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Stepping onto the green can be daunting for beginner golfers, especially when it involves picking the right putter.

Drop the guesswork and the anxiety that comes with it.

Here, we navigate the maze of options to connect you with the putters that promise a flying start.

Read on to make your first putt as satisfying as a pro’s.

#1 Kacezugi DualPlay Putter

Putter DesignDouble-sided, Ambidextrous
Length35 Inches
Weight380 Grams

The Kacezugi DualPlay Putter is a game-changer for novice golf enthusiasts looking for an affordable entry into the sport. Its robust aluminum alloy shaft and sizable 35-inch length strike the perfect balance for a beginner’s club, providing just the right amount of weight for comfortable and controlled swings.

Its universal, double-sided design is particularly advantageous, making it the best golf putter for beginners regardless of handedness. This means you can focus on your stroke without worrying about finding the correct orientation of the putter – a subtle but significant boon to learning the game.

The auditory feedback of a clean ‘tin’ sound upon striking the ball offers an extra layer of satisfaction and confirms a well-executed putt. Furthermore, because it’s travel-friendly and can be disassembled into four parts, it’s the ideal companion for practice anywhere, whether that be at a professional course or at home.

Complete with a comfortable grip and a pair of practice balls, the Kacezugi DualPlay allows for immediate enjoyment of the game. New golfers will appreciate the tactile, non-slip handling and the stability it brings to their putts.

Moreover, backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee, you can trust in the commitment to quality and golfer satisfaction ingrained in the Kacezugi brand. For its build, versatility, and beginner-friendly features, the Kacezugi DualPlay stands out as the superlative choice in its category.

#2 Asyxstar Upgraded Putter

Putter DesignAlignment line, Ambidextrous orientation, Classic texture with stable gravel non-slip grip
WeightDetails not provided; Alloy steel construction

The Asyxstar Upgraded Golf Putter sets itself as an excellent choice for beginners looking to refine their putting skills. Its intuitive alignment line is adeptly designed to enhance aiming accuracy – a major plus for both lefties and righties.

Adding to its appeal, the putter comes with practice foam balls, which means new golfers can dive into practice sessions right away, whether indoors or out on the greens. The practice elements make for a seamless transition from practice to play.

The durable aluminum alloy shaft not only ensures longevity but also provides a firm, non-yielding structure vital for consistent putting. The combined stable gravel non-slip grip allows for a comfortable, controlled putting stroke; this hold is critical for beginners getting used to the finesse required in golf.

Its 33-inch standard length is ideal for both men and women, offering an optimum setup for learning the ropes. Importantly, the ability to disassemble into four segments speaks volumes about its portability, terrific for those spontaneous practice opportunities.

Summing up, the Asyxstar Upgraded Golf Putter reaches out as a robust, intelligently designed tool for those embarking on their golf journey. The fact that it caters to a broad spectrum of golfers with varying skills, paired with the included warranty, imbues new golfers with confidence in their equipment choice. It stands, without doubt, as a fundamental instrument on the path to becoming a seasoned golfer.

#3 Jitnetiy Two Way Putter

Putter DesignTwo-way, detachable for right and left-handed use
Length33 inches (non-extendable)
Weight0.99lb (450g)

The Jitnetiy Two Way Putter accommodates the diverse needs of beginner golfers with its thoughtful two-way design. Engineered to be used by both right and left-handed players, this inclusivity speaks volumes about its adaptability on the green. At a length of 33 inches, it is versatile for a wide age range, making it perfect for adolescents learning the ropes as well as adults picking up the game.

Its construction boasts robust materials such as zinc alloy for the head, alloy steel for the shaft, and a rubber grip, forming a solid foundation for durability and performance. The grip is especially noteworthy, providing a comfortable and stable hold that discourages slippage, thus allowing for more consistent swings.

This putter shines in the ease of assembly and practicality; its detachable design simplifies the process of transportation, an undeniable boon for golfers who value convenience. While remaining lightweight at approximately 450 grams, its sturdiness doesn’t compromise on speed, offering users the ability to enjoy a swift head motion.

Golf equipment can often be intimidating for new players, but the Jitnetiy Two Way Putter is far from that. Its user-friendly attributes, such as a 3-degree loft and junior flex, make it particularly suitable for beginners who are developing their putting skills. Coupled with its modest weight, it helps foster confidence on the putting green, which is fundamental for a novice’s progress.

Lastly, the putter’s uncomplicated but effective aesthetics, available in black and red, align well with its functional aspects. Although not touted as the best golf putter for beginners, its performance, ease of use, and accessibility assert it as a wise choice for those starting on their golf journey, ensuring that the fundamentals of putting are enjoyable to master.

#4 GolfUpp Beginner’s Putter

Putter DesignAmbidextrous with milled alloy face
Length33 inches
Weight0.57 kg / 1.26 lbs

Delving into the game of golf can seem daunting for novices, but the GolfUpp Beginner’s Putter is designed to ease that transition. Boasting an ambidextrous design, the putter is equipped to serve right and left-handed players alike, a rare feature that enhances its accessibility for beginners and youths. The solid head and hollow shaft contribute to a well-balanced club, with enough heft to offer tactile feedback on your swings.

At a comfortable 33 inches in length, this putter is optimal for those learning the correct stance and grip. It provides a sturdy training grip, helping novices refine their technique. With an alloy face designed for improved control and a reticle alignment aid to enhance accuracy, GolfUpp has integrated small details that make a considerable difference in a putter for new players.

The 0.57 kg (1.26 lbs) putter feels lightweight, allowing for prolonged practice without the fatigue that heavier clubs might induce. Yet it doesn’t compromise on the quality or the feel of a more professional putter. This balance is crucial in providing newcomers with a realistic experience as they develop their skills.

Furthermore, the putter can be disassembled into four parts. Its portability is a standout feature, permitting golfers to pack it for travel or tidy storage. Whether practicing indoors, outdoors, or on the go, this level of convenience cannot be overstated for players who wish to integrate golf into their busy lifestyles.

The GolfUpp Beginner’s Putter speaks to the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. It offers an approachable experience for those tentative first steps onto the green and serves as a reliable companion on the journey to becoming a confident golfer.

#5 PLAYEAGLE FlexRider Ambidextrous

Putter DesignDouble-sided push rod with ambidextrous capabilities, suitable for both right and left-handed players
Length34 inches
Weight0.37 kilograms (0.82 lbs)

Forging its way into the hearts of golf enthusiasts, the PLAYEAGLE FlexRider Ambidextrous is a prime example of a beginner-friendly golf putter. Its universal design makes it accessible for all golfers, regardless of their dominant hand. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy shaft, the club offers exceptional handling without sacrificing strength.

The putter resonates with an air of gentility, thanks to its zinc alloy head and rubber grip that ensure longevity and comfort. The 34-inch shaft is an ideal size for both adults and teenagers who are looking to sharpen their skills on the green. The removable design is not only a convenience for transport, but it also allows for effortless storage, making the putter a great companion for avid travelers.

Beyond mere functionality, the PLAYEAGLE FlexRider glistens in a spectrum of colors, attracting a wider audience to the sport with its vibrant blue option. Resourceful in its build and eye-catching in its appearance, this putter strikes a harmonious balance in golf equipment design.

Moreover, with a mere weight of 0.37 kilograms, the putter is astonishingly easy to wield, offering beginners the confidence to swing without feeling overburdened. It stands as an encouraging ally on the course, inviting both novices and returning golfers to hit the ball with precision and consistency. Truly, the PLAYEAGLE FlexRider Ambidextrous elevates the experience for new players aspiring to make their mark on the golf terrain.

#6 Dilwe Aluminum Alloy Putter

Putter DesignAmbidextrous foldable 3-section design
Length34.6 inches
WeightApproximately 342 grams

The Dilwe Aluminum Alloy Putter stands out with its inventive foldable design, making it a practical choice for aspiring golfers. Its 3-section construction ensures it’s not only easy to transport but also quick to set up on the green. The putter offers an ambidextrous grip, catering to both left and right-handed players, which is especially helpful for beginners finding their preference.

With a comfortable rubber grip, this golf accessory is designed for ease of use and effective ball control. This feature promotes a more relaxed hand feel which is key for beginners practicing their putting strokes. The putter’s aluminum alloy makeup delivers a durable quality that withstands the learning curve’s bumps and impacts.

Measuring about 34.6 inches in length, the Dilwe putter is a suitable size for most beginners while maintaining a light overall weight of roughly 342 grams. This encourages a feasible introduction to the game without causing undue strain or fatigue. Its lightweight club head is engineered to aid beginners in mastering the turning speed and stability of the ball.

Storage and portability are where the Dilwe Aluminum Alloy Putter truly shines. It demands minimal space, making it an excellent option for those with limited storage or often travel to practice. Despite its size, the putter does not compromise on the breadth of its appeal, being appropriate for all ages looking to indulge in the sport.

Altogether, the Dilwe Aluminum Alloy Putter exhibits a balance of functionality and convenience. Its durable construction, ease of storage, and beginner-friendly design present it as a standout selection for new golfers eager to refine their putting game with reliable equipment.

#7 KOFULL Zinc Alloy Blade Putter

Putter DesignZinc alloy head with 3 alignment lines
Length35 inches
WeightHead: 350g, Shaft: 113g

The KOFULL Zinc Alloy Blade Putter is a solid choice for those new to the green or looking to sharpen their indoor putting practice. Its 35-inch length and head weight contribute to a balanced feel that enhances control, crucial for beginners mastering their putt. The stainless steel shaft and zinc alloy head offer a satisfying blend of lightness and firmness, so it can withstand frequent use without sacrificing performance.

Easy alignment is key to a successful putt, and KOFULL addresses this by including three distinct aiming lines on the head. This design considerably aids in achieving a steadier and more accurate putt. Plus, the environmentally friendly, odorless rubber grip offers a comfortable, non-slip hold, further contributing to a stable shot.

Versatility is another strong point for this putter. It caters to an array of golfing enthusiasts, from male and female beginners to more experienced players. Its compatibility with various training environments, including home and office setups, makes it a flexible tool for improving your putting game.

When it comes to quality, this blade putter doesn’t fall short. The PGA league listing reassures buyers of its professional standard, and the high customer ratings echo its reliability. KOFULL’s craftsmanship is evident, providing a lightweight feel that’s desirable for those long practice sessions.

For a gift, or as a reliable addition to your own golf bag, the KOFULL Zinc Alloy Blade Putter sets up any golfer for putting success. It stands out as an excellent, versatile option for beginners, with quality that speaks to golfers at all levels.

#8 Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Putter DesignWhite finish, alignment lines, graphite shaft
Weight1.19 pounds

The Pinemeadow PGX Putter is a commendable choice for beginners on the greens. Although not the absolute top of our list, its distinctive white finish gives it exceptional visibility and simplifies alignment, which is invaluable to novices finding their way in the game. The 34-inch length provides a standard, comfortable grip that most golfers will find appealing right from the start.

The tour-weighted 380g mass offers the stability needed to deal with faster greens, delivering a smooth stroke and reducing the chance of skidding—an advancement for consistent play. Paired with the assurance of quality that Pinemeadow Golf has built through its range of golfing equipment, new players can feel confident wielding this putter.

Designed with a putting grip that promotes uniform hand placement, the PGX Putter supports beginners in developing a reliable and repeatable stroke. Furthermore, the included custom headcover not only protects the stylish white finish but also endorses the value of maintaining your gear.

Ultimately, with its impressive rating and features aimed at reinforcing control and confidence on diverse green speeds, the PGX Putter is an astute selection. Its ability to enhance focus and distance judgment for the fledgling golfer may well lead to a more enjoyable and successful introduction to putting.

#9 POSSOT SNK-III Aluminum Alloy Putter

Putter DesignCNC milled face, flat front, contoured back
Length34 inches
Weight536 grams (1.18 lbs)

Navigating the vast selection of putters can be challenging for any golfer, especially beginners. The POSSOT SNK-III Aluminum Alloy Putter emerges as a sensible choice, thanks to its balance of technical features and forgiveness. The CNC milled putter face aims to give new players consistent ball roll, while the grip provides comfort and minimizes the chances of slippage.

Ideal for starters, the putter’s 34-inch length suits a wide range of golfers without adjustment. It’s long enough for a comfortable posture yet short enough to offer control. The light weight of the putter at just over a pound means that carrying it through the green is effortless and swinging is less cumbersome.

Durability is another cornerstone of this putter. The zinc aluminum alloy head and corrosion-resistant steel shaft are designed to endure the rigors of both outdoor courses and indoor practice greens. This longevity is especially beneficial for beginners who will spend a substantial amount of time honing their technique.

The alignment aid impressively supports newbies in targeting, crucial for those early days of developing muscle memory for straight putts. And with a modest loft of 3.5 degrees, golfers can expect a good degree of control over their launch angles, avoiding the pitfall of overly strong or weak putts.

In summary, the POSSOT SNK-III Aluminum Alloy Putter stands out as a worthwhile investment for entry-level players in search of a dependable and user-friendly club. Its thoughtful design features align well with the needs of those new to the game, all while promising the durability to remain a go-to putter as skills advance.

#10 Syhood Alloy 3-Piece Golf Putter Set

Putter DesignDetachable, 4 parts for portability
Length33.5 inches
WeightWell-balanced with alloy steel shaft

The Syhood Alloy 3-Piece Golf Putter Set is a commendable choice for golfers just starting out or seeking to improve their putting skills. Its 33.5-inch total length is well-suited for an array of users, from men and women to youths, fitting a broad spectrum of beginner players.

The set’s primary feature, the detachable design, allows for seamless dismantlement into four parts, making it a breeze to stash in travel or gym bags – ideal for golfers on the go. Beyond its practicality, the alloy steel shaft and zinc alloy head ensure durability and consistent performance.

Its accompanying six golf balls are sized at 1.65 inches in diameter and are crafted with a synthetic rubber shell, offering good playability. Whether practicing at home, in the office, or during travels, this set promotes constant skill enhancement, which is invaluable for any beginner.

Moreover, the set doubles as a thoughtful and practical gift that caters to golf enthusiasts at any level. Though it is tailored for right-handed players, its versatility is noteworthy. In all, the Syhood Golf Putter set stands out as an accessible, well-constructed option for ameliorating one’s short game in various settings.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Golf Putter for Beginners

  • Design Adaptability: A beginner’s putter should ideally cater to both left and right-handed players, offering ambidextrous capabilities to accommodate individual playing styles and preferences.
  • Club Length: An optimal length for a beginner’s putter typically ranges from 33-35 inches, which is suitable for the average height, ensuring a comfortable posture and swing mechanics.
  • Weight Balance: The putter should have a balanced weight to provide stability and control during the putt. A weight of around 350-380 grams is favorable for steady and consistent ball striking.
  • Alignment Assistance: Look for putters featuring alignment aids, such as lines or markers, which help beginners accurately aim and improve their overall putting accuracy.
  • Comfortable Grip: A non-slip grip material is essential, as it allows new players to hold the club confidently and minimizes the risk of inconsistent strokes due to slippage.
  • Disassembly Feature: A putter that can be disassembled into parts promotes easy transportation and storage, particularly beneficial for beginners who may utilize various practice locations.


What should beginners look for in a golf putter?

Beginners should look for a putter with ambidextrous capabilities, alignment aids, a comfortable non-slip grip, and a balanced weight suitable for consistent ball striking.

Is club length important when choosing a putter?

Yes, club length is important for a putter, with a range of 33-35 inches being ideal to ensure a comfortable posture and swing mechanics for beginners.

Can a putter’s design influence a beginner golfer’s performance?

A putter’s design, including its weight balance and alignment assistance, can significantly aid a beginner in accurately aiming and providing stability during their putt.

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