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Searching for top-tier golf balls that won’t drain your wallet?

Many golfers settle for less and end up with performance issues.

Not you.

Unlock superior gameplay with Kirkland Signature Golf Balls – where cost meets quality.

#1 Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Mix

Dimple DesignOptimized for performance
DurabilityUrethane cover for increased lifespan
PriceCost-effective without compromising quality

The Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Mix rises above your typical golf ball with its near-mint quality and reputation for excellence. Whether you’re on the greens or practicing your swing at the range, these Kirkland balls are engineered to deliver. The mix includes the sought-after 3-piece Performance+ model as well as the possible inclusion of the 4-piece Tour Performance model, both showcasing a lasting urethane cover that adds durability for continued play.

These golf balls are precisely designed to meet USGA and R&A rules, fulfilling the needs of serious golfers. The substantial weight of approximately 1.2 pounds per dozen ensures reliable performance through each stroke. With a diameter of 1.68 inches, each ball meets the standard size, allowing for a consistent playing experience.

Moreover, the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Mix positions itself as a phenomenal choice for golfers of any skill level. The stylistic white color and rubber construction provide a professional feel, ensuring a confident swing. At a commendable 4.2 customer rating and #1 in the Recycled & Used Golf Balls category, these golf balls prove their worth on the course.

Cost-effectiveness paired with high performance makes the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Mix the go-to selection for golf enthusiasts. Whether you’re selecting for yourself or as a gift for a golfer in your life, this set offers a superb balance between quality and value that aligns with being the best among Kirkland golf balls.

#2 Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Mix

Dimple DesignDesigned for optimal aerodynamics
DurabilityUrethane cover and rubber core for lasting performance
PriceCost-effective for practice or casual play

The Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Mix presents a compelling option for the discerning golfer looking for quality without the steep price tag. This mix, predominated by the 3-piece Performance+ model, alongside potential 4-piece Tour Performance balls, provides golfers a chance to experience different levels of playability and performance.

Despite being classed as recycled, each ball is free from cuts, ensuring it retains the integrity required for competitive use. With a keen eye for detail, one can appreciate the nearly indestructible urethane cover, presenting a high degree of durability and consistent control over shot-making, especially beneficial across many rounds.

The white hue not only adds a classic aesthetic but also ensures prominence against the greens and fairway. The minor signs of previous use are an acceptable tradeoff for the price point, especially when these balls abide by the stringent standards of the USGA and R&A Rules.

While the absence of a warranty might nudge cautious buyers, the positive reviews stand as testimony to the balls’ field performance. It’s this balance of quality and cost efficiency that makes the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Mix a prime selection for both practice sessions and casual rounds – an offer that promises to extend the life of your game without impacting your wallet.

#3 Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Golf Ball v2.0

Dimple Design338-dimple pattern for a penetrating trajectory
DurabilityUrethane cover for extended use without performance loss
PriceCompetitive price point for a high-performance ball

The Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Golf Ball v2.0 strikes a fine balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Built to suit a wide range of players, this ball delivers an exceptional combination of durability, control, and distance. Ideal for those seeking an affordable yet high-performing golf ball, its 338-dimple pattern is engineered to reduce drag, resulting in a stable and long flight.

When it comes to greenside control, the urethane cover aids in providing a soft feel, which is often only found in more premium offerings. The ball’s highly elastic rubber core ensures a satisfying impact feel, giving your swings that crucial feedback for perfecting your game.

Despite being our third choice, this Kirkland golf ball does not skimp on performance. Golfers can expect reliable results, particularly when employing long irons, due to the ball’s spin-control features. The mantle layer works to optimize spin with short irons, enhancing your approach shots.

Packaged at a convenient dozen per box, the v2.0 version hints at user-influenced improvements over its predecessor. Whether off the tee or on the green, this ball is a testament to Kirkland’s commitment to delivering quality at an accessible price, making it a worthwhile addition to any golfer’s bag.

With collective feedback praising its value, Kirkland 3-Piece Golf Ball v2.0 finds favor among golfers who demand performance without the premium price tag. It’s a savvy choice for the pragmatic golfer who knows that skill and the right equipment make the perfect pair.

#4 Kirkland Signature Performance+ Golf Balls

Dimple Design338-dimple pattern for enhanced aerodynamics and penetrating flight
DurabilityIncreased durability with urethane cover for longer play time
PriceCost-effective 12-pack for budget-conscious golfers

The Kirkland Signature Performance+ Golf Balls stand out in the realm of golf ball technology. Catering to the needs of the avid golfer, the three-piece construction with a urethane cover ensures a soft feel desired by many players across the fairways.

These golf balls have been designed to achieve high velocity, empowering golfers to extend their drives further down the course. Kirkland’s commitment to quality is evident in the soft urethane cover that is engineered to offer reduced spin rates, translating into longer, more impressive drives.

Moreover, the golf balls feature a precision-controlled iron spin, which aids in maintaining a consistent ball flight, a vital aspect for any golfer looking to improve their game. For those precise shots around the green, Kirkland provides superior greenside control, allowing for a meticulous approach.

Lastly, durability is a hallmark of these balls, ensuring your investment extends over many rounds. Coupled with the classic white color that resonates with tradition and professionalism, Kirkland Signature Performance+ Golf Balls make for an astute choice for those seeking a blend of performance, control, and value.

#5 Kirkland Signature Urethane Cover Golf Balls

Dimple Design338-dimple pattern for aerodynamic flight
DurabilityUrethane cover for lasting performance
PriceCompetitively priced for a quality experience

The Kirkland Signature Three-Piece Golf Ball is a commendable offering in the golf ball market, balancing cost with high-level performance. Its urethane cover not only enhances durability for sustained use but also imparts a soft feel, making it a favorite among seasoned golfers. Tailored for those who appreciate quality without the steep price, Kirkland’s golf ball stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to offering value.

An advanced 338-dimple design grants this ball exceptional aerodynamics that translate into a consistent and penetrating trajectory across varying conditions. Golfers can expect a reduced spin off the driver for longer flights and precise control when it comes to shaping shots close to the green. With such technical finesse, these golf balls are suited for both casual rounds and competitive action, adhering to USGA and R&A rules.

Within the ball’s structure lies a core made of low-compression, highly elastic rubber, a feature that boosts ball speed while retaining that desirable soft feel upon impact. The three-layer construction is meticulously engineered to optimize spin dynamics across all clubs in the bag. Whether it’s producing low spin for driver distances or ample stopping power on approach shots, the ball delivers on all fronts.

This Kirkland Signature Golf Ball offers tangible benefits to a golfer’s game without breaking the bank. It’s a smart choice for those seeking premium features, such as improved velocity and controlled iron spin, at a fraction of the cost of comparable tour-level golf balls. With the positive average customer rating and new market presence, it has quickly become a reliable option for players aiming to enhance their game.

Ultimately, this Kirkland golf ball is a solid selection from a trusted name, promising to both challenge and reward players with every swing. Its emphasis on adaptability and performance encapsulates what many look for in a golf ballβ€” making every round not just a game, but an experience to remember.

#6 KLS 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Balls

Dimple Design338 dimple pattern for penetrating ball trajectory
DurabilityRobust urethane cover for extended play life
PriceCompetitive pricing for a dozen high-performance golf balls

The KLS 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Balls serve as an admirable choice for golfers seeking to refine their game without breaking the bank. These balls blend affordability with advanced technology, offering features one might expect from more expensive counterparts. The soft urethane exterior not only elevates the touch and control around the greens but also contributes to the noteworthy durability, giving golfers confidence shot after shot.

The secret to their performance lies in the low compression, highly elastic core that delivers both a satisfyingly soft feel and the necessary speed for those long, challenging drives. Enhanced with a speed-boosting mantle, this ball gives you nuanced control of your spins with varying clubs, optimizing play regardless of the distance to the pin.

Designed with an intricate 338-dimple pattern, these balls are tailored to cut through the air, promoting a stable and penetrating flight path that can hold its own even in adverse conditions. Such design intricacies further substantiate their place as a solid selection in the realm of quality golf equipment.

Furthermore, their compliance with USGA and R&A Rules endorses their suitability for both friendly weekend rounds and more competitive tournaments, making them a versatile addition to any golfer’s arsenal. Their one-size-fits-most approach demonstrated by a unisex design accentuates their broad appeal, ensuring that every adult golfer can appreciate their benefits on the course.

Overall, the KLS 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Balls are poised to offer a blend of performance, durability, and value that is difficult to overlook. Whether you’re casually enjoying the sport or rigorously honing your skills, these balls promise to be a reliable companion through the wide array of golfing journeys.

#7 Kirkland Signature Three-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball Performance+

Dimple Design338-dimple pattern for stable, penetrating flight
DurabilityUrethane cover for extended lifespan
PriceCompetitively priced 2-dozen set

For golf enthusiasts seeking quality performance without breaking the bank, the Kirkland Signature Three-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball Performance+ offers a marriage of value and performance. With a well-regarded 4.6-star rating, this set includes 24 premium golf balls well-suited for both recreational and serious players.

The soft urethane cover of the ball is a standout feature, promoting a responsive feel that aids control around the greens. The balls’ 338-dimple design ensures a steady and strong trajectory even against blustery conditions. With a low-compression, highly elastic rubber core, golfers can expect a pleasing touch alongside significant drive distance.

Durability is another key hallmark; the urethane cover withstands the rigors of play, contributing to a longer life span for each ball. Players across various skill levels will find the balance between distance and control quite beneficial, which might explain the product’s longevity in the market since its introduction in 2017.

In the realm of Kirkland golf balls, the Performance+ is an excellent choice for those seeking high-grade features without an exorbitant price tag. Whether you’re playing for fun or competition, these balls provide a reliable performance that could help enhance your game.

Checklist: What Makes Great Kirkland Golf Balls

  • Dimple Design: Seek golf balls with an optimized dimple pattern, such as the 338-dimple design found in Kirkland balls that promotes a stable and penetrating ball flight, cutting through air resistance effectively.
  • Durability: Ensure the balls have a robust urethane cover, which not only provides a soft feel for better control around the greens but also offers increased longevity for the golf ball, surviving multiple rounds of play.
  • Compliance: Verify that the golf balls adhere to USGA and R&A rules to ensure they are appropriate for competitive play, as well as suitable for the serious golfer’s practice sessions.
  • Feel and Control: Prioritize golf balls with a soft feel and responsive touch, particularly important for short-game precision, as a soft urethane cover can significantly enhance greenside control.
  • Core Construction: Examine the ball’s core, opting for those with a highly elastic rubber core that provides both satisfying impact feedback and aids in achieving longer drives off the tee.
  • Value: Look for golf balls that balance cost and quality. Kirkland balls are often praised for offering high-performance features without the premium price tag, making them a sound financial choice for a wide range of players.


Do Kirkland golf balls offer good durability?

Yes, Kirkland golf balls have durable urethane covers that increase their lifespan for multiple rounds of play.

Are Kirkland golf balls suitable for competitive play?

Yes, Kirkland golf balls comply with USGA and R&A rules, making them suitable for both competitive and recreational play.

Can you achieve a soft feel and control with Kirkland golf balls?

Yes, Kirkland golf balls with soft urethane covers enhance greenside control and provide a soft, responsive touch for precision play.

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