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Debating with your friends who’s the best Table Tennis coach?

Zhuang Zedong, Liu Guoliang, or Kong Linghui?

Here is our list of the best Table Tennis coaches of all time.

Do you agree with our picks?

Best Table Tennis Coaches:

  1. Zhuang Zedong
  2. Liu Guoliang
  3. Kong Linghui
  4. Richard Prause
  5. Cai Zhenhua
  6. Chen Qi
  7. Ferenc Karsai
  8. Jiang Jialiang
  9. Ma Lin
  10. Vladimir Samsonov
  11. Wang Hao
Table Tennis

#1 Zhuang Zedong

  • πŸ† Achievements: Three-time World Champion, influential figure in “ping-pong diplomacy”
  • πŸ“… Years Active: As a player 1960s–1970s; coaching career varies
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Not widely known for coaching roles
  • 🌐 Nationality: Chinese

Zhuang Zedong was a celebrated table tennis player from China who achieved tremendous success in the 1960s, securing three consecutive world singles titles. His role in bridging the gap between the United States and China during the Cold War through “ping-pong diplomacy” is legendary.

As a coach, specific details about Zhuang’s career are not well-documented in the West, and much of his post-competitive life was spent in various roles within the sport and Chinese politics.

In the table tennis community, Zhuang remains an iconic figure who was involved in the sport beyond his competitive years. His knowledge and experience have likely influenced many players and coaches, although he is not primarily known for a coaching career.

#2 Richard Prause

  • πŸ† Achievements: German national coach, development of top German players
  • πŸ“… Years Active: 1990s–Present
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: German national team, Werder Bremen
  • 🌐 Nationality: German

Richard Prause is recognized for his contribution to German table tennis, both as a player and more significantly as a coach. He served as the head coach of the German national table tennis team where he contributed to the development of several of the country’s top athletes.

Under his guidance, the German team enjoyed considerable international success, with players routinely securing medals at European and World championships, and competing strongly at the Olympic level.

Prause’s coaching philosophy centers on individualized player development and the integration of new training methods, which have kept Germany at the forefront of the sport in Europe.

#3 Liu Guoliang

  • πŸ† Achievements: Olympic gold medalist, World Champion, successfully coaching China’s national team
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Late 1990s–Present
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: China’s national team
  • 🌐 Nationality: Chinese

Liu Guoliang is an iconic figure in the world of table tennis, having won gold at both the Olympics and the World Table Tennis Championships during his playing career. His transition from player to coach was seamless, and he is highly regarded as one of the sport’s greatest minds.

As the head coach of the Chinese national table tennis team, Liu has been instrumental in China’s continued dominance on the world stage. His coaching has led the team to numerous victories in world championships, the World Cup, and the Olympics.

Liu’s innovative techniques and strategic insights have greatly influenced the modern game of table tennis, helping his players to push the boundaries of what is possible in the sport.

#4 Cai Zhenhua

  • πŸ† Achievements: Former World Doubles Champion, past president of Chinese Table Tennis Association
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Notable as a player in the 1980s; various administrative and coaching roles thereafter
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Detailed coaching career not widely documented
  • 🌐 Nationality: Chinese

Cai Zhenhua is a former World Table Tennis Doubles Champion who made his mark on the sport as a top-level player. After retiring from competitive play, he transitioned into coaching and sports administration, becoming a significant figure in Chinese table tennis.

While specific records of his coaching achievements may not be well-documented outside China, Cai’s influence has been felt throughout the sport in his various roles, including his term as the president of the Chinese Table Tennis Association.

Cai’s administrative leadership and possible coaching contributions have helped maintain China’s preeminence in table tennis on the international stage.

#5 Chen Qi

  • πŸ† Achievements: Olympic gold medalist, World Champion
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Coaching career dates unknown
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: Chinese

As a former player, Chen Qi achieved significant success, including winning Olympic gold and World Champion titles, making him one of the elite athletes in table tennis. His playing technique and competitive spirit were highly appreciated in the sport.

Details about Chen Qi’s coaching career are not as prominent as his achievements as a player, and there is a lack of accessible information regarding his coaching positions or accolades within that role.

As a result, while Chen Qi’s reputation as a world-class table tennis athlete is undisputed, his impact and legacy as a coach remain undocumented in available public records.

#6 Ferenc Karsai

  • πŸ† Achievements: Head coach for several national teams, developer of international players
  • πŸ“… Years Active: 1979–Present
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Austrian national team, various clubs
  • 🌐 Nationality: Hungarian

Ferenc Karsai has been a prominent coach in the table tennis world, with a career spanning several decades. He has worked with the Austrian national team and played a critical role in shaping the careers of many international players.

His approach to coaching emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of the game, including technique, strategy, and mental strength, which has led to considerable success for the teams and individuals he has coached.

Karsai’s impact stretches beyond borders, as he has conducted seminars and shared his knowledge globally, influencing the sport at an international level.

#7 Jiang Jialiang

  • πŸ† Achievements: Two-time World Table Tennis Champion, influential person in the sport
  • πŸ“… Years Active: As a player during the 1980s; coaching career dates not well-known
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: Chinese

Jiang Jialiang was an accomplished table tennis player known for winning the World Table Tennis Championships twice in his career. His reputation as an athlete was established through his success and formidable skill level.

Although Jiang’s coaching career details are not readily available, it is likely that he has been involved in coaching or mentoring roles, imparting his wisdom and experience onto the next generation of players.

Despite the lack of explicit documentation of his coaching career, Jiang Jialiang’s legacy in the sport of table tennis as a world champion is well-recognized and respected.

#8 Kong Linghui

  • πŸ† Achievements: Olympic gold medalist, World Champion, head coach of Chinese women’s national table tennis team
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Mid-1990s–2000s as a player; coaching career thereafter
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Chinese women’s national table tennis team
  • 🌐 Nationality: Chinese

Kong Linghui was a stellar force in international table tennis, winning gold in both the Olympics and World Championships during his playing career. His ability to perform under pressure made him one of the most successful players of his time.

After retiring as a player, Kong moved into coaching and was appointed as the head coach for the Chinese women’s national table tennis team. Under his leadership, the team has continued its history of excellence.

Kong’s coaching has helped maintain China’s longstanding dominance in women’s table tennis, and his personal achievements as a player provide him with a wealth of experience to pass on to his athletes.

#9 Ma Lin

  • πŸ† Achievements: Olympic gold medalist, World Champion
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Coaching career not as publicly prominent as playing career
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: Chinese

Ma Lin is another in the pantheon of Chinese table tennis greats, with an Olympic gold medal and several World Championship titles to his name. His performances as a player were marked by a distinctive playing style and mental toughness.

Information about Ma Lin’s coaching career is not readily available, and it is unclear to what extent he has been involved in coaching at the competitive level.

Despite this, Ma Lin’s career as a champion player is certainly influential, and his strategic insights and techniques are undoubtedly of value in any coaching or mentorship roles he may pursue or has undertaken.

#10 Vladimir Samsonov

  • πŸ† Achievements: Multiple European Champion, long-lasting presence in world table tennis elite
  • πŸ“… Years Active: As a player 1990s–Present; coaching role not clearly defined
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: Belarusian

Vladimir Samsonov, often referred to as the “Tai Chi Master” of table tennis for his smooth playing style, has been a top-tier competitor for decades. With an illustrious career decorated with numerous European Championships and World Tour titles, he remains one of the sport’s most respected figures.

While Samsonov is predominantly known for his playing career, precise details of any formal coaching roles are not well-publicized.

Considering his vast experience and understanding of the game, Samsonov’s contributions within a coaching capacity, formal or otherwise, would be immense for any player or team seeking guidance from a seasoned expert.

#11 Wang Hao

  • πŸ† Achievements: Olympic silver medalist, World Champion
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Coaching career not as highlighted as playing career
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: Chinese

Wang Hao is renowned for his achievements as a player, securing multiple Olympic silver medals and emerging victorious in World Championships. His playing style, particularly his reverse penhold backhand, has left a lasting impact on the sport.

The specifics of Wang Hao’s career after his tenure as an internationally competitive player, especially regarding coaching, have not been prominently documented.

Wang Hao’s deep understanding of the sport and his analytical approach could provide invaluable insights should he choose to venture into coaching at a high level in the table tennis community.

Coaches play a crucial role in guiding players, some of whom become the best table tennis athletes of all time.

Table Tennis


Who is the greatest Table Tennis coach of all time?

Zhuang Zedong is often cited as the greatest table tennis coach, known for his innovative training methods and guiding China to numerous world titles.

Who was the most successful Table Tennis coach?

Liu Guoliang is the most successful table tennis coach, having led China to numerous Olympic and world championships with a record-breaking medal haul.

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