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Ready to level up your golf game?

Choosing the wrong golf ball can leave you trailing on the fairway.

Select Vice golf balls – for the control, distance, and durability that keep you ahead.

Unlock your best performance; read on to pick your winner.

#1 Vice Drive Golf Balls

DurabilityUltra-durable Surlyn cover
DistanceOptimized for longer carry and roll
Spin Rate368 dimple design for stable flight

The Vice Drive Golf Balls offer a premium experience at an unmatched value, making them a top selection for golfers in search of both quality and affordability. With a specialized 368-dimple design, these golf balls enhance flight stability and reduce air resistance, helping players achieve that extra bit of distance on their drives.

Handling the challenges of varied golf courses, the Vice Drive balls boast a durable Surlyn cover that stands up to the rigors of the game, providing incredible resilience against cuts and abrasions. The result is a golf ball that lasts longer without sacrificing performance.

Designed specifically for adult golfers with low to medium club head speeds, these balls feature a 2-piece construction that emphasizes both distance and a soft feel upon impact. The soft-core technology ensures a softer touch, which can be a game-changer on the putt.

A balance of toughness and playability is key in any golf ball, and Vice Golf nails it with the Drive model. The extra longevity on the fairway will appeal to those who appreciate a ball that keeps rolling.

Completing the picture of a superb golf product is its sleek white appearance, providing visibility and a classic aesthetic that many golfers prefer. In a market saturated with options, Vice Golf’s Drive model stands out as a testament to the brand’s commitment to accessible, yet high-caliber sporting goods.

#2 Vice Tour Golf Balls

DurabilitySurlyn cover designed with DuPont technology for exceptional cut resistance and long-lasting play
DistanceEnergy Speed Core (ESC) promotes higher ball speed off the tee, contributing to significant distance gains
Spin RateBalanced mantle design moderates spin for a stable flight and precise control

Vice Tour Golf Balls represent a smart blend of technology and playability for the discerning golfer. Striking a delicate balance between a soft feel and robust construction, the balls are engineered to deliver consistency and performance. The 3-piece design synergizes with an advanced 392 dimple pattern, cutting through air resistance for a stable trajectory across varying conditions.

The energy of the Soft Energy Speed Core is palpable, often translating into impressive distance off the tee. This energy core is a testament to Vice’s commitment to crafting balls that compete with top-tier brands while maintaining a keen eye on the details crucial for different levels of golfers.

Durability is a cornerstone of the Vice Tour, with a sturdy Surlyn cover that resists the usual punishment of the course. It’s a prime example of how the ball can weather the rigors of the game without sacrificing the integrity of its performance.

One might assume that a ball with such a durable exterior would compromise on control, but this is not the case with Vice Tour. The outer layers have been meticulously designed to give you command from tee-off all the way to the green. Whether you’re an aspiring amateur or a seasoned pro, the crafted balance of flight, distance, and control is intuitive and yet impressively complex.

The Vice Tour Golf Balls stand as excellent evidence of Vice’s evolution as a competitive brand in the golf market. They deliver on the promise of high-caliber play for golfers who demand reliability and fineship from their gear, providing the tools needed to play at the very best of one’s game.

#3 Vice Variety Pack Golf Balls

DurabilityHigh-Quality Polyurethane (PU) construction
DistanceDesigned for maximum coverage
Spin RateVaried models for customization to playing style

Vice Golf has established itself as a beacon of quality for golf enthusiasts, and its Vice Variety Pack Golf Balls exemplify this prestige. Enclosed within a compact box are 10 meticulously designed premium golf balls, each crafted to enhance the golfing experience for adults of all skill levels. The uniform color palette of pure white adds a classic touch, while the commitment to compliance with USGA and R&A rules conveys Vice’s respect for the integrity of the sport.

This pack is not just practical with its 2020 model year assortment, but an indulgence for those seeking to trial the feel and flight of a variety of premium balls. Each ball’s composition proposes a balance between a tender feel and a relentless quest for distance, giving golfers the power to adapt to varying course conditions and personal performance needs.

Moreover, the inclination towards versatility is reinforced by the inclusion of the Vice Pro Drip Version and the steadfast Vice Drive within the sampler. The convenience of the set, weighing in at approximately 1.2 pounds, permits effortless transportation, ensuring that the right ball is at hand for every tee-off.

The diversity of the Vice Variety Pack reaches beyond the mere physicality of the balls—it’s an invitation to tailor your game. Whether it’s the softer compression for a delicate approach or the longing for a spin that tethers on perfection, there’s a sphere within this ensemble for every discernible golfer.

Suffice it to say, the Vice Variety Pack is not merely a transactional offering. It’s a narrative of exploration, performance, and finesse—an opportunity to refine your game with the backing of a renowned brand devoted to the craft of golf ball perfection.

#4 VICE Tour White Golf Balls

Durability3-piece Surlyn construction, resistant to cuts
DistanceEnergy Speed Core for enhanced energy transfer and long drives
Spin RateLow driver spin, high wedge spin for control and precision

VICE Tour Golf Balls offer a reliable choice for golfers seeking both durability and performance. The 3-piece Surlyn construction equates to resilience against scuffs and cuts, extending the life of the ball, which is ideal for players who don’t relish frequent replacements. Golfers who emphasize long drives will appreciate the inclusion of an Energy Speed Core that maximizes distance off the tee.

The balance between distance and feel is what sets these balls apart. Players can achieve a softer feel during short games, vital for enhanced playability and precise control. Moreover, the VICE Tour Golf Balls come designed with a 312-large dimple pattern that aims to stabilize trajectories and reduce air resistance, proving advantageous in various playing conditions.

Crafted thoughtfully for adult players, the VICE Tour Golf Balls accommodate both casual and serious golfers with their moderate weight and unisex design. Plus, they’re aesthetically appealing in their crisp white color. The newly designed closed alignment line also aids in improving aiming for strokes that demand pinpoint accuracy.

Another notably appreciable facet is the spin rate offerings. These balls provide a controlled experience, featuring low driver spin while maintaining high wedge spin. This combination benefits a golfer by ensuring power off the tee and exactitude on approaches to the green.

What’s appreciable about Vice Golf as a company is its commitment to offering quality without exorbitant pricing. Since the appearance of VICE Tour Golf Balls on the market, they have acquired a commendable reputation, solidified by a strong customer satisfaction rating. For golfers evaluating a comprehensive selection of balls that cover a spectrum of needs, the VICE Tour Golf Balls are a worthy competitor in your kit.

#5 VICE Pro Zero Golf Balls

DurabilityFused urethane cover provides resilience to wear and cuts
DistanceHigh ball flight trajectory, with minimal deviation even in windy conditions
Spin RateHigh spin response ideal for control on greens

The VICE Pro Zero Golf Balls cater to those who value precision and control on the course. Their 3-piece urethane construction delivers a premium feel that seasoned players appreciate. The robust 344 dimple pattern has been skilfully designed to achieve a medium-high ball trajectory, making the most of windy conditions and aiding in remarkable distance right off the tee.

These balls feature a size-optimized Energy Speed Core, which facilitates impressive ball speeds, crucial for golfers looking to add yards to their drive. The classic white color and sleek VICE branding not only exude quality but also provide a visually appealing aspect to the product.

What’s more impressive is the durability offered by the fused urethane cover – resulting in a ball that withstands the rigors of play without sacrificing high spin rates around the greens. This balance of resilience and performance is a testament to VICE’s commitment to quality.

Overall, the VICE Pro Zero Golf Balls stand out in a crowded market by offering a combination of distance, control, and durability that can level up any golfer’s game. They are an exemplary choice for those who prefer a reliable and high-performing golf ball without breaking the bank.

#6 VICE Pro Soft DRIP RED Golf Balls

DurabilitySurlyn Mantle for enhanced performance and lifespan
DistanceHigh Energy Speed Core enables substantial energy transfer and distance
Spin RateExtra-thin urethane cover promotes high spin for short game control

The VICE Pro Soft DRIP RED Golf Balls mark a special blend of aesthetic appeal and technical prowess for amateur golfers. The unique DRIP RED pattern is not just a style statement but enhances visibility and differentiation on the course.

Designed specifically for mid to low-swing speeds, they provide a beautiful soft feel, allowing for a responsive touch that many players desire. The 3-piece construction with a cast urethane cover ensures that the ball feels both premium and durable.

Improved control is key in the short game, and the extra-thin cover of the Pro Soft balls guarantees higher spin rates, enabling golfers to place their shots with precision near the greens. The new alignment line design is another thoughtful addition, aiding golfers in lining up their putts and drives with greater accuracy.

At a diameter of 1.6 inches and weighing in at 1.4 pounds, VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls comply beautifully with regulation standards. Their robust construction includes a Surlyn Mantle and a High Energy Speed Core, engineered for performance and to provide incredible distances off the tee.

Overall, the VICE Pro Soft DRIP RED offers a harmonious combination of soft touch, spin control, and durability, making it a fantastic choice for golfers seeking to enhance their game with balls designed for finesse and feeling.

#7 Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

DurabilityExtra-thin cast urethane cover for longer-lasting performance
DistanceOptimized for long-range distance with a lower flight trajectory
Spin RateHigh spin on short shots with “stick to the green” control

The Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls cater to golfers aiming for peak performance with a touch of finesse and durability. Enhanced with an extra-thin cast urethane cover, they provide a soft feel and superior durability, maintaining their pearly white look longer, even for those with high swing speeds.

Golfers who look for a low-flight trajectory coupled with long-range distance will be rewarded by the advanced design of these balls. Engineered to cater to the hard-hitting golfer, the Vice Pro Plus makes no compromises on distance.

Control around the greens comes effortlessly, courtesy of the 4-piece construction and 336 dimple design, which works to increase spin on short-range shots. The precise engineering offers exceptional ‘stick to the green’ functionality, allowing for an aggressive approach to the pin.

These Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls are part of the competitive edge for any golfer. Whether it’s a regular game or a tournament, their consistent performance aligns with the expectations of golfers looking for high-quality balls that can sustain the rigors of the game.

Distinctively, they’re a smart choice for budget-conscious players who do not wish to sacrifice performance for price. Avid golfers looking for quality balls will find Vice Pro Plus to resonate with their game, making them a staple in their golf arsenal.

#8 Vice Pro Soft Red Golf Balls

Durability3-piece cast urethane for enhanced durability
DistanceHigh Energy Speed Core for increased speed and distance
Spin RateS2TG technology for controllable high degree of backspin

Vice Pro Soft Red Golf Balls blend quality and technology for players seeking a balance of responsiveness and durability. Their 3-piece cast urethane design is tailored for adults desiring a soft, yet robust golf ball. The matte neon red finish isn’t just for show; it significantly enhances visibility and tracking, building confidence with every stroke.

At its core, literally, is a high Energy Speed Core that empowers players with longer distances off the tee. Amateur and seasoned players can expect to feel the difference, with a low compression factor that responds to the nuances of an intricate game.

The S2TG technology in the Vice Pro Soft Red comes to the forefront around the greens. Golfers looking for precise backspin control will appreciate the finesse these balls bring to their short game. It’s this attention to detail and performance that has placed Vice Golf balls among the preferred choices on the course.

The durability is an important feature of the Vice Pro Soft Red. Thanks to its robust urethane cover and optimized 336 dimple design, this golf ball can endure round after round, maintaining its playability and appearance.

Without indulging in hyperbole, the Vice Pro Soft Red Golf Balls stand out for their holistic approach to golf ball design. This offering from Vice confirms their commitment to providing high-quality products, and while not ranked at the very top of our list, they surely deliver performance that can enhance the game for many golfers.

#9 Vice Pro Plus Drip

Durability4-piece construction with cast urethane cover
DistanceLow launch and spin rates for increased distance off the tee
Spin RateStick 2 The Green (S2TG) technology for enhanced short game control

The Vice Pro Plus Drip golf balls are an exceptional blend of style and functionality, meeting the demands of discerning golfers. With their unique lime and black drip pattern, no two balls are identical, combining visual appeal with utility, as they stand out for easy identification on the course.

Their 4-piece construction and thin urethane cover are not commonplace among golf balls, offering enhanced durability and control. This design translates into low launch and spin rates, which is optimal for golfers looking to increase their distance off the tee significantly.

What makes the Vice Pro Plus Drip balls remarkable is their incorporation of S2TG technology, ensuring short-game control that rivals more expensive models on the market. The clear alignment aid on the ball fosters increased accuracy on the greens, something that even professional golfers can appreciate.

Vice Golf has focused on providing premium quality without the premium price, and this ball is a testament to that philosophy. While it may be our 9th pick, it stands out for its blend of high performance and unique aesthetics.

Though designed with an eye for the professional player, the accessibility and quality of the Vice Pro Plus Drip ensure that even recreational golfers can enjoy the benefits of a professional-grade golf ball. Golfers can feel confident adding this reliable and distinctive choice to their game.

#10 Vice Pro White VicePro24Pack Golf Balls

DurabilityPolyurethane 3 Piece Cast Urethane Cover
DistanceHigh Energy Speed Core for Increased Ball Speed
Spin Rate318 Large Dimple Design for Stable Trajectory & High Wedge Spin

Golf enthusiasts seeking a balanced blend of durability and performance will find the Vice Pro White VicePro24Pack Golf Balls an exceptional selection. Impeccably designed with a 3-piece cast Urethane Cover, these balls not only withstand the rigors of the course but also provide a soft, responsive feel upon impact.

Tailor-made for the seasoned golfer, each one features an advanced 318 Large Dimple Design to maintain a steady flight path and reliable wind resistance. The inclusion of a High Energy Speed Core is instrumental in amplifying ball speed, thereby enhancing distance achieved off the tee.

This quality is especially evident for golfers aiming to shave strokes off their long game. Moreover, the sphere’s construction contributes to a superior wedge spin, affording players greater control when approaching the green.

Drawing from over a thousand positive reviews, these Vice golf balls mirror the satisfaction shared by the golfing community. The Vice Pro White VicePro24Pack is certainly a solid choice for players striving to improve their performance course-wide.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Vice Golf Ball

  • Durability: Look for Vice golf balls with robust covers, like Surlyn or urethane. These materials ensure resilience against frequent impacts, scuffs, and abrasions, prolonging the ball’s playable condition.
  • Distance: Select golf balls designed for optimal flight characteristics, with a focus on features like the Energy Speed Core or specific dimple designs, which contribute to exceptional carry and roll.
  • Spin Rate: Consider balls with a balance of low driver spin and high wedge spin. Key design elements like the number of dimples and the mantle’s composition will heavily influence spin control on the greens.
  • Feel: Identify balls that offer a soft feel upon impact—important for short games. Balls with soft-core technology or a thin urethane cover can provide the tactile feedback needed for subtle, precise shots.
  • Visibility: For ease of tracking during play, choose balls with distinct colors or patterns. Bright matte finishes or alignment aids can also help enhance visibility and improve focus on the course.
  • Compliance: Ensure that the golf balls are in conformance with USGA and R&A standards for legal play. Vice’s adherence to these regulations means you can use the balls in tournaments and formal games.


What qualities should I look for in a durable golf ball?

Choose golf balls with robust covers made of Surlyn or urethane to ensure resilience against impacts and prolonged playability.

How does spin rate affect golf ball performance?

Golf balls with a balanced spin rate provide control, with low driver spin for distance and high wedge spin for precision on the greens.

Are bright colors or patterns beneficial for golf balls?

Yes, golf balls with bright colors or distinct patterns enhance visibility and focus, making them easier to track during play.

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