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Struggling to find golf shoes that don’t pinch with every drive?

Many with wide feet settle for tight fits, suffering through discomfort and distraction.

Stop the cycle.

Experience the breadth of options designed for wide feet!

Keep reading to find your perfect pair.

#1 adidas S2g Sl Golf Shoes

ComfortBounce midsole & textile upper for lightweight, sock-like comfort
Width FittingAvailable in various sizes, accommodating wide feet
DurabilityRobust synthetic & rubber materials with a durable rubber sole

When it comes to golfing footwear for those with wide feet, the adidas S2g Sl Golf Shoes stand out as an excellent choice. These shoes combine prime comfort and advanced technology to ensure a pleasant experience throughout your game. The Bounce midsole provides not just comfort but adapts to each step, enhancing your walk between shots.

In terms of fit, these shoes shine for wide-footed players, offering an array of sizes that cater to diverse foot shapes without compromising on stability or flexibility. The soft textile upper wraps around your foot like a sock, ensuring a snug and supportive fit.

Durability is a key factor for any golf shoe, and the adidas S2g Sl does not disappoint. The blend of synthetic and rubber materials, along with a sturdy rubber sole, make them reliable companions on the course, round after round.

Adhering to the Primegreen initiative, these shoes demonstrate adidas’ commitment to sustainability, utilizing 50% recycled materials and steering clear of virgin polyester. It’s an investment in eco-friendly gear without sacrificing performance.

#2 FitVille Stability Pro Golf Shoe

ComfortPadded OrthoLite insoles and dual-density EVA midsoles for enhanced cushioning
Width FittingWide and extra-wide options with roomy toe box for ample toe movement
DurabilityWater-resistant microfiber leather and tough TPU rubber outsoles built to last

FitVille’s Stability Pro Golf Shoe merits recognition for its exceptional attention to comfort and support. Garnished with a water-resistant microfiber leather upper, these shoes ensure that golfers can play in damp conditions without the discomfort of wet feet. The added bonus of a breathable mesh material adds to the overall comfort, safeguarding the feet throughout an 18-hole round.

An exemplary feature is the wide and extra-wide foot accommodations. Thanks to the roomy toe box, those with wider feet can experience a perfect fit without the common constrictions felt in standard golf shoes. This is coupled with a lace-up closure system that assures a secure fit, allowing golfers to swing with confidence.

The presence of an arch fit design along with OrthoLite insoles indicates FitVille’s dedication to foot health, as they provide necessary arch support and possess anti-odor properties. The shock-absorbing insoles, working alongside the lightweight support from the dual-density EVA midsoles, contribute to pain relief, which is especially beneficial for longer days on the green.

Durability is also a key strength, with sturdy anti-torsion TPU rubber material used in the shoe’s construction. This isn’t only about longevity; it enhances the shoe’s agility, stability, and traction, all of which are crucial for performance. Given the thoughtful design and therapeutic comfort, these shoes are well-suited for extended use on the golf course.

For those seeking a reliable, supportive, and stylish option, the FitVille Stability Pro Golf Shoe comes in various colorways to match personal preferences. With a founding philosophy centered on therapeutic comfort and practical use, it’s clear that FitVille has successfully engineered a shoe that aids in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

#3 New Balance Men’s Breeze V2 Golf Shoe

ComfortCUSH+ insole for superior comfort
Width FittingAvailable in a range of sizes, suitable for wide feet
DurabilityNDurance spikeless rubber outsole for longevity

The New Balance Men’s Breeze V2 Golf Shoe is a smart fusion of casual comfort and golf-specific design, making it an excellent choice for golfers with wide feet. Crafted entirely from synthetic materials, it ensures a light but supportive fit, which is vital for those long games. The performance mesh upper ensures your feet stay cool, while the CUSH+ insole provides the plushness needed to walk the course with ease.

Focused on fitting, these golf shoes cater well to those needing extra width without compromising on stability. The rubber sole offers a grip that adapts to varied terrains, and for those unexpected wet conditions, the welded forefoot water-guard comes to the rescue.

Durability is sewn into the very fabric of these shoes, with the NDurance spikeless rubber outsole standing the test of time and turf. Combined with the REVlite midsole, providing lightweight cushioning, you get a shoe that’s enjoyable to wear and lasts.

The New Balance Breeze V2 is not just about function; there is ample style with a variety of color options and a sleek silhouette that transitions seamlessly from course to clubhouse. While it might not be our top pick, it is a solid third and an excellent choice for golfers prioritizing a blend of comfort, style, and durability. With overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, it’s clear these golf shoes deliver where it counts.

#4 PUMA Proadapt Alphacat Golf Shoe

ComfortEngineered with ADAPT FOAM for comfort and energy return; utilizes a molded comfort insole and bootie construction for 360-degrees support.
Width FittingDesigned for a versatile fit, accommodating wide feet with comfort and ease.
DurabilityFeatures an EXOSHELL with a 1-year waterproof guarantee and a durable PROADAPT outsole made from abrasion-resistant TPU and crystallized rubber.

The PUMA Proadapt Alphacat Golf Shoe epitomizes the ideal blend of innovation, comfort, and support required for the fairways. With an impressive 4.6-star rating, these shoes offer a premium golf experience for those needing a broader fit.

Crafted with the latest in footwear technology, the synthetic rubber sole and PROADAPT spikeless outsole enable stellar multi-material traction. Every swing feels grounded thanks to the chassis designed for stability. For the golfer who prizes endurance, the high-grade EVA and Styrene offer long-lasting cushioning and impact resistance.

On a comfort note, the bootie construction wraps your foot for an all-encompassing supportive feel, further enhanced by the responsive molded comfort insole. Designed to weather the elements, the waterproof EXOSHELL with engineered mesh ensures your feet stay dry throughout all 18 holes.

The PUMA Proadapt Alphacat isn’t just a solid performer; it scores high on style too. Available in various color combinations, these shoes will have you walking from tee to green with confidence and class. Overall, the Proadapt Alphacat from PUMA is a top choice for golfers who value comfort, support, and fashion on the course.

#5 Under Armour HOVR Tour Spikeless Golf Shoes

ComfortUA HOVR technology supports natural foot motion and reduces impact during the swing.
Width FittingUA IntelliKnit upper provides a comfortable fit that adapts to the foot’s shape.
DurabilityIntelliKnit upper and TPU outsole suggest a construction built for longevity.

Under Armour revolutionizes the game for golfers with wide feet with their HOVR Tour Spikeless Golf Shoes. These shoes are meticulously designed with a UA IntelliKnit upper, blending perfect fit with flexibility, specifically advantageous for those requiring extra width without compromising on containment during their swing.

Featuring a lightweight waterproof membrane and a NeverWet coating, your feet are certain to remain dry, irrespective of the weather conditions. This is complemented by the innovative UA HOVR placement, which not only aids your natural foot motion but also diminishes the impact of each step, paving the way for a comfortable 18-hole journey.

Besides the comfort and weather-ready protection, the external TPU heel counter and adaptive lacing system work in harmony to provide unparalleled support and fit. Even more impressive, these spikeless shoes match the grip levels of their spiked counterparts, proving that advanced technology can evolve without losing traditional benefits.

Equally notable is the durability of the materials involved: the combination of a tough IntelliKnit upper and robust TPU outsole means these shoes are built to last. The one-year waterproof warranty is just an added reassurance of the quality you’re investing in.

Wrapped in a stylish package, available in options like Halo Gray/After Burn/Black, the Under Armour HOVR Tour Spikeless Golf Shoes strike a perfect balance between innovative features and timeless design, making them a noteworthy selection for any golfer prioritizing comfort, traction, and durability on the course.

#6 FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon

ComfortOrthoLite Impressions FitBed for immediate comfort & custom fit over time
Width FittingEngineered mesh ensures a supportive fit for wide feet
DurabilityWaterproof performance with a 2-year warranty; machine washable

The FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon is a golf shoe that seamlessly marries style and substance, designed specifically for golfers with wide feet who refuse to compromise on comfort or performance. The engineered mesh delivers not only breathability but also an accommodating fit, vital for those who require a bit more room to achieve their best on the course.

As soon as you step into these shoes, the OrthoLite Impressions FitBed promises immediate comfort. What’s more, this bed molds to the shape of your foot over time, offering a custom fit that complements your unique foot structure.

Stability is paramount in golf, and the OptiFlex Outsole on the Hyperflex Carbon enhances flexibility while the Carbon wrapped shank offers ground-gripping stability that will keep you balanced through even the most powerful swings.

One often overlooked aspect of any golf shoe is its ability to handle the elements. FootJoy’s confidence in their product shines through with a 2-year waterproof warranty in the U.S. Even better, after a day on the greens, you can conveniently care for these shoes as they are machine washable.

Despite being the sixth choice, the FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon stands out as a solid option for those with wide feet. With supportive features and a distinguished look, it is a golf shoe that can confidently be relied upon for comfort, stability, and enduring performance round after round.

#7 ECCO Biom C4 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

ComfortECCO FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology for cushioning and flexibility
Width FittingFeatures a new super-stretchy mesh sock to accommodate wide feet
DurabilityECCO Performance Leather and synthetic rubber sole for long-lasting wear

For golfers plagued by the search for the ideal wide-fitting shoe, the ECCO Biom C4 Gore-tex Golf Shoe emerges as a solution combining comfort, durability, and breathability. What makes the ECCO Biom C4 standout is its innovative GORE-TEX SURROUND construction, providing all-around waterproof protection without sacrificing air circulation β€” a blessing on wet courses or hot days.

These shoes don’t just resist the elements; they embrace your feet with ECCO’s FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology. The cushioning and rebound make walking across the fairways a pleasurable experience. Moreover, BIOM NATURAL MOTION Technology means these shoes work with your foot’s natural movement for greater stability and control during swings.

Attention to detail extends to the ECCO MTN GRIP outsole, engineered precisely to offer segment-specific support, rendering it a true ally in diverse on-course conditions. The ECCO Biom C4 isn’t just a functional piece of equipment but a testament to ECCO’s quality with its craftsmanship based on anatomical lasts and the use of ECCO Performance Leather, ensuring that the shoes fit superbly right out of the box.

#8 FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon Boa

ComfortEquipped with OrthoLite Impressions FitBed for immediate comfort and customized fit
Width FittingEngineered with breathable mesh and supportive molded ribbed knit saddle
DurabilityWaterproof with a 2-year U.S. warranty and resilient TPU Elastomers sole

The FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon Boa Golf Shoe stands out as a meticulously crafted footwear option for golfers with wide feet seeking a harmonious blend of comfort and stability. This particular shoe offers a snug, customized fit thanks to the OrthoLite Impressions FitBed, making long days on the green more enjoyable.

Breathability isn’t an afterthought with this model; the performance mesh teamed with a supportive molded ribbed knit saddle ensures air flows freely, keeping feet cool through eighteen holes. Further, the design integrates a Boa fit system that allows for micro-adjustments on the fly, critical for golfers who demand precision in every aspect of their gear.

Durability is another cornerstone of the Hyperflex Carbon Boa. They are constructed with Thermoplastic Elastomers material for the sole, boasting not only impressive longevity but also a solid grip to maintain your stance during a powerful swing. Plus, with a waterproof guarantee lasting two years, these shoes assure peace of mind in various weather conditions.

FootJoy has also made maintenance a breeze for these shoes; the machine-washable feature is a testament to their understanding of a golfer’s practical needs. So while the Hyperflex Carbon Boa might be our eighth selection, it competes fiercely in value, marrying innovative features with the quintessential requirements of golf shoes fit for wide feet.

#9 Nike Jordan 1 High Golf

ComfortCrafted with quality leather and a secure lace-up closure for a comfortable fit.
Width FittingDesigned with a traditional cut, accommodating golfers with wider feet.
DurabilityHigh-quality materials and a strong rubber sole ensure long-lasting wear.

Nike’s Jordan 1 High Golf shoes are a standout choice for golfers who value both style and substance. These shoes bring the iconic Jordan 1 aesthetic to the course, providing a fashion-forward look that’s sure to turn heads at the clubhouse. Available in a stylish White/Black/White and an alternate Sail/Orange-Orange Quartz colorway, they offer versatility to match various golf attire.

Beyond looks, comfort hasn’t been overlooked. The high-end leather construction and classic lace-up design give a comfortable, secure fit perfect for long days on the fairways. And with a weight of around 3 pounds, they are substantial without feeling burdensome, ensuring ease of movement for the golfer.

The rubber sole is a key feature for practicality, offering a sturdy grip across various terrains of a golf course. This is essential not just for playing shots but also for navigating the course with confidence, no matter the weather conditions.

In terms of durability, these golf shoes are equipped to withstand the rigors of regular play. The leather material ensures they are not only resilient but also easy to clean and maintain. This makes them not just a stylish choice but a pragmatic one for regular golfers with wide feet.

Finally, the crossover appeal of the Jordan brand from the courts to the greens cannot be overstated. These Jordan 1 High Golf shoes merge the sports legacy with the specialized needs of golf, offering a product that is as authentic as it is innovative. For golfers who are also sneaker enthusiasts, these shoes mark a harmonious blend of their passions.

#10 ECCO Men’s Biom G 3 Boa Gore-tex Golf Shoe

ComfortBIOM NATURAL MOTION technology, anatomical last
Width FittingX-TENSA INVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY for stability, wide design suitable for broad feet
DurabilitySynthetic rubber sole, maintenance with ECCO Shoe Care Kit

Crafted with golfers in mind, the ECCO Men’s Biom G 3 Boa Gore-tex Golf Shoe offers a wealth of features that elevate your game while providing exceptional comfort. The use of 100% leather assures a quality look while enhancing longevity. Stability is no afterthought, as X-TENSA INVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY seamlessly connects the sole to the laces internally.

Designed for players with wider feet, the ECCO Biom G 3 does not compromise on comfort, utilizing BIOM NATURAL MOTION to get you closer to the ground, ensuring a natural feel and efficient power transfer. The renowned GORE-TEX waterproof technology in these shoes ensures your feet remain dry and comfortable in all conditions, while still providing essential breathability.

For those seeking a secure fit, the inclusion of the BOA Fit System is a game-changer, allowing for quick lacing adjustments on the go. Furthermore, the combination of ZARMA-TOUR spikes and hybrid elements signifies a serious commitment to providing the traction and rotational support needed through every swing.

Maintaining these shoes is made effortless with ECCO’s comprehensive shoe care program. Recommended products like ECCO Foam Cleaner and the ECCO Shoe Care Kit are tailored to keep your golf shoes in prime condition, ensuring they are a lasting investment.

In summary, the ECCO Men’s Biom G 3 Boa Gore-tex Golf Shoe stands as a dedicated choice for the avid golfer with wide feet, bringing together advanced technology and premium materials to deliver a shoe that excels on the green in terms of stability, comfort, and durability.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Golf Shoe for Wide Feet

  • Comfort Features: Essential comfort elements like a padded insole (CUSH+, OrthoLite), wide toe box, or cushioned midsole (EVA, Bounce) should be prioritized to ensure your foot is cradled throughout the round.
  • Wide Fit Design: Look for shoes that come in wide or extra-wide sizes or have accommodating features such as a stretchy mesh sock or wide-fit engineering for a natural, unconstrained fit.
  • Durability: Durable materials like waterproof leather, abrasion-resistant rubber, or synthetic soles are key for a golf shoe’s longevity. A warranty can be a good indicator of dependable construction.
  • Water Resistance: Shoes equipped with waterproof materials (GORE-TEX, NeverWet) promise dryness and comfort in all conditions, which is a necessity for serious golfers who don’t let the weather dictate their games.
  • Stable Traction: Outsoles designed for grip, such as NDurance spikeless rubber or PROADAPT outsoles, ensure stability and traction during your swing, essential for golfers with wide feet who need extra security on the course.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: For the sustainability-conscious golfer, options that utilize recycled materials or eco-friendly practices, like the Primegreen initiative, align performance with ethical considerations.


What are the important features to consider when choosing golf shoes for wide feet?

Prioritize a wide toebox, cushioning like EVA or OrthoLite insoles, and a wide-fit design to ensure comfort and a natural fit for wide feet in golf shoes.

How does water resistance impact the selection of golf shoes for wide feet?

Water-resistant golf shoes keep feet dry and comfortable regardless of weather, making them a key consideration for golfers with wide feet who play in varied conditions.

Are there eco-friendly golf shoe options suitable for wide feet?

Yes, golfers with wide feet can find shoes made with recycled materials and eco-friendly practices, aligning with sustainability goals while providing comfort and performance.

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