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Struggling with your putting game on the green?

High handicappers, it’s time to switch gears.

Forget inconsistency and embrace a putter designed for your success.

Stay tuned as we reveal the top putters that promise to shave strokes off your game.

Prepare to elevate your putt.

#1 NestNiche AmbiStroke Adjustable Putter

Putter DesignTwo-way head design suitable for right and left-handed players
Putters LengthAdjustable shaft from 21″ to 37″, caters to various heights
Putter BalanceLightweight with a non-slip rubber grip and balanced silicone-wrapped head

NestNiche’s AmbiStroke Adjustable Putter emerges as a standout in the realm of high handicapper putters. With its customizability feature, golfers of all statures can modify the putter’s length from 21 to 37 inches, which proves accommodating regardless of your age or skill level.

The high-quality aluminum alloy construction coupled with a non-slip rubber grip enhances durability and control. Its lightweight design at just 0.88 pounds makes it an ideal companion for golfers who value a portable club that won’t fatigue their arms during long practice sessions or rounds.

Moreover, the two-way head design is particularly beneficial for beginners, simplifying the learning curve and allowing for ambidextrous use. This feature underlines the putter’s versatility and confirms its position as the Best putter for high handicappers in the market.

The inclusion of a silicone-wrapped head serves a dual purpose, promoting a soft touch and consistent performance on greens of all speeds. Together with a comfortable grip designed for effective training, the AmbiStroke stands out as a valuable asset to any golfer’s kit, intended to foster improvement and enjoyment in the game.

Finally, the gift-ability aspect cannot be overlooked. As a well-received item for golf enthusiasts, this putter is a thoughtful choice for holidays or special occasions. It embodies the convergence of practicality, quality, and thoughtful design, making the NestNiche AmbiStroke Adjustable Putter a true champion among golf clubs for high handicappers.

#2 KOFULL Stainless Steel Putter

Putter DesignLow center of gravity with anti-skid grooves and easy alignment sight line
Putters Length35″
Putter BalanceHigh fault tolerance, solid touch with a stabilizing stainless steel shaft

The KOFULL Stainless Steel Putter stands out as a quintessential tool for high handicappers looking to improve their game. Engineered with a strategic low center of gravity and equipped with anti-skid grooves, the putter helps maintain a true path during the stroke. The 35-inch shaft is the ideal length for a majority of players, providing a comfortable posture while aligning the shot.

Stability during the putt is critical, and KOFULL’s stainless steel construction delivers this by reducing torsion on impact for improved directional control. This is further augmented by the textured rubber grips, enhancing hand feel and reducing slip, key for consistent shooting.

What sets this putter apart is the easy alignment design. The clear line of sight aids golfers in targeting the hole with precision, a feature that’s invaluable for those still learning the finesse of putting. Plus, the built-in ball-picking function is a neat addition that brings convenience to the green.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that despite its many features aimed at aiding beginner golfers, the KOFULL Putter also boasts a high forgiveness rate. This ensures that even less-than-perfect strokes have a chance to end up near the intended target, providing encouragement and satisfaction that’s essential for the continued enjoyment of the game.

In essence, the KOFULL Stainless Steel Putter is an impressive blend of design, functionality, and utility. It’s more than just a club; it’s a confidence builder for the high handicapper aspiring to lower their scores.

#3 Powerbilt XRT Nano White Series#3 Putter

Putter DesignMallet head with perimeter weighting and grooved face technology
Putters Length35 inches
Putter BalanceEvenly balanced weight distribution

For high handicappers aiming to improve their game, the Powerbilt XRT Nano White Series#3 Putter is an excellent option. Its mallet head design with perimeter weighting significantly boosts the moment of inertia (MOI), which means your off-center strokes are less likely to ruin your putt.

The 35-inch length caters well to a wide range of golfer heights, ensuring a comfortable stance and natural swinging motion. Its balanced weight promotes a controlled and steady putting experience, which can be particularly beneficial for golfers needing extra help in maintaining consistency on the greens.

The putter also features grooved face technology that helps in creating a truer roll of the ball, enhancing precision on the greens. This, coupled with the sleek white finish and the durable alloy steel construction, illustrates the thoughtfulness put into the design.

The Powerbilt XRT Nano White Series#3 does well to cater to the nuances of a high handicapper’s needs while offering a look and feel that exudes class. If you’re in the market for a reliable putter that will offer forgiveness on the greens, you’ll find this model to be an astute pick.

#4 Orlimar Golf F80 Mallet Putter

Putter DesignMallet Style with T-shaped alignment aid
Putter’s Length34″ and 35″ options
Putter BalanceHigh MOI, rear heel and toe weighting

The Orlimar Golf F80 Mallet Putter is a formidable ally for high handicappers aiming to improve their putting game. The mallet design, coupled with a T-shaped alignment aid, builds confidence by ensuring a squared face at impact. Its availability in both 34 and 35 inches allows for versatility to match the golfer’s preference and improves posture and stroke consistency.

Where this putter shines is in its balance. Engineered with a high MOI and additional rear heel and toe weighting, the F80 offers exceptional forgiveness, which is crucial for golfers who are still perfecting their putt accuracy. Moreover, the soft face insert contributes to a consistent roll, essential for mastering those delicate greens.

Comfort hasn’t been overlooked either. The rubber grip is oversized to minimize wrist action, promoting a purer pendulum swing. At a moderate 635 grams, this putter provides a robust feeling in the hands without being overbearing, reinforcing a stable, controlled stroke.

Constructed from durable alloy steel with a sleek black and red colorway, the Orlimar F80 Mallet Putter is not only built to last but also to stand out in your golf bag. It’s a tool that offers reliability and performance, a combination that’s tough to beat for the improving golfer.

Finally, the inclusion of a protective headcover means that the putter stays in prime condition between rounds. Solid engineering and thoughtful design features make the Orlimar F80 Mallet Putter a highly recommended choice for high handicappers seeking a putter that will support their growth in the sport.

#5 Precise SP-009 Stainless Belly Putter

Putter DesignStainless steel construction with ball alignment feature
Putter’s Length42-inch shaft
Putter BalanceHigh-quality True Temper steel shaft and weighted at 1.16 kilograms for stability

Striking a balance between precision and comfort, the Precise SP-009 Stainless Belly Putter emerges as a suitable option for high handicappers seeking consistent performance on the greens. The robust stainless steel construction and the practical 42-inch length afford a pleasing aesthetic coupled with functionality.

The generously sized, 21-inch Winn Grip offers a secure feel, with a textured surface that mitigates the chances of slippage. Accompanying this is the trusted American-made True Temper steel shaft, a leading choice for stability during your swing.

Complete with a ball alignment feature, this putter is designed to guide golfers in straightening out their shots, assisting in reducing those dreaded yips on short putts. The putter’s solid weight of 1.16 kilograms ensures a controlled and stable stroke, fostering confidence even for those with higher handicaps.

Adding to its appeal, the Precise SP-009 arrives with a bonus headcover to protect your investment. It is a holistic package that offers high handicappers an enhanced putting experience, underlined by the added comfort and alignment assistance that could very well lower scores on the course.

#6 Majek K5 P-204 Mallet Bullet Putter

Putter DesignPeak Stability Mallet Bullet with High Contrast Alignment
Putter’s Length35″
Putter BalanceTour-Weighted 367g for Enhanced MOI

The Majek K5 P-204 Mallet Bullet Putter is an excellent choice for those looking to refine their putting game. With its specialized design for right-handed senior men, it offers a comfortable length of 35 inches, which is the standard in putters, giving players a familiar feel on the greens.

Built to improve precision, it boasts a high contrast alignment system that assists golfers in maintaining straight putter paths, which is crucial for achieving on-target putts. This, combined with integrated aiming channels, helps minimize misalignment, increasing chances for success with each stroke.

The bullet putter’s head is “tour-weighted” at 367g, specifically optimized for faster green speeds, where control over the putter’s momentum is vital for gentle, yet firm impacts. Its weight distribution contributes to a high Moment of Inertia, which can be forgiving on miss-hits, allowing for better consistency.

Crafted from stainless steel with a low golf club loft of 3.5 degrees, the Majek K5 delivers a stiff flex that many seasoned players prefer. The stiff flex coupled with a non-slip surface pattern grip helps ensure a stable, secure handle β€” a serious benefit for those high-pressure putts.

While this putter may be our sixth choice, its notable features, professional association with the PGA, and stellar customer ratings suggest it packs a punch in the putter scene. The Majek K5 is a strong option for high handicappers looking to reduce skid and enhance their forward spin for a smoother run to the hole.

#7 POSSOT Precision Black Putter

Putter DesignCNC milled head with decorative screws
Putters Length34 inches
Putter BalanceFour-way sole balancing technology

The POSSOT Precision Black Putter is an exquisite blend of technology and style designed for high-handicap golfers looking to improve their putting game. With a CNC milled head that features eye-catching decorative screws, this putter brings a professional aesthetic to the green combined with innovative functionality.

Stretched to an ideal 34 inches, this putter hits the sweet spot for many golfers in terms of length, providing a comfortable stance without compromising on control. It’s just right for those who struggle with shorter putters, allowing for a more natural posture during play.

One of the standout qualities of the POSSOT Putter is its balance; it’s engineered with four-way sole balancing technology, which stabilizes the putter head throughout the stroke. This feature is particularly beneficial for high handicappers who may grapple with consistent alignment and desire more forgiveness in their putter.

Crafted from robust stainless steel and weighing 572 grams, the heft of this club gives reassurance during the stroke without causing fatigue over time. The oversized PU grip is another thoughtful addition, offering an ergonomic advantage that ensures golfers can maintain a light but firm grip to encourage a smooth and steady putt.

For the golfer seeking to trade up to a precision-engineered putter without breaking the bank, the POSSOT Precision Black Putter is a fine option. It encompasses the necessary elements for performance improvement, while its tournament-legal status allows for competitive use. This piece of equipment emphasizes function, comfort, and a hint of flair, making it a commendable candidate for those ready to lower their scores on the greens.

#8 COOLO Graphite Golf Putter SQ2013

Putter DesignEngineered for arc putting strokes with CNC milled face and alignment lines
Putters LengthAvailable in 33″, 34″, and 35″ for right and left-handed players
Putter BalanceRedistributed weight design for near perfect balance

The COOLO Graphite Golf Putter SQ2013 stands out for high handicappers looking to refine their putting game. Its ingenious design, focusing on arc putting strokes, allows for heightened feel on the green, especially over lengthy putts where precision is vital. Comfort is key, and with the oversized pistol grip, golfers will find their hands comfortably positioned for improved wrist alignment and consistent stroke play.

Featuring adjustable lengths of 33″ to 35″, this putter accommodates various player heights, ensuring a proper fit. The COOLO’s balance is nearly idyllic, thanks to a smart weight distribution that centers mass in the head and end of the club. This benefits players by stabilizing the putter through the stroke for enhanced accuracy.

Craftmanship is evident with the CNC milled face of the putter. Not only does this contribute to a more consistent spin on the ball, but it also provides a softer feel upon contact, a perk that any serious golfer can appreciate. Furthermore, the dual alignment lines aid in lining up putts, thus simplifying the process and boosting confidence.

Integral to the putter’s performance is its graphite shaft. Weighing a feather-light 60 grams, it delivers superior control and feedback, a notable advantage when targeting those distant cups. Such a detail may seem minimal, but it can be a game-changer for players striving to lower their scores.

In culmination, the COOLO Graphite Golf Putter SQ2013 combines vital attributes such as comfort, precision, and a favorable weight balance, making it a valuable ally for the high handicapper’s arsenal. Despite it being the eighth feature in our selection, its performance on the greens speaks volumes for its ranking, earning it rightful recognition among its peers.

#9 Odyssey DFX Putter One

Putter DesignSleek, black finish with aid alignment features
Putters Length33 inches
Putter Balance16 ounces with a 3-degree loft

The Odyssey DFX Putter One presents an appealing option for high handicappers looking to up their game. Its signature soft DFX Insert is engineered to provide a gentle feel upon impact, translating to a smoother roll on the greens.

With its impressive black finish, the putter not only looks professional but also comes with alignment features that assist golfers in boosting their accuracy. This eye-catching design is practical and stylish both on the bag and on the course.

Golfers have varied preferences when it comes to grips, and the Odyssey DFX Putter One meets this need by offering a selection of high-performance Odyssey grip options such as pistol and oversized grips. This degree of customization ensures that every golfer can find a comfortable grip for a steadier stroke.

The putter’s sensible 33-inch length caters to a broad range of players, making it a versatile choice. And the balanced 16-ounce weight with 3-degree loft aid in consistent and precise putting, a crucial aspect for those looking to lower their scores.

Finally, the credibility of the Odyssey brand, coupled with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, provides an additional layer of trust and value. Hence, the Odyssey DFX Putter One proves to be a well-rounded putter for high handicappers aiming for improvement in putting performance.

#10 Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 Putter

Putter DesignPrecision CNC milled face with diamond pattern
Putters Length34″ and 35″ options
Putter BalanceSpeed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT)

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 Putter stands out with its precision CNC milled face and unique diamond pattern, designed to enhance friction for that smooth roll crucial to accurate putting. Available in convenient 34 and 35-inch lengths, it caters to a broad range of golfers, making it an ideal choice for high handicappers seeking to improve their game.

Crafted from soft 304 Stainless Steel, this club offers a perfect blend of softness and firmness, delivering precise feedback that serious golfers yearn for in their putt. Moreover, the putter’s weight at a steady 1.34 pounds ensures that every stroke is as controlled as it is confident.

The Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) ensures putts are consistent across the entire clubface, which is especially forgiving for less-than-perfect strokes common among high handicappers. This uniflex flex putter provides versatility, catering to varying swing speeds and adding another layer of adaptability.

Furthermore, the classic and sleek satin finish not only gives a professional look but also speaks of the durability of the steel construction. The traditional grip supports a stable and comfortable hand placement, contributing to the overall reliability of the putter during play.

For those looking to refine their putting skill, the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 not only brings aesthetic elegance to the green but also packs a punch with its technological advancements, making it a superb addition to the arsenal of any golfer aiming to lower their handicap.

Checklist: What makes a great putter for high handicappers

  • Putter Design: A well-designed putter head, such as a mallet with alignment aids or a two-way design, can improve stroke consistency and accuracy, leading to better performance on the greens.
  • Length Options: Having the ability to choose or adjust the length of the putter ensures a comfortable fit for the golfer’s height, improving posture and promoting a more natural stroke.
  • Balance and Weight: A putter with balanced weight distribution offers better control and a steady stroke. Look for features such as perimeter weighting or a weighted head for added stability and forgiveness.
  • Feel and Comfort: The grip and overall feel of the putter can significantly affect control and confidence. Ergonomic and non-slip grips contribute to a steady hold and smoother putting action.
  • Material and Durability: Construction materials like stainless steel or aluminum alloy ensure the putter is durable and provide reliable feedback on contact, making it an investment that lasts.
  • Added Technologies: Advanced features such as CNC milled faces, grooved face technology, or adjustable balance points can enhance the forgiveness and roll of the ball, which is essential for high handicappers.


What should high handicappers look for in a putter?

High handicappers should seek putters with alignment aids, adjustable lengths, and balanced weight distribution for improved stroke consistency and confidence on the greens.

How can a putter design help improve putting for high handicappers?

Putter designs with features like alignment aids, perimeter weighting, and ergonomic grips can help high handicappers achieve more consistent and accurate putts.

Why is the feel and comfort of a putter important for high handicappers?

For high handicappers, a comfortable grip and balanced feel in a putter can enhance control, leading to a smoother stroke and increased confidence on the putting green.

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