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Soggy socks can ruin a round of golf.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine swinging confidently through wet fairways with dry, comfortable feet.

Unlock that reality with the top waterproof golf shoes we reveal ahead.

Stay dry, stay the course.

#1 Zakey Spikeless Professional Golf Sneakers

Waterproofing QualityWater-resistant construction
ComfortLightweight, breathable design with secure lace-up fit
TractionSteady, slip-resistant rubber sole with spikeless grip

In the quest for the best waterproof golf shoes, the Zakey Spikeless Professional Golf Sneakers stand out as a robust option. Their water-resistant construction allows players to enjoy their game, come drizzle or shine while maintaining dry and comfortable feet.

The clever design integrates both style and practicality. Thanks to their sleek and varied color options, they pair well with golf attire and casual wear alike, making them a versatile choice for any wardrobe. The lightweight model ensures that long hours on the green won’t wear you down, thanks to the shoes’ stress on foot comfort.

The rubber sole of these Zakey sneakers brings significant traction benefits. Unlike traditional spiked shoes, the spikeless features of these sneakers offer stability and grip without damaging the turf, reflecting a thoughtful consideration for the golf course.

With the addition of easy lace-up closure and the simplicity of machine wash maintenance, these golf shoes are as convenient as they are reliable. The customer feedback, with its commendable rating, echoes this product’s quality and confirms its standing as an optimal choice for golfers demanding exceptional performance.

#2 FENLERN Air Cushion Waterproof

Waterproofing QualityWater-resistant microfiber upper ensures durability and breathability.
ComfortAir cushioned polyurethane midsole and additional padding around tongue and collar.
TractionHigh durometer, abrasion-resistant TPU soles with spikes for enhanced grip and stability.

Crafted to combine both style and performance, the FENLERN Air Cushion Waterproof golf shoes are an excellent choice for golfers who prioritize foot comfort and traction on the course. The non-slip, water-resistant microfiber uppers in a variety of colors provide a fashionable edge alongside essential functionality.

An essential feature of a great golf shoe is comfort, and the air-cushioned midsole along with extra padding ensures that your feet feel supported throughout an 18-hole round. This is crucial for the golfer who wants to maintain focus on their game without the distraction of foot discomfort.

A steady stance is everything in golf, and the abrasion-resistant TPU soles equipped with spikes deliver the necessary traction, instilling confidence with every swing. The importance of a good grip cannot be overstated, and these shoes rise to the challenge.

Durability is also a key consideration, and the water-resistant design of the FENLERN Air Cushion Waterproof golf shoes promises to stand up to the elements. The bonus of a 12-month warranty with attentive after-sales service solidifies their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Overall, these golf shoes represent a blend of contemporary fashion and the performance necessary for serious players. Sizes range from 7-15 and the shoe’s lightweight build caters to a wide demographic, making them a strong contender for those looking to elevate their game without compromising on style or comfort.

#3 PUMA Ignite Fasten8 Pro

Waterproofing Quality100% synthetic fabric with waterproof mesh + TPU
ComfortIGNITE FOAM in midsole for responsive cushioning
TractionORGANICALLY ALTERED TRACTION and Pro-Form TPU outsole for grip

The PUMA Ignite Fasten8 Pro stands out as a resilient choice for golfers who do not want to compromise style for functionality. With its waterproof synthetic fabric and Performance Mesh + TPU construction, this shoe is engineered to withstand the elements while keeping your feet dry on dewy mornings or through wet conditions on the course.

Comfort is paramount in golf footwear, and the IGNITE FOAM technology ensures a cushioned ride. The responsive midsole foam delivers energy return with every step, which could mean the difference when you’re playing the back nine.

Traction remains critical in maintaining a steady swing, and the organic traction pattern on this shoe offers a reliable grip without traditional spikes. The innovative use of Pro-Form TPU means a solid foundation during your swing, enabling powerful drives without slipping.

Moreover, the smart lacing system, FASTEN8, integrates with nylon straps for a tailored fit that adapts to your foot’s movement. This sophisticated system ensures a secure, snug fit throughout your round.

Although this isn’t the top choice, the PUMA Ignite Fasten8 Pro presents a compelling option for golfers looking for a dependable shoe that blends modern technology with day-long comfort and sustained durability, making it an undeniable contender in the waterproof golf shoe arena.

#4 Skechers Elite 4 Victory Spikeless

Waterproofing QualityDurable synthetic leather upper with waterproofing capabilities
ComfortGoga Max high-rebound cushioning and Ultra Flight responsive midsole
TractionSpikeless Grip Flex design for excellent multidirectional traction

Crafted with a keen eye for both form and functionality, the Skechers Elite 4 Victory Spikeless Golf Shoe offers golfers robust protection against the elements with its synthetic leather upper, perfect for those early morning rounds or surprise drizzles. Not just waterproof, but marrying style with substance, this shoe gives you a selection of colors to choose from to match your golfing attire.

What distinguishes the Elite 4 Victory is its exceptional comfort, thanks to the Goga Max high-rebound cushioning and the Ultra Flight lightweight midsole. This footwear ensures your feet are cared for, so you can focus on perfecting your swing rather than worrying about foot fatigue.

The Elite 4 Victory also steps up the game in traction. The spikeless Grip Flex design ensures stable footing on varied terrains. Whether it’s a wet fairway or a dry putting green, the multidirectional traction has you covered without the hassle of traditional spikes.

These shoes are easy to maintain, as they are machine washable. This convenience extends the shoe’s lifespan, making the Skechers Elite 4 Victory an ideal investment for the savvy golfer. Plus, the robust rubber sole and leather construction promise endurance through countless rounds.

All these features culminate in a shoe that magnifies every aspect of performance without sacrificing comfort and style. The Skechers Elite 4 Victory Spikeless Golf Shoe emerges as a choice not just for the avid golfer but also for those who appreciate innovation in their tread—making it a notable mention in the world of waterproof golf shoes.

#5 Skechers Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Waterproofing QualitySkechers H2GO waterproof protection with a 1-year waterproof guarantee
ComfortUltra Flight foam midsole for responsive cushioning; Goga Max insole with Resalyte technology
TractionReplaceable Softspikes and molded rubber grip bottom plate for stable footing

The Skechers Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe is a fusion of functionality and form, crafted with care to meet the demands of avid golfers. Featuring H2GO waterproof protection, these shoes are an ally against the elements, ensuring dry and comfortable feet even when the course conditions are less than ideal.

Comfort is not compromised, thanks to the Ultra Flight foam and Goga Max insole with Resalyte technology, countering foot fatigue as you navigate the greens. The synergy of responsive cushioning and soft internal fabric lining promises a pleasant in-shoe experience throughout your play.

Traction is crucial in golf, and the Skechers Torque shoe delivers with its replaceable Softspikes and robust rubber grip bottom plate, providing secure and stable contact with the ground. This shoe is dependable whether you’re taking a gentle swing or traversing slopes.

What elevates this shoe further is its thoughtful design which includes a variety of color options to suit personal preferences and a versatile lace-up front for a snug fit. Moreover, the machine washability feature is a practical addition for easy maintenance, keeping your shoes looking new round after round.

Among the numerous options available, the Skechers Torque stands out for its blend of durability, comfort, and unwavering grip. While there are many choices in the waterproof golf shoe arena, this selection lends assurance that style and substance can indeed walk the course together.

#6 Callaway Balboa Sport

Waterproofing QualityWaterproof microfiber leather upper with Opti-Dri protection
ComfortOpti-Soft EVA midsoles and 5mm molded PLUSfoam insole
TractionSpikeless Dura-rubber outsole for multi-directional grip

Stepping into the Callaway Balboa Sport Golf Shoe feels like a secure investment into both comfort and performance on the golf course. With its waterproof microfiber leather upper and Opti-Dri protection, these shoes promise dry feet through all 18 holes, regardless of dewy mornings or unexpected rain.

The cushioning doesn’t fall short either, as the Opti-Soft EVA midsoles and the plush 5mm molded PLUSfoam insole work in concert to hug your feet, providing a comfort that lasts from the first drive to the final putt. This is especially important for players who enjoy walking the course and require sustained comfort throughout their rounds.

For golfers concerned about stability during their swing, the spikeless Dura-rubber outsole delivers with multi-directional traction that grips the turf confidently without traditional spikes. This feature is essential not just for play, but also for versatility as you move from the course to the clubhouse.

Available in several colorways, the Balboa Sport offers a variety of looks to suit your style, whether you prefer a crisp white or a sleek black and grey combination. Moreover, with a design that marries durability with a classic aesthetic, these shoes stand the test of time and trends.

The Callaway Balboa Sport Golf Shoe doesn’t shout from the rooftops but rather delivers a solid, reliable performance where it counts. The added 1-year limited waterproof warranty speaks to the brand’s confidence in the product, making it a strong contender for those seeking a quality waterproof golf shoe that supports every aspect of their game.

#7 adidas S2g Recycled Polyester Mid-Cut

Waterproofing QualityRAIN.RDY technology for outstanding water resistance
ComfortMid-cut design, wide fit, Bounce midsole
TractionFour-spike outsole for grip on wet greens and fairways

In the world of waterproof golf shoes, the adidas S2g Recycled Polyester Mid-Cut stands out not just for its environmental ethos but also for its performance on the course. The inclusion of RAIN.RDY technology is a testament to this shoe’s water resistance capabilities, ensuring dry feet even in the damp conditions so commonly encountered on the golf course.

Comfort is thoughtfully addressed with a mid-cut design and a wide fit that accommodates a range of foot shapes. The Bounce midsole is engineered for cushioning, a crucial factor for golfers traversing the links throughout an 18-hole round. This comfort, combined with the secure lace closure, keeps you focused on your swing rather than foot fatigue.

When it comes to stability and traction, the rubber sole and four-spike outsole provide grip and support on slippery terrain, which is vital for maintaining balance during powerful drives and precise putts.

The variety of color options allows for personalization while the choice to use at least 20% recycled material in the upper reflects a commendable commitment to sustainability—one that doesn’t compromise on style or performance.

Finally, the ease of care is a practical feature; being machine washable these shoes are both player- and environmentally friendly. The adidas S2g Recycled Polyester Mid-Cut golf shoes are indeed a solid selection for any golfer looking for reliable waterproof shoes with a conscientious edge.

#8 New Balance Fresh Foam Contend

Waterproofing Quality100% Synthetic with 2-year waterproof warranty
ComfortFresh Foam midsole and CUSH+ insole technology
TractionSpikeless smart rubber outsole with pressure mapping

Navigating the green regardless of weather conditions becomes hassle-free with the New Balance Fresh Foam Contend golf shoes. Designed with waterproof microfiber leather and an adaptable mesh, your feet remain dry and comfortable, paving the way for an uninterrupted game.

The advanced Fresh Foam midsole technology delivers superior cushioning, ensuring a cloud-like feel with every step. This is matched by the molded CUSH+ insole, further enhancing in-shoe comfort and promoting a satisfying walking experience that lasts for 18 holes and beyond.

Traction on the turf is impeccable, thanks to the spikeless smart rubber outsole. The color-coded pressure mapping highlights zones for optimal grip and power, giving golfers confidence in their swing and stance.

In terms of care, the synthetic build allows for effortless maintenance, and at a mere 6 ounces, they are incredibly lightweight for their feature set. Plus, the reassurance of a 2-year waterproof warranty means you can invest in your game without worries about the elements.

The New Balance Fresh Foam Contend golf shoes are a stand-out choice for players valuing stability, comfort, and year-round playability, making them an essential companion on the golf course.

#9 FootJoy Traditions-Wing Tip

Waterproofing Quality1-Year Waterproof Warranty in the US
ComfortMolded High-Density EVA Fit-Bed & Foam Midsole
TractionRubber Sole for Stability and Grip

The FootJoy Traditions-Wing Tip golf shoes blend timeless design with contemporary technology, providing golfers with a reliable choice for their game. Constructed from 100% Leather, the Wing Tip ensures both breathability and durability on the green, so you can play comfortably for hours.

These shoes don’t just look sharp; they possess a full-grain leather construction which offers a comfortable experience enhanced by the foam midsole and EVA Fit-Bed. Whether strolling across the fairway or positioning for a swing, the shoe consistently delivers on comfort.

Wading through morning dew or an unexpected drizzle is no longer a worry with the one-year waterproof warranty. Your golfing sessions are now secure from the whims of the weather, keeping your focus strictly on shaving off those extra strokes.

FootJoy’s Laser Street Fit caters to various foot shapes, securing a snug fit without sacrificing room for natural movement. The rubber sole provides excellent traction, contributing to the stability required during your swing.

Anyone striving for a shoe that marries the classic look of traditional golf attire with modern performance features will find the FootJoy Traditions-Wing Tip a solid choice. It’s a standout product, not just for its style, but for the functionality that truly enhances the golfing experience.

#10 ECCO Men’s Biom C4 Gore-TEX Waterproof Golf Shoe

Waterproofing Quality100% waterproof GORE-TEX SURROUND
ComfortECCO FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology
TractionECCO MTN GRIP outsole for stability and rotational support

The ECCO Men’s Biom C4 Gore-TEX Waterproof Golf Shoe is a robust choice for golfers looking to keep their feet dry and comfortable during a round. With a reputation backed by ECCO’s commitment to quality, this shoe features state-of-the-art GORE-TEX SURROUND tech, offering complete waterproofing while maintaining breathability.

Comfort is taken to the next level with ECCO’s FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology, ensuring that cushioning and rebound meet the high demands of the walking golfer. Golfers can also experience the added benefit of BIOM NATURAL MOTION Technology, which encourages a more natural foot position and stability that can provide a noticeable advantage on the course.

The unique ECCO MTN GRIP outsole equips players with superior traction and stability. It delivers finely-tuned torsional support specifically during the swing phase, a crucial aspect for those aiming to improve their game.

Constructed with ECCO Performance Leather and featuring a stretchy mesh sock, this shoe does not compromise on durability or style. Overall, the ECCO Men’s Biom C4 is a solid selection for those seeking a combination of performance and comfort on the golf course.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Waterproof Golf Shoe

  • Waterproofing Quality: Look for shoes equipped with advanced technology such as GORE-TEX or similar waterproof materials that offer complete protection while maintaining breathability to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Comfort: Ensure the shoe provides ample cushioning through technologies like EVA midsoles and responsive foam, which are essential for comfort during long rounds and can help prevent foot fatigue.
  • Traction: Consider shoes with robust outsole designs, such as spikeless grip patterns or replaceable Softspikes, that offer stable footing on various terrains, crucial for maintaining a steady swing.
  • Durability: Select shoes crafted with quality materials like synthetic leather or performance mesh that can withstand the rigors of the game and preserve the shoe’s integrity over time.
  • Fit and Style: Look for shoes with a secure fit system that adapts to foot movement and offers a variety of colorways or designs to match personal preferences and golf attire.
  • Maintenance: Choose shoes that are easy to clean and maintain, such as those with machine-washable features, which can extend the life and performance of the footwear.


What are the essential qualities to look for in waterproof golf shoes?

The essential qualities include advanced waterproof technology, ample cushioning, stable traction, durability, a secure fit, and ease of maintenance.

Can comfortable waterproof golf shoes make a difference in a round of golf?

Yes, comfortable waterproof golf shoes can prevent foot fatigue and improve performance during a round of golf.

How important is traction in choosing a waterproof golf shoe?

Traction is crucial for stable footing and a steady swing, which is essential for golfers on various terrains.

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