exploring over 50 serene paddle boarding spots across Oregon’s pristine landscapes. Its 242 pages of engaging content are not just practical but also enhance the adventure by presenting the sheer beauty and tranquility of flatwater paddling. Whether you are new to standup paddleboarding or an experienced paddler, this book will serve as your navigator through Oregon’s diverse water bodies.

What sets this guide apart is its specificity; it does not merely brush over general paddling techniques or destinations but delves into the best flatwater experiences that Oregon has to offer. It prioritizes locations that are ideal for those who appreciate calm and scenic paddling environments. With dimensions of 6 x 0.55 x 9 inches and weighing only 11.5 ounces, it’s perfectly portable for any paddling trip.

Alongside route guidance, the book also provides valuable insights for a more fulfilling paddling experience, especially tailored to SUP enthusiasts. Each destination detailed within its pages invites readers to discover new waterways and partake in the tranquility that only flatwater can provide. It’s this dedication to quality information that has earned the guide high praise, boasting a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from paddlers who have navigated Oregon’s waters with it at their side.

Despite being a stand-alone guide, it pairs well with other paddling books on Oregon rivers and canoe and kayak routes, offering a more comprehensive approach to planning water adventures. Thanks to its expert authorship and thoughtful compilation, “The Best Flatwater Paddles in Oregon” has become a valued resource within the paddling community, known for its practicality and the enticing call to explore Oregon’s water-based offerings.

#3 Nate Burgoyne Stand Up Paddle Surf Guide

Content RelevanceTargeted for beginner and intermediate paddle surfers, with comprehensive coverage of SUP principles and practices
Reading LevelAccessible and conversational, making it easy to understand for a wide audience
Quality of InformationInsights from an established industry insider with real-life stories that enrich the learning experience

For paddleboard enthusiasts looking to deepen their connection with the sport, “The Stand Up Paddle Book” by Nate Burgoyne is an insightful read that’s rich with expertise. Nate’s background as a founder of Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine and a SUP school gives him a unique perspective, which is well-reflected in the book. Covering everything from SUP etiquette to wave-catching techniques, the book offers a structured yet personal approach that readers appreciate.

The 288-page guide combines instructional content with compelling real-life stories, breathing life into each lesson. It delves not only into the how-to aspects but also into the cultural essence of stand up paddle surfing. This aspect is particularly enriched by Nate’s Hawaiian heritage and his gratitude towards the local community, which resonates throughout the pages.

Illustrations and a casual tone break down complex principles, making them easily digestible for beginners and engaging even for seasoned paddlers. This book stands out by not only teaching the mechanical aspects of paddleboarding but also by immersing the reader in the sport’s lifestyle and philosophy.

Endorsements from other prominent figures in the water sports industry, like Blane Chambers and Dave Chun, bolster the book’s credibility. Despite not topping bestseller lists, the guide is a valued tome within its niche, evidenced by the positive feedback from various customer testimonials.

In a category cluttered with instruction manuals and how-tos, Nate Burgoyne’s “Stand Up Paddle Surf Guide” offers an authentic dive into the world of SUP surfing, marrying technical guidance with heartfelt stories. It’s an essential companion for anyone seeking to navigate the waters of stand up paddling with confidence and joy.

#4 Suzie Cooney Stand Up Paddling Performance

Content RelevanceHighly relevant for paddleboarders seeking performance enhancement
Reading LevelAccessible to a wide range of readers, from beginners to pros
Quality of InformationComprehensive, step-by-step instructions with detailed photographs

“Suzie Cooney Stand Up Paddling Performance” is a practical guide for enhancing one’s skills on the water. Authored by Suzie Cooney, a renowned SUP trainer, the book promises to replicate the experience of personal coaching. With a focus on comprehensive physical and mental training, it covers everything from building paddle power and balance to mental toughness in competitions.

A standout feature of the book is its inclusion of detailed photographs, which support hundreds of exercises to boost cardiovascular endurance and reaction times. It provides paddleboarders with the visual cues necessary to accurately follow Cooney’s techniques and maximize gains.

Nutrition is also a major focus in this guide. Cooney delves into which foods can fuel paddleboard performance, a facet often overlooked but crucial for any serious athlete. This insight is invaluable for those looking to maintain energy levels and achieve peak condition on race day.

Despite coming in as our fourth selection, the depth of knowledge and tangible improvements offered by “Suzie Cooney Stand Up Paddling Performance” make it an essential read. It serves as both an informative resource and a practical manual, suitable for bringing to the beach or training sessions.

Given its substantial size of 356 pages, the book is more than a quick read—it’s a commitment to elevating your paddleboarding prowess. With Cooney’s expertise in hand, paddleboarders can anticipate tangible enhancements to their performance, both in casual outings and competitive events.

#5 SUP Safety Part Three: Advanced Strategies

Content RelevanceHighly relevant for both novices and seasoned paddleboarders, with a focus on safety and problem-solving
Reading LevelAccessible to all levels, accompanied by case studies and self-assessment quizzes that enhance comprehension
Quality of InformationExpert insights from Bill Dawes’ 15 years of experience, including practical exercises and supplemental material

“SUP Safety Part Three: Advanced Strategies” offers paddleboarders a deep dive into safe practice on the water, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Bill Dawes uses his extensive experience to structure a guide that’s both educational and engaging, focusing on the intricate details of equipment, environmental conditions, and emergency protocol.

This Kindle eBook is particularly valuable for its comprehensive approach to understanding and interpreting various water conditions. Dawes’ accessible writing meshes perfectly with Kindle’s features like text-to-speech and enhanced typesetting, ensuring a pleasant reading experience for all.

For those serious about their safety and the safety of others while paddleboarding, the inclusion of practical exercises to refine decision-making skills is a standout feature. It allows readers to practice what they’ve learned in a structured way, making this guide an interactive tool rather than just a reading material.

Beyond theory, the book provides real-world case studies and quizzes, making it a dynamic resource for self-assessment and continual learning. This ensures readers don’t just consume information but actively engage with it, fostering a deeper understanding of safety measures.

While it is the fifth recommendation in our selection, “SUP Safety Part Three: Advanced Strategies” doesn’t skimp on quality or depth. It’s a niche yet indispensable resource for anyone looking to pursue paddleboarding with a serious commitment to safety. The eBook not only serves as an informative read but also as a means to elevate the reader’s awareness and skill in prevention and problem-solving on the water.

#6 Stand Up Paddle Instruction Book by Mitch Powers

Content RelevanceComprehensive beginner to intermediate level
Reading LevelAccessible to a broad audience
Quality of InformationHigh, based on 24 years of expertise

For those embarking on the journey of stand-up paddleboarding, “Stand Up Paddle Instruction Book: Learn all the flatwater, fitness and surf paddling basics” by Mitch Powers offers a treasure trove of knowledge. Its concise format, measuring just 6 x 0.28 x 9 inches and with a weight of 6.6 ounces, makes it an easily portable companion on any paddleboarding adventure.

Mitch Powers, with more than two decades of experience at a paddling center, shares insights that are invaluable for both novice and intermediate paddlers. This guide is more than a mere manual; it’s a window to enhancing your on-water experience with sections on fitness and yoga specifically tailored for SUP enthusiasts.

What sets this book apart is its user-friendly approach, integrating over 130 photo illustrations to clearly convey techniques and safety tips. It also serves as a practical buyer’s guide, aiding readers in selecting the right equipment, which is crucial in the sport of paddleboarding.

Powers’ vast experience is not limited to paddleboarding. His diverse writing portfolio adds depth to this guide, reflecting a life rich in outdoor and cultural exploration. For paddleboarders seeking a reliable source of information that’s both educational and enjoyable to read, this book promises to be an indispensable tool in your library.

#7 Pilates Expanded Paddle Board SUP

Content RelevanceHighly relevant for those seeking a fusion of paddle boarding and Pilates fitness routines.
Reading LevelSuitable for beginners to experienced individuals in both Pilates and paddleboarding.
Quality of InformationDetailed instructions and illustrations ensure effective learning and practice.

The Pilates Expanded Stand Up Paddle Board SUP offers a unique experience combining the serenity of paddle boarding with the strengthening benefits of Pilates. This inventive product has garnered positive attention for its wider deck, designed to accommodate a range of body sizes and provide ample space for Pilates movements. The inclusion of an anti-slip deck pad is a thoughtful touch that significantly enhances user safety and confidence.

Its specialized construction material promises durability and a pleasing aesthetic, mimicking a Pilates mat while ensuring it can withstand the aquatic environment. With adaptability in mind, it’s perfect for calm waters, providing the stability needed for exercising and for stand-up paddle boarding. It’s a fantastic choice for those who love to be out on the water but also want to maintain their fitness regimen in a novel and invigorating way.

Furthermore, potential inclusions such as instructional content and resistance band compatibility highlight its comprehensive approach to water-based Pilates practice. The lightweight design, coupled with quick inflation and deflation capabilities, amplifies the ease of transportation and storage, making it an ideal companion for the active individual who values both convenience and utility. It stands out in the category of Books for Paddle Boarders, offering a blended approach to exercise and leisure.

#8 The SUP Book: Paddleboarding Master Techniques

Content RelevanceCovers a comprehensive range of paddleboarding techniques for various skill levels, environments, and disciplines.
Reading LevelAccessible language suitable for beginners, with enough depth to satisfy more experienced paddlers.
Quality of InformationHighly detailed with expert advice, full-color photographs, and user-friendly structure for quick navigation.

“The SUP Book: Paddleboarding Master Techniques” stands as a substantial guide catering not only to those who are dipping their toes into the waters of stand-up paddleboarding but also to those navigating the tides of advanced techniques. A variety of essential topics are seamlessly tackled, from selecting the ideal paddleboard and paddle to mastering complex maneuvers and employing strategies for competitive racing.

It’s not just about physical prowess; the guide dives deep into the mental game—strengthening balance and posture, promoting mindfulness, and providing inspirational anecdotes from veterans of the sport. Additionally, the book engages with aspects of safety, providing strategies to read and react to various water conditions and emphasizing the importance of adhering to navigational rules.

The rich content is further augmented by vibrant, full-color photographs that do more than just please the eye; they serve as valuable visual aids that enhance comprehension of the techniques discussed. Whether it’s refining your stroke to increase efficiency or learning how to maintain and store your equipment, this book covers the spectrum with precision.

From the thrill of catching waves to the serenity of a sunrise yoga session on your board, “The SUP Book” effectively caters to a multitude of interests within the paddleboarding community. It even ventures beyond the immediate scope of the sport, providing practical tips for trip planning and emphasizing the sport’s community-focused social opportunities.

This guide is a testament to the multifaceted appeal of paddleboarding, offering a well-rounded compendium that will enrich the paddleboarding literature on your shelf. Comprehensive yet easy to digest, “The SUP Book: Paddleboarding Master Techniques” is a worthy addition to any paddleboarder’s collection, sure to fuel their passion for many excursions to come.

#9 Ultimate Paddle Boarding Comprehensive Guide

Content RelevanceHigh – Covers all key aspects of paddle boarding.
Reading LevelSuitable for adults and beginners, easy to understand.
Quality of InformationDetailed and thorough, backed by real-world experiences and reviews.

The “Ultimate Paddle Boarding Comprehensive Guide” is an extensive resource for every aspiring paddle boarder. It adeptly contrasts inflatable and solid paddle boards, demystifying the choice that suits individual needs.

With its focus on performance, storage, and portability differences, the guide equips readers to make well-informed decisions. Whether seeking convenience or durability, readers gain clarity on what to expect from their paddle board investments.

Accessories are not an afterthought; the guide dives deep into the essentials, like paddles and leashes, and also explores the world of optional enhancements, from coolers to waterproof cases. Understanding that paddle boarding is not limited to just one type of water environment, the guide expands the reader’s horizon, educating them on selecting suitable gear for lakes, rivers, or oceans.

Practical in approach, it does not skip over the matters of board maintenance, safety, and techniques. For those looking to refine their skills, advanced tips are in abundance. With environmental consciousness threaded through its pages, this guide empowers paddle boarders not only to enjoy their sport but to do so responsibly. It’s a commendable choice for anyone looking to navigate the waters of paddle boarding with confidence.

#10 Stand Up Paddleboarding: A Beginner’s Guide

Content RelevanceHighly pertinent to beginners
Reading LevelEasy to understand narrative
Quality of InformationComprehensive and detailed

Stand Up Paddleboarding: A Beginner’s Guide is an insightful entry into the world of SUP, making it an invaluable resource for those just starting out. By systematically breaking down the fundamentals of the sport, this e-book engages readers with clear, step-by-step instruction on techniques, safety, and equipment selection.

The focus on essentials without overwhelming detail makes it a top choice for newcomers eager to dip their toes into paddleboarding waters. The electronic format is a boon for tech-savvy adventurers who prefer having their guidance portable and easily accessible on a Kindle device.

Its practical fitness tips and maintenance advice extend the book’s utility beyond the basics, offering readers ways to improve their SUP experience long after mastering the initial learning curve. Rich visual content aids in the understanding of complex maneuvers, ensuring a more tangible learning engagement.

Moreover, the inclusion of environmental considerations and community resources reflects a comprehensive approach to the lifestyle of paddleboarding. This ebook does more than teach techniques; it immerses beginners in the culture, history, and social aspects of stand-up paddleboarding, rounding out their education for a full-spectrum introduction to the sport.

Checklist: What makes a great Books for Paddle Boarders

  • Content Relevance: A good paddleboarding book should cater to the reader’s experience level, covering basics for beginners and advanced techniques for seasoned paddlers, similar to the “Paddleboard Bible.”
  • Reading Level: The language used should be approachable for a wide audience, as seen in “The Stand Up Paddle Book,” ensuring the material is engaging and easily understandable.
  • Quality of Information: Expert insights and practical knowledge, such as those shared by Suzie Cooney, backed by the author’s professional experience in paddleboarding, add significant value to the book.
  • Utility & Application: Books should offer practical instructions and visual aids, allowing for easy transitioning of theory into practice on the water, which is a praised feature in the “Stand Up Paddle Instruction Book.”
  • Additional Content: Inclusion of topics like safety, fitness, mental preparedness, and maintenance, as found in “SUP Safety Part Three,” can profoundly enrich the reader’s paddling lifestyle.
  • Niche Focus: Titles offering specialized content, such as pilates on paddleboards or local destination guides like “The Best Flatwater Paddles in Oregon,” cater to specific reader interests and expand the scope of paddleboarding knowledge.


How can reading books help improve my paddleboarding experience?

Reading books equips you with knowledge on techniques, safety, and equipment, enhancing your paddleboarding skills and overall experience.

What should a paddleboarding book cover for it to be considered comprehensive?

A comprehensive paddleboarding book should include instructions, safety guidelines, fitness tips, equipment advice, and advanced techniques.

Are there paddleboarding books suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers?

Yes, there are books with content relevant to all skill levels, from fundamental techniques for beginners to advanced strategies for experienced paddlers.

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