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Chase that perfect swing? Soft golf balls might just be your game-changer.

Every stroke counts. Don’t let a hard ball rob your finesse and distance.

Unlock a new level of play.

Get ready to explore the top soft golf balls that blend softness with unwavering performance.

Embark on your best game yet.

#1 Nitro Golf Tour Distance Soft

Compression RateSoft 90 / 40
Dimple PatternSymmetrical Aerodynamic Design
DurabilityDupont Lithium Surlyn Cover

Designed for golfers seeking the ideal balance between softness and distance, the Nitro Golf Tour Distance Soft Golf Balls deliver stunning performance on the course. The unique two-piece titanium core is engineered for exceptional energy transfer, ensuring explosive drives and a soft touch around the greens.

With a soft 90 compression, these balls cater to those who prefer a gentle impact, while the low 40 compression rating offers a degree of forgiveness to high-swing speed players. This nuanced approach allows for a harmonious combination of control and distance, catering to a wide array of golfing styles.

The aerodynamic dimple pattern serves a dual purpose, reducing drag for increased carry and creating lift for longer flights. The exclusive Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover provides not only the necessary cut-proof durability but also contributes to the overall soft feel of the ball.

Moreover, the vivacious orange hue of the balls improves visibility, which is particularly useful in overcast conditions or on courses with thick vegetation. This thoughtfully chosen color simplifies tracking the ball in flight and locating it post-landing.

As the Best soft golf balls in our selection, the Nitro Golf Tour Distance Soft stands out for its ability to offer shot-stopping control within 100 yards, rendering it a staple in the bags of discerning golfers. They are a prudent choice for anyone seeking premium golf balls that will enhance their game without weighing heavily on their wallet.

#2 SUMBONUM TourSoft V2

Compression Rate65-75 core, 75-85 outer cover
Dimple Pattern332 dimples
DurabilitySurlyn cover material

The SUMBONUM TourSoft V2 is a testament to what modern engineering can achieve in the realm of golf ball design. Geared towards both newcomers and seasoned golfers, the TourSoft V2 boasts a high-energy core that ensures a soft feel without sacrificing distance. The low compression rate of between 65-75 in the core, and 75-85 in the outer cover, complements players seeking a delicate touch and control on the greens.

The durable Surlyn cover holds up well against the usual wear and tear of the course, while the 332 dimple pattern contributes to a consistent flight path. This proficiency in flight stability is particularly appreciated by intermediate players who value precision alongside softness in their game.

While not positioned at the very top of our list, the TourSoft V2’s performance provides a commendable experience often found in higher-ranked offerings. Its specialty in reducing back spin and extending flight signifies SUMBONUM’s dedication to quality and innovation.

In a choice that values well-rounded features, the SUMBONUM TourSoft V2 emerges as a robust option for those who don’t want to compromise on softness or distance, marking its reputable spot in the plethora of available soft golf balls.

#3 Wilson Staff Duo Soft

Compression RateLow
Dimple PatternOptimized aerodynamics for reduced spin
DurabilityIonomer construction with a mid-hardness cover

Recognized as the world’s softest golf ball from tests conducted in June 2022, the Wilson Staff Duo Soft is a game-changer for players who love a gentle touch combined with power. With their low compression rate, these golf balls offer an exceptionally soft feel, which is adored by golf enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to spot your ball in traditional white or standout colors like yellow or pink, visibility is enhanced on the course.

The Duo Soft balls boast a velocity-boosting additive in the core for greater distance off the tee. This, paired with the low driver spin rate, results in impressively straighter shots, allowing for higher accuracy and consistency. Golfers looking to perfect their trajectory will find the optimized aerodynamics of these balls favorable for achieving a long carry and increased fairway hit.

Durability is not compromised, thanks to the ionomer construction and a mid-hardness cover, ensuring that your ball can withstand the rigors of play. With their uniform 2.5 inches diameter, these balls provide a consistent performance that golfers can rely on. Weighing in at 5.3 ounces each, they strike the perfect balance for adult players.

In summary, the Wilson Staff Duo Soft golf balls are tailored for those who value a soft feel without sacrificing distance and precision. Their popularity is reflected in the high customer ratings they’ve garnered. While they may be our Number 4 choice, they are certainly a top contender for any golfer seeking to enhance their soft ball game.

#4 Pinnacle Soft Performance

Compression RateLow Compression for Soft Feel
Dimple PatternIcosahedral Design with 332 Dimples
DurabilityHigh-Energy Core with Durable Cover

The Pinnacle Soft Performance is a promising choice for golfers aiming to enhance their game with a soft golf ball design. Its low compression rate is ideal for those seeking a gentle feel upon impact, which can potentially improve control and accuracy on the golf course.

With an advanced icosahedral dimple pattern comprising 332 dimples, this golf ball is engineered for a consistent and stable flight. Such a design can translate into more predictable and precise shots, giving players a welcomed boost in their performance.

Durability isn’t sacrificed for the sake of softness; the Pinnacle Soft Performance contains a high-energy core wrapped in a durable cover. This feature ensures that playability remains consistent over time, providing golfers with an enduring benefit from their purchase.

Considering it’s packed as a set of 15, golf aficionados are equipped with enough balls to maintain ample practice or play multiple rounds, making the set a practical investment for frequent players.

While our Number 5 choice, the Pinnacle Soft Performance holds up as a solid option in the realm of soft golf balls thanks to its blend of comfort, control, and consistent performance, which can help golfers of various skill levels achieve better results on the course.

#5 Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite Red

Compression RateLow with gradual transition from soft core to firm outer edge
Dimple Pattern340 Speed Dimple Pattern to reduce drag and enhance lift
DurabilitySoft, thin cover with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty

The Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite Red straddles that delicate balance between tactile response and travel distance, providing an excellent playing experience for those hankering for a pliable yet durable ball. Its low compression core eases into a sturdy perimeter, fostering both feel and velocity for diverse golfers.

Visibility is a clear pique with this edition, the Brite Red hue standing out against greens and fairways, thus prolonging the search for errant shots is seldom a concern. Its thin cover is not just for show; it encourages spin and precision around the green without sacrificing longevity, backed by a reassuring warranty.

Beyond the aesthetics, the ball’s meticulous Speed Dimple Pattern is a wind-cheating feature, optimizing flight stability and enhancing overall yardage—a subtle nod to engineering that’ll gratify the calculating golfer.

Although our sixth feature, the Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite Red is far from being an underdog. It’s a credible entry in a well-subscribed lineup, particularly for those who prize ‘feel’ equally with each drive’s measurable distance. This offering pledges consistency and performance that’s at the heart of the Srixon brand pedigree, a prudent pick for the discerning golfer.

#6 Callaway Golf Supersoft Matte 23

Compression RateLow compression for soft feel
Dimple PatternNew aerodynamic design for stable flight
DurabilityEnhanced durability with a soft cover system

The Callaway Golf Supersoft Matte 23 line of golf balls has garnered attention for their ability to combine softness with distance. The HyperElastic SoftFast Core enables golfers with faster swing speeds to experience enhanced ball speed while maintaining the plush feel that’s been a Callaway hallmark.

Available in eye-catching colors, these soft golf balls give players not just performance but also visibility on the course, especially with custom options like Shamrock or Taco that add a touch of personality. At 1.36 pounds, these golf balls convey a sense of quality material while remaining suitable for adults.

For those who prioritize green-side control, the soft cover system incorporated into these balls provides the necessary spin for precise shot-making. This doesn’t come at the cost of durability, as their construction is robust, and designed to last through round after round.

The 4.8-star rating backs up their reliability and popularity, assuring the golfer of a product that doesn’t disappoint. The 7.52 x 5.47 x 1.89 inches package, which includes a dozen balls, makes a handy addition to any golfer’s bag.

Ultimately, in the sphere of soft golf balls, the Callaway Golf Supersoft Matte 23 balls stand out for their innovative approach to achieving softness without hindering performance, making them a fine choice for players seeking to enhance their game from tee to green.

#7 Callaway Supersoft CG BL Matte ’23

Compression RateLow compression for soft feel and increased ball speed
Dimple PatternOptimized pattern for straighter flight and enhanced performance
DurabilityHybrid cover for longevity plus soft feel and greenside control

The Callaway Supersoft CG BL Matte ’23 golf balls provide a superior feel and high performance for adults seeking a soft touch in their game. With a HyperElastic SoftFast Core, players can expect an increase in ball speed off the clubface and a satisfyingly soft impact. The green matte finish isn’t just for show; it aids visibility, ensuring you can easily track your ball against the fairway or in flight.

Further enhancing the experience, the new softer cover system of the Supersoft offers improved greenside spin. This gives golfers the confidence to execute short-game shots with precision. The innovative dimple pattern contributes to the ball’s straighter flight and overall performance, which can often be the deciding factor during close rounds.

One of the product’s notable characteristics is its hybrid cover. This innovation combines the soft feel that players love with the durability and control needed for longer play. Long-distance capabilities are a hallmark of Callaway’s Supersoft balls, and they don’t disappoint in this 2023 edition. With the added benefit of a straighter flight profile, the balls support golfers in diminishing slices or hooks.

The uncompromising approach to design and technology advancement from Callaway is evident, making the Supersoft CG BL Matte ’23 a commendable selection for those in search of soft golf balls that do not sacrifice distance. This offering from Callaway proves that high performance and soft feel can indeed go hand-in-hand, making them a formidable choice on the greens.

#8 TaylorMade Soft Response Yellow

Compression RateLow 50 compression design
Dimple PatternExtended Flight Dimple Pattern
DurabilityQuality Ionomer cover and 3-layer construction

The TaylorMade Soft Response Yellow golf balls are tailor-made for golfers yearning for a gentle touch coupled with performance. Designed as the softest option in their arsenal, these balls feature a new low 50 compression core enveloped with a softer Ionomer cover, providing a delightful feel throughout the game.

Addressing the age-old issue of distance versus control, the Soft Response integrates an Extended Flight Dimple Pattern, boasting a reform in aerodynamics. Its steeper yet shallower dimples work diligently to reduce drag and enhance lift. This thoughtful design translates to improved flight characteristics, thereby boosting your distance on the drive.

Satisfyingly durable, the innovative 3-layer construction, including a large core and Speedmantle layer, works in unison to support ball speed while also sustaining distance. Additionally, with two visually distinct colors—white and the featured high-visibility yellow—tracking your shots becomes effortless, even in lower light conditions.

A dozen in a pack not only speaks to ample playtime but hints at the trust TaylorMade places in this product; each energetic swing reaffirms their commitment to quality and performance standards. With glowing reviews and a comforting 2-year manufacturer warranty, the Soft Response Yellow becomes an undeniable choice for those prioritizing a tactile and responsive golf ball experience.

#9 VICE Pro Soft Drip Golf Balls

Compression RateLow compression for a soft feel
Dimple PatternNewly designed closed alignment for precision
DurabilityUrethane cover for longevity and performance

The VICE Pro Soft Drip Golf Balls provide a remarkable balance between a soft feel and strategic performance on the course. These golf balls cater to those with medium to low swing speeds yet do not compromise on the scoring potential. The tactile and thin urethane cover significantly enhances the short game with an impressive spin control that seasoned golfers will appreciate.

Adding an aesthetic flair, VICE offers these quality balls in a range of vivid colors and unique DRIP patterns, giving your game a touch of personality. The standout RED version is not only eye-catching but maintains the consistent performance VICE is known for. Weighing 1.4 pounds each, the Pro Soft balls are crafted to be the perfect companion for adult golfers looking to improve their game.

The addition of the High Energy Speed Core highlights VICE’s commitment to innovation, pushing ball speeds further to ensure your shots reach their destination. The inner Surlyn layer complements this, finely tuning the overall construction for optimal on-field results. Despite being a soft golf ball, its durability is not to be underestimated, thanks to the sturdy urethane material.

Measuring 1.6 inches in diameter, these VICE Pro Soft Drip Golf Balls conform to standard competitive sizes, making them suitable for both casual and serious play. Available in packs of three with practical dimensions, carrying and storing these balls is as effortless as striking them.

Overall, VICE Pro Soft Drip Golf Balls stand out in the soft golf ball category by blending tactile feedback with functional design—all packaged within a stylish exterior that’ll catch eyes on the green. Whether it’s the short-game spin or the energetic core, VICE ensures that every aspect is fine-tuned to enhance your performance.

Checklist: What makes great soft golf balls

  • Compression Rate: A lower compression rate indicates a softer feel upon impact which is ideal for golfers seeking to improve control and reduce hand fatigue. Look for balls with a soft rating such as between 30 and 90.
  • Dimple Pattern: The dimple design contributes significantly to aerodynamic efficiency, promoting a stable and consistent flight path. Seek out patterns that reduce drag and increase lift for longer shots.
  • Durability: A soft golf ball should have a durable cover, like urethane or Surlyn, to resist cuts and abrasion while maintaining a soft feel. This ensures your ball lasts longer even with frequent play.
  • Visibility: Brightly colored or distinctive designs enhance the golf ball’s visibility against the fairway and in flight, which helps in quick location and potentially speeds up the play.
  • Spin Control: A noteworthy feature is the golf ball’s ability to provide greenside spin control. A thin, responsive cover can significantly enhance short-game tactics without compromising the soft feel.


What are the benefits of soft golf balls?

Soft golf balls can improve control, reduce hand fatigue, and offer a plush feel, favoring golfers seeking enhanced playability and finesse around the greens.

How does a golf ball’s dimple pattern affect its performance?

A golf ball’s dimple pattern influences aerodynamics, promoting stable flight and distance by reducing drag and increasing lift during shots.

What should I consider when looking for durable soft golf balls?

When seeking durable soft golf balls, look for those with tough covers like urethane or Surlyn that resist cuts and abrasions to prolong the ball’s lifespan amidst frequent play.

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