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Ever missed a crucial putt on the course?

It’s not your fault if practice at home doesn’t replicate the real greens.

But it can.

Enter the world of top-tier indoor putting greens—where your golf game never has to pause.

Get ready to transform your indoor space into a golfer’s haven!

#1 PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Putting Mat

Size3′ x 9′
MaterialPET Resin
Added FeaturesKidney shape, sand trap cutouts, multiple cup targets, non-skid backing

The PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Putting Mat provides an authentic green experience for golf enthusiasts looking to improve their indoor game. This 3′ x 9′ mat replicates the true feel and challenge of a golf course with its kidney shape and built-in hazards. Constructed from durable PET resin, it promises longevity and consistent play. It’s designed and manufactured in the USA, highlighting its commitment to quality.

Whether you’re practicing alone or enjoying a fun session with friends, this mat’s portability means it can be set up in an office space or at home with ease. Its smooth putting surface and realistic incline at the cup locations train players to develop a firmer stroke. Adding to its challenge are sand trap cutouts that catch missed shots, further mimicking the on-course experience.

Its non-skid backing ensures that the mat lays flat, keeping the playing surface smooth over time. Moreover, the included multiple cup targets allow for practicing putts from various angles and distances, a feature that certainly enhances your practice quality.

Perfect for players of all levels, this putting mat isn’t just an excellent training aid, it also scores high on the fun factor. It’s designed to provide both an effective practice tool and an enjoyable activity, making it an ideal gift for any golf enthusiast. With a bright green color that brings the feel of the fairway to your indoor space, the PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three is the ultimate choice for the Best indoor putting green.

#2 Club Champ Automatic Putting System

Size7 feet (Length)
MaterialDurable Plastic and High-Quality Artificial Turf
Added FeaturesRegulation-size Cup, Automatic Ball Return via Gravity, No Electrical Components

Built with precision and practicality in mind, the Club Champ Automatic Putting System offers golf enthusiasts a pragmatic and efficient way to hone their skills. Its 7-foot length provides ample space for players to work on various putts within the comfort of their own home, office, or even during a casual gathering.

The mat’s high-quality artificial turf effectively emulates the feel of real grass, allowing for a more authentic putting experience. The automatic ball return system is ingeniously powered by gravity, which not only eliminates the need for batteries or electrical plugs but also allows for uninterrupted practice sessions.

Durability isn’t a concern with the system’s robust construction, comprising durable plastic that can withstand repeated use. At a mere weight of over 1 pound, this putting mat is both lightweight and easy to relocate, meaning you can set up your practice area almost anywhere.

With its convenience, ease of setup, and a 2-year warranty, the Club Champ Automatic Putting System is a standout option for any golfer looking to improve their putting game. Its thoughtful design, paired with the sheer volume of positive feedback from users, cements its place as a top choice among indoor putting greens.

#3 CHAMPKEY HAZARD Premium Golf Putting Mat

SizeHAZARD: 2.1″, 2.7″, 3.3″ Putting Gates
MaterialHigh-Quality Non-Directional Plastic Turf
Added FeaturesAutomatic Ball Return, Alignment Guides, Foldable Design

The CHAMPKEY HAZARD Premium Golf Putting Mat stands out among indoor putting greens with its realistic green conditions and true roll surface. The available sizes of the putting gates offer golfers the ability to refine their precision, accommodating from beginners to the more advanced player.

When it comes to uninterrupted practice, the automatic ball return system streamlines the process, allowing for a steady focus on developing consistency and rhythm in your putting stroke.

Moreover, with built-in alignment guides, this mat goes beyond simple putting; it serves as a coach, guiding you to greater accuracy and distance control — crucial skills for lowering your scores.

The quality of the materials is evident in the non-directional plastic turf, ensuring durability and a true feel of the course. Plus, the convenience of a foldable and lightweight design means you can easily pack it away or take it along to continue your practice anywhere.

Finally, for those seeking not just a practice tool but an authentic putting experience, the CHAMPKEY HAZARD mat, with its bunker and water hazard aesthetics, injects an element of the game’s mental challenges, preparing you for actual course play. This golf putting mat is a comprehensive training device that will undeniably enhance your indoor golf practice setup.

#4 HUAEN Crystal Velvet Putting Trainer

Size9.35 ft in length
MaterialDurable, wrinkle-resistant crystal velvet
Added FeaturesAutomatic ball return system, 3D scene map removable baffle, double-aiming line, measuring scale

The HUAEN Crystal Velvet Putting Trainer offers golf enthusiasts a premium practice experience with its sleek 9.35 feet long design that closely mimics the feel of an actual green. The high-quality, wrinkle-resistant crystal velvet material guarantees durability and a consistently smooth ball roll, essential for honing your putting skills.

Its clever automatic ball return system saves you from bending over to retrieve the ball after each putt, allowing for a more focused training session. Furthermore, the included 3D scene map removable baffle presents players with engaging challenges, such as practicing around a bunker or water hazard, enhancing the playing experience and skill development.

Another significant advantage is the double-aiming line and measuring scale, which are strategically incorporated to assist in improving alignment and accuracy—key aspects of making those crucial putts. The attention to detail in its features shows that professional golfers’ insights significantly influenced this product’s development.

Overall, the HUAEN Crystal Velvet Putting Trainer stands out as a thoughtful and functional addition to any golfer’s practice routine. Whether as a gift or for personal use, its versatility and quality construction make it a well-regarded choice within the indoor putting green market.

#5 SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green

Size9 feet x 16.25 inches
MaterialCarpet, Polystyrene, Latex, PVC
Added FeaturesAlignment guides, automatic ball return, rubber-backed

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green is an exemplary training tool for those looking to improve their putting skills. Its true-roll surface emulates the feel of a real golf course, offering consistent putt roll which is vital for accurate feedback and practice. With a space-friendly size of 9 feet by 16.25 inches, this putting green is ideal for both home and office settings.

The inclusion of alignment guides at key distances assists in refining both your alignment and stroke consistency, which is essential for lower scores on the course. The automatic ball return is a convenient feature, saving time and keeping your mind focused on perfecting your putt.

This product is constructed with a blend of carpet, polystyrene, latex, and PVC, providing durability and longevity. Additionally, it boasts a behind-the-hole ball collector and a rubber backing to ensure the mat remains stable on any surface.

Ease of use is yet another benefit, with simple installation and portability. Rolling up the mat for storage or transport could not be more straightforward. For the avid golfer looking to sharpen their putting indoors, the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green presents great value with its quality design and functional features.

#6 Dachenus Baroque Deluxe Putting Mat

Size17.5 x 13.4 x 6.8 inches (packaged), Foldable
MaterialWood, Velvet, and Natural Rubber
Added FeaturesAutomatic Ball Return, Two Hole Sizes, Alignment Guides

The Dachenus Baroque Deluxe Putting Mat brings elegance and practicality to the indoor golfing experience. Designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, this mat is ideal for putters of all skill levels seeking to sharpen their game. The mat’s intelligent design allows quick setup, simply roll it out and attach the magnetic return track for an immediate practice session.

Crafted with a blend of wood, velvet, and natural rubber, the Dachenus provides a durable, smooth surface that mirrors the true feel of a golf course green. The automatic ball return feature enhances continuity in practice, minimizing distractions and maximizing focus on form.

This putting mat deftly combines aesthetics with functionality. The Baroque-inspired woodwork does not only serve as a decorative piece but also integrates utility with the sturdy automatic ball return mechanism. The inclusion of two hole sizes challenges players to adapt their putting strokes, akin to real-life conditions.

Accuracy is key in putting, and this mat takes it seriously by featuring clear tick marks and guide lines to aid golfers in honing their aim and distance control. The ability to resist wrinkles ensures the practice surface remains true and flat, essential for consistent ball roll.

Lastly, its compact folded size ensures it can be conveniently stored without taking up much space. The Dachenus Baroque Deluxe Putting Mat is not just an indoor putting green; it’s a sophisticated tool designed to elevate the putting practice of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

#7 Prowithlin Executive Putting Green

Size9.8″ W x 92.5″ L (crystal velvet area)
MaterialCrystal Velvet & Solid Wood Base
Added FeaturesAutomatic Ball Return, Distance Markers, Standard and Half-sized Holes

When looking for a quality indoor putting green that not only complements your office or home space but also improves your game, the Prowithlin Executive Putting Green is an exceptional choice. Made from plush crystal velvet on a stable wood base, this putting green lies flat for a true roll, mimicking faster greens for a more challenging practice.

Its thoughtful features, such as an automatic ball return system and distance markers at pivotal lengths, provide an effective practice routine. This puts an end to fetching golf balls from the cup, letting you focus on mastering your stroke. Plus, the inclusion of both standard and half-sized holes hones precision, a must-have for refining those clutch putts.

Compact and elegantly designed, the Prowithlin Executive offers easy setup and portability, making it a convenient option for space-limited enthusiasts. The luxurious wood base adds an aesthetic edge that distinguishes it from other mats in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a novice, this mat represents an invaluable tool for practice.

Although primarily designed for right-handed players, the mat’s configuration offers a straightforward experience for all golfers. A smooth, flat surface ensures proper ball roll, allowing you to place focus on consistency and skill development. Overall, it’s a solid performer in the realm of indoor putting greens, marrying both functionality and visual appeal.

This Prowithlin model represents a practical yet stylish addition to any golfer’s repertoire, propelling onward the pursuit of the perfect putt. It’s a sizable mat that doesn’t skimp on quality or performance, a worthy investment for anyone committed to upping their indoor golf game.

#8 Callaway Odyssey 12 Ft. Indoor Putting Green

Size12′ x 3′
MaterialDurable polyester with true-turf feel
Added FeaturesRamp incline to 5 recessed cups, hole-fill inserts, optional foam wedge for creating slopes

The Callaway Odyssey 12 Ft. Indoor Putting Green is a notable accessory for golf enthusiasts seeking to maintain their putting practice year-round, regardless of outdoor conditions. Its ample length allows for a variety of putting exercises, while the polyester material delivers a realistic turf texture, closely resembling an actual green.

The incorporation of five recessed cups and a ramp incline encourages mastery of both aim and speed—key aspects of a successful putt. Notably, the option to introduce contouring using the foam wedge imitates the natural undulations of a real golf course, further refining a golfer’s skills.

Designed to lay flat without creasing or folding, this premium mat ensures a consistent ball roll, a crucial feature for productive practice. Portable and easy to store, it’s an excellent choice for home use or on-the-go touch-ups before a big round.

Despite its position at number 8 on our list, this Callaway Odyssey putt mat stands out as a reputable and dependable selection. It aptly satisfies the needs of golfers at all levels, enhancing their indoor practice with its design and features, ultimately aiming to improve their game on the actual course.

#9 BOBURN Pro Series 5x10ft Golf Putting Green

Size5ft x 10ft
MaterialDurable plastic with rubber backing
Added FeaturesThree golf holes, stainless steel flag posts, and cups

When it comes to bringing the essence of the golf course indoors, the BOBURN Pro Series 5x10ft Golf Putting Green excels as a premium choice. Crafted for both amateur and experienced golfers, this mat features a true-roll surface that adeptly simulates real green conditions and pace.

The authentic feel is complemented by three golf holes, ensuring a variety of putting angles and challenges. Its size, a substantial 5ft by 10ft, allows for ample practice room without overwhelming your indoor space. The construction quality speaks volumes, with a high-elastic base providing stability and durable plastic material promising longevity.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, versatility is another key advantage. Set it up effortlessly in your home, office, or backyard. The inclusion of stainless steel flag posts and cups further enhances its desirability.

In a category filled with options, the BOBURN Pro Series makes its mark not by topping the list, but by offering a solid, well-rounded putting experience that can turn leisure into a constructive practice session. It represents a delightful mix of size, material quality, and professional-grade features that any golf enthusiast would appreciate for their personal practice set-up.

#10 Chriiena Pro Putting Green Mat

Size5×10 ft
MaterialPremium PP Grass, 10mm Rubber Foam Base
Added FeaturesCustomizable Slope Pad, Movable Golf Cups, Durable Construction

The Chriiena Pro Putting Green Mat stands out as a laudable product for golfing enthusiasts keen on refining their putting skills. Its sizable 5×10 foot coverage provides ample space for various putting drills while the premium PP grass surface duplicates the feel of real golf course greens impressively. A stimp meter reading approximating 10 guarantees the kind of resistance you would experience on actual greens, contributing to its realistic practice environment.

This mat’s design embodies more than just size and material; the addition of a customizable slope pad and movable golf cups allows users to create diverse putting scenarios, thereby making practice sessions far from monotonous. The heavy-duty rubber foam base underpinning the PP grass ensures a steadfast and reliable surface that remains consistent through both indoor and outdoor settings.

Maintenance is fuss-free, as it can be vacuumed or rinsed, perfectly aligning with the convenience of an indoor putting solution. Every purchase includes all the essentials, excluding clubs and balls, to set up a comprehensive putting station – embellished further by the included flags and metal cups that bring a touch of the course into the home or office.

Overall, the Chriiena Pro Putting Green Mat is an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in a long-lasting and multipurpose putting green. Its thoughtful design, realistic feel, and hassle-free upkeep make it a wise addition to any golfer’s practice arsenal.

Checklist: What makes a great indoor putting green

  • Surface Quality: Look for a true-roll surface that emulates real green conditions. A high-quality surface like velvet or artificial turf is essential for accurate feedback and consistent practice.
  • Size and Portability: Ensure the putting green fits comfortably in your available space. Consider options that offer easy pack-up and storage capabilities, like foldable or roll-up designs for versatility and portability.
  • Durability: Durable materials like PET resin, plastic with rubber backing, or wood will withstand repeated use and maintain a smooth, consistent putting surface over time.
  • Added Features: Seek additional features like automatic ball return, alignment guides, and multiple cup targets. These enhance practice quality and offer various challenges to improve putt precision and skills.
  • Design Aesthetics: For those who value the visual aspect, look for designs that integrate with your home or office decor. Deluxe models may feature elegant woodwork and an attractive appearance.
  • Customization Options: Adjustable hazards, like slope wedges and various hole sizes, can tailor the difficulty to your skill level and simulate different putting scenarios.


What should I look for in an indoor putting green?

Select a true-roll surface, appropriate size, durability, added features like ball return, aesthetic design, and customization options for an ideal indoor putting green.

Are there indoor putting greens that offer a real golf course experience?

Yes, quality indoor putting greens are designed to mimic the feel and conditions of real golf greens for an authentic practice experience.

Can indoor putting greens be easily stored and moved?

Many indoor putting greens come with foldable or roll-up designs, making them easily portable and convenient for storage in various spaces.

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