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Feel your golf game slipping?

A weak grip can sabotage your swing and deflate your score.

Lock in your success; it all starts with the right golf grip.

Check out the leading grips that promise to elevate your game!

#1 SuperStroke Cross Comfort Midsize

MaterialSynthetic Rubber with Polyurethane Outer Layer
SizeLength: 10.50”, Width: 2”, Diameter Increase: +1/64”, Core: 0.600″R
ComfortSoft, Tacky Feel with Non-Slip “X-style” Surface Texture

When it comes to enhancing your golf game, a good grip is paramount, and the SuperStroke Cross Comfort Midsize Grip stands out as one of the best. Its innovative multi-layer construction pairs a soft outer polyurethane layer with a firm rubber core, giving golfers the ideal blend of comfort and stability.

The distinctive “X-style” surface texture provides a non-slip grip, ensuring consistent performance and superior traction throughout the swing. This is crucial in maintaining control and accuracy, especially in various weather conditions.

Taper Control Technology is another feature that sets this grip apart. By utilizing a minimal taper design, it promotes even hand pressure, which encourages a more natural and fluid swing motion. This can result in a faster swing and naturally squares the clubface at impact, translating to improved ball striking.

The SuperStroke Cross Comfort Midsize Grip’s size is also tailored to the golfer’s needs, with a length of 10.50” and a diameter increase of just +1/64”, offering a comfortable hold without unnecessary bulk. It is clear why this model has climbed the ranks to become a leading choice among golf club grips.

Its commitment to quality, advanced design, and the feedback it provides make the SuperStroke Cross Comfort Midsize Grip a premium option for golfers who are serious about their equipment and their performance.

#2 Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

MaterialTextured Non-Slip Rubber
Size15.5″ x 2″
ComfortModerate Feedback & Moisture-Wicking

As a golfer, finding the right grip can greatly influence your game, and the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 is a standout option for those who take their performance seriously. It’s engineered with a classic white/black color pattern combined with an advanced non-slip rubber material, giving you the confidence you need in both dry and wet conditions.

The design of this grip is meticulous, with double-dash rings that offer a sleek look regardless of shaft orientation. With dimensions of 15.5 inches in length and 2 inches in width, the Tour Velvet 360 accommodates adjustability for drivers, woods, and hybrids alike. The balanced texture of the grip promotes an even hand pressure, which is pivotal for a natural swing rhythm.

Moreover, the plus sign patterns are not just for aesthetics; they play a practical role in moisture management, contributing to the grip’s high rating. This feature, along with the moderate feedback it provides, is essential for golfers aiming for precise shot-making and consistent performance.

Available in both standard and midsize styles, the Tour Velvet 360 supports various playing preferences. At a featherlight package weight of just 0.05 kilograms, it does not add unnecessary weight to the club, allowing for meticulous control and a smoother swing.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 is not just a grip; it’s a blend of tradition and innovation. It’s a prime choice for those looking to maintain a firm grip on their game under all weather conditions, proving that great golfing experiences begin with the right choice of equipment.

#3 Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 Midsize Grip

MaterialWinn Polymer with AVS Technology
SizeLength: 10.8″, Width: 1.12″, Core: 0.600″, Grip Size: +1/16″
ComfortCushioned for shock absorption and minimized hand fatigue

The Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 Midsize Grip offers a significant advancement in grip technology, marrying comfort and functionality seamlessly. Enhanced with Winn’s polymer advancements, the grip ensures a non-slip experience in varying weather conditions, securing its position as a reliable choice for golfers seeking consistent performance.

This midsize grip, sizing up at 10.8 inches in length and 1.12 inches in width, suits those who prefer a beefier handle for a more substantial feel. The tacky surface pairs with a sophisticated taper profile to deliver a responsive touch, easing the tension in your swing.

For players experiencing hand fatigue or desiring better shock absorption, the Winn Dri-Tac 2.0’s cushioned design is commendable. This thoughtful construction reduces vibrations, allowing for longer and more comfortable play – a noticeable upgrade from standard grips.

While not topping our list, the superior durability and the eye-catching black/blue styling make it a noteworthy competitor. It scoops up a commendable market position with a robust 4.8-star customer rating, indicative of high satisfaction among users.

Reflecting a fine balance of innovative technology and practical design, the Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 Midsize Grip is tailored for those seeking to enhance their game. It exemplifies a harmonious blend of tactile superiority and endurance, marking its place as a strong contender in the golf grips arena.

#4 Winn DriTac Midsize Pistol Putter Grip

MaterialWinnDry Polymer
SizeMidsize, 0.590″ Core, 10″ Length
ComfortPistol Grip Shape for Enhanced Feel

The Winn DriTac Midsize Pistol Putter Grip stands out in the cluttered market of golf grips with its unique WinnDry polymer construction. The tactile surface is designed to provide players with a non-slip grip, a crucial feature that offers consistency in all weather conditions.

Its distinct pistol grip shape is built to offer superior comfort, allowing for improved hand alignment and better control during putting strokes. This ergonomic contour ensures a steadier grip pressure and reduces the wrist action, which is key to a smooth putting routine.

With a weight of 74 grams and a core size of 0.590 inches, the grip boasts a substantial feeling that aids in the golfer’s sensory feedback. Plus, its midsize dimensions make it a suitable choice for a wide range of golfers, offering a versatile alternative to standard grips.

Manufactured by Winn, a brand renowned for their innovative grip technology, the DriTac Midsize Pistol Putter Grip maintains a balance between aesthetic appeal and functional prowess—all in the classic, sophisticated dark gray hue that appeals to a broad audience.

Despite being the fourth choice on our list, this grip is quite popular, amassing 200+ purchases over the past month and an impressive rating that confirms its quality and satisfaction among golf enthusiasts. It’s a serious contender for those looking to upgrade their putter and improve their performance on the greens.

#5 Karma Revolution Black Standard Golf Grips

MaterialSoft Rubber Compound
Size10.5″ Length, 0.600″ Core Diameter
ComfortVelour Grip Pattern for Enhanced Hold

The Karma Revolution Black Standard Golf Grips stand out in the golf accessory market for their unfussy design and easy installation. Made with a soft rubber compound, these grips ensure that club handling remains steady and comfortable, even in diverse weather conditions.

Their 10.5-inch length and 0.600-inch core size strike a balance between a secure grip and a comfortable fit for most adult golfers. The absence of specific alignment is particularly beneficial for adjustable clubs, facilitating a fuss-free setup process.

Adopting a simplistic, all-black aesthetic with a time-honored velour grip pattern, the Karma Revolution grips lend a traditional feel and look to any golf club. Despite being our fifth choice, these grips are reliable for their durability and their unisex design makes them suitable for a wide range of golfers.

Accordingly, while the package doesn’t include grip tape or solvent, the high rating by the online community attests to the quality and satisfaction they provide. These grips are an excellent choice for those who value classic functionality and unwavering performance on the green.

#6 Yamato Butterfly Ladies Golf Grips

MaterialDurable Natural Rubber
Size12.44″ x 12.17″ x 1.46″
ComfortDesigned for Women’s Hands

The Yamato Butterfly Ladies Golf Grips combine form and functionality in a 13-pack designed specifically for the nuanced needs of female golfers. With a unique butterfly line surface patterned in playful green and pink, these grips add a pop of style to any golf club set. But it’s not all about looks; the non-slip design ensures a secure hold in different weather conditions.

Constructed from durable natural rubber, the grips offer a soft and comfortable feel that’s tailored to fit a woman’s hand. This specialized design allows for more accurate and consistent swings, fostering an improved game. The dimensions of 12.44 x 12.17 x 1.46 inches and a weight of 0.68 kilograms make them perfect for easy handling and installation.

Moreover, Yamato’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its solid post-purchase support options, including a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. Not to mention the round-the-clock customer service, ready to address any questions or concerns.

While these grips rank as the sixth choice in our selection, their appeal transcends rankings with high-quality materials and aesthetic charm. They’re a standout choice for female golfers who value a combination of comfort, control, and style in their game.

#7 CHAMPKEY Premium Comfort Control Golf Grips

MaterialProprietary Rubber with Micro Textures
Size10.50 inches length, Core size of 0.600″
ComfortTraditional Taper Profile for Lighter Grip Pressure

The CHAMPKEY Premium Comfort Control Golf Grips are an optimal choice for golfers looking to maintain a steady hand throughout their game. Crafted from a specific rubber material, these grips grant an outstanding blend of tactility and comfort, lending to a more precise feel during every swing. The strategic addition of three different micro textures on the surface enhances control and ensures traction irrespective of the weather conditions.

Recognizing that an overly tight grip can impede the swing, the designers have implemented a traditional taper profile, encouraging golfers to play with a more relaxed hand grip. This lighter pressure not only soothes hand tension but also aids in generating fluid and powerful swing – something every golfer strives for.

With 13 grips in a pack along with 15 pieces of application tape, CHAMPKEY ensures that the process of regripping is both efficient and straightforward. Additionally, the range of sizes available – standard, midsize, and oversize – accommodate a broad spectrum of hand sizes and grip preferences, allowing every golfer to find their perfect fit. Whether facing rain or shine, the CHAMPKEY Premium Comfort Control Golf Grips stand firm, providing the confidence and control a golfer needs in critical moments on the course.

#8 SAPLIZE CL03 Midsize Golf Grips

MaterialHybrid Rubber with Scrim-Backed Tape
SizeCore Diameter: 0.6 inches, Length: 10.6 inches, Weight: 78 grams
ComfortNon-slip Performance Texture with High-feedback Lower Section

Our SAPLIZE CL03 Midsize Golf Grips are a top pick for golfers looking to enhance their game with superior control and feedback. Sporting a hybrid rubber construction, these grips are built for all-weather performance, so you’ll maintain a firm hold whether it’s sunny or rainy.

These grips’ 0.6-inch core diameter and 10.6-inch length provide a comfortable fit for golfers, and at a weight of 78 grams each, they offer an excellent balance of control without being burdensome. The tactile texture on these grips ensures non-slip performance, which can be a true game-changer on the green.

What also makes these SAPLIZE grips stand out is the option to purchase them with or without the complete solvent kit. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer a professional installation, you have the flexibility to choose what works best for you.

With an impressive 4.6-star rating out of nearly 900 reviews, it’s clear that golfers appreciate the quality and performance of these grips. The high customer satisfaction rating is a testament to their durability and the reliable grip they provide.

SAPLIZE’s commitment to quality and performance is evident in these grips. This set is a fantastic choice for golfers who value a grip with a great feel, comprehensive installation options, and reliable all-weather capabilities.

#9 Eagle Work Hybrid Performance Grips

MaterialCross Corded Rubber and Cotton Thread
SizeStandard and Midsize Options
ComfortSoft Micro-Texture for Increased Traction and Reduced Hand Tension

Beyond the fairways and greens, the true connection to the game of golf lies in the grip. Eagle Work Hybrid Performance Grips foster this connection by providing durability and all-weather control, courtesy of their innovative cross-corded rubber technology. Optimized for a golfer’s touch, the traditional tapered design serves to reduce hand tension, allowing for smoother, more powerful swings.

Comfort is at the forefront, with a soft micro-texture and a cross-cotton thread enhancing both grip and anti-slip properties. This thoughtful combination assures stability and control even in adverse weather conditions. The complete set, which includes not just the grips but also tapes, solvent, a rubber vise clamp, and a hook blade, ensures that golfers have everything they need for an easy, secure fitting experience.

While our Eagle Work grips may not top our list, their commendable performance earns them a solid place among the best. The grips are available in standard and midsize options, catering to personal preferences and hand sizes. And for those longing for a splash of style, blue color options add a personalized touch to your clubs.

The package dimensions suggest this set is compact, yet comprehensive, ensuring you’re equipped to elevate your game. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a weekend enthusiast, Eagle Work Hybrid Performance Grips deliver a consistently reliable and enhanced grip experience on the course, rounding out our curated selection with finesse.

#10 SuperStroke S-Tech B018101WC Golf Grips

MaterialDurable Rubber Compound
Size15″ Length x 11″ Width x 1″ Height
ComfortTextured Grip Type with Cross-Traction Surface

The SuperStroke S-Tech B018101WC Golf Grips are designed with the serious golfer in mind. A specialized rubber compound gives these grips a responsive feel that promotes enhanced feedback and control. At 1.5 pounds for a set of 13, they offer a balanced weight that won’t detract from the natural swing of your club.

With dimensions geared towards comfort—15 inches long, 11 inches wide, and an inch high—these grips are a perfect fit for a wide variety of clubs. They are crafted to deliver non-slip performance come rain or shine, thanks to the innovative CROSS-TRACTION surface texture that firmly secures your hands in place throughout your swing.

Where these grips excel is their ability to help golfers improve their play. The tactile nature of the grip allows for a more natural clubface swing, potentially increasing swing speed and accuracy. Black in color, they also provide a professional aesthetic that matches any club set.

Feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive, with a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. SuperStroke, a trusted name in golf accessories, highlights its commitment to quality with this particular grip. This assurance is further supported by the fact that these grips are Amazon’s Choice in their category.

Ultimately, for those looking to enhance their game with a reliable grip that combines comfort, control, and style, the SuperStroke S-Tech B018101WC Golf Grips are an excellent choice. Although 10th on our list, their popularity, and positive reviews suggest they offer value that can compete with the higher-ranked alternatives.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Golf Grip

  • Material Quality: The grip’s material should be resilient and able to withstand different weather conditions without losing its tactile properties, providing a consistent grip over time.
  • Surface Texture: A non-slip, textured surface is vital for maintaining a secure hold throughout the swing, reducing the chance of club slippage and improving shot accuracy.
  • Size and Comfort: Assess the length, diameter, and core size of the grip to ensure it fits your hand snugly. A comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue and encourages a natural swing motion.
  • Shock Absorption: For players prone to hand fatigue or who desire more shock absorption, a cushioned grip may help. This can translate to reduced vibration and longer play without discomfort.
  • Moisture Management: The ability to effectively wick away moisture contributes to enhanced performance. Grips with moisture-wicking material promote a steady grip even in humid or wet conditions.
  • Taper Control: A grip with minimal taper encourages even hand pressure throughout the swing. This technology can improve swing mechanics and potentially increase swing speed.


What should I consider when choosing a golf grip?

Consider material quality, surface texture, size, comfort, shock absorption, moisture management, and taper control when choosing a golf grip for comfort and improved performance.

How does grip size affect my golf swing?

Grip size affects hand pressure during the swing; a properly sized grip promotes comfortable handling, natural motion, and can reduce the risk of hand fatigue.

Are weather conditions a factor when selecting golf grips?

Yes, weather conditions are a factor; choose non-slip textures and moisture-wicking materials in golf grips for consistent performance in various climates.

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