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Feeling underestimated on the putting greens?

Many women golfers settle for putters not suited to their game, impacting their confidence and score.

It’s time for a change.

Unleash your true potential with our handpicked selection of the best putters for women!

#1 Orlimar F75 Precision Mallet Putter

Putter Length35 inches
Weight3 pounds
Grip SizeOversized

The Orlimar F75 Precision Mallet Putter emerges as the best in its class for female golfers who value precision and consistency. Engineered with additional heel and toe weighting, it ensures stability throughout your stroke, making it forgiving even on off-center hits. Its 35-inch length provides an ideal balance for comfort and control, serving a wide range of heights and stances.

The soft face insert of the Orlimar F75 enhances the feel and produces a muted sound, contributing to the overall putting experience. This feature, along with the consistent roll it offers, plays a crucial role in improving putt accuracy and distance control. Its carefully designed Plumber’s neck hosel and heel-shafted orientation further aid in maintaining proper hand positioning and alignment for every putt.

Aesthetically, the Orlimar F75 doesn’t disappoint; with its sleek Black/Red design, it adds a touch of style to performance on the greens. The contrasted half-circle alignment aids on top not only enhance visibility but also simplify the task of accurately targeting and framing the golf ball.

Understanding the practical aspects of a putter, Orlimar outfitted the F75 with a rubber grip of oversized dimensions, offering a secure, comfortable hold and reduced hand strain. Such a grip size is particularly beneficial for golfers who prefer a larger handle for increased control.

In conclusion, the Orlimar F75 Precision Mallet Putter offers a perfect blend of form and function, maintaining high standards for forgiveness, feel, and alignment. Its customer ratings affirm its status as a top choice for women golfers, making it a dependable ally on the putting green.

#2 PGM Blade Golf Putters

Putter Length34″
Weight540 grams
Grip SizeStandard Wrap

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the PGM Blade Golf Putter is a prime example of a club that speaks of quality and performance. The sleek black stainless steel construction not only gives it an elegant look but also promises durability that withstands the test of time. Its 34-inch length is versatile enough to suit a wide assortment of players, making it a fitting choice for many women golfers.

The graphite shaft offers a unique balance between strength and flexibility, ensuring a comfortable swing with consistent performance. Weighing in at a manageable 540 grams, the putter allows for ease of handling without sacrificing stability. It is, without a doubt, a superb companion on the greens.

The rubber grip yields a sure and comfortable hold, greatly diminishing the chance of slipping at critical moments. The wrap style of the grip further heightens the sense of security during each putt. With a lie angle of 71 degrees and a 3-degree loft, the PGM putter caters to a broad spectrum of stances and styles, promoting a precise and controlled ball roll.

Moreover, this putter’s professional standard is affirmed by PGA league approval, illustrating its capability to perform in competitive play. The notched striking surface is ingeniously designed to boost ball contact, contributing to a stabilized shot and heightened accuracy. The amalgamation of these thoughtful features indeed positions this putter as a top-tier selection.

The PGM Blade Golf Putter shines in the world of golfing equipment. Its high fault tolerance is an asset for players across various skill levels, offering a level of forgiveness that can enhance play and advantageously refine one’s game. For women on the lookout for reliable putters, the PGM Blade is a standout choice that brilliantly merges tradition with modernity.

#3 Wilson Staff Harmonized M1

Putter Length34″
Weight0.4 kg / 0.88 lbs
Grip SizeLarger diameter for enhanced feel

The Wilson Staff Harmonized M1 putter, with its optimized design for women golfers, is a commendable addition to any golfer’s bag. Its square heel/toe head permits consistent performance while aiming for that clutch putt. With a standard 34-inch length, it’s well-suited for a broad range of players without the need for customization.

This putter’s larger grip diameter is a thoughtful feature, enhancing club control and overall touchโ€”critical aspects for the finesse required in putting. Wilson’s new grip not only improves the feel but adds a layer of confidence with each stroke. The integration of a micro-injection face insert with varying densities promotes a smooth impact and can lend precision to your short game.

The Wilson Staff Harmonized M1 isn’t just about feel and control; its steel construction ensures durability and a steady, balanced stroke that’s paramount in a quality putter. This complements the soft grip exclusively designed by Wilson, which affords superior comfort without sacrificing grip and reliability.

Sporting a modest weight of 0.4 kilograms, handling this putter is effortless, which is particularly beneficial during long rounds on the course. The confidence imbued by the Harmonized M1’s construction is a testament to Wilson’s heritage of excellence and their notable presence in the golfing world.

All these features coalesce into an experience that strikes a delightful balance between performance and comfort, solidifying the Wilson Staff Harmonized M1 as an exemplary choice for women seeking to refine their putting skills and enjoy their time on the green.

#4 Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

Putter Length33 inches
Weight0.84 pounds
Grip SizeStandard for women

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter shines with its tour-weighted, 380g design, engineered specifically to cater to the putting needs of left-handed women golfers. Its impressive white finish provides brilliant visibility on the green, allowing players to concentrate fully on their alignment and target accuracy.

Ideal for fast greens, the PGX Putter ensures a smooth, forward spin and reduced skid for a more consistent and controllable ball roll. The extra weighting aids in maintaining a good putt speed, increasing overall stability throughout the stroke.

Additionally, its custom PGX headcover keeps the club protected between games, reflecting the thoughtful touches Pinemeadow Golf has put into this putter. The combination of a durable graphite shaft and a ladies’ Golf Club Flex results in a lightweight and manageable putter, suitable for different player skill sets and preferences.

Moreover, the PGX Putter adheres to the tournament regulations, making it a practical choice for both recreational and competitive use. Coupled with favorable customer reviews, the Pinemeadow PGX positions itself as a reliable and efficient choice among putters catered to women golfers.

#5 Bionik 105 Nano White Golf Putter

Putter Length31 inches
Weight0.95 kg
Grip SizeStandard Putter Grip Size

Understanding the importance of a dependable putter for women golfers, the Bionik 105 Nano White Golf Putter shines with its semi-mallet style and precision design. Engineered with a friendly length of 31 inches, the putter offers a comfortable fit for women with its ultra-petite size, making it an attractive choice for female golfers seeking a club tailored to their stature.

The putter is crafted from stainless steel, promising longevity and resistance to wear over numerous games. Providing a stiff flex, the Bionik 105 Nano assists golfers in achieving more controlled and confident swings, essential for putting accuracy. Its alignment aid notably enhances targeting, while the aiming channels serve to improve the alignment further, lending a hand for those critical shots on the green.

Significantly, the Bionik 105 Nano is designed to perform on faster greens, thanks to its tailored weight and Peak Stability Design that confers a higher moment of inertia. This translates to enhanced stability through the stroke, which is crucial for consistent putting. The putter’s face is formulated to produce not only a consistent sound and feel but also to ensure that the ball achieves a smooth, forward-spinning roll, reducing skid right off the impact.

With the addition of a premium grip, the putter provides a non-slip grasp along with comfort and playability. Such a feature fosters confidence in every putt, contributing to potentially lower scores for the golfer. Given its standing within professional circles and a perfect consumer rating based on reviews, the Bionik 105 Nano White Golf Putter makes for a noteworthy selection for those looking to refine their game on the green.

#6 SAVRON NSRII Women’s Putter

Putter Length33 inches
WeightNot specified
Grip SizeStandard women’s grip

The SAVRON NSRII Women’s Putter is a chic and functional choice for ladies on the links. Sporting an elegant purple hue, this putter stands out for more than just its looks; it is designed with a 33-inch steel shaft, perfect for petite players seeking a comfortable and controlled putting experience.

Its alloy steel construction speaks to its durability, while the specialized rubber grip offers a soft, non-slip touch for those all-important shots on the green. The inclusion of aiming channels is a thoughtful touch, aiding golfers in their quest for precise alignment and accuracy with each putt.

What makes the SAVRON NSRII truly a gem for female golfers is the consistent sound and feel it delivers, reinforcing confidence at the moment of impact. This is complemented by a 71-degree lie angle and a 3-degree loft, serving up a standard playability factor that will suit a broad range of skills.

The thoughtful addition of a headcover ensures your investment remains pristine between games. While this product may come in as our sixth selection, its specific features and rave reviews underline its worthy placement. It is a putter that promises to augment any woman golfer’s game with style and precision.

#7 Odyssey Golf Women’s White Hot OG Seven S Putter

Putter Length33″
Weight1.39 lbs
Grip SizeSlim Pistol Grip

Designed with precision to enhance the greens for women golfers, the Odyssey Golf Women’s White Hot OG Seven S Putter aligns with the finesse and style desired on the golf course. The 33-inch length caters adeptly to control and balance, offering a comfortable stance and swing to a range of women’s heights.

Featuring the acclaimed White Hot insert, the OG Seven S Putter isn’t just appealing visually in its sharp black and silver finish; it’s also renowned for its exceptional feel and consistent performance. When it comes to sound, few putters provide the clear, confident feedback that players receive from this putter at impact.

The putter’s steel shaft endorses a solid and dependable touch, crucial for short-game accuracy. Those with an arcing stroke will find the toe-hang mallet with its short slant neck a boon to their play, enhancing the natural motion required to sink putts.

Comfort is paramount in any golf club, and the Slim Pistol Grip affixed to this putter promotes a stable and secure hold throughout the stroke, assuring improved accuracy. With a weight of just 1.39 pounds, the putter is light enough for extended play without fatigue, yet substantial enough to ensure a steady swing.

For the golfer seeking a combination of classic aesthetics, ergonomic design, and tried-and-true performance, the Odyssey Golf Women’s White Hot OG Seven S Putter emerges as a sensible selection. It embodies quality and reliability, hallmarks of the Odyssey Golf pedigree, making it a distinguished choice within its category.

#8 Odyssey White Hot OG Seven S Putter

Putter Length32″ to 34″
Weight1.39 lbs
Grip SizeSlim Pistol Grip

The Odyssey White Hot OG Seven S Putter is a prime example of Odyssey’s commitment to creating putters that deliver both performance and aesthetic appeal. The club’s length is aptly designed for women, ranging from 32 to 34 inches, ensuring a comfortable stance and swing.

Notably, this putter features the renowned White Hot insert, an iconic attribute known for its exceptional feel and sound upon impact. Such a quality ensures players experience a true roll and improved responsiveness, crucial elements in precision putting.

Aesthetically, the rich silver finish commands respect on the green and showcases the classical design elements that resonate with many golfers. This includes the mallet head shape and the thoughtful addition of a toe hang and a short slant neck, which suit players who exhibit face rotation during their stroke.

The durability of the putter is guaranteed by the steel shaft construction, which, coupled with the Odyssey Slim Pistol Grip, furnishes comfort without sacrificing control.

Lastly, the putter is accompanied by a dedicated head cover, ensuring this tool of tact stays protected. The Odyssey White Hot OG Seven S Putter stands out as a highly considered choice for women golfers, echoing reliability and style.

#9 Odyssey White Hot OG Women’s Putter

Putter Length32″
Weight1.39 pounds
Grip SizeOdyssey Slim Pistol Grip

The Odyssey Women’s White Hot OG Putter is a sophisticated choice for the discerning woman golfer. Its 32-inch length is thoughtfully designed to provide an optimal balance for female players, enhancing control and consistency on the greens. Not only is the weight at 1.39 pounds desirable for those looking for a lighter feel, but the classic blade design ensures a refined look and quality play.

Renowned for its exceptional feel and performance, the White Hot insert is a celebrated feature, and this putter is no exception. The two-part urethane insert has an admirable track record, and many golfers have come to trust its dependable response and sound at impact.

Tailored specifically with women in mind, the comfortable Odyssey Slim Pistol Grip comes standard, offering a secure hold without the bulkiness of larger grips. This attention to the nuances of a female golferโ€™s needs speaks to the thoughtful engineering behind the club.

Aesthetically, the sleek silver finish is a perfect match for players who value sophistication in their equipment. It stands out in both visual appeal and performance, even for those with a keen eye for style-minded golf gear.

Finally, the inclusion of a headcover and the backing of a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty by Callaway Golf solidify the White Hot OG Putter as a prudent selection for quality and longevity in a womanโ€™s golf arsenal.

#10 TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

Putter Length33″
Weight348 grams (194-gram head + 154-gram back weight)
Grip SizeStandard Women’s Putter Grip

The TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter is an impressive option for female golfers seeking precision and style on the green. Crafted with a lightweight aluminum body and a substantial stainless steel weight ring, it offers a unique blend that promotes consistent roll and stability.

The putter’s Ice Blue color certainly stands out among the usual options, and the strategic use of a heavy back weight creates a deeper center of gravity, helping to steady the putter face upon impact. This results in limited face rotation and a more reliable path towards the hole.

The co-molded insert of black TPU urethane with silver aluminum beams at a 45-degree angle is not just about looks; it enhances ball roll and topspin โ€” a subtle technical touch that can refine any golfer’s short game.

One of the defining features of the Spider GTX is the white True Path alignment aid, making lining up putts simpler and more effective. For golfers who appreciate alignment assistance, this can be a game-changer.

Overall, the Spider GTX is well suited for the golfer who wants a putter that combines technological innovation with functional performance. While it might be our tenth pick, the thoughtful design and attention to detail speak to its quality and potential to improve your putting game.

Checklist: What makes a great putters for women

  • Putter Length: The length of the putter should correspond to the golfer’s height and arm length. Typically, a putter ranging from 32 to 35 inches will accommodate most women golfers, promoting a comfortable stance and efficient stroke.
  • Weight Distribution: Look for a putter with a well-balanced weight distribution. This provides stability during the stroke and aids in a smooth, consistent roll of the ball, crucial for accuracy on the greens.
  • Grip Size: The grip size should allow for a comfortable hold without causing hand strain. Options include standard, oversized, or slim grips, with many female golfers preferring a larger grip for better control.
  • Face Technology: Consider the putter’s face technology, as various face inserts and milling patterns can influence the ballโ€™s roll, sound, and feel. This can significantly affect performance and personal preference for putter feedback.
  • Alignment Features: A putter that provides clear alignment aids, such as lines or contrasting colors, can enhance targeting and make it easier to hit the ball on the intended line, leading to more successful putts.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: While not impacting performance, the visual design of the putter may inspire confidence and enjoyment, positively influencing a player’s overall experience on the course.


How does putter length affect a woman golfer’s game?

The appropriate putter length for a woman golfer ensures comfortable stance and efficient stroke, leading to better accuracy and control on the greens.

Why is grip size important when selecting a putter for women?

Grip size affects comfort and control; a suitable grip size can help prevent hand strain and improve overall stroke stability for women golfers.

What are alignment features on a putter, and how do they benefit women golfers?

Alignment features on a putter, such as lines or contrasting colors, assist in accurately targeting the intended line, crucial for enhancing putting precision.

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