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Struggling with putting?

It’s the single stroke that haunts your scorecard.

The right putter makes all the difference, offering accuracy, alignment, and a smooth roll.

Master the greens.

Stay tuned for the premier golf putters transforming games worldwide.

#1 Asyxstar Upgraded GP002 Putter

MaterialAluminum Alloy Shaft, Alloy Steel
Length32.99 inches
Weight0.55 lbs (0.25 kg)

The Asyxstar Upgraded GP002 Putter is a top-notch choice for golf enthusiasts seeking versatility and precision. Its two-way design allows both left and right-handed golfers to enjoy a seamless game without compromising on performance. This feature isn’t just a matter of convenience; it means that this putter can easily be shared among friends or used for teaching.

With an alignment aid to improve accuracy, the Asyxstar GP002 stands out as a useful ally on the green, especially when aiming for those crucial putts. Its comfortable grip and robust shaft ensure that every stroke is as controlled and consistent as possible, which is vital in reducing your score.

The inclusion of two foam practice balls is an appreciated addition, encouraging players to hone their skills anywhere. Whether you’re at home or in the office, this putter ensures your short game remains sharp.

Durability is another hallmark of the Asyxstar GP002 Putter. The high-quality aluminum alloy shaft is engineered to withstand the regular rigors of a golf game, while its compact design makes it an easy fit for any golf bag.

Add to these features the 12-month warranty, and you have a putter that guarantees satisfaction for a long time. With a length of nearly 33 inches and a weight of slightly over half a pound, this golf putter provides the perfect balance for both novice players and seasoned golfers, earning its place as the best in our golf putters category.

#2 GoSports Classic Golf Putter

MaterialSynthetic with Alloy Steel Shaft
Length35 inches
Weight1.4 pounds

The GoSports Classic Golf Putter marries a quintessential design with contemporary performance, catering to golfers looking for reliability on the greens. With options in 2 Way or Blade style, this putter is versatile enough to suit various putting techniques. The premium grip is designed for comfort and control, a crucial aspect when aiming for precision.

Constructed from durable synthetic material with an alloy steel shaft, the putter has just the right weight at 1.4 pounds to maintain stability without straining your hands. Its traditional, cast iron, two-way head is engineered for an accurate roll, ensuring your putts remain true to course.

Standing at a standard 35 inches in length, it suits most adult players, and the ambidextrous design opens the door for both left and right-handed golf enthusiasts. This putter’s approachable style and solid feel make it an excellent choice for amateurs and veterans alike.

Its 3.5-degree loft and regular flex shaft provide a balanced experience for a wide range of skill levels. Whether it’s for serious practice, recreational play, or adding a professional touch to your office putting zone, the GoSports Classic Golf Putter holds its place as a standout selection.

Overall, this putter represents a blend of time-honored aesthetics and practical enhancements, creating a product that adds value to your golfing kit. It stands as a noteworthy option for those seeking an affordable yet high-quality putter.

#3 Powerbilt Golf XRT Nano White Putter

MaterialAlloy steel clubhead, Steel shaft
Length35 inches
Weight2 pounds

The Powerbilt Golf XRT Nano White Putter has proven itself as a commendable performer on the green, offering a blend of stability and assistance to golfers seeking reliability. The putter’s mallet head design and perimeter weight distribution collectively contribute to an enhanced moment of inertia, providing a more forgiving feel during each stroke.

For players struggling with alignment or those pesky off-center hits, this putter serves as an aid with its grooved face design, which encourages a smoother roll and straighter lines. What stands out is the putter’s aesthetic and functional balance. The white color not only offers a sleek and discernible contrast against the green but also helps with the focus on alignment.

Made from durable alloy steel, with a shaft of the same material, this 35-inch putter is designed with a traditional plumber’s neck hosel to promote optimal hand positioning. This feature, alongside a comfortable rubber grip, adds to the precision and ease of play for many golfers, regardless of their height.

With an item weight of a manageable 2 pounds, the Powerbilt XRT Nano White offers both control and comfort, making it an attractive option for players who value equipment that feels good in the hands. Lastly, the putter’s legal status for tournament play confirms its adherence to quality and established golfing standards.

For those in search of a solid, middle-ground choice among golf putters, the Powerbilt Golf XRT Nano White Putter is a strong contender that doesn’t disappoint, contributing to its favorable customer rating. It addresses the needs of a wide array of golfers, from the meticulous beginner to the dedicated enthusiast, making it a reliable addition to any golfer’s bag.

#4 Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

MaterialGraphite shaft with white finish
Length34 inches
Weight1.19 pounds

The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter could be a strategic addition to any golfer’s bag. Its white finish stands out against green grass, focusing the golfer’s vision and improving alignment to bolster accuracy on the links. Weighing in at 1.19 pounds and boasting a “tour-weighted” 380g, this mallet-style putter provides a stable and smooth putt, critical for today’s faster greens.

Its 34-inch shaft allows for a responsive feeling when handling the club, giving players a tactile feedback loop that ensures consistency in each stroke. The specialized putting grip further secures the hand in place, adding comfort and ensuring each putt progresses exactly as intended. Moreover, the visual advantage proffered by the white finish could be a game-changer, making it easier to align each shot with precision.

While our top three picks may nudge out the PGX Putter in specific areas, its visual clarity sets it apart in its category. For golfers who put a premium on alignment and visual feedback, the design of this putter is particularly beneficial. The added benefit of the included headcover means that maintaining the white finish, free from scratches and marks, is one less worry to consider.

The 1-year warranty and the consistently high ratings it receives highlight the confidence Pinemeadow Golf has in its product, as well as its reception in the golfing community. Although it’s not our number-one picked putter, its unique features and thoughtful design justify its place as a worthy consideration for golfers at various levels. Regardless of the occasional missed opportunity, the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter stands as a solid choice for improving your short game.

#5 Wilson Harmonized M1 Golf Putter

MaterialAlloy Steel, All-Weather Grip
Weight0.4 kg / 0.88 lbs

The Wilson Harmonized M1 Golf Putter is a testament to Wilson’s commitment to quality and performance in the golfing arena. The square heel/toe design not only gives it a distinctive look but also aids in alignment, making this putter a wise choice for players focused on accuracy.

Crafted with an easy alignment feature, it simplifies the golfer’s setup, allowing for more consistent strokes. This is complemented by the oversized vertical seam grip, which enhances feel and control—key elements in making those critical putts.

What stands out about the M1 model is the responsive feedback and the precision it promises on the green. The smart use of a multi-density micro-injected face improves the feel upon contact, which could be the difference in a tight game.

Durability is another strength of this putter. Made with alloy steel and an all-weather grip, it’s designed to withstand varied playing conditions. Weighing in at just under a pound, it offers the perfect blend of steady handling and easy maneuverability, suiting a wide range of golfers.

Lastly, the brand’s storied history and the positive customer feedback solidify the M1 as a solid choice, especially considering it offers multiple style options to suit any golfer’s preference. The Wilson Harmonized M1 Golf Putter represents a reliable choice for those looking to enhance their game with a trusted tool on the greens.

#6 Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter

MaterialAlloy Steel with Soft TPU Face Insert
Weight1.25 lbs

The Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter brings to the table a remarkable balance between innovative design and playability. The high MOI feature enhances forgiveness, making those tricky putts a bit more manageable for a range of golfers. Its plumber’s neck hosel and the soft TPU face inserts ensure a responsive feel and consistent striking, an advantage when precision is key on the greens.

Aesthetically, the sleek silver and black finish is stylish without being distracting, and it’s matched with a functional bi-color sightline that aids in alignment for better accuracy. This visual cue is particularly helpful for ensuring your strokes are aimed exactly where they need to go.

Comfort isn’t neglected, with the standard-size rubber grip providing a secure hold that contributes to a stable and confident stroke. Furthermore, the included neoprene headcover is not just practical but also a nod to the brand’s attention to detail and consideration for the product’s longevity.

With a weight that strikes a delicate equilibrium between lightness for ease and heft for stability, the Orlimar Tangent T1 delivers dependable performance. The 36.3″ length caters to the conventional needs of many players, making it a versatile selection in the eclectic world of golf putters.

Receiving a laudable 4.5 out of 5-star rating from users, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter stands as a testament to Orlimar’s commitment to producing quality golf equipment. It addresses vital aspects like feel, control, and alignment, which are integral to any golfer’s game, and does so with an eye-catching aesthetic and an approachable price point.

#7 Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

MaterialSteel shaft, Graphite material
Length39.37 inches
Weight0.46 kilograms (1.01 lbs)

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter is a sleek addition to any golfer’s arsenal. With a graphite-enhanced steel shaft for both lightness and stability, this putter offers a unique balance that aids in maintaining a consistent stroke.

Its comfortable length of 39.37 inches offers ease of control without compromising on the precision that is essential for putting. The putter’s weight is impressively manageable at just over one pound, allowing players to wield it effortlessly on the green.

Adding to the aesthetics and functionality, the bold silver and black design paired with the “Plumber Neck” hosel ensures a standout look and encourages proper alignment. The provided spider grip enhances comfort and shock absorption, which can translate to better performance during extended play.

The 2X ORB Alignment System is the star of the show, providing that much-needed visual assistance for lining up shots. This thoughtful feature, together with the smooth-rolling face insert, makes the PGX SL Putter a solid choice for those looking to improve their accuracy. Whether you’re a novice working on your handicap or an experienced golfer, this putter is engineered for consistency on the greens.

#8 GoSports GS1 Tour Putter

MaterialStainless Steel Head with Milled Face
Length34 inches
Weight1.53 pounds

Crafted for players serious about improving their game, the GoSports GS1 Tour Putter is a standout in its category. Its sleek silver stainless steel head presents a classic design while ensuring durability. The milled face of the putter head promotes a softer feel at impact, leading to more consistent rolls. Players can choose between the traditional and oversized fat grip, with the latter offering a 1.3-inch diameter for enhanced tactile response and minimal hand rotation.

Accompanying the putter is a premium padded cover, which is especially useful in protecting the club when not in action. At a comfortable 34 inches in length and weighing just 1.53 pounds, the GS1 Tour Putter is suitable for a broad range of golfers. Its lie angle and regular flex are precision-engineered to enhance the stroke play of both amateur and experienced golfers.

For those who prefer a larger grip for better control and stability, the oversized option on this putter is a game-changer. The added grip surface area can aid in achieving smoother, straighter putts with less effort. The putter also comes with a regular flex which can suit most swinging styles and its 3.5-degree loft is standard for top-tier putters.

In the world of putters, the GoSports GS1 Tour Putter holds its own with a professional appearance and quality feel that many golfers desire. It’s been thoroughly tested in California, illustrating its adherence to performance standards. Moreover, its positive initial reviews endorse its status as a reliable tool on the green.

Additionally, the putter’s status within the GoSports range places it amongst a variety of high-quality golf products, further reinforcing the brand’s reputation for excellent golf gear. With a solid blend of style, craftsmanship, and playability, the GS1 Tour Putter is more than capable of making its mark on any putting green.

#9 Odyssey Golf DFX Putter

MaterialSteel (shaft & clubhead)
Weight1 pound approx.

The Odyssey Golf DFX Putter stands out with its sophisticated black design, ensuring you look as sharp as your play on the greens. Its solid steel construction speaks to both its quality feel and lasting durability, making it a reliable choice for the committed golfer. Its DFX Insert is renowned for gentle softness upon contact, imparting a consistent roll with each putt—a quality much appreciated under the pressure of a close game.

Golfers will appreciate the variety of grip options, with both Pistol and Oversize choices accommodating personal preferences and contributing to the steady control every putter seeks. What’s more, the 3-degree loft angle adds an extra touch to one’s putting stroke, subtly aiding performance without becoming a crutch.

While the putter may not claim the top spot on our list, its uniflex golf club flex means it is forgiving to a wide range of golf swings, a characteristic that is supported by its high customer satisfaction ratings. Its manageable 1-pound weight strikes an excellent balance, offering comfort without compromising stability, a testament to Odyssey’s commitment to quality equipment.

And it’s not just about the swing—the premium black finish minimizes glare, allowing the golfer to maintain focus where it matters most. Whether right or left-handed, the choices available ensure that every golfer can find their match with the DFX. Plus, with a two-year manufacturer warranty, you are assured of both its performance and resilience.

To suit up with the Odyssey Golf DFX Putter is to choose a product that marries sophistication with functionality. The decision to include this putter in your bag is to invest in a piece of equipment that will perform round after round, affirming its solid stance in our selection.

#10 TaylorMade Spider GT Silver

MaterialCarbon Steel, 6061 Aluminum Cap, Tungsten
Weight2.82 ounces

The TaylorMade Spider GT Silver is a fusion of precision engineering and sleek design, tailored to enhance stability and alignment on the green. Its 34-inch steel shaft affords a consistent pendulum swing, crucial for those make-or-break putts. The lightweight aluminum cap offers forgiveness without sacrificing feedback, bolstering your confidence with every stroke.

Incorporating an 80g tungsten stability bar, this right-handed putter steadies your hands and enhances your sense of control. The Pure Roll² Insert, featuring a 45° angle, actively promotes topspin, leading to a smoother roll and improved accuracy.

The Fluted Feel shaft adds a dimension of tactile feedback rarely seen in putters. Coupled with a specialized grip, it delivers comfort and steadiness throughout your playing session. The silver and black visual cues of the Spider GT align with the best in modern golf aesthetics, ensuring easier alignment and a commanding presence.

Overall, the TaylorMade Spider GT Silver punctuates our list as a choice for golfers yearning for a blend of forgiveness, aligning capability, and top-tier feel. It’s the kind of putter that quietly asserts its value, standing as a solid option for those looking to refine their game on the greens.

Checklist: What makes a great golf putter

  • Material Quality: Seek putters with high-grade materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum alloy for optimal durability and performance. High-quality materials aid in a consistent swing and withstand regular use.
  • Length and Weight: Match the putter’s length and weight to your personal comfort and playing style. A precise balance enhances control and stability, ensuring smoother putts and better accuracy on the greens.
  • Design and Aesthetics: Consider the putter’s head design and alignment features, which can improve aim and stroke accuracy. Aesthetics, such as contrasting colors, can assist with focus and alignment on the ball.
  • Grip Comfort: Ensure the putter grip size and material provide a comfortable and secure hold. Good grip support improves hand positioning and stroke consistency, which are crucial for accuracy and control.
  • Face and Insert: Look for a putter with a face or insert that matches your preference for feedback and roll consistency. Some putters feature grooved or milled faces for a more controlled and consistent ball roll.
  • Balance and Feel: Test the putter’s balance and feel during a swing. A well-balanced putter enhances the feel and can improve your confidence and performance on various green speeds and conditions.


What factors should I consider when choosing a putter?

Consider putter length and weight for comfort, material quality for durability, design for alignment, grip for control, and face insert for consistent ball roll.

How does grip size affect putting performance?

Grip size influences hand positioning and stroke consistency, which are crucial for control and accuracy on the greens during a game of golf.

Why is putter balance important?

Putter balance impacts the feel during a swing, improving confidence and performance on varying green speeds and conditions in golf.

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