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Tired of losing sight of your golf ball?

Colored golf balls aren’t just a statement; they’re your new secret weapon for a superior game.

No more squinting or guessing where your shot landed.

Experience the winning edge with our top picks for colored golf balls!

#1 Zero Friction Super Matte Finish Golf Balls

Color VisibilityAvailable in Yellow, Red, Fuchsia, Lime, Orange, Blue, and White with a high-visibility, matte finish.
DurabilityThin, soft, durable cover design with 312 dimple pattern for a smooth roll and longer play.
PriceAffordable pricing for a sleeve of seven vibrant golf balls.

Zero Friction Super Matte Finish Golf Balls stand out as the best choice for those who want to combine performance with style on the golf course. The wide range of available colors not only adds flair to your game but also significantly enhances ball tracking against the backdrop of the fairways and greens.

Crafted with a super-fast core, these golf balls promise greater distance, higher launches, and extended roll from the tee box, optimizing the play for golfers looking to push their limits. At 80 compression, they are specifically engineered to suit different swing speeds while maintaining a soft feel.

What distinguishes these exceptional golf balls is their thin yet robust cover. It is designed to provide improved spin and control, enhancing the feel that players have over each shot. This feature allows golfers to execute with precision both around the green and from greater distances.

Moreover, the matte finish of the balls reduces glare and increases visibility, supporting faster play by making it easy to locate your ball during the game. This proves essential for golfers who prefer to stay focused on their game without hindrance.

With each sleeve containing seven high-performing golf balls, the Zero Friction Super Matte Finish is an excellent option for adult players seeking a mix of durability, control, and visual appeal. These golf balls represent a significant contribution from Zero Friction to the category of colored golf balls, placing them at the forefront by blending cutting-edge technology with practicality.

#2 Nitro Ultimate Distance

Color VisibilityMulti-colored for easy spotting
DurabilityDupont Lithium Surlyn cover
PriceAffordable 15-pack

The Nitro Ultimate Distance golf balls offer a vibrant look to the traditional game with its multi-colored pack that stands out on the green and is easy to locate. Each ball is engineered using multi-component technology, a feature that serious golfers will appreciate for the added quality it brings to their game.

With these balls, you’re looking at an efficiently designed, reactive titanium core that is designed to maximize energy transferโ€”this means golfers can expect maximized distance off the tee with metal woods. And let’s not overlook the two-piece tournament construction that promises not only distance but also remarkable stop/stick performance on the greens.

Players will benefit from the long-term durability thanks to the robust Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover. This choice of material helps maintain ball performance over multiple games while also offering spin control for those critical short-game moments.

The practical dimple design enhances lift while reducing drag, translating to longer flights off the swing. Finally, the competitive price point for a 15-pack offers great value for golfers who are just as concerned with cost-effectiveness as they are with performance.

In essence, the Nitro Ultimate Distance golf balls are an excellent selection for golfers who want to add some color to their game without sacrificing advanced golf ball technology and reliable performance.

#3 Nitro Long Distance Multi-Color Golf Balls

Color VisibilitySemi-translucent cover enhances visibility on the course
DurabilityDupont Lithium Surlyn cover for cut-proof, long-lasting performance
PriceAffordable high-performance option suitable for all skill levels

Nitro Long Distance Multi-Color Golf Balls combine durability with high visibility for golfers who want to make sure their ball is easy to track and lasts multiple rounds. The semi-translucent cover not only adds a pop of color to the fairway but also aids players in locating their ball quicker against varied backgrounds.

These balls are built to last, thanks to their robust Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover. Whether you’re hitting off the tee or navigating through rough terrain, the cover resists cuts and scuffs, allowing you to play with confidence in the ball’s undiminished performance.

Featuring a white-hot core and an aerodynamic 352 dimple design, these balls are crafted for distance and precision. The proprietary core technology ensures that players can harness maximum energy transfer for those long, dream drives. Additionally, the low 70 compression provides a softer feel, which is especially beneficial to those with a slower swing speed.

Offered at an attractive price point, Nitro’s commitment to affordable quality means that golfers at all levels can enjoy these performance-enhancing balls without feeling a pinch in their wallet. This makes the Nitro Long Distance an excellent choice for both amateur and professional players who appreciate value without compromising on quality.

Finding the right golf ball can significantly impact your game, and the Nitro Long Distance Golf Balls are an exemplary option in the colored golf ball market. With their blend of visibility, durability, performance, and affordability, they’re a bright choice for anyone looking to improve their game.

#4 Nitro Glycerin Color Visibility Golf Balls

Color VisibilityVibrant, assorted colors with semi-translucent finish
DurabilityTwo-piece construction with a super reactive titanium core
PriceAffordable, providing value without compromising on quality

The Nitro Glycerin Color Visibility Golf Balls not only stand out on the green with their vivid, multi-hued palette, but they also offer notable performance features. The semi-translucent finish serves to enhance visibility, so keeping track of your ball is easier than ever, even in difficult light conditions or when it lands in the rough.

Their specially designed super reactive titanium core is engineered for maximum distance without compromising on greenside control, allowing golfers to execute both long drives and delicate shots with a single ball. What makes these balls unique is their suitability for players with varying swing speeds, including lower speeds where a gentle touch is required for the best results.

Nitro Golf’s quarter-century expertise shines through in the soft thin cover and low 70 compression of these golf balls, making them some of the softest the company offers. Their dedication to quality and customer feedback is evident, resulting in a product that balances performance with a soft feel.

Finally, conforming to USGA rules means that these Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls are tournament-ready. Their durable two-piece construction, affordability, and performance make them an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their game without breaking the bank. If you’re in the market for colored golf balls that provide visibility, playability, and value, the Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls are a noteworthy option to consider.

#5 TaylorMade Distance+ Yellow Golf Balls

Color VisibilityHigh-gloss UV-resistant yellow for excellent visibility
DurabilityIonomer cover with a two-piece design for longevity
PriceCompetitively priced, especially for high-quality distance balls

TaylorMade’s Distance+ Yellow Golf Balls are a balanced combination of style and performance, designed to enhance the game of golfers seeking additional distance. At 1.7 inches in diameter and weighing 16 ounces, they fit the standard golf ball size but offer a lot in terms of technological enhancements.

The React Speed Core in each ball aids in achieving greater velocity while maintaining a soft feel, suitable for those long drives down the fairway. Coupled with the 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern, these golf balls are built to cut through the air for an optimized trajectory that brings out your swing’s full potential.

Durability is not overlooked, as the Ionomer cover ensures that frequent players can enjoy many rounds before thinking about replacements. This is a boon for regular golfers who value both quality and endurance in their equipment.

The distinctive yellow color not only adds a touch of personality to your game but functions significantly to improve visibility against green fairways or blue skies, making it easier to track in flight and find upon landing.

Those who appreciate a meticulous approach to their game will find the new Plus Alignment Aid beneficial for enhancing putting accuracy, clarifying this set’s commitment to improving overall play. While the TaylorMade Distance+ may be our fifth-choice selection, its high customer rating and thoughtful features make it an outstanding choice in the colored golf balls category for those who value visibility, durability, and performance.

#6 TaylorMade 2022 Kalea Purple Golf Balls

Color VisibilityPurple with UV-resistant matte finish for high visibility
DurabilityDurable soft ionomer cover with a high-energy react core
PriceMid-range, offering value for both beginners and experienced golfers

TaylorMade’s 2022 Kalea Purple Golf Balls are a striking blend of performance and style. Their vivid purple hue and matte finish not only stand out on the course for easy spotting but also resist sun fading. This factor alone can be persuasive for players who value visibility and uniqueness in their equipment.

What sets these golf balls apart is the high-energy react core, offering golfers the extra distance with every swing. They maintain energy retention brilliantly, a perfect match for those looking to maximize their drive off the tee, which is a significant advantage for players with moderate swing speeds.

The soft ionomer cover complements the robust core, giving a soft feel around the greens – critical for nuanced shots. This balance of distance and control is a boon to the short game, enhancing overall playability, which can be particularly beneficial for ladies in the sport.

Adorned with a 342 dimple pattern, the balls are engineered for sustained lift, promoting further distance and smooth flight across the fairway. This feature exemplifies TaylorMade’s commitment to advancing golf ball technology, suited for both novices and adept players.

Although ranked as our Number 6 choice, the TaylorMade 2022 Kalea Purple Golf Balls deliver an appealing package of visibility, touch, and techโ€”proving a great selection for female golfers looking to enrich their game with balls that look as good as they perform. With a sensible price point and positive customer reception, these balls are poised to be a cherished addition to any golfer’s bag.

#7 Wilson Chaos Multi-Color Golf Balls

Color VisibilityHigh-visibility neon colors
DurabilityHigh-energy core with a durable ionomer cover
PriceCompetitively priced 24-ball pack

The Wilson Chaos Multi-Color Golf Balls are a vibrant addition to any golfer’s bag, appealing to those who appreciate a combination of style and substance. These golf balls are equipped with a high-energy core designed to increase distance off the tee, likely to impress those aiming for longer drives.

On the approach to the green, the soft high-velocity ionomer blend cover provides a responsive feel, helping with precise short-game shots. This tactile edge is significant for players looking for control around the greens.

Beyond performance, the neon colors of these golf balls enhance visibility on the course, making it easier for players to track the ball through the air and find it on the turf.

Durability is another merit of these balls, with their robust construction providing longevity, even after frequent play.

With a hearty 24-ball pack, these Wilson Chaos Golf Balls offer excellent value. While their ranking might not crown them the absolute best in colored golf balls, their visibility, durability, and price present a compelling case for golfers of all levels seeking quality without breaking the bank.

#8 Callaway Supersoft Matte 2023

Color VisibilityVivid colors including red, orange, and yellow enhance tracking against green fairways.
DurabilityHybrid cover balances softness and long-lasting performance.
PriceCompetitively priced with varying costs for special edition colors like Shamrock and Taco.

The Callaway Supersoft Matte 2023 golf balls are a striking blend of vibrant color and technical prowess. With a palette of dynamic hues, these balls are designed not just to stand out on the course but to improve visibility, making it easier for golfers to track their shots.

Callaway’s commitment to performance is evident in their HyperElastic SoftFast Core technology, which combines a soft feel with increased ball speed. For golfers keen on finesse, the softer cover brings an enhanced greenside spin, adding a layer of control where it counts.

Durability is a key factor for golf balls, and the Supersoft Matte 2023 does not disappoint. The hybrid cover is crafted to withstand the challenges of the game, maintaining its integrity over multiple rounds.

Priced within reach, the various color options cater to personal preferences and feature some unique selections that might carry a slight premium. This pricing flexibility allows golfers of various budgets to enjoy the benefits of premium golf balls without breaking the bank.

In sum, these Callaway balls are engineered to elevate the game from tee to green. Whether it’s the straight flight, long distance, or the noticeably soft feel, the Callaway Supersoft Matte 2023 balls are a commendable choice for any golfer looking to enhance their play with a high-quality, colored golf ball.

#9 Callaway Supersoft Matte Golf Balls

Color VisibilityAvailable in Orange, Green, Pink, Red, White, and Yellow
DurabilityNew Hybrid Cover with PARALOID Impact Modifier for extended longevity
PriceCompetitively priced for high-quality, technologically advanced golf balls

Golfers seeking a high-performance ball with a soft touch and impressive distance need look no further than the Callaway Supersoft Matte Golf Balls. Favored for their wide color selection, players can easily choose a hue that offers maximum visibility against the greens and the sky. The cutting-edge design, which includes a High-Speed Soft Compression Core, translates to energy-efficient ball flights and notable speed enhancements.

Moreover, these balls are built with a durability-focused mindset, evident in the quality Hybrid Cover made with DOW Chemical’s PARALOID Impact Modifier. This material ensures a soft feel, yet robust enough to withstand repeated play. When it comes down to control, particularly around the greens, the Supersoft Matte Golf Balls provide commendable greenside finesse.

At a weight of just 1 pound for a dozen, the Supersoft Matte golf balls are also an easy addition to any golfer’s bag. With a thoughtful matte finish, these balls minimize glare while possibly influencing aerodynamics for a steadier trajectory through the air. Golfers can also trust in these balls, backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty that speaks of Callaway’s confidence in their product.

Given their popularity and high satisfaction ratings on sales platforms like Amazon, it’s clear that these balls are well-received by the golfing community. Overall, for those looking for quality, performance, and durability, the Callaway Supersoft Matte Golf Balls stand out in the realm of colored golf balls as a reliably superior option.

#10 Callaway Supersoft Matte Pink 2023

Color VisibilityStriking Pink for enhanced visibility
DurabilityNew cover system for increased lifespan
PriceCompetitively priced for premium quality

The Callaway Supersoft Matte Pink 2023 golf balls are a distinctive choice for golfers looking to combine style with performance. The vibrant pink hue not only stands out on the green but also aids in tracking the ball in flight. Weighing just 1.36 pounds, these balls are engineered for golfers who appreciate a softer touch and high-speed ball travel.

Constructed with a new softer cover system, these golf balls offer an improved greenside spin, greatly beneficial for precision on the course. The HyperElastic SoftFast Core enhances ball speeds on drives while maintaining that invaluable softness for iron shots and delicate putts.

Additionally, the durability of these golf balls is bolstered by Callaway’s high-quality manufacturing standards. Golfers can feel confident with the two-year warranty that accompanies this set, a testament to the resilience of the Supersoft Matte Pink.

Retailing as a set of twelve, these golf balls come in a sleek packaging design, underscoring Callaway’s commitment to quality in every aspect. Its rank within the top sports and outdoor products on Amazon reaffirms its popularity and consumer trust in its capabilities.

Overall, the Callaway Supersoft Matte Pink 2023 golf balls are a fantastic option for golfers seeking a blend of performance, visibility, and style. Their updated design and technological enhancements make them a noteworthy competitor in the world of colored golf balls.

Checklist: What makes great colored golf balls

  • Visibility: A high-visibility color improves tracking against backgrounds such as the sky and fairways. Matte finishes can reduce glare, aiding in swift ball location during play.
  • Durability: Look for balls with tough covers like Dupont Lithium Surlyn to withstand the rigors of play, maintaining performance over several rounds and resisting cuts and scuffs.
  • Performance: Consider core technology designed for energy efficiency, which can maximize distance, and dimple design that promotes lift, reducing drag for longer flight.
  • Feel & Control: A softer feel is beneficial for short-game precision. Golf balls with lower compression and softer covers can enhance greenside control and touch.
  • Conformance: It’s important that the golf balls conform to USGA rules to ensure suitability for tournament play and to validate the golf balls’ performance enhancements.
  • Innovative Features: Additional perks like alignment aids can help with putting accuracy, adding another layer of functionality that can assist in improving your game.


Why are colored golf balls beneficial?

Colored golf balls enhance visibility, making it easier to track the ball against various backdrops like the sky and fairway.

Can colored golf balls improve my game?

Yes, colored golf balls can improve your game by aiding in ball tracking and location, which can lead to faster play and better focus on shots.

What features should I look for in a quality colored golf ball?

Look for high-visibility colors, durability, core technology for distance, dimple design for flight, a soft feel for control, and conformance to USGA rules.

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