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Struggling with plantar fasciitis but refuse to compromise your golf game?

You’re not alone.

The perfect shot begins with comfortable feet.

Step onto the green with confidence in golf shoes designed for support.

This guide reveals the top options for conquering pain and courses alike.

#1 Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe

Comfort/SupportCloud foam insole, wider forefoot area for better fit and feel
DurabilityMicrofiber leather upper, climastorm water-resistant protection, adiwear outsole
Traction/Grip6-spike thintech outsole with thintech exp cleat for stability and green friendliness

Finding the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis requires a blend of comfort, durability, and tractionβ€”the Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe stands out in all these areas. It boasts a cloud foam insole, providing plush cushioning that supports the arch, a game-changer for those managing plantar fasciitis. What’s also impressive is the tour performance last construction, often acclaimed for its wider forefoot design which enhances the in-shoe experience.

In terms of durability, the microfiber leather upper enhanced with climastorm offers exceptional water-resistant capabilities, ensuring that your feet stay dry in changing weather conditions. The adiwear outsole contributes to the longevity of the shoe, making it a smart investment for regular players.

The grip is of particular note; the shoe’s 6-spike thintech outsole and low profile thintech exp cleats provide a stable base, minimizing slipping and maximizing performance. This, combined with their green-friendly design, lets you play with confidence without damaging the course.

Style-wise, the Adidas W Tech Response brings adidas’s signature aesthetic to the fairway with various color options, catering to personal preferences while maintaining an undeniably sporty look. Their lightweight construction is another highlight, allowing for easy movement without adding unnecessary bulk.

Overall, the Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe is not just footwear; it’s a comprehensive solution for golfers with plantar fasciitis. It combines essential comfort features with robust construction and efficient traction, making it a strong candidate for anyone seeking to maintain their game while managing foot pain.

#2 Zakey Waterproof Professional Golf Shoes

Comfort/SupportThe Zakey Golf Shoes are engineered with comfort in mind, making them suitable for sufferers of plantar fasciitis. With a secure lace-up closure, they provide essential support and adjustability.
DurabilityBuilt with daily walking and all-year use in mind, these golf shoes are not only machine washable but are also constructed with high performance and durability as a priority.
Traction/GripEquipped with replaceable and detachable spikes, these shoes offer excellent grip and traction on the golf course, which is essential for a steady swing and injury prevention.

The Zakey Waterproof Professional Golf Shoes are a top-tier choice for golfers experiencing plantar fasciitis, offering a harmonious balance of comfort, support, and weather resistance. With their versatile design, these shoes are suitable for golf enthusiasts who value comfort during play as well as during everyday walking. The variety of colors meets personal style preferences, while the practical lace-up closure allows for a tailored fit, essential for those requiring additional foot security.

These sneakers stand out with their advanced technology, incorporating replaceable spikes that promise exceptional traction and stability on the golf course. A vital asset in preventing slips and maintaining posture during the swing, these spikes also contribute to the overall longevity of the shoe by allowing for replacements when worn.

Durability doesn’t take a back seat with the Zakey Golf Shoes – designed for professional use and crafted to withstand the rigors of regular play. The machine-washable feature speaks to their ease of maintenance, an undeniable boon for the active golfer who demands freshness in their footwear.

Moreover, their waterproof nature doesn’t limit them to the links. Golfers can confidently stride into wet conditions off the course, making these shoes a practical investment for diverse weather encounters. This adaptability clinches their standing as a superb selection for those with plantar fasciitis, searching for a shoe that provides relief and high-level performance.

While not occupying the number one spot, the Zakey Waterproof Professional Golf Shoes surely deliver as a strong runner-up – a commendable distinction, reflecting their quality and acceptance among users. With a plethora of positive ratings, it’s clear that these golf shoes resonate well within the golfing community and are praised for their performance on the green.

#3 New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL v2

Comfort/SupportFeatures Fresh Foam midsole for ultra-cush comfort and CUSH+ insole for superior comfort over extended play.
DurabilityWaterproof microfiber leather and performance mesh upper with 2-year waterproof warranty.
Traction/GripSpikeless smart rubber outsole designed for traction with pressure mapping colors indicating key performance zones.

The New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL v2 fuses performance with lifestyle, creating a versatile golf shoe suitable for those with plantar fasciitis. At first glance, the waterproof microfiber leather and performance mesh highlight the shoe’s dedication to durability and breathability – essential for any golfer confronting various weather conditions.

Indeed, its Fresh Foam midsole design ushers in a new level of comfort. Whether driving from the tee or walking the back nine, the cloud-like cushioning provides support where it’s needed most, making it an ideal choice for those requiring extra care for their feet.

Moreover, maintenance is straightforward. Being machine washable adds functionality to fashion, letting you keep them as fresh as the fairways.

The spikeless rubber outsole is a nod to modernity. It provides enough grip to stay firm during your swing, without sacrificing style or convenience when moving from the green to the clubhouse.

Despite being our third feature, these shoes do not compromise on quality. Their popularity is justified with a stellar 4.2-star rating, indicating satisfied customers who appreciate the blend of athletic functionality and golf-specific comfort. The New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL v2 stands as a sound option for women golfers who prioritize comfort without skimping on performance.

#4 FitVille Rebound Core Golf Shoe

Comfort/SupportMicrofiber leather upper, TPU rubber improves stability and longevity, and abrasion-resistant non-slip outsoles.
DurabilityMicrofiber leather upper, TPU rubber improves stability and longevity, abrasion-resistant non-slip outsoles.
Traction/GripPatented non-slip outsole design with enhanced spikes for exceptional grip and a low-profile outsole for ground connection.

FitVille’s Rebound Core Golf Shoe emerges as an extraordinary ally for golfers dealing with plantar fasciitis. Its microfiber leather and rubber construction create a durable yet lightweight ally for long courses. The shoes’ impressive 4.3-star rating testifies to their performance on the fairway.

Notably, comfort is at the forefront with these shoes. The inclusion of OrthoLite insoles and dual-density EVA midsoles offer indispensable arch support and shock absorption – features vital for players spending extensive periods on their feet. Furthermore, a generous toe box enables the natural motion of toes, adding to their orthopedic advantages.

These shoes don’t skimp on grip either. Thanks to the patented non-slip outsole with enhanced spikes, golfers can expect steadfast traction through every swing. The low-profile outsole design also ensures a closer connection to the terrain, improving overall stability.

While crafted for performance, these shoes also prioritize foot health, with the brand’s commitment to therapeutic footwear evident in every aspect. For those braving the greens with sensitive feet, the Rebound Core Golf Shoe by FitVille presents a synthesis of utility and comfort. It stands out as a premium choice in golf footwear, dedicated to players prioritizing comfort without compromising on performance.

#5 New Balance Fresh Foam Contend

Comfort/SupportFeatures Fresh Foam midsole and CUSH+ insole for ultra cushioning and comfort.
DurabilityMade of 100% synthetic materials, offered with a 2-year waterproof warranty.
Traction/GripSmart rubber spikeless outsole with pressure mapping for optimized traction on the golf course.

The New Balance Fresh Foam Contend Golf Shoes are a testament to New Balance’s commitment to combining performance with comfort on the golf course. Perfect for those dealing with plantar fasciitis, these shoes deliver outstanding support and cushioning thanks to their innovative Fresh Foam midsole and the soft, molded CUSH+ insole.

Crafted with 100% synthetic materials, they are designed to withstand the demands of the game, evidenced by the robust 2-year waterproof warranty. Additionally, the shoes come in a range of sizes and colors, catering to different tastes without sacrificing any of the necessary functionality or style.

One pivotal feature is their spikeless smart rubber outsole, which conducts pressure mapping to color-indicate zones of performance, ensuring that golfers maintain excellent traction and grip throughout their play.

Moreover, the waterproof microfiber leather and performance mesh upper keep feet dry, ready to contend with early morning dew or the occasional downpour. With a substantial customer satisfaction rating, the New Balance Fresh Foam Contend is highly recommended for golfers seeking a blend of comfort, style, and performance.

#6 Skechers Go Ultra Max Spikeless Golf Shoe

Comfort/SupportFeatures lightweight ULTRA GO cushioning and GOGA MAX insole technology for high-rebound, supportive comfort.
DurabilityConstructed with 100% synthetic fabric and a rubber sole, offering resilience against wear and tear.
Traction/GripThe spikeless design provides ample grip on the golf course, while also being versatile enough for other surfaces.

Finding the right golf shoes for plantar fasciitis is all about balancing comfort and support, and the Skechers Go Ultra Max Spikeless Golf Shoe measures up well. Its ULTRA GO cushioning pairs with the GOGA MAX insole for a feeling of walking on air, which is exactly what a sufferer of plantar fasciitis needs.

Despite being incredibly light at just 2 pounds, they are in no way fleeting when it comes to durability. The 100% synthetic fabric and a solid rubber sole stand up to repeat rounds, meaning you can expect these shoes to last.

On the golf course, traction is just as vital as comfort, and the spikeless outsole of these shoes tackles this need adeptly. They balance grip with flexibility and ease of movement, making them suitable for diverse playing conditions.

Another thoughtful touch is the shoe’s water-repellent properties, allowing you to play through damp conditions without worry. While these features are impressive, it’s also the shoe’s hybrid nature, borrowing aspects from both athletic and golf footwear, that makes it a great choice for those needing special attention to foot comfort on the green.

Moreover, the varied color options ensure that style preferences are catered to, which, when combined with the feature-packed and comfort-centric design, makes the Skechers Go Ultra Max a sound selection for alleviating the challenges of plantar fasciitis.

#7 FootJoy Men’s Sneaker Golf Shoes 56736 M070

Comfort/SupportCushioned fit-bed insole provides extreme underfoot comfort and heel support, maintaining cushioning throughout the shoe’s lifespan.
DurabilityFull-grain leather construction with a machine washable design and a durable rubber outsole for long-lasting use.
Traction/GripOutsole features a proprietary compound that enhances turf gripping, ensuring stability and performance on the golf course.

The FootJoy Men’s Sneaker Golf Shoes 56736 M070 stand as an impressive option for those battling plantar fasciitis, offering a balance of support and versatility. Outfitted with a full-grain leather upper and synthetic sole, these shoes ensure breathability and lasting comfort on the greens.

Uniquely constructed for athletic performance, the shoes’ last design provides the snug fit one needs for long hours of play, making them suitable for the vigorous demands of a full golfing session. Stepping onto the turf in these cleats, you’ll appreciate the plush underfoot cushioning and effective shock absorption, courtesy of the Cushioned fit-bed.

Moreover, considering the practicalities of golf shoe ownership, the machine-washable nature of this pair simplifies maintenance without compromising the product’s integrity, as evidenced by the durable US-backed warranty.

The thoughtful inclusion of an EVA fit-bed means that comfort is not sacrificed at the altar of lightweight design, and when it comes to maintaining a firm stance, the specialized rubber outsole grips the ground with purpose and precision.

While they may not top our list, the FootJoy Men’s Sneaker Golf Shoes shine as a highly recommended addition to the golfer’s wardrobe, where they will surely contribute to pain-free and peak performance gameplay.

#8 ECCO Biom Hybrid Hydromax

Comfort/SupportBuilt with BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology and a removable comfort-fibre inlay sole, these shoes promise anatomically supportive fit and long-term cushioning.
DurabilityThe ECCO YAK leather, synthetic materials, and ECCO FLUIDFORM Technology contribute to a robust sole that maintains durability without sacrificing flexibility.
Traction/GripAn E-DTS traction system composed of approximately 100 TPU bars with 800 traction angles ensures exceptional grip across all terrains.

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid Hydromax Golf Shoes elevate the game for golfers dealing with plantar fasciitis. The luxurious ECCO YAK leather combined with high-performance textiles ensures durability while offering a stylish appearance. Ideal for those requiring extra foot care, the water-repellent HYDROMAX technology and removable comfort-fibre inlay sole provide a dry, cushioned environment irrespective of the weather.

The shoes are engineered using ECCO’s BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology to promote a natural walking motion, an essential feature to alleviate heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis. These golf shoes are crafted for maximum comfort, and with their sleek design, they seamlessly transition from the course to day-to-day wear without skipping a beat.

Advanced soles designed via ECCO FLUIDFORM Technology provide enhanced flexibility, enabling the golfer to maintain form and performance over extended rounds. Factors that contribute to their all-day wearability include generous breathability, ergonomic design, and the ability to withstand varied terrains.

Their excellent E-DTS traction ensures that regardless of conditions, your swing is supported by a stable foundation thanks to the 800 traction angles. Although ranked at #8 in our selection, the ECCO Biom Hybrid Hydromax remains a top-tier choice for golfers, delivering premium comfort, innovative technology, and exceptional quality.

#9 ASICS Gel-Kayano ACE Golf Shoes

Comfort/SupportRearfoot and forefoot GEL technology, FLYTEFOAM cushioning.
DurabilityDurable TPU material, robust rubber sole.
Traction/GripStrategic outsole traction pattern for enhanced grip.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano ACE Golf Shoes offer an exceptional combination of stability, comfort, and support, making them a solid pick for those with plantar fasciitis. These shoes draw inspiration from ASICS’s iconic stability running footwear, ensuring that golfers receive the same level of care for their feet on the links as they would on a run. With a variety of color options available, the Gel-Kayano ACE presents a stylish option adaptable to any golfer’s personal taste.

Moreover, they feature a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry in all conditions, alongside a TPU heel cradle that provides additional stability during your golf swing. The FLYTEFOAM cushioning and GEL technology offer remarkable shock absorption which is essential for all-day comfort on the course.

Durability is also at the forefront of the Gel-Kayano ACE design. Crafted from sturdy Thermoplastic Polyurethane and featuring a strong rubber sole, these shoes are built to last many rounds. The lace-up closure ensures a secure fit, reducing the likelihood of any unwanted movement or slippage inside the shoe.

Finally, a thoughtfully designed traction pattern on the outsole not only enhances the shoe’s grip on various terrains but contributes to the overall support structure that can be crucial for individuals managing plantar fasciitis. While not ranked at the top of our list, its combination of ASICS’s trusted technology and dedicated features for golfers with foot concerns make the Gel-Kayano ACE a commendable choice.

#10 FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon Boa Golf Shoe

Comfort/SupportEquipped with OrthoLite Impressions FitBed for custom fitting and OptiFlex Outsole for flexibility.
DurabilityBoasts thermoplastic elastomers sole and FootJoy’s two-year waterproof warranty in the U.S.
Traction/GripCombines TPU and Carbon wrapped shank for tour-proven stability and secure Boa fit system for enhanced control.

The FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon Boa Golf Shoe merges performance with comfort, catering to golfers grappling with plantar fasciitis. The integration of OrthoLite Impressions FitBed delivers immediate comfort that molds to the foot’s shape over time, providing essential underfoot support. The breathable performance mesh upper combined with the molded ribbed knit saddle supplies both ventilation and flexibility, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout your game.

In terms of durability, these shoes are reinforced with thermoplastic elastomers for the sole and backed by FootJoy’s impressive two-year waterproof warranty in the U.S. This makes them a dependable choice for golfers who face various course conditions, including the challenge of wet environments. The commitment to convenience is further exemplified by the machine washable nature of these shoes, evidencing their easy-care design.

Traction and stability are crucial for any golfer, and the Hyperflex Carbon Boa delivers on both fronts. The OptiFlex Outsole and the synergy of TPU and Carbon in the shank of the shoe offer a dynamic stability that is often tour demanded. With the Boa fit system’s precise adjustability, golfers can ensure a secure fit that translates to better stability, control, and power on the course.

Aesthetically, the shoes come in classic Black and White color options, which allows for personal style without overshadowing performance. The package’s dimensions exhibit the lightweight nature of the shoes, weighing in at approximately 3 pounds, which plays a role in reducing foot fatigue during a long round of golf.

Though it may be our tenth selection, the Hyperflex Carbon Boa is a considerable option for those with plantar fasciitis seeking a blend of style, comfort, durability, and stability. Its construction speaks volumes of FootJoy’s dedication to meeting the needs of both amateurs and professionals, without compromising on the sophistication or performance expected from a quality golf shoe.

Checklist: What makes great golf shoes for plantar fasciitis

  • Arch Support: A must-have to alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis, look for features like OrthoLite insoles and cloud foam midsoles that offer reliable arch support and cushioning.
  • Durability: High-quality materials such as microfiber leather and waterproof construction are pivotal for the longevity of golf shoes, ensuring they withstand varied weather and terrain conditions.
  • Traction/Grip: Ensure maximum stability with shoes that offer either a spike or spikeless outsole, particularly those designed with traction patterns or replaceable spikes to maintain a secure footing.
  • Cushioning: Comfort reigns supreme with features like Fresh Foam midsoles and GOGA MAX insoles, which provide ultra-cushioning for comfort throughout extended play.
  • Fit and Adjustability: Look for lacing systems or the Boa fit system for a secure and customizable fit, crucial for keeping your foot stable and reducing additional stress on the plantar fascia.
  • Water Resistance: To protect against damp conditions on the course, go for shoes with water-repellent features or climatesmart technologies to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


What features should I look for in golf shoes to aid with plantar fasciitis?

Seek golf shoes with strong arch support, ample cushioning, a secure fit, water resistance, and good traction to alleviate plantar fasciitis discomfort while playing.

Can the right golf shoes improve comfort for players with plantar fasciitis?

Yes, choosing golf shoes with appropriate cushioning, arch support, and stability features can significantly improve comfort for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Are spikeless golf shoes suitable for someone with plantar fasciitis?

Spikeless golf shoes can be suitable if they provide excellent traction, support, and cushioning to help manage plantar fasciitis symptoms while golfing.

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