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Frustrated with inconsistent putts?

Mallet putters could be your game changerโ€”offering stability, forgiveness, and precision when you need it most.

Don’t settle for less.

Get ready to transform your game with the finest mallet putters on the market!

#1 PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type Series M600 Putter

Weight0.54 kg / 1.19 lbs
BalanceHigh MOI for stability
ForgivenessEnhanced off-center hit performance

The PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type Series M600 Putter is the epitome of precision engineering, aimed at providing the steadfast consistency all golfers seek on the greens. At 35 inches in length and weighing just over a pound, the M600 brings together the traditional heft and feel of a well-crafted putter with contemporary balance technology.

The high MOI design is a standout feature, offering remarkable stability during the stroke and enhanced forgiveness for those occasional off-center contacts. Coupled with its sleek contrasting color scheme, which assists in alignment, the M600 aids golfers in excelling at their putting game.

Aptly constructed with durable materials such as a steel shaft and head, the putter ensures longevity and an enduring smooth feel across countless rounds. The 3-degree loft is quite versatile, accommodating a variety of putting styles and playing surfaces with ease.

The putter’s grip is specially curated for putting precision, offering a secure hold without compromising on comfort. Its weight distribution has been well-thought-out to provide a balanced swing path and a more controlled impact on the ball.

For golfers searching for a trusted ally on the green, the PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type Series M600 Putter deserves its place amongst the Best mallet putters. Its harmonious blend of classic craftsmanship and modern technology yields a tool that will inexorably elevate your short game.

#2 Orlimar Golf F75 Putter

Weight3 pounds
BalanceHigh MOI with heel and toe weighting
ForgivenessSoft face insert and alignment aids

The Orlimar Golf F75 Putter, with its sleek black and red design, is a superb addition to any golfer’s bag. Weighing a comfortable 3 pounds, this putter offers a steady and reassuring weight during your stroke, providing the necessary stability to enhance your putting accuracy.

With a focus on balance, the high MOI and additional heel and toe weighting ensure improved performance, even on those off-center strikes, a feature especially forgiving for players at all levels. The soft face insert is a standout characteristic, delivering a consistent roll and a pleasing muted sound upon ball contact.

Alignment is made effortless with contrasting half-circle alignment aids placed atop the putter’s head, simplifying the framing process for square aiming. The full offset plumber’s neck hosel is thoughtfully designed to keep the hands ahead of the ball at impact for more accurate putts.

For those seeking a high-quality mallet putter with considered design elements to aid in putting consistency, the Orlimar Golf F75 exemplifies these attributes. Furthermore, the oversized Orlimar Big Softy Black putter grip mitigates wrist action and adds an extra layer of stability and comfort to the putting experience. This putter is an excellent choice for avid golfers looking for resilience and refined performance on the greens.

#3 Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Weight1.19 lbs (Tour-weighted 380g head)
Balance34″ length with alignment lines for accurate path
ForgivenessSmooth forward spin reduces skid for stable putts

The Pinemeadow PGX Putter introduces a bold visual statement with its white finish, standing out not just for its style but also for practical alignment on the course. The 34-inch design and crisp alignment lines promise improved accuracy on the greens, a boon for any golfer focusing on precision. The graphite shaft contributes to a manageable weight, allowing for a fluid and controlled putting stroke.

It’s clear that this putter’s tour-weighted head is optimized for the more demanding, faster greens, providing the necessary heft to stabilize your putt without compromising the much-needed feedback upon impact. This results in a smooth forward roll and reduced skidding โ€“ an essential aspect in achieving consistent putt performance.

Ergonomics haven’t been overlooked either; the included grip assures a comfortable hold and enhances control, which directly translates to better putting rounds. The thoughtful inclusion of a custom headcover is not only about maintaining the putter’s distinctive aesthetics but also protects your investment from the rigors of play.

Though this putter is our third highlight, it shows qualities that rival top contenders. It is well-suited for those who are serious about improving their game on faster greens and balance visual appeal with practical features. With its combination of alignment assistance, weight, and design, the Pinemeadow PGX Putter emerges as a strong option for golfers aiming to refine their putting strokes with a keen eye on both form and function.

#4 Orlimar Tangent T1 Mallet Putter

Weight1.25 lbs
BalanceHigh MOI design, plumber’s neck hosel
ForgivenessSoft TPU face insert, enhanced forgiveness on off-center hits

The Orlimar Tangent T1 Mallet Putter strikes an excellent balance between classic design and innovative technology. With its high MOI design, this putter offers exceptional forgiveness, making it a reliable option for those high-pressure putts. The soft TPU face insert ensures a soft, responsive contact with the golf ball, imparting just the right amount of touch for more controlled rolls.

The putter’s plumberโ€™s neck hosel is a feature typically seen in premium putters, promoting a forward hand position that enhances the smoothness of your stroke. This contributes to a more consistent and predictable putting experience, which golfers of any level can appreciate.

Aesthetically, the Orlimar Tangent T1 is quite pleasing with its contrasting bi-color sightline. This aids immensely in alignment, giving you extra confidence as you aim. Additionally, the club’s weight feels substantial without being burdensome, offering a solid, grounded feel through the putting stroke.

The standard rubber grip is comfortable in the hands, which is a critical factor during a long day on the greens. Players will get a comfortable and secure hold throughout their rounds, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing stability for each putt.

In conclusion, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Mallet Putter is a testament to Orlimar’s reputation for quality and performance. Its generous features make it a standout choice, and while it may not be our top-ranked mallet putter, it certainly earns its place as a solid choice for golfers looking to improve their game on the greens.

#5 Pinemeadow PGX MB Putter

Weight1.3 pounds
BalanceTour-weighted (380 grams)
ForgivenessHeavy head for stability and smooth roll

The Pinemeadow PGX MB Putter is a sleek addition to any golfer’s bag, showcasing an eye-catching matte black finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Its design naturally draws the golfer’s focus to alignment, providing a crucial advantage on the greens where precision is king. Coupled with the comfortable Pinemeadow Spider Grip, it diminishes hand fatigue, letting you play for hours without discomfort.

Moving beyond its looks, the PGX MB’s “tour-weighted” spec is perfect for adapting to today’s faster greens. The extra heft in its 380-gram head aids in producing a forward-spinning ball with less skid, delivering a stable and controlled roll. The weighting harmonizes with the club’s overall balance, instilling confidence in each putt.

Durability isn’t a question with its graphite shaft that promises endurance while maintaining an optimal feel. At 1.3 pounds, it strikes a pleasant balance between a substantial feel and ease of handling, especially for golfers preferring a weightier club head.

This Pinemeadow putter not only aligns with the brand’s reputation for quality but also evidences their dedication to producing clubs that cater to the needs and preferences of modern golfers. Whether you’re upgrading your golfing gear or seeking a new faithful companion on the green, the PGX MB is a commendable candidate.

Its customer backing is strong, with high ratings that speak volumes about its performance. While it’s our fifth choice, its features, including the substantial head weight and soft grip, make it a valuable player in the competitive field of mallet putters, demonstrating that excellence doesn’t always have to come at the top of the list.

#6 LAZRUS Premium Black Mallet Putter

Weight2.6 lbs
BalanceEvenly distributed for easy handling
ForgivenessMicro milled face for enhanced consistency

The LAZRUS Premium Black Mallet Putter is a standout option for those seeking to improve their game without breaking the bank. Its balanced weight at 2.6 pounds provides a solid, stable stroke, essential for those critical putts. The subtle black and green color scheme speaks to its no-nonsense functionality while still looking sharp in your bag.

Crafted with everyday players in mind, this putter features a micro milled face which offers better spin control and a more consistent roll. This kind of precision engineering is often found in putters with a much heftier price tag, making the LAZRUS a smart choice for budget-conscious golfers who still want top-notch playability.

Despite its affordability, the LAZRUS Premium Black does not skimp on build quality. Sharing production facilities with some of the leading brands ensures that each putter is made to high standards. The alloy steel construction and regular flex shaft cater to a wide range of playing styles, thereby enhancing its versatility.

Satisfaction seems to be a recurring theme for this putter, indicated by its 4.5-star customer rating. It shows that the putter does not only promise quality performance but also delivers on it. Additionally, the included head cover is a nice touch, adding to its overall value and protection.

In the realm of mallet putters, the LAZRUS Premium Black stands out as a balance of quality, performance, and price. It’s a club that offers the feel and precision of a professional putter with a price tag that makes it accessible to a broader audience. Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast or a regular on the green, this mallet putter deserves consideration for your next golfing investment.

#7 GoSports GS2 Tour Mallet Putter

Weight0.79 kg / 1.74 lbs
Balance3-degree loft, 3.5-degree lie angle
ForgivenessMilled face for consistent contact and roll

The GoSports GS2 Tour Mallet Putter is a well-crafted club, bringing together style and functionality to a golfer’s game. Its stainless steel head, paired with a milled face, creates a putter designed for consistent performance. Weighing a manageable 1.74 pounds, the GS2 is neither too heavy nor too light, providing a balanced weight for most golfers.

This putter offers a choice of grips, catering to individual preferences. The thick oversized fat grip has been integrated to minimize unwanted wrist movement throughout the stroke, ultimately aiding alignment and accuracy. Meanwhile, the traditional grip offers familiarity for those averse to change.

Its balanced 3-degree loft and 3.5-degree lie angle facilitate a natural stance and comfortable swing. These angles are critical in aiding the golfer to hit the ball squarely, ensuring it rolls smoothly towards the hole with minimal skidding. For players valuing precision, this is a significant advantage.

Durability is a hallmark of this putter, which is built with quality materials to withstand the rigors of frequent use. With a six-month warranty and its recognition as an Amazon Choice product, one can be confident in the purchase. The protective cover that it comes with is a thoughtful addition for its protection.

In the universe of mallet putters, the GoSports GS2 Tour stands out for its marriage of quality, performance, and affordability. Its sleek design, combined with the ergonomic grip options and precise balance, make it a solid selection for golfers aiming to refine their game on the greens.

#8 Wilson Infinite Buckingham Putter

Weight0.66 kg / 1.46 lbs
BalanceCounterbalanced technology
ForgivenessDouble-milled face, alloy steel construction

The Wilson Infinite Buckingham Putter is a solid option for golfers who value precision and control of the greens. The putter features a double-milled face, enhancing the consistency of impact, roll, and distance control, crucial for shaving strokes off your game.

Its dark, anti-glare finish not only adds a sophisticated look but serves a practical purpose by decreasing glare, which can be especially helpful on sunny days. The alignment features, including parallel and perpendicular sight lines, provide valuable visual assistance that can boost your confidence in lining up putts.

The comfortable grip and standard putter club flex meld well with the counterbalanced technology to offer a smooth, stable putting strokeโ€”ideal for players who struggle with wristy or inconsistent movements. With a size of 35 inches and weighing just over 1.4 pounds, it fits well into the hands of most golfers.

Durability also stands out; its steel shaft and alloy steel construction ensures longevity through countless rounds. Sporting a regular golf club loft of 3 degrees, the Buckingham provides a desirable roll characteristic to putts. The Wilson Infinite Buckingham Putter is engineered for overall green control, making it a worthy addition to any golfer’s bag.

#9 Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Stingray Putter

Weight350 grams
BalanceAdjustable Weight System up to +5g or -10g
ForgivenessSIK Aluminum Face Insert with Descending Loft Technology

The Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Stingray Putter combines timeless style with modern innovation, tailored for those who value both form and function on the green. Its solid alloy steel construction and stainless steel body endow it with a classic aesthetic, complemented by the black finish and a single sightline for precise ball alignment.

Sporting a 34-inch shaft, the Stingray Putter is suitable for both left and right-hand golfers, providing versatility and convenience. Its uniflex club flex is accommodating, offering a comfortable experience for a wide range of swing speeds.

Innovation is evident in the Sik Aluminum Face Insert with Descending Loft Technology, which promotes a consistent and true roll no matter your stroke. The customization doesn’t end there; the Adjustable Weight System allows golfers to tailor the putter’s feel to their liking.

Synthetic rubber grips from renowned producer Lamkin offer a non-slip, secure hold during the stroke. Each putter comes with the assurance of durability and a two-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring this investment in your golf game is protected.

Overall, the Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Stingray Putter stands out in the mallet putter family, offering golfers a reliable, high-quality choice with advanced features tailored to enhance their game.

#10 Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven

Weight365 grams
BalanceFull-shaft offset
ForgivenessWhite Hot two-part urethane insert

The Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven putter is a testament to Odyssey’s commitment to quality and precision. With a weighted head of 365 grams, each stroke feels stable and well-grounded. The full-shaft offset aids in player alignment, a crucial component for golfers aiming to improve accuracy on the green. It’s couched in the versatility of design, offering both left and right-hand orientations, as well as a variety of shaft style types to suit personal preference.

Stability doesn’t just stop at head weight; the innovation in Odyssey’s putters is manifest in the multi-material Stroke Lab shaft. By shaving off seven grams in the steel section, the putter achieves a stiffer and steadier disposition, ensuring consistency in your play.

The high-contrast black-and-white alignment aids are specifically designed to bolster a golfer’s confidence in alignment. These visually compelling guides support a more precise aim, which, when paired with the White Hot two-part urethane insert, provides balance and forgiveness in each stroke. The soft feel and pleasing sound upon impact reflect the high-quality construction for which Odyssey is recognized.

At 33 inches in length with a regular flex and 3 degrees of loft, the Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven marries traditional specifications with innovative features to create a putter that is as reliable as it is advanced. Its inclusion of a protective head cover and the backing of Callaway Golf’s 2-year manufacturer warranty adds peace of mind to your investment.

While it might be the tenth contender in our lineup, this model doesn’t fall short in bringing top-tier performance to the table. Its prestigious placement on the market is justified, standing out as a go-to choice for the discerning golfer seeking a professional edge on the green.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Mallet Putter

  • Weight Distribution: Examine the head weight and overall balance of the putter. A well-distributed weight enhances stability and control during the putting stroke, contributing to more consistent putts.
  • Moment of Inertia (MOI): Look for a high MOI design that offers greater forgiveness on off-center hits. This feature stabilizes the putter head during the stroke, allowing for improved accuracy on the greens.
  • Alignment Aids: Consider putters with clear alignment features such as contrast color schemes, sight lines, or shapes that assist in aiming and help you achieve a square stance to the target.
  • Face Technology: Investigate the putter’s face insert or milling pattern, which affects ball contact and roll. Advanced face technologies, such as micro-milling or unique face inserts, provide a soft feel and consistent roll.
  • Shaft Length and Grip: Ensure the shaft length is appropriate for your height and posture, and assess the grip for comfort and size. These elements should promote a natural and stable putting motion without strain.
  • Head Design: The head shape impacts playability and personal preference. Mallet putters come in various head designs, each offering different visual appeals and technical benefits, like additional weight for faster greens.


Why should golfers consider mallet putters?

Mallet putters provide stability, forgiveness, and precision, especially beneficial for improving consistency and accuracy on the greens.

What features make a mallet putter effective for golfers?

An effective mallet putter has a high MOI design, alignment aids, and weight distribution that together enhance stability and improve putting accuracy.

How do face inserts or milling patterns on a mallet putter impact performance?

Face technology in a mallet putter affects the quality of ball contact and roll, with advanced inserts or milling offering a more consistent, soft feel upon impact.

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