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Golf in the rain? No excuses.

Getting caught in a downpour can end a good round.

But with the right golf rain jacket, swing through storms in comfort and style.

This guide unveils the top jackets to beat the wettest weather.

Stay dry, stay in the game.

#1 Holloway Raiders Pullover 229155

Waterproof RatingWater repellent properties for protection
BreathabilityLightweight Aero-Tec fabric
Durability100% Polyester, machine washable

The Holloway Raiders Pullover 229155 emerges as a standout in the golf rain jacket arena due to its comprehensive blend of functionality and style. Designed for athletic pursuits on and off the golf course, its 100% Polyester construction ensures it can handle the rigors of activity while remaining lightweight and comfortable.

This quarter-zip sweatshirt is thoughtfully tailored to offer an athletic fit promoting a full range of motion, which is essential for any golfer swinging through inclement weather. The variety of color options allows personal expression, reflecting a stylish edge while addressing utility.

Moreover, the sweatshirt’s fabric is Aero-Tec; not only does it protect from the weather, but it also operates silently, adding no distraction to your game. The water-repellent features serve to keep golfers dry, so focus can remain on the sport.

Its additional features such as a media port in the pocket are not just functional; they are a nod to the modern golfer who appreciates convenience and technology integration. The inclusion of spandex binding on the cuffs and a smartly stitched front pouch pocket demonstrate the attention to detail that Holloway puts into their sportswear design.

With a healthy 4.2-star rating from over 779 customer reviews, the Holloway Raiders Pullover 229155 stands out as the Best golf rain jacket. It’s a garment that ensures performance and flexibility are uncompromised, making it a worthy top pick for any golfer.

#2 Little Donkey Andy HydroShield

Waterproof RatingPU coated membrane with DWR Finish
BreathabilityMesh lining for enhanced moisture transfer
Durability100% Polyester construction, UPF 50+ protection

For those who like to hit the links no matter the weather, the Little Donkey Andy HydroShield is a compelling pick in the golf rain jacket category. Its lightweight polyester fabric is enriched with a DWR finish and a PU-coated membrane, striking a balance between water repellency and windproof capabilities. This means that a golfer can stay dry without the stifling effect typical of heavier rain gear.

Breathability is another smart feature of the HydroShield. The inclusion of a mesh lining facilitates moisture transfer, helping to keep skin cool and dry, and maintaining comfort through eighteen holes. In sun or rain, the built-in UPF 50+ protection serves as a barrier against harmful rays, ensuring the jacket’s versatility across seasons.

Designed for both practicality and style, the elastic cuffs, drawcord adjustable hem, and stand-up collar enhance comfort while offering a customizable fit to brave the elements. The three-dimensional cutting doesn’t impede your swing, ensuring style and functionality aren’t mutually exclusive.

Storage options haven’t been overlooked, as the jacket boasts two large hand pockets, practical for those extra golf balls or a scorecard. Its extremely lightweight build, at just 9.91 ounces, makes it an unobtrusive addition to any golfer’s attire. Given its lightweight nature, stored in a golf bag, it’s effortlessly at hand when the weather turns.

Evidently, Little Donkey Andy has constructed not just a jacket, but a multifaceted tool for the avid golfer. Its hydrophobic features, combined with the ease of movement and storage, place the HydroShield as a top choice for those looking to stay prepared and stylish on the course.

#3 London Fog Auburn Zip-Front Golf Jacket

Waterproof RatingWater-resistant
BreathabilityMesh Lining for Comfort
Durability92% Polyester, 8% Nylon Blend

The London Fog Auburn Zip-Front Golf Jacket is a remarkable combination of heritage and functionality. The mesh lining provides comfortable breathability, keeping you dry even on muggy, rainy days on the course. This jacket’s fabric blend offers not just flexibility but also notable longevity to withstand multiple seasons’ worth of swings and tournaments.

From a practicality standpoint, the adjustable snap cuffs are a considerate touch, ensuring sleeves stay in place regardless of movement. The plethora of pockets – double-entry hand pockets, hidden chest pockets, and an additional side pocket – guarantee that essentials are accessible and secure.

What particularly stands out is the jacket’s bi-swing back, which is a clever feature for golfers, allowing a full range of arm motion during play. Lastly, its windproof material keeps gusts at bay, ensuring that your focus remains undiverted.

For those who appreciate outerwear that speaks class while serving its purpose on the greens, the London Fog Auburn is a judicious choice. It reflects a blend of classic style and adaptability crucial for the everyday golfer.

#4 Little Donkey Andy Ultralight Cycling Jacket

Waterproof Rating5000mm rating with fully sealed seams
Breathability3000g/m2/24hr breathability with back air vent system
DurabilityRipstop polyester fabric and TPU membrane

The Little Donkey Andy Ultralight Cycling Jacket is a versatile weather-resistant companion, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted from 100% polyester with 2.5-layer technology, it offers a solid waterproof rating of 5000mm, ensuring you remain dry during sudden rain showers on the green. What stands out is the jacket’s impressive breathability; rated at 3000g/m^2/24hr, it is designed to maintain comfort without the feeling of being bundled up in a plastic bag.

One of this jacket’s key features is its windproof ripstop fabric, combined with a TPU membrane for enhanced durability. Cyclists and runners will appreciate the air vent system at the back which promotes excellent air circulation, regulating body temperature effectively. Whether you’re facing the unpredictable elements during a round of golf or cycling through a brisk morning, this jacket is up to the task.

A significant perk is its ultralight design, enabling the jacket to be folded neatly into its own back pocket, transforming into a compact package when not in use. This makes it an ideal option to carry around just in case the weather takes a turn.

Additionally, the Little Donkey Andy Jacket boasts reflective elements to keep you visible during those early morning jogs or late evening rounds, adding an element of safety to its list of practical features. The variety of sizes and colors ensures that you can choose one that fits perfectly and suits your style.

Ultimately, the Little Donkey Andy Ultralight Cycling Jacket holds its own in the golf rain jacket category. It delivers on essential points – water resistance, breathability, and durability – while also offering convenience with its packable feature and a range of safety-oriented design choices. This jacket is a solid choice for anyone looking to stay comfortable and prepared in variable weather conditions.

#5 Columbia Watertight II Rain Jacket

Waterproof RatingOmni-Tech fully waterproof
BreathabilityAir-permeable construction
DurabilitySturdy nylon material with reinforced stitching

Crafted with the unpredictable elements of a golf course in mind, the Columbia Watertight II Rain Jacket stands out for its innovative waterproofing. Equipped with Columbia’s proprietary Omni-Tech technology, this jacket offers supreme waterproof protection while still maintaining a comfortable level of breathability – ensuring you stay dry without overheating.

The light and packable nature of this jacket makes it an ideal companion for days when the weather looks uncertain. With its own pocket for storage, golfers can effortlessly carry it along and quickly adapt to changing weather conditions on the course. Additionally, the adjustable storm hood and chin guard add layers of protection when the rain begins to pour.

Beyond mere functionality, the Watertight II boasts a durability that’s hard to match. Its robust nylon fabric and meticulous seam-sealing deliver long-lasting wearability, which means more time on the green undeterred by the rain. The hand pockets, adjustable cuffs, and drawcord hem further accentuate the jacket’s practical design.

Style hasn’t taken a backseat either; a variety of colors to choose from ensures that personal taste is catered to. Whether it’s the understated elegance of a neutral grey or a pop of color with bright aqua, this jacket complements the golf attire. Compact, stylish, and robust, the Columbia Watertight II Rain Jacket proves to be a solid choice for golfers seeking reliable rainwear.

#6 Fit Space PRO All-Weather Jacket

Waterproof Rating100% Polyester with DWR Treatment
BreathabilityFully Waterproof and Windproof with Stretch Mesh Lining
DurabilitySeam-Sealed Protection and 100% Polyester Construction

Tackling the golf course in unpredictable weather can be a delight with the Fit Space PRO All-Weather Jacket. This attire brings together functionality and aesthetics, ensuring golfers remain both stylish and unencumbered by the elements. Crafted from 100% polyester, it’s built to withstand rain with its durable water-repellency treatment, offering reliability game after game.

Highly breathable, yet completely waterproof and windproof, this jacket manages to maintain a comfortable interior climate. This is particularly valuable during those long hours on the fairway, where changing conditions can be a common occurrence. It also features a stretch mesh lining that enhances the overall comfort without restricting the motion of a golf swing.

Players will appreciate the practical design touches, including seam-sealed protection and zipped pockets that secure valuables while on the move. With its reflective shoulder tape, visibility in low-light conditions is improved, an important safety feature for those who enjoy golfing from dawn to dusk.

The adaptability to various outdoor activities makes the Fit Space PRO All-Weather Jacket a versatile piece in any wardrobe. Whether it’s for hiking, running, or a simple stroll in the rain, it proves to be a quintessential companion. Moreover, the range of color options offers something for every golfer’s personal taste.

Despite a modest standing at #6 in our selection, the jacket does not compromise on quality and performance. Its consumer rating speaks to satisfaction and affirms its noteworthy position within the vast array of golf rain jackets available, rounding off a jacket that sets out to meet the demands of the devoted golfer.

#7 Carhartt Dry Harbor

Waterproof RatingWaterproof PU-coated nylon with a water-repellent finish
BreathabilityMidweight fabric construction for adequate air circulation
DurabilityConstructed from 100% Nylon, designed for long-lasting wear

The Carhartt Dry Harbor jacket is purposefully designed for those expecting reliability and comfort during light rain conditions on the golf course. Each detail, from the waterproof PU-coated nylon shell with a water-repellent finish to the visor on the hood, is aimed at enhancing weather protection and keeping you focused on your game.

The thoughtful inclusion of an adjustable cord lock on the hood, along with hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs, provides a customizable fit, encapsulating warmth while ensuring rain keeps out. Moreover, the full-zip front with both outer and inner storm flaps stands as a formidable barrier against the wind and wet weather.

Storage is plentiful and practical, with secure lower front pockets and additional internal drop-in pockets; so you can carry essentials without worry. For maintenance, the 100% Nylon construction simplifies care with machine-washable ease, extending this jacket’s shelf life even with frequent use.

Given the perfect combination of practicality, comfort, and durability, the Carhartt Dry Harbor rain jacket emerges as a prime selection for golfers who prioritize utility and efficiency on the course. Even though it’s our Number 7 choice, rest assured, it will not fall short of upholding the premium standards Carhartt is known for.

#8 Zero Restriction Power Torque

Waterproof Rating100% Polyester with Sealed Seams
BreathabilityPower Torque Back Design
DurabilityBemis Abrasion Tape at Pockets

Combating the elements on the golf course requires a jacket that can handle the pressure, and the Zero Restriction Power Torque rain jacket is crafted with this in mind. Its 100% polyester build and sealed seams deliver steadfast waterproof protection, making puddles and raindrops a non-issue.

The jacket not only keeps you dry but also supports movement through its innovative power torque back design. This specific feature means that even when the skies open up, your swing won’t be compromised. Furthermore, the jacket’s breathability ensures you remain comfortable throughout the round.

Durability is another critical factor, and with the addition of Bemis abrasion tape at the pockets, this jacket can endure frequent use and the abrasion of carrying golf gear. The one-hand draw cord is a subtle yet effective addition for quick adjustments—a boon for golfers who need to focus on their game and not their gear.

Three color options and a 2-year waterproof warranty speak volumes about the manufacturer’s confidence in this product’s performance. While it may be the eighth pick on our list, the Zero Restriction Power Torque rain jacket stands out for its thoughtful consideration to golfers’ specific needs. It’s a solid choice for anyone seeking a reliable shield against the rain that won’t hinder their game.

#9 K.E.J. StretchFlex Rain Jacket

Waterproof RatingDWR Fabric Technology
Breathability4-Way Stretch Polyester with Mesh Lining
DurabilitySeam-Sealed Design with Adjustable Cuffs

Crafted for the outdoor enthusiast, the K.E.J. StretchFlex Rain Jacket brings a seamless blend of functionality and comfort to the golf rain jacket category. With a formidable waterproof rating courtesy of DWR fabric technology, this ensemble ensures you stay dry under inclement weather conditions without sacrificing breathability – thanks to its 4-way stretch polyester and mesh lining.

The K.E.J. StretchFlex isn’t just about keeping you dry; it’s about maintaining full range of motion, a critical feature for golfers who require a quiet, non-restrictive garment as they traverse the links. Plus, adjustable sleeves provide the versatility for swiftly changing climates, ensuring you’re prepared, come rain or shine.

In terms of durability, this rain jacket stands out with its seam-sealed design and adjustable cuffs, effectively blocking out the elements. Side zipper pockets add a practical touch, securing valuables and enhancing convenience for the wearer.

Reflective detailing boosts visibility in low-light conditions, a thoughtful addition for early morning or late evening rounds. And while it’s a strong contender in the sports gear market, its lightweight and easy-to-carry package dimension of 15.07 x 13.54 x 2.6 inches only adds to its appeal for golfers on the go.

The K.E.J. StretchFlex Rain Jacket is a testament to thoughtful design for golfers and outdoor aficionados alike, providing both protection and performance without noise or bulk. It’s a great option within its range and a perfect fit for those looking for quality without climbing to the top-tier pricing.

#10 Fit Space FlexTech Rain Suit

Waterproof Rating20,000 mm/H2O/24h
Breathability18,000 g/24h
DurabilitySeam-sealed, 4-Way Stretch Polyester

The Fit Space FlexTech Rain Suit stands out as a noteworthy investment for golfers who value comfort and performance in diverse conditions. Its high waterproof rating of 20,000 mm/H2O/24h ensures dryness even in the wettest conditions while supporting a golfer’s active play through excellent breathability measured at 18,000 g/24h.

Constructed from durable, 4-way stretch polyester, the fabric offers great flexibility, accommodating dynamic swings without restraining movement, making it perfect for those who dislike the stiff, restrictive nature of traditional rain gear. Its convertible design, with interchangeable long and short sleeves, adds to its appeal as a versatile all-weather ally.

A notable feature is its seam-sealed construction coupled with stretch mesh lining, reflective accents for increased visibility, and adjustable cuffs and collar to tailor the fit. Zipper pockets offer practical storage for essentials, and the suit remains easily maintainable as it is machine washable.

Offering multiple color variants and zipper options, the Fit Space FlexTech Rain Suit caters to personal style preferences, while additional features such as reflective edges and water-repellent pockets signal thoughtful design choices that enhance utility and safety. This rain suit is not just for the greens but also serves well for a range of outdoor adventures.

With a solid 4.4-star rating based on over 300 reviews, customers affirm the product’s quality and performance. The Fit Space FlexTech Rain Suit is more than just a piece of golf apparel—it’s an investment in comfort and reliability on the golf course and beyond.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Golf Rain Jacket

  • Waterproof Rating: A top golf rain jacket will have a high waterproof rating, involve technology like Omni-Tech or DWR coatings, or feature fully sealed seams to prevent water penetration during play.
  • Breathability: To avoid overheating and retain comfort throughout the round, high breathability is key. Look for features like mesh linings or back vents that facilitate air circulation and moisture transfer.
  • Flexibility/Mobility: Golf requires a full range of motion, so jackets with flexible materials such as 4-way stretch polyester or design aspects like a bi-swing back are essential for an unrestricted swing.
  • Durability: Constructed from resilient materials like nylon and polyester with reinforced stitching or tape at high-wear areas, a durable jacket offers longevity and resistance to frequent use and washing.
  • Weight/Packability: A lightweight rain jacket that can be easily packed away, some even into their own pocket, is ideal for golfers who need to adjust quickly to changing weather conditions on the course.
  • Additional Features: Elements such as adjustable cuffs, waterproof pockets, and convertible sleeves add to the practicality and versatility of the jacket, catering to different weather scenarios and personal preferences.


What should I look for in a golf rain jacket?

Choose a jacket with a high waterproof rating, breathability, flexibility for motion, durability, light packability, and useful features like adjustable cuffs and pockets.

Are waterproof ratings important for golf rain jackets?

Yes, waterproof ratings are crucial to ensure a golf rain jacket provides adequate protection against rain while maintaining comfort during play.

Can a golf rain jacket offer both protection and mobility?

Absolutely, a well-designed golf rain jacket can provide excellent water resistance while offering the flexibility needed for an unrestricted golf swing.

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