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Feeling frustrated with golf balls that just don’t suit your game?

Many women golfers are playing with balls designed for the generic player, leading to lost distance and control.

Don’t settle for less.

Our guide to the best women’s golf balls will empower your play with balls that match your style and speed.

#1 Nitro Glycerin 15 Ball Pack

DistanceExceptional distance with super reactive titanium core
Softness70 compression for Nitro’s softest feel, ideal for slower swings
VisibilitySemi-translucent cover with rose graphics for high visibility

The Nitro Glycerin 15 Ball Pack is a standout selection for women golfers – a perfect fusion of distance, control, and unique design. These multi-colored golf balls are not only easy to spot on the green but also feature an imprinted rose graphic that adds a personalized and stylish touch.

Crafted with a groundbreaking 70 compression, they offer the softest feel, catering to players with lower swing speeds. Their two-piece construction and soft, thin cover result in a tender, responsive contact with each hit, enhancing the playing experience.

The super-reactive titanium core propels these balls to travel remarkable distances, allowing players to cover the course with fewer strokes. Superior greenside control is also promised, thanks to their exceptional spin ratio.

To top it off, they conform to USGA rules, meaning you can confidently bring these balls to tournament play. For women looking for high performance without breaking the bank, the Nitro Glycerin 15 Ball Pack is the best choice in the game.

#2 TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

DistanceReact Speed Core for maximized velocity
Softness77 Compression rating, softer feel
VisibilityAvailable in white and yellow for preference

For Female golfers seeking a harmonious blend of distance and softness, the TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls are an excellent selection. Excelling in performance with a React Speed Core, these golf balls are engineered for those who won’t compromise on power or feel in their game.

The two-layer construction, paired with a durable ionomer cover, affords a high-velocity output which is indispensable for golfers aiming to enhance their tee performance. The 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern assists in reducing drag, further propelling the ball to impressive lengths across the fairways.

With visibility in mind, TaylorMade offers these golf balls in both white and vibrant yellow options. This versatility ensures that the balls are easily tracked in various lighting conditions, a small yet significant detail that can positively impact one’s play.

A softer feel brought about by the 77 compression rate allows for a pleasant tactile experience without sacrificing the much-sought-after distance. The incorporation of the Plus Alignment Aid is the icing on the cake, providing golfers with an effective tool to improve putting accuracy, a valuable asset on the greens.

All in all, the TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls deliver on their promise of distance and playability, a testament to the brand’s dedication to crafting quality products that resonate with women golfers who desire both proficiency and enjoyment from their equipment.

#3 Diawings Max Distance

DistanceOptimized for maximum distance with advanced core technology
SoftnessCombination of DuPont dimple cover with an LG chemical core provides a balanced feel
VisibilityAvailable in white, pink, orange, and yellow for easy tracking

The Diawings Max Distance golf balls strike an impressive balance between long-distance travel and accuracy, particularly for women golfers. With a core designed to maximize the COR value and reduce the side spins that cause slices, these golf balls are an aid for players looking to achieve straighter shots.

Given the low spin construction, golfers with speeds under 95 mph can expect their drives to travel further down the fairway without veering off course. It’s ideal for those keen on improving their game, from beginners to seniors, who benefit from the low-spin technology.

Visibility is another strong suit with these balls, as they come in a variety of high-visibility colors, making them easy to locate on the course. White, pink, orange, and yellow options offer personal preference while aiding performance through better tracking.

The collaboration with respected industry names like DuPont and LG in crafting the dimple pattern and core speaks volumes of the balls’ quality makeup. It is evident that great care has been taken in the material selection to enhance the overall playing experience.

Lastly, the convenience of the new 6-pack packaging fits neatly into a golf bag, and the fact that the balls are R&A and USGA approved, only reassures the golfer of their reliability and quality. The Diawings Max Distance balls are a strong contender for improving game performance in terms of distance and accuracy.

#4 TaylorMade Kalea Purple Golf Balls

DistanceHigh-energy REACT core optimized for moderate swing speeds to maximize distance
SoftnessSoft 60 compression and ionomer cover for a softer feel and enhanced short game performance
VisibilityUV-resistant matte paint for high visibility and a distinct aesthetic on the course

TaylorMade’s 2022 Kalea Golf Balls make their mark in the female golf community, showcasing a thoughtful balance between performance and design. The specialized high-energy REACT core addresses the critical concern of achieving maximum distance for women golfers with moderate swing speeds, which is often a key point of consideration.

The soft ionomer cover and the meticulous construction of the ball’s layers bring out a softer feel, crucial for reliable short-game control. This is a feature that many golfers, irrespective of gender, might deeply appreciate for the added confidence around the greens.

Aesthetically, the unique UV-resistant matte finish in the Kalea Purple variant isn’t just for show. It offers the practical benefit of enhanced visibility, making ball tracking easier during those long drives – a detail that shouldn’t be underestimated in playability.

Though TaylorMade’s 2022 Kalea line-up stands as our fourth choice, it embeds the quality and ingenuity expected from a brand synonymous with golf excellence. These golf balls affirm their place in the market with a respectable blend of feedback, control, and visual flair, making them a solid choice for any female golfer looking to upgrade their game.

#5 Callaway Supersoft 2023 Pink Golf Balls

DistanceEngineered for long straight flights
SoftnessNew SOFTFAST Core for a soft feel
VisibilityVibrant pink color for easy tracking

Offering a blend of pink visibility and performance, the Callaway Supersoft 2023 Pink Golf Balls are designed to cater to the nuanced needs of women golfers. The Supersoft line has been a go-to for its forgiving nature and exceptional distance. These balls also uphold a legacy of a soft feel, thanks to the SOFTFAST Core that promotes speed and a plush sensation on contact, particularly valuable on the greens.

Aesthetically, the vibrant pink shade is not only stylish but practically advantageous for tracking the ball in flight and on the fairway. At a modest 0.64 kilograms, these golf balls pack both qualitative heft and a lightweight feel, facilitating ease of play for recreational and serious golfers alike.

The package configuration of 12 units ensures players are well-stocked for multiple rounds, while the 2-year manufacturer warranty from Callaway Golf offers peace of mind, solidifying these balls as a wise and secure choice. The latest 2023 “Supersoft Matte” iteration represents Callaway’s commitment to continuous improvement, embodying advancements in technology that complement a golfer’s passion, and skill set, and enlivening their playing experience.

With an eye on environmental considerations, these golf balls carry a unisex appeal, expanding their reach to all golfers seeking to elevate their game. This is more than just a golf ball—it’s an accessory that conveys confidence from tee to green, making the Callaway Supersoft 2023 Pink Golf Balls a top consideration for anyone looking to combine style with performance.

#6 Bridgestone Golf 2021 Lady Precept

DistanceGradational Compression Core for Longer Drives
SoftnessSoft Rubber Composition for Gentle Feel
VisibilityPink Color for Easy Spotting on the Course

The Bridgestone Golf 2021 Lady Precept ball is a thoughtful product catering to the specific playing characteristics favored by many female golfers. With its visually pleasing pink hue, these golf balls are not just easier to spot on the course but also align with the Lady Precept’s long-established branding.

The soft rubber composition provides a gentle feel upon contact, affording increased control while reducing the typically jarring vibration. This translates to a more comfortable experience throughout the golfing session, which will be appreciated over an 18-hole stretch.

What truly sets these balls apart is the 330 seamless dimple design and the gradational compression core. This impressive combination ensures a higher launch and longer drives, an empowering feature for those looking to improve their game distance-wise.

This particular set carries the weight of professional endorsements from the likes of Tiger Woods and Lexi Thompson, signaling a level of quality assurance. The praise these balls have garnered, evident through the high customer satisfaction rating, reinforces their standing as a solid choice on the market.

To sum up, the Bridgestone Golf 2021 Lady Precept golf balls are a blend of performance-boosting technology and aesthetic appeal. While they may rest in the middle of our top picks, their attributes speak to a quality that can help enhance the playing experience for many women golfers.

#7 Legato LTX 3085 Golf Balls

DistanceMaximized distance for various swing speeds
SoftnessSoft feel from urethane cover
VisibilityVibrant yellow color for enhanced visibility

Designed to help golfers on their journey to break the 90-score barrier, the Legato LTX 3085 Golf Balls are crafted for performance and control. They offer a premium 3-piece construction tailored for adult players seeking a tour-quality experience. These golf balls are engineered to optimize distance off the tee while accommodating a wide range of swing speeds, making them a versatile choice for a diverse player base.

The urethane cover provides a satisfyingly soft feel that golfers appreciate, especially around the greens where wedge control becomes crucial. Whether you’re chipping in for a birdie or looking for a delicate touch on your approach, the tactile feedback of these golf balls is confidence-inspiring.

Another standout feature is the Bold Track Technology, designed specifically to assist in putting accuracy. The legibility and alignment assistance it offers can shave precious strokes off your putting game, bringing you one step closer to your scoring goals.

With their vibrant yellow hue, the Legato LTX 3085 Golf Balls are not only easily spotted in the fairways and rough, but also add a touch of style and flair to your game. The color enhances the visibility of the ball in various lighting conditions, reducing the time spent searching for it and speeding up play.

Overall, Legato provides a dozen golf balls that promise both quality and performance, reflecting their commitment to golfers’ needs. While they may be our seventh choice, their characteristics suggest they deserve a place in any golfer’s bag, especially for those looking to upgrade their game with a professional-grade golf ball.

#8 Srixon Soft Feel Lady Passion Pink

DistanceEngineered E.G.G. core for higher launch and longer drives
SoftnessSoft, thin cover for enhanced feel on greenside shots
VisibilityVibrant Passion Pink color for easy tracking

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady Passion Pink marries the needs of distance and delicacy in a golf ball perfect for the modern woman golfer. Its intuitive E.G.G. core design aids in achieving a higher trajectory off the tee, allowing for greater distances with each drive. This is a significant factor for players looking to add yards to their game.

Moreover, the ball’s softness is a big selling point. The thin cover contributes to an exceptional feel on all greenside shots, ranging from pitches and chips to putts. This provides women golfers with a better touch and control when finesse is required.

In addition to function, visibility is an advantage. The Passion Pink coloration ensures the ball stands out against the greens and fairways, reducing the chance of lost balls and speeding up play. This splash of color is not only practical but exudes a stylish aspect many will appreciate.

These Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls also offer durability – a synthetic construction allows for extended play without sacrificing performance. Consistency is a non-issue, as they are designed to perform time and time again under diverse course conditions.

Lastly, the brand’s dedication to quality is reflected in each ball, maintaining Srixon’s reputation for equipping golfers with top-tier tools. For women seeking to enhance their game, the Soft Feel Lady Passion Pink provides a gratifying combination of distance, control, and aesthetics, making them a noteworthy choice among a plethora of women’s golf balls.

#9 Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

DistanceOptimized for medium to low swing speeds, promoting long distance off the tee
SoftnessExtra-thin urethane cover and soft mantle layer for an ultra-soft feel
VisibilityDistinctive BLUE LIGHT color with LIVING CORAL highlights for increased visibility

The Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls offer a harmonious blend of control and softness tailored for the finesse needed in the women’s game. Constructed with an extra-thin urethane cover, these golf balls are engineered to enhance short-game spin while maintaining a gentle, responsive feel. The BLUE LIGHT color scheme with LIVING CORAL accents is not only unique but practical, offering high visibility for better tracking on the course.

Advanced players with slower swing speeds will appreciate the optimized energy transfer that the mantle layer with Surlyn provides, delivering speed without sacrificing touch. The exterior’s glossy urethane construction also contributes to an improved greenside spin control, vital for precise shot-making.

What sets the Vice Pro Soft apart in its category is the balance between premium quality and affordability. The brand’s commitment to accessible high-performance equipment does not go unnoticed, and a low return rate is indicative of customer satisfaction. With a soft feel that doesn’t compromise on distance, these golf balls are sure to elevate the play of discerning golfers who desire top-tier performance without the steep price.

#10 Trust Aurora Blue-1DZ

DistanceOptimized with reactive K8 core for longer shots
SoftnessCrystal urethane cover for a soft feel
VisibilityHigh-visibility pearl coating in blue shade

The Trust Aurora Blue-1DZ golf ball is a game-changer for women who take their golf seriously. With its reactive K8 core, it’s engineered to amplify distance without compromising the soft touch required for finesse shots. It’s as suitable for the amateur seeking improvement as it is for the seasoned player.

Its unique crystal urethane cover not only enhances the elasticity for better control around the greens but also gives the ball a comforting, soft feel upon impact. This is particularly beneficial when approaching the green, where precision is important.

Defying the elements, the Trust Aurora Blue-1DZ is designed to resist wind, granting players increased accuracy and overall performance in various weather conditions. This could make a substantial difference in maintaining consistency throughout the game.

Visibility is another strong suit with its high-visibility pearl coating. The luminous blue hue makes it stand out, so tracking your ball on the fairway or finding it in the rough becomes less of a chore – a simple feature that can make the game more enjoyable.

In summary, the Trust Aurora Blue-1DZ is a compelling choice for the discerning golfer. Its blend of distance, softness, and visibility, backed by endorsements from golf professionals, make it a noteworthy addition to any golfer’s bag, encapsulating what many seek in a quality golf ball.

Checklist: What Makes Great Golf Balls for Women

  • Distance Potential: Opt for golf balls engineered with advanced core technology or responsive materials that aid in achieving greater distances, essential for players looking to extend their drive off the tee.
  • Softness & Feel: Prioritize golf balls with softer compression ratings and covers (e.g., urethane, ionomer) for a tender feel upon impact, beneficial for enhanced control in short game shots and putts.
  • Visibility: Choose golf balls available in high-visibility colors or with distinct patterns that make them easier to track in flight and locate on the course, which is vital for smooth and enjoyable play.
  • Spin & Control: Look for balls promising superior greenside control and spin, which can empower you with more precision during approach shots and allow for better performance around the greens.
  • Construction Quality: Invest in multi-layer construction or technology-infused golf balls that offer durability and consistent performance, reflective of collaboration with industry leaders in materials and design.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that the golf balls are approved by leading golf authorities such as the USGA and R&A for official tournament play, offering peace of mind regarding the legality of your equipment.


Why should women golfers use specific golf balls?

Women golfers should use specific golf balls designed for their gameplay needs, such as optimized distance, softness for control, and high visibility for easier tracking.

What features are important when choosing golf balls for women?

Key features for women’s golf balls include advanced core technology for distance, a softer feel for short games, high visibility, superior greenside control, and quality construction for consistent performance.

Are high-visibility golf balls beneficial for women golfers?

Yes, high-visibility golf balls aid in locating the ball faster on the course, making play smoother and more enjoyable for women golfers.

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