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Struggling with your chip shots on the green?

Every golfer knows the frustration of a missed chip — the stroke that could shave points off your game yet often adds them instead.

Don’t settle for less.

Unlock the secret to better short-game play with our guide to the top golf chippers!

#1 Orlimar Golf Escape Mallet Chipper

MaterialAlloy Steel with a Rubber Grip
Loft Angle37 Degrees
Length35 Inches

The Orlimar Golf Escape Mallet Chipper is a top contender when it comes to enhancing your short game. Its mallet-style head and ultra-wide sole are engineered to smoothly glide over the turf, avoiding the frustrating digs that can mess up your into-the-green shots.

Constructed with alloy steel, this chipper boasts a sturdy feel combined with a comfortable rubber grip, perfect for players seeking reliability and precision. The 37-degree loft angle ensures versatility, allowing you to execute a range of shots around the green with greater control.

Weighing just two pounds, the chipper has been thoughtfully balanced to replicate the familiar feel of a putter, infused with the functionality of a chipper. This boosts confidence and performance, significantly aiding golfers in challenging green-side situations.

The vivid alignment aid in the cavity simplifies shot lining, while the shank-proof design and gooseneck hosel greatly reduce the chance of mishits that are all too common with traditional irons. This additional forgiveness makes the Orlimar Escape a reliable go-to chipper.

Overall, its shank-proof engineering, consistent control, and clever design make the Orlimar Golf Escape Mallet Chipper a formidable choice for any golfer looking to improve their close-game repertoire. With its proven performance, it’s no wonder this chipper stands out as the best golf chipper in our selection.

#2 PowerBilt TPS Dual-Sided Chipper

MaterialAlloy head with a custom steel shaft and rubber grip
Loft Angle36°
Length35.25 inches shaft length

The PowerBilt TPS Dual-Sided Chipper is a uniquely practical club that aims to refine the short game for right and left-handed golfers alike. Its 36° loft angle ensures versatility around the greens, allowing for controlled chips to navigate close game scenarios.

With an alloy head and robust steel shaft, endurance is not in question, while the custom velvet rubber grip offers a comfortable and secure contact point throughout your play. At 35.25 inches in shaft length, it accommodates a wide range of golfer heights, ensuring usability for most.

Despite its non-conformity to USGA tournament play, the chipper’s appeal lies in its ability to aid amateur and recreational players in improving their ‘bump-and-run’ techniques effectively. The innovative two-way design is also a game-changer, saving players from difficult lies where a normal stance or club wouldn’t suffice.

The silver aesthetic adds a touch of elegance to your club lineup, further differentiated by PowerBilt’s legacy that extends back to 1916. In essence, the PowerBilt TPS Dual-Sided Chipper emerges as a substantial tool for those looking to enhance precision and consistency around the putting green.

#3 Acer XK Chipper Series

MaterialAlloy Steel
Loft Angle37 Degrees / 46 Degrees
Length34 inches

The Acer XK Chipper Series stands out for its impeccable blend of control and versatility on the green. Constructed of durable alloy steel, these chippers, with uniflex shafts, cater to a wide range of golfers, regardless of their dominant hand. The traditional silver aesthetic not only appeals to the classic golfer but also invokes the confidence of time-honored design principles.

With options in 37-degree and 46-degree lofts, golfers can select the chipper that best fits their short-game strategy. The standout 3:1 fly-to-roll ratio is designed to grant control over the ball’s roll on level ground, maximizing consistency in performance. The club’s length matches that of the common 8-iron, promoting a familiar and more manageable chipping motion.

The gooseneck hosel design is a notable innovation that minimizes the risk of shanks, instilling trust with each shot around the green’s perimeter. Acer has successfully synthesized the desirable qualities of putters with the functional traits of chipping clubs, resulting in a tool that ameliorates one’s approach to the short game. Despite being our third selection, the Acer XK Chipper Series demonstrates performance and quality that could easily rival other leading options in the market.

#4 Crestgolf Stainless Steel Two-Way Chipper

MaterialStainless Steel with Rubber Grip
Loft Angle35 Degrees
Length35 Inches

The Crestgolf Stainless Steel Two-Way Chipper is a commendable choice for golfers looking for versatility and precision near the greens. The 35-degree loft angle is ideal for a range of short game scenarios, providing the necessary elevation to navigate over obstacles and snug pin placements.

Designed for ambidextrous use, the two-way head configuration makes it a practical selection for golfers who may find themselves in challenging lies, where the flexibility to switch playing hands can turn a tough shot into a successful one.

At a comfortable 35 inches in length and boasting a uniflex shaft, this chipper offers a suitable fit for a wide audience of players and accommodates varying swing speeds seamlessly. The stainless steel build ensures durability through practice and play, while the rubber grip allows for a firm hold, assisting in control and finesse.

Crestgolf’s chipper also aligns with professional standards as implied by its association with the PGA. The positive customer ratings reflect satisfaction with the chipper’s performance, while its standing in the market substantiates it as a reliable option, if not the top contender. Overall, this tool’s blend of stability, accessibility, and quality construction makes it a solid pick for any golfer looking to improve their short game.

#5 Orlimar Escape Mid-Mallet Chipper

MaterialStainless Steel
Loft Angle37 Degrees
Length35 Inches

The Orlimar Escape Mid-Mallet Chipper is a savvy pick for golfers wanting to refine their short game. Designed with a hollow-bodied cavity back, the club underscores weight distribution for enhanced accuracy. At a putter length of 35 inches, it melds convenience with the loft precision of a 7-iron, benefiting players in diversified green situations.

Integrating a glass bead face, this chipper offers improved ball alignment, which is critical for precision shots. Its stainless steel construction not only imparts a solid feel but also promises longevity through many rounds of play. The club’s gooseneck hosel is meticulously crafted to be shank-proof, accommodating for the high-stress environment of chip shots.

With a right-hand orientation and a uniflex that suits both men and women, the chipper is versatile. Its silver finish enhances visibility, which is a subtle but appreciated feature when focusing on your game. Orlimar’s reputation for producing quality golf accessories is echoed in this chipper’s thoughtfully designed wide sole, effectively preventing turf digging.

Furthermore, the club’s ergonomics are complemented by a familiar putter grip, ensuring comfort and consistency in the golfer’s strokes. Many users find these design features play a tangible role in lowering their scores on the course. In essence, the Orlimar Escape Mid-Mallet Chipper is instrumental for those who value reliability and finesse around the greens.

#6 Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper

MaterialAlloy Steel
Loft Angle32 Degrees
Length35 Inches

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper is a robust addition to any golfer’s bag, particularly for those keen to refine their game around the greens. Crafted from durable alloy steel, this chipper offers a regular flex and a 32-degree loft angle—an optimal configuration for those critical short shots.

Standing at 35 inches, the chipper’s length provides the golfer with an ideal balance between control and power. A significant benefit is the steel shaft, weighing in at 400 grams, which adds a level of stability that can make a marked difference in your short game.

Aesthetically pleasing in a vibrant green, the chipper not only promises performance but style as well. The larger diameter vertical seam grip is designed for comfort and reduces the potential for those frustrating missed shots.

Add to this the aid of an alignment feature and a clever head shape, and you have a chipper that’s engineered to enhance accuracy and consistency. While it may be our number 6 pick, the Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper is a strong competitor in the golf chipper category and can be a game-changer for players targeting improvement in their approach and rescue plays.

#7 MAZEL Stainless-Steel Chipper

MaterialStainless Steel Shaft with Green Head
Loft Angle55°
Length35 Inch

The MAZEL Stainless-Steel Chipper presents a solid addition to your golfing arsenal, particularly suited for those who seek precision in their short game. Engineered to mitigate common issues such as thin and fat chip shots, its stout 330g club head and low center of gravity make it exceptionally forgiving, providing consistency in play.

With an eye-catching green head paired with a durable stainless steel shaft, this chipper not only performs well but also stands out in aesthetics. Regular flex design and a putter-like length of 35 inches further enhance control, making it a versatile choice for both men and women golfers.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a high-quality rubber grip is notable, as it offers anti-slip and shock-absorbing properties, granting players a stable and consistent handling experience. The CNC-milled face of the wedge contributes to its consistency, enabling a golfer to execute precise and accurate shots.

The thoughtful addition of a complimentary PU head cover is a boon, protecting your investment at no extra charge. Lastly, given its conformance to tournament play standards, the MAZEL Stainless-Steel Chipper ensures that your improved gameplay is within the rules of the sport, making it an even more compelling selection.

With positive customer feedback and performance that competes among higher-ranked chippers, this MAZEL model is a strong contender for those looking to upgrade or complete their chipping tools.

#8 MacGregor Golf MACTEC X Chipper

MaterialStainless Steel, Alloy Steel Shaft
Loft Angle37 Degrees

The MacGregor Golf MACTEC X Chipper delivers an impressive blend of function and aesthetics to the short game arsenal of any golfer looking to reduce strokes from just off the green. The stainless steel construction boasts durability, while the alloy steel shaft provides reliable performance.

The 37-degree loft is optimal for a variety of chipping situations, allowing for controlled loft and roll, akin to a bump and run. Its wide sole design ensures smoother turf interaction, and when coupled with the chipper’s perimeter weighting, it aids in forgiveness and consistency from different lies.

Furthermore, the sleek black finish on the clubhead is not just handsome on the bag, it aids in reducing glare at address. MacGregor has thoughtfully provided different grip thickness options catering to individual preferences, which helps with grip comfort and control over each chip.

Designed to meet PGA standards, this 2020 model is suitable for tournament play and has clearly been embraced by the golfing community given its positive customer feedback. For golfers seeking to improve their greenside play without breaking the bank, the MACTEC X Chipper is a smart addition that performs reliably on the course.

Though not at the very top of our list, its features make it a valuable tool in the hands of the discerning golfer, undoubtedly aiding in chipping one’s way to lower scores.

#9 Intech EZ Roll Chipper

MaterialAlloy Steel with Steel Shaft
Loft Angle35 Degrees
Length35 Inches

The Intech EZ Roll Chipper offers a forgiving and precise solution for golfers looking to enhance their short game. The club’s alloy steel construction ensures durability, while the steel shaft provides a solid feel in your hands. Its length is comfortable for most golfers and mirrors the classic putter’s size, making this chipper a familiar choice for green-side shots.

With a 35-degree loft, the EZ Roll Chipper strikes a balance between launch and control, affording the average golfer an edge in their approach. This loft angle is equivalent to a 7-iron, yet it performs with the comfortable stroke of a putter. It’s designed to give you the perfect blend of carry and roll, a crucial aspect of reliable chipping.

The non-glare satin finish ensures that your concentration remains on the ball and the hole, not on any distracting reflections during play. The comfortable rubber grip fits into your hands with ease, promoting confidence with each chip shot.

The smart back-weighted design and the advanced alignment top lines of the clubhead are highly beneficial for targeting your chips. These features aid in increasing shot precision, making missed greens an opportunity to recover and save par with style.

Finally, the gooseneck hosel design is nearly shank-proof, meaning the Intech EZ Roll Chipper offers a robust solution to the common chipping woes. It combines performance with an understated aesthetic, asserting itself as an essential piece of equipment for any golfer who values strategy and finesse in their short game.

#10 Odyssey Golf PT RH XACT Chipper 35.5

MaterialDurable Steel
Loft Angle3 degrees
Length48 inches

When it comes to refining your short game, the Odyssey Golf PT RH XACT Chipper 35.5 is a worthy addition to any golf bag. Its design is focused on simplifying chip shots with a loft angle of 3 degrees, ideal for getting the ball into the air with precision. The 48-inch length provides ample swing control, while the durable steel construction guarantees longevity on the course.

The special X-Act Sole design of this chipper aids with turf interaction, reducing the chances of frustrating flubs. The grooved urethane insert is a thoughtful touch, providing an improved feel for delicate chips around the green. The club’s clever design promotes consistent contact, crucial for reliable distance control.

Additionally, the oversized, non-taper grip is quite the game-changer, granting better stability for your hands and wrists during the chip shot. The opportunity for varied hand positions is great for customizing the feel based on the type of chip shot you’re executing.

While not positioned as the top product in its category, the Odyssey XACT Chipper still holds its own with the promise to alleviate common chipping errors and enhance ball roll. Backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty and with a solid track record from global customers, this chipper is indeed a strong contender for improving your play around the greens.

Checklist: What makes a great golf chipper

  • Material Quality: A chipper’s durability and performance are linked to its material. Look for stainless steel or alloy steel construction for longevity and a sturdy feel throughout your play.
  • Loft Angle: The chipper’s loft angle is integral for the desired ball trajectory. Choose a loft between 32 and 37 degrees for versatility on a variety of greenside shots.
  • Club Length: Similar to a putter, the length of the chipper should promote ease and consistency in your swing. A length of 35 inches is common and suits most golfers.
  • Design Features: Features such as a gooseneck hosel, alignment aids, and wide soles help avoid mishits and improve accuracy. Consider these elements for enhanced green-side control.
  • Grip Comfort: A comfortable grip is essential for stability and can impact your short game. Rubber grips are popular for their secure feel and shock-absorbing properties.
  • Forgiveness: Forgiving clubs with features like perimeter weighting and sole design can help reduce the impact of off-center hits, leading to more consistent chipping.


What should I look for in a golf chipper?

Consider material quality, loft angle, club length, design features for accuracy, grip comfort, and forgiveness to ensure consistent chipping and improved short game performance.

How does club length affect my chipping?

The right club length, typically 35 inches, promotes ease and consistency in your swing, reminiscent of a putter’s feel, aiding in precision around the greens.

Are wider soles on chippers beneficial?

Yes, wider soles help to glide smoothly over turf and prevent digging, which can enhance green-side control and reduce the chance of mishits during chip shots.

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