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Feeling unsure about choosing the right putter?

Many golfers settle and struggle with poor precision, uncomfortable grips, and substandard performance.

Don’t be part of that statistic.

Unlock the secrets to perfect putting with our guide to the best Odyssey putters on the market!

#1 Odyssey Golf DFX Putter

DesignSleek all-black head design with various style options (Seven, 2 Ball, One, Double Wide, Rossie)
Weight16 ounces with a moderate heft for stability
Grip ComfortStandard Pistol Grip and Oversized Grip options for personalized comfort

The Odyssey Golf DFX Putter stands out in the realm of golf equipment with its classic all-black design and the softest DFX insert yet for an outstandingly smooth feel and precise roll. This putter, while sophisticated in appearance, boasts a sturdy steel construction and a moderate weight of 16 ounces, balancing agility and steadiness impeccably.

Available in right and left-hand options and featuring an array of styles to suit any golfer’s preference, the DFX Putter offers personalization at every turn. Whether you opt for the classic Seven or the innovative 2 Ball, the DFX range caters to your putting style with ease.

With the inclusion of both a standard Pistol Grip and an Oversized Grip, golfers can also ensure maximum grip comfort tailored to their handling preference. Additionally, the 33-inch size accommodates a variety of golfer statures, making it a versatile choice for many.

Aside from its functional features, the DFX Putter is backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty and high customer satisfaction, reflecting its robust build quality and performance consistency. It’s no surprise that it takes the spot as the best Odyssey putter, given its high rating and top-ranking stature.

In summary, this putter not only captures the golfer’s eye with its premium finish but also excites with its detailed engineering and quality craftsmanship, making it the leading option for any golfer seeking the perfect blend of style, feel, and precision.

#2 Odyssey White HOT OG #5 Stroke Lab Putter

DesignStainless steel head with aluminum sole plate, Right-handed orientation
Weight2.82 ounces
Grip ComfortComfortable DFX Cord grip

The Odyssey White HOT OG #5 Stroke Lab Putter is a triumph of engineering and classic design by Callaway, esteemed for innovation in golf equipment. Its stainless steel head and aluminum sole plate are crafted meticulously, ensuring consistency and stability in every stroke.

Weighing in at just 2.82 ounces, it offers a remarkably light feel, allowing for a tighter control and feedback upon impact. The weight distribution is tuned to augment the pendulum swing, promoting an improved stroke path and smoother follow-through.

Grip comfort is important, and the Odyssey White HOT OG excels with its DFX Cord grip that’s gentle on the hands yet firm enough to provide reliable hand placement and tactile feel throughout the putting motion.

At 34 inches in length, this putter fits a broad spectrum of golfers – from the average player to those with a more discerning technique, making it an ideal companion for varied heights and styles. Its versatility is enhanced by the included headcover, which asserts longevity by protecting the club when not in use.

The marriage of a 3-degree loft and 70-degree lie angle facilitates an optimal club positioning, underscoring the detail-oriented craftsmanship synonymous with Callaway products. Overall, when considering an Odyssey putter, the Odyssey White HOT OG #5 Stroke Lab Putter stands out as a premier choice, blending tradition and technology seamlessly.

#3 Odyssey White HOT OG #7 Nano Flow Putter

DesignMallet head with stainless steel/aluminum sole plate
Weight2.68 ounces with a 76-gram ODYSSEY Pistol Grip
Grip ComfortOversize for better handling and control

Crafted with precision and innovative design, the Odyssey White HOT OG #7 Nano Flow putter stands as a commendable choice for the discerning golfer. This model features a harmonious blend of stainless steel and aluminum in the sole plate, enhancing the putter’s feel and stability.

Weighing a mere 2.68 ounces and partnered with a substantially weighted 76-gram ODYSSEY Pistol Grip, it offers remarkable balance and grip comfort, promoting a smoother stroke. Moreover, the mallet-type head is favored among professionals for its consistent striking and roll capabilities.

Available in both 33-inch and 34-inch lengths, its variety caters to players of different statures, while the 3-degree loft and 70-degree lie personalize the putting experience. The steel shaft ensures a long-lasting toughness, reflective of Callaway’s trusted manufacturing.

As an overall package, the Odyssey White HOT OG #7 Nano Flow Putter emerges as an excellent option for those seeking top-notch performance without compromising on style or comfort, making it a top-tier contender in premium golf putters.

#4 Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

DesignTriple Track alignment system, White Hot Microhinge Insert, includes headcover
Weight0.59 kg / 1.3 lbs, weight redistributed for balance
Grip ComfortOversize grip style, promotes stable and comfortable handling

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter stands out with its innovative Triple Track alignment system, derived from the tried-and-true principles of Vernier Hyper Acuity. This carefully engineered design significantly boosts accuracy and is meant for those who want to see instant improvements in their putting game.

Weight distribution is key in this putter; the multi-material shaft saves weight and reallocates it towards both ends of the putter. This ingenious design improves the tempo and consistency of your stroke. At roughly 1.3 pounds, it’s a marvel of balance that refuses to sacrifice stability, giving players an edge on the greens.

Grip comfort is another cornerstone of the Triple Track Putter. Coupled with its oversized grip style, it ensures a stable, comfortable handle, alleviating any potential strain during play. This design affords a confident and reassuring hold, which can consistently translate into smoother, more accurate putting strokes.

Aesthetic appeal is not neglected, either. The sleek design captures the eye, but more importantly, it performs where it counts. The White Hot Microhinge Insert delivers a solid feel and an exceptional sound at contact while sustaining the rolling benefits for which Odyssey’s inserts are renowned.

This putter embodies the quality and innovation Odyssey is known for, tailored for golfers seeking superior performance with an emphasis on precision. The Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter is more than just a golf club—it’s a toolkit for mastery on the green and a substantial leap toward upping your putting prowess.

#5 Odyssey White Hot OG 2-Ball Putter

DesignIconic 2-Ball alignment system with rich silver finish and urethane insert
Weight2.3 pounds with stepless steel shafts for consistent swing tempo
Grip ComfortNew Odyssey Pistol grip for secure handling and enhanced control

The Odyssey White Hot OG 2-Ball Putter stands out as a quintessential addition to any golfer’s bag. Renowned for its two-part urethane insert, this club offers an improved feel and acoustic feedback, which when coupled with the iconic 2-Ball alignment system, can enhance accuracy and boost your confidence on the greens.

With its moderate weight of 2.3 pounds, the White Hot OG delivers a balance of heft and control, allowing for a stable and smooth putting stroke. The stepless steel shaft is designed to further ensure a dependable swing tempo, crafted to support both the novice and seasoned player.

The grip is where this putter truly shines. The Odyssey-designed Pistol grip ensures your hands fit comfortably around the handle, promoting superior control without sacrificing comfort during extended rounds. This small yet crucial detail can make a marked difference in your putting routine.

Featuring a sleek black and silver design, the putter exudes a professional look that complements its top-level performance. Accompanied by a protective head cover, this putter is not just about aesthetics but also about preserving functionality and durability.

Although it’s our fifth feature, the Odyssey White Hot OG 2-Ball Putter merits praise for its combination of technology, design, and consistent performance. This club is definitely a solid choice for any golfer committed to upgrading their short game.

#6 Odyssey Golf 2022 Ten Putter

DesignSleek, black steel head with a forgiving mallet shape
Weight365g head weight with two adjustable 15-gram weights
Grip ComfortHigh-performance grip designed for putters

The Odyssey Golf 2022 Ten Putter brings together innovation and a classic design to the green with outstanding results. Its elegant yet powerful steel mallet head shapes the future of putting with a look that’s favored by both casual golfers and seasoned Tour players. This model’s array of alignment options, including the 2-Ball and Triple Track, offers superior visual guidance for those critical shots.

Integrating the latest in putter technology, Odyssey’s Stroke Lab shaft redefines what golfers expect in terms of stroke consistency. It’s the combination of a lightweight, stiff, and stable shaft with the advanced Microhinge insert that produces an immediate forward roll, leading to better speed and control upon impact.

With 34 inches in length, the Odyssey Ten Putter appeals to a wide demographic, providing just the right balance for various players’ heights. It doesn’t just perform well; its sleek black aesthetic oozes class and confidence that can elevate any golfer’s game.

This model also comes equipped with a luxurious and comfortable grip that complements the durable steel construction. Plus, the ability to adjust the head with dual 15-gram weights means customization to match any player’s style.

Be it the flawless customer reviews or the two-year warranty from Callaway, the Odyssey Golf 2022 Ten Putter proves its mettle on the green. While it may be our Number 6 pick, its performance and design are nothing short of premium, making it a fantastic choice for any golfer looking to refine their game.

#7 Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Nano Putter

DesignSilver PVD finish with fine milling
WeightSteel construction with calibrated head weight
Grip ComfortMidsize pistol grip for enhanced control

The Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Nano Putter emerges as a notable contender in the realm of Odyssey putters. Merging traditional design with modern performance, the putter exhibits a rich silver PVD finish coupled with precise fine milling. It’s not just about looks; the White Hot OG Seven Nano Putter incorporates the classic White Hot insert, known for its exceptional sound, feel, and overall performance on the greens.

At 34 inches, this putter suits a multitude of players, providing a comfortable reach and a familiar sense of control. The midsize pistol grip is a thoughtful addition, enabling a secure grip which translates into accurate strokes from various distances. Whether you play right or left-handed, this putter is ready to accompany your preferred playing style.

Built with steel material, the Seven Nano remains consistent and durable round after round. The head weight is expertly calibrated, creating a reliable putter that could improve your short game. For players who value a mixture of classic sensibility and cutting-edge functionality, the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Nano Putter stands out as a worthy selection. Its renowned legacy and unisex design make it an appealing choice for a broad audience of golf enthusiasts.

#8 Odyssey White Hot Versa Double Wide Putter

DesignHigh contrast black and white Versa alignment system
WeightHead weight precisely measured at 365 grams
Grip ComfortPistol grip accommodating various putting styles

The Odyssey White Hot Versa Double Wide Putter aligns with the high standards set by Odyssey, embodying precision and advanced engineering in golf putter design. With the distinctive contrast black and white Versa alignment system, determining the correct line becomes remarkably intuitive, enhancing your accuracy on the greens.

Renowned for its iconic feel and sound, the White Hot urethane insert has been re-introduced to make every stroke as rewarding as the last. The putter’s 365-gram head weight feels exceptionally balanced, enabling golfers to maintain control over their putts with a strikingly consistent feel.

The re-engineered Stroke Lab shaft underscores Odyssey’s commitment to innovation. By fine-tuning the composition, they’ve achieved more stiffness without sacrificing stability, translating to more consistent putting performance. This meticulous attention to detail is evident in the shaft’s slightly reduced weight, which optimally distributes the putter’s mass.

Versatility is another hallmark of this fine club. Whether you prefer a Double Bend or a Slant Neck Hosel, Odyssey offers an array of shaft types to fit your unique playing style, married with a comfortable and tactile Pistol Grip. All these features combine to make it a superior putting instrument on the course.

The Odyssey White Hot Versa Double Wide Putter is a golf putter that effectively bridges superior technology with deep consideration for a golfer’s personal touch. It provides a level of customization and performance that will appeal to seasoned golfers and those looking to seriously improve their game.

#9 Odyssey AI-ONE Double Wide DB Putter

DesignPanlite window insert with a distinctive midnight blue PVD finish
WeightHead-weight of 360 grams with customizable weight options*
Grip ComfortSpecialized putting grip for a comfortable and consistent feel

When it comes to exceptional precision and notable innovation, the Odyssey AI-ONE Double Wide DB Putter stands out with its advanced design elements. Featuring a unique Panlite window insert and classic White Hot urethane insert designed by Artificial Intelligence, it ensures consistent ball speeds and the widely revered feel that Odyssey putters are known for.

With a premium aesthetic achieved through its midnight blue PVD finish, the AI-ONE not only excels in function but also commands attention to the green. The putter benefits from a well-distributed weight, thanks to the counterbalanced 20-30 gram weight in the steel Stroke Lab shaft, providing a smoother and more consistent stroke.

The Odyssey AI-ONE presents exceptional customization; golfers can precisely tailor the putter’s weight to personal preference using the removable options. Although the weight kit is sold separately, it adds a valuable layer of adaptability for avid golfers looking to refine their game.

Its specialized putting grip epitomizes grip comfort, further cementing the AI-ONE’s position as a putter that doesn’t compromise on the details. Moreover, the aluminum backer contained within the insert contributes to the consistent ball speed across the face.

Although it’s our ninth choice, the Odyssey AI-ONE Double Wide DB Putter is far from settling, offering a mix of technical advancements and personalized options to serious golfers who opt for intellect and style in their game. With dimensions fit for a variety of golfers and the utility to suit different styles, it represents a wise choice in the vast odyssey of putters.

#10 Odyssey Eleven Triple Track S Putter

DesignMulti-material construction with Triple Track alignment system for enhanced accuracy
WeightHead weight of 365g with a steel shaft optimized for a balance of steadiness and feel
Grip ComfortErgonomic grip designed for a comfortable and stable hold during the putting stroke

The Odyssey Golf Eleven Triple Track S Putter is a testament to Callaway’s commitment to advancing golf equipment. Built with a multi-material head design, it ensures high inertia and a forward center of gravity—traits that serious golfers seek for precision putting.

With its standard 34-inch shaft, this putter comfortably suits most right-handed golfers. It features the legendary White Hot insert, offering a superior sound and feel that resonates well with the touch-sensitive golfer. The Triple Track alignment makes lining up putts easier and more accurate than ever before.

The renewed Stroke Lab shaft is lighter and stiffer by seven grams compared to earlier models, improving consistency in your stroke. Gone are the days of questioning your putter’s responsiveness at the moment of truth on the greens. The Odyssey Eleven keeps your strokes consistent and your hands steady, allowing you to focus on speed and direction.

This putter not only feels and performs great on the green but also carries durability and reliability into every game. Measuring 34 x 5 x 5 inches, it tucks away easily in your golf bag, safeguarded by its accompanying headcover. And with a two-year manufacturer warranty, there’s added peace of mind.

For a golfer looking for an upgrade to their game, the Odyssey Eleven Triple Track S Putter delivers an impressive combination of alignment, feel, and consistency. Its top-notch qualities make it a prominent contender in the world of odyssey putters, proving that the right tool can bolster confidence and performance on the putting green.

Checklist: What makes a great Odyssey putter?

  • Head Design: A stellar putter has a design that resonates with your preferences—be it a sleek all-black finish or a high-contrast alignment system. The shape, whether mallet or blade, should instill confidence and suit your eye at address.
  • Balance and Weight: The putter should have a well-distributed weight that feels comfortable yet provides stability through the stroke. A head weight of around 365 grams is typical for Odyssey putters, providing a solid foundation for consistent putting.
  • Grip Comfort: The grip should enable a secure and comfortable hold, varying from standard to oversized options. Your putting grip is a personal choice, but it should promote a smooth and repeatable putting stroke.
  • Insert Technology: Odyssey is known for its innovative inserts, such as the soft White Hot or the Microhinge technology, ensuring a great feel, increased topspin, and consistent ball speeds.
  • Alignment Features: Clear and intuitive alignment aids, like the Triple Track system or the iconic 2-Ball lineup, can drastically improve accuracy and ensure the proper aim on every putt.
  • Length and Fit: Choose a putter that matches your height and stroke style. Odyssey putters are generally available in various lengths, ensuring the putter is a natural extension of your arms and posture.


What are some important features to consider when choosing an Odyssey putter?

Essential features include head design preference, proper balance and weight for stability, grip comfort for a secure hold, innovative insert technology for consistent ball speed, and clear alignment aids for accuracy.

How does the grip affect putting performance with an Odyssey putter?

The grip on an Odyssey putter should provide a comfortable and secure hold, enabling a smooth and consistent stroke, which can significantly affect putting performance and control.

Can the alignment system on an Odyssey putter improve my putting accuracy?

Yes, Odyssey putters often feature alignment aids like Triple Track or 2-Ball, which are designed to improve accuracy and ensure proper aim, leading to better putting results.

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