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Struggling with the wrong golf shoes can drag down your game.

Don’t settle for discomfort and slips when you swing.

Unlock your true potential on the green.

Explore the top golf shoes for men that blend comfort, grip, and style.

#1 Adidas Men’s S2G SL Golf Shoes

ComfortTextile upper with Bounce midsole for lightweight comfort and flexible cushioning
TractionTraxion rubber outsole for durable grip on the golf course
WaterproofingWater-resistant synthetic and rubber material to keep feet dry

The Adidas Men’s S2G SL Golf Shoes stand out as the ultimate choice for golf enthusiasts seeking both performance and sustainability. The clever use of Primegreen materials makes these shoes as eco-friendly as they are functional, with 50% of the upper composed of recycled content.

Adidas’s commitment to comfort and performance is evident in the Bounce midsole, which contours to the movements of your feet, ensuring a seamless transition from walking to swinging. The soft textile upper wraps snugly, delivering a bespoke fit, providing that ‘second skin’ feel essential for those long rounds on the links.

Traction is paramount on the green, and the S2G SL doesn’t disappoint with its grip-centric Traxion rubber outsole. This design supports stability and sure-footedness, so every stance and stroke is secure. Plus, the spikeless outsole means these shoes are versatile enough for both on-course play and off-course convenience.

Despite the challenges of a wet course, the water-resistant synthetic-and-rubber makeup of the S2G SL ensures your feet stay dry through all 18 holes. This is essential for maintaining comfort and performance, no matter the weather.

Overall, the Adidas Men’s S2G SL Golf Shoes excel in their class by delivering unmatched comfort, reliable traction, and commendable eco-consciousness. Their spikeless design and superior materials cater to the dynamic needs of modern golfers, making them the best golf shoes for men currently on the market.

#2 THESTRON Athletic Performance Golf Shoes

ComfortLeather construction with mesh design and lace-up closure for an adjustable, snug fit that provides walking comfort throughout the golf round.
TractionEquipped with seven spikes on each sole for maximum grip and stability on the course, enhancing swing performance.
WaterproofingDurable leather material and thoughtful design offer protection against the elements, keeping feet dry during play.

THESTRON Athletic Performance Golf Shoes stand out for their sleek design that calls to mind classic sports sneakers, yet they’re tailor-made for the golf course. With a traditional leather outer and a modern mesh design, they epitomize a symbiosis of style and utility, making them an apt choice for avid golfers.

Their rubber sole foundation promises not just durability but also a secure footing, imperative for those critical strokes. The thoughtful inclusion of seven spikes per sole is a boon, offering a traction advantage that any golfer would appreciate, while the leather keeps the elements at bay.

The lace-up closure system is the key to making them fit just right, enhancing both comfort and support—two critical factors when you’re traversing the greens for hours. Furthermore, the palette of colors and sizes available means finding the ideal pair shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Despite being our second choice, THESTRON’s Athletic Performance Shoes are resonating well with consumers, if their favorable customer ratings are anything to go by. Their dual appeal—attractive for walking the course and casual wear—further bolsters their position as a solid selection in the men’s golf shoe category.

#3 FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex Golf Shoe

ComfortLightweight performance mesh, soft EVA midsole for cushioning, Laser Sport Fit for a comfortable, athletic fit.
TractionVersaTrax outsole for optimized on-course grip and performance.
WaterproofingSynthetic fabric construction suitable for machine washing, ideal for maintenance and care.

The FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex Golf Shoe epitomizes the blend of comfort and performance that discerning golfers seek. With its lightweight mesh, it promises a day on the links that’s as comfortable in the 18th hole as it was at the first tee-off. The secure grip provided by the VersaTrax outsole means that varied terrain and tricky lies are tackled with confidence.

Durability meets carefree maintenance in the shoe’s synthetic build, allowing you to easily keep these kicks looking sharp round after round. The Laser Sport Fit design ensures an athletic fit and a pleasing silhouette that supports your feet from drive to putt.

While it may not boast the number one spot, the FootJoy FJ Flex is a definite frontrunner in the golf shoe game. Renowned FootJoy quality shines through in craftsmanship meant to endure. Moreover, the versatility as a dual-function shoe for casual wear is a notable advantage for those seeking practicality along with performance.

Weighing only about 3 pounds with package dimensions conducive to support, the FJ Flex reflects the company’s attention to detail. In a game of inches and ounces, these shoes provide an edge without weighing you down. Choosing the FJ Flex is stepping up to a product that leverages over a century’s worth of shoemaking expertise, promising to elevate both your style and your game.

#4 Skechers Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe

ComfortUltra Go Foam cushioning & GOGA MAX insole for high-rebound support
TractionSpikeless TPU outsole for grounded traction and stability
WaterproofingWater-resistant synthetic upper

Skechers has once again hit the mark with the Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe, combining ​style and substance for the discerning golfer. The shoes provide a level of comfort that can sustain 18 holes of play, thanks to the responsive Ultra Go Foam cushioning and high-rebound GOGA MAX insole; your feet are sure to feel as fresh on the final green as they did on the first tee.

For those who value a smooth transition from the course to the clubhouse, the spikeless outsole offers not just convenience but also pronounced traction and support during the most dynamic swings. The water-resistant synthetic upper adds to the shoe’s versatility, accommodating early-morning dew or unexpected rain.

Breathability is another feature Skechers didn’t overlook; the perforated side panels facilitate air circulation, a must-have for comfort during warmer rounds. Available in a range of color options, the Pivot allows golfers to personalize their look without compromising on performance.

While a solid choice, the Pivot’s water-resistant (not waterproof) design is suitable for most, but not all, conditions. Nonetheless, the shoe’s popularity is evidenced by high customer ratings and robust sales rankings. With the Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe, Skechers offers a product that balances performance and comfort for golfers looking to stay at the top of their game.

#5 FENLERN Air Cushion Golf Shoes

No products found.

ComfortAir cushioned midsoles, padded tongue and collar, breathable sockliner
TractionHigh durometer, abrasion-resistant TPU outsoles with replaceable spikes
WaterproofingWater-resistant microfiber upper for dryness on the course

Offering a harmonious blend of fashion and functionality, the FENLERN Air Cushion Golf Shoes deliver an enjoyable experience on the green. Made for the modern golfer, the stylish microfiber upper not only looks sharp but ensures your feet stay dry, enhancing stability through an unpredictably damp course. The foundation of the shoe boasts a robust polyurethane sole, furnished with carefully positioned air cushions for a walking sensation that feels natural and reduces fatigue.

When it comes to maintaining a firm footing during your swing, traction can make all the difference. The high durometer, abrasion-resistant TPU outsoles equipped with spikes are designed to capitalize on stability and grip, so each step is as confident as the last. Additionally, the convenience of replaceable spikes underscores the lasting value of these shoes.

FENLERN recognizes the importance of comfort in a sport that often demands extended periods on your feet. Extra cushioning around the tongue and collar, paired with a conforming sock liner, diminishes the likelihood of discomfort or slippage, allowing the focus to remain on the game. A specialized heel design offsets foot stress, ensuring all-day comfort and a 12-month warranty supports your investment.

For enthusiasts seeking a personalized touch, FENLERN offers an array of color options, supporting your style as much as your swing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, the variety, and quality embodied by the FENLERN Air Cushion Golf Shoes make them a prime addition to any golfer’s wardrobe. Their machine washable feature even ensures these shoes remain pristine round after round.

While these may hold the fifth position on our list, their attributes in comfort, traction, waterproofing, and style indeed make them a worthy contender for your next golf shoe purchase. Satisfying a range of sizes from 7 to 15, the FENLERN Air Cushion Golf Shoes superbly fuse the aesthetic appeal with the functionalities demanded by the discerning golfer.

No products found.

#6 PUMA Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe

ComfortFusion Foam technology, Softfoam enhanced comfort footbed, roomy Grip Comfort last providing spacious volume fit
TractionNature-inspired organic traction lugs, spikeless rubber sole for stability and grip on various terrains
WaterproofingNo specific waterproofing features listed, focus on breathability with performance mesh upper

With its mix of innovative technology and practical design, the PUMA Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe stands out as a solid contender for golf enthusiasts. Weighing just 12 ounces, this lightweight model is built to keep you comfortable through eighteen holes and beyond. The core of its comfort lies in the Fusion Foam and Softfoam footbed, which together provide a plush yet supportive cushioning underfoot.

Featuring nature-inspired traction lugs and a spikeless rubber sole, these shoes deliver exceptional grip and stability during every swing without the need for traditional spikes. This versatile design ensures that they’re as functional on the sidewalk as they are on the green, making them a great choice for golfers who value practicality and ease.

Although not explicitly marketed as waterproof, the performance mesh upper offers excellent breathability, making these shoes a suitable option for dry conditions where airflow is paramount. The inclusion of easy machine wash care also adds to their low-maintenance appeal.

The genuine blend of 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester adds durability while maintaining a sporty aesthetic courtesy of the heathered mesh forefoot. With color options such as Puma Black-Quiet Shade and Limestone-Gray Violet, style is not sacrificed in the pursuit of performance.

Consider the PUMA Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe for your next footwear investment. With stellar customer feedback and a focus on comfort and versatile traction, they serve as a dependable choice for those in search of a quality golf shoe without breaking the bank.

#7 Zakey Professional Waterproof Golf Sneakers

ComfortDesigned as a versatile shoe for golf and daily walking, ensuring all-day ease.
TractionEquipped with replaceable and detachable spikes for superior grip on the course.
WaterproofingConstructed with a high waterproof level to resist water in damp conditions.

The Zakey Professional Waterproof Golf Sneakers are for golfers who desire performance with a classic touch. Made to endure the diverse conditions of the golf course, they promise to keep your feet dry, leveraging waterproof technology tailored for when the weather turns to drizzle or when dew graces the fairway.

Their machine-washable design is coupled with the convenience of interchangeable spikes, delivering both maintenance ease and long-term value. The lace-up closure provides a secure fit, pivotal for stability during swings and long walks.

Available in a variety of colors, these golf sneakers offer the flexibility to express personal style on and off the green. The broad sizing ensures a comfortable fit for an array of foot structures, extending its appeal to a wider golfing community.

While these aren’t the top-ranked shoes in the golf category, many users have expressed high satisfaction, citing a blend of comfort, stability, and durability. The Zakey Professional Waterproof Golf Sneakers stand as a solid choice for those balancing serious golfing with casual versatility.

#8 Callaway Men’s Solana TRX V2 Golf Shoe

Comfort5mm PLUSfoam insole, Forged DX midsole, Opti-Soft EVA midsole
Traction5 Spike dura-rubber outsole with Fast Twist 3.0 removable cleats
WaterproofingOpti-dri waterproof protection with a 2-year limited waterproof warranty

The Callaway Men’s Solana TRX V2 Golf Shoe combines deluxe comfort with superior functionality, aiming to elevate the golfing experience. The choice of a microfiber leather upper and the opti-dri waterproof protection ensures that golfers’ feet remain dry and comfortable, regardless of weather changes.

Stability and control are paramount in golf, and the Solana TRX V2’s 5 Spike dura-rubber outsole makes no compromises, delivering excellent grounding with each swing. An added advantage, the Forged DX midsole, entices with a natural ground feel while the PLUSfoam insole provides extra padding, a thoughtful combination for enduring an entire day on the course.

The shoes flaunt a variety of stylish color choices, catering to personal taste while maintaining a classic, neat appearance. Furthermore, the inclusion of Fast Twist 3.0 removable cleats aligns with the needs of golfers focusing on nuanced power and stability in their game.

With the added convenience of being machine washable and a size chart to ensure the perfect fit, this footwear is an excellent choice for the discerning golfer. Though arriving as our eighth selection, the Callaway Men’s Solana TRX V2 is anything but an afterthought, offering a golfing solution that champions comfort, control, and style with every step.

#9 New Balance Men’s 997 Sl Golf Shoe

ComfortAbzorb midsoles for cushioning and CUSH+ insoles for enhanced comfort
TractionNDurance rubber outsole promoting natural foot motion and grip
WaterproofingWaterproof microfiber leather and a 2-year waterproof warranty

The New Balance Men’s 997 Sl Golf Shoe presents a fusion of functionality and style tailored to meet the needs of modern golfers. Encased in waterproof microfiber leather, these shoes are built to endure. Their inherent durability is further backed by a generous 2-year waterproof warranty, offering peace of mind with every dew-covered dawn tee-off.

Golfers will experience exceptional comfort with the inclusion of Abzorb midsoles and CUSH+ insoles. This clever combination provides both responsive cushioning and a plush feel underfoot, ensuring that comfort doesn’t fade even as you walk the full 18 holes. The spikeless NDurance rubber outsole maintains a firm grasp on various terrains without compromising the foot’s natural motion, making for a stable and confident golfing experience.

Versatility in appearance comes with a selection of colorways, ranging from classic Sand to bold Black/White options. The machine-washable feature adds convenience, allowing for easy maintenance and care. With its sleek design inspired by the 997H series, the 997 Sl Golf Shoe carries an air of contemporary sportiness that aligns with New Balance’s reputation for quality athletic gear.

Released recently in November 2022, these golf shoes are a testament to New Balance’s commitment to innovate within the golfing world. While the shoe occupies the ninth position in our recommendations, it remains a solid choice for those valuing a blend of progressive design and trusted golf shoe performance. Overall, the New Balance Men’s 997 Sl Golf Shoe stands as a worthy contender in the realm of golf footwear, capable of satisfying both the aesthetic preferences and athletic demands of dedicated golfers.

#10 Under Armour Charged Draw 2 Spikeless Golf Shoes

ComfortCharged Cushioning midsole, Breathable microfiber upper
TractionUA Rotational Resistance outsole, Spikeless design
WaterproofingNever-Wet treatment, One-year waterproof warranty

The Under Armour Charged Draw 2 Spikeless Golf Shoes are crafted to keep you at the top of your game. With their lightweight and breathable microfiber leather upper, these shoes offer a comfortable fit that’s essential for walking the course. The Never-Wet treatment ensures your feet stay dry, providing peace of mind in various weather conditions.

When it comes to performance, the Charged Cushioning midsole delivers responsiveness and durability. This is crucial for golfers who need reliable underfoot support throughout their rounds. The spikeless UA Rotational Resistance outsole ensures that traction is maintained without the hassle of traditional spikes, making transitions from green to clubhouse seamless.

These shoes also claim a style statement with a variety of color choices, allowing you to match your personal style on the course. From sleek monochromatic to vibrant contrast color schemes, the Charged Draw 2 does not compromise style for functionality. Additionally, the one-year waterproof warranty adds an extra layer of confidence to your investment.

As you tighten the standard tie lace for a secure fit, feel assured that the shoe’s rubber sole and lightweight design (only 9.8 ounces) offer both stability and ease of movement. Whether you’re driving or putting, the Charged Draw 2 stands out as a fusion of modern technology and style, tailored for golfers who require agility and comfort.

Overall, the Under Armour Charged Draw 2 Spikeless Golf Shoes are for players who seek advanced footwear technology without foregoing the elegance of traditional golf attire. Combining practicality with contemporary design, this golf shoe is a considerable option for those looking to enhance their game while maintaining a sharp appearance on the course.

Checklist: What makes a great golf shoe for men

  • Comfort: Look for features like cushioned insoles, padded collars, and responsive midsoles. These elements ensure sustained comfort which is essential during prolonged periods of play and walking across the golf course.
  • Traction: A reliable golf shoe must have excellent grip. Attributes like spikeless outsoles or replaceable spikes can improve stability and help maintain a steady position during swings, regardless of the terrain.
  • Waterproofing: Golf courses can be damp, so water-resistant or waterproof materials are vital. This keeps feet dry during early morning rounds or unexpected rain, thus preserving comfort and reducing distraction.
  • Style: While performance is key, style also matters. Look for shoes that reflect your personal fashion sense, available in various colors and designs that can transition from the fairway to the clubhouse with ease.
  • Fit: Proper fit cannot be overstated. Shoes should provide a snug, secure feel without pinching or slipping. Many models offer adjustable lacing systems or ample room for natural movements of the feet.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Consider the environmental impact of your golf shoes. Options utilizing sustainable materials and eco-conscious production processes can offer a green alternative without compromising quality.


What features should I look for in a good golf shoe for men?

Opt for golf shoes with cushioned insoles, reliable traction, waterproof materials, and a fit that balances snugness with comfort for optimal performance on the course.

How important is waterproofing in men’s golf shoes?

Waterproofing is crucial in men’s golf shoes to keep feet dry in dew or rain, thus enhancing comfort and focus during play.

Can style and performance be balanced in men’s golf shoes?

Yes, many golf shoes for men offer a range of styles without compromising on comfort, grip, and waterproofing, suitable for both play and social settings at the clubhouse.

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