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Stuck in the dreaded chipping rut?

The approach can be the most nerve-wracking part of your golf game.

One tool promises a breakthrough: the chipping wedge.

In your pursuit of par, precision matters.

Unlock the secret weapon for your short game with the top chipping wedges.

#1 PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper

MaterialAlloy Head, Custom Steel Shaft, Rubber Grip
Wedge Loft36-Degree
Bounce AngleNot specified

The PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper stands out with its unique two-sided design, accommodating both left and right-handed golfers with ease. Crafted with a durable alloy head material, it’s built to withstand the rigors of frequent play and maintain its condition over time.

Its shaft, constructed with custom steel from Powerbilt, ensures a sturdy feel, complementing the comfortable and control-centric custom velvet grip. The 36-degree loft offers versatility for an array of short-game shots, making it a fundamental tool for improving play around the greens.

Weighing in at just 0.45 kilograms and optimized with a 35.25-inch shaft length, this chipper is designed to fit most adult golfers, striking the right balance between weight and stability for both high-handicappers and more skilled players seeking to improve their short game.

Although not legal for USGA tournament play due to its dual-faced nature, it excels in friendly rounds and practice sessions. This club is the best chipping wedge for those looking to add a reliable, ambidextrous option to their bag, backed by Powerbilt’s long-standing reputation and a 1-year warranty.

With its combination of quality construction, innovative design, and consistent performance, the PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper is a superb choice for golfers aiming to conquer the challenges of the short game.

#2 Acer XK Chipper Series

MaterialAlloy Steel, Rubber Grip
Wedge Loft37 Degrees, 46 Degrees
Bounce AngleUltra-Wide Contoured Sole

The Acer XK Chipper Series elevates the short game by providing a reliable alternative to traditional irons and wedges. Its gooseneck hosel design addresses common chipping woes by minimizing the risk of shanking, enhancing confidence for golfers. The clever 3:1 fly-to-roll ratio ensures that players have precise control over their shots, making it exceptionally versatile for various greenside scenarios.

This chipper shines with its ultra-wide contoured sole, gliding over tough spots with an elegance that is rare in conventional wedges. Whether you’re facing longer rolls or needing a ‘fly & die’ approach, the choice of 37 or 46-degree lofts accommodates your strategic needs without missing a beat.

Forgiveness is another cornerstone of the Acer XK’s design. Its cavity back structure distributes weight around the perimeter, offering a balanced and forgiving striking surface, ideal for less-than-perfect lies.

Usability is enhanced thanks to the putter grip on an alloy steel uniflex shaft, which encourages a familiar putting stroke while chipping, aiding consistency and touch around the greens. Plus, its standard rubber grip accommodates many hand sizes, making it a top pick for a wide audience.

Catering to various skill levels, the Acer XK Chipper Series brings together intuitive design elements with functional innovation to make it a standout selection in your golf bag. It’s no surprise that it finds a prestigious spot on our list, considering its well-crafted features and overall value to the golfer’s toolkit.

#3 Crestgolf Two-Way Chipper

MaterialStainless Steel Head and Shaft, Rubber Grip with Carbon Yard
Wedge Loft35 Degrees
Bounce AngleLie Angle at 35 Degrees

The Crestgolf Two-Way Chipper stands out as a unique addition to any golfer’s arsenal with its ambidextrous design, accommodating both left and right-handed players. Its stainless steel construction promotes durability, while the specialized rubber grip with embedded carbon yard ensures a non-slip, confident hold during the swing.

With a uniform wedge loft of 35 degrees, this club shines when it comes to Green play and approach shots, making it a solid choice for golfers looking to refine their short game. The chipper’s length of 35 inches and the balance provided by its 350-gram weight contribute to a comfortable and controlled swing.

Ideal for golfers at any skill level, the club’s uniflex flex offers adaptability, while the inclusion of a ball return system enhances practice efficiency, allowing for continuous improvement without interruption.

Crestgolf, a brand known for high-quality golf equipment, underscores its reputation with this PGA league product, suggesting its commitment to excellence. Overall, the Crestgolf Two-Way Chipper is a worthy option for those seeking a reliable, versatile, and effective tool on the green.

#4 MYKUJA Two-Way Chipper

MaterialStainless Steel Head, Alloy Steel Shaft, Rubber Grip
Wedge Loft35 degrees
Bounce Angle35 degrees Brix

The MYKUJA Two-Way Chipper is crafted for the golfer who values precision and versatility in their chipping game. With its 35-inch length and 35-degree loft angle, this chipper excels in its category for delivering consistent control and accuracy close to the greens. Its dual-sided design facilitates play for both left- and right-handed individuals, making it a practical addition to any golfer’s bag.

Durability isn’t compromised, as the stainless steel construction of the head promises longevity beyond standard zinc alloys. This same attention to detail is present in the grip – the natural rubber material not only offers comfort but also a non-slip experience thanks to the integrated textured grooves.

The innovation of the MYKUJA Chipper doesn’t end with its material choices. A machined aim guideline on the head grants an additional level of precision, allowing golfers to hit the ball truly where they intend. This is particularly noteworthy for players looking to improve their short game, where accuracy is paramount.

Furthermore, the club’s balanced weight contributes to an ease of handling that both novices and seasoned golfers can appreciate. Its environmental friendliness is an added bonus, appealing to the eco-conscious player without compromising on performance.

In essence, the MYKUJA Two-Way Chipper offers reliability and thoughtful engineering in a market full of options. Its well-received reputation, underlined by positive customer feedback, makes it a mainstay for those seeking to enrich their chipping dynamics.

#5 Orlimar Escape Mid-Mallet Chipper

MaterialStainless Steel and Rubber
Wedge Loft37 Degrees
Bounce AngleUnspecified; Gooseneck Hosel for Shank-Proof Design

The Orlimar Escape Mid-Mallet Chipper is a formidable asset for golfers aiming to refine their short game. This specialized chipper boasts a glass bead face and top line, which ensures your alignment is on point before each shot. The design mimics the length of a putter while offering a loft similar to that of a 7-iron, which equates to a 35-inch length and 37 degrees of loft. This hybrid approach is ingenious for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, the Orlimar Escape provides the satisfying thud on impact that golfers appreciate, giving feedback that builds confidence and aids precision. The innovative gooseneck hosel design is a significant attribute—it’s engineered to reduce the likelihood of shanks, a frequent source of frustration in chipping.

This club’s Uniflex shaft strikes a balance between rigidity and whip, delivering a consistent, manageable flex that’s suitable for a variety of shots around the greens. Weighing in at a comfortable 1.3 pounds, it enables golfers to approach each chip with assurance without the burden of unnecessary heft.

Though it is the fifth choice in our evaluation, don’t let that undermine the value of the Escape Chipper. Golfers have noted its usability, with an alignment aid that simplifies targeting to improve overall accuracy. Ideal for both men and women, this unisex club is versatile enough to be a mainstay in any golfer’s bag.

The consistent customer satisfaction, indicated by its high ratings and our own assessment, demonstrates that the Orlimar Escape Mid-Mallet Chipper is a smart choice for those wanting to elevate their performance on the green. With its quality and design geared towards reliability and ease of use, it’s a club that can offer tangible improvements to your short game.

#6 MAZEL Chipper Club Pitching Wedge

MaterialDurable Stainless Steel
Wedge Loft36 or 45 Degrees
Bounce Angle72 Degrees Lie Angle

The MAZEL Chipper Club offers a blend of versatility and precision that can help elevate a player’s short game. With options for a 36 or 45-degree loft, this club is tailored for golfers looking to execute an array of chip shots effectively. Its durability is assured, thanks to its stainless steel construction, appealing to those who value longevity in their clubs.

Specifically, the club’s 35-inch length mirrors that of a putter, facilitating a more familiar and controlled approach to chipping. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who want to switch between putting and chipping with ease, while also aiming to increase accuracy on the green.

The high-performance rubber grip stands out, delivering not only comfort but also enhancing ball speed control – an often underappreciated aspect when playing close to the green. Moreover, the design incorporates a useful alignment line to aid in accuracy, and the perfect flex makes it suitable for a wide range of players.

An important consideration for tournament players is the club’s conformation to regulations. The MAZEL Chipper Club is designed to be a legal wedge for competition, an aspect that validates its design and performance capabilities.

Lastly, the value is further extended with the inclusion of a protective head cover and responsive after-sales service, ensuring that this pitching wedge is a sensible and reliable addition to any golfer’s bag. Whether you’re navigating difficult spots or simply refining your short game, the MAZEL Chipper Club stands as a solid choice within the chipping wedge category.

#7 Money Club Fire Red Chipper

MaterialDurable Steel with Alloy Steel Shaft
Wedge Loft37 Degrees
Bounce Angle37 Degrees Golf Putter Lie

The Money Club Fire Red Chipper is an innovative asset for any golfer focusing on their short game. From the solid durable steel construction to the thoughtfully designed 37-degree loft, this club is meant to provide precision and control right where it counts. The rubber grip offers a comfortable and secure hold, which is crucial for the delicate touch needed in chipping.

The vibrant fire red color choice not only looks great in your golf bag but also helps the club stand out on the course. Whether you choose the fiery red or the calm green, you’re ensured the same quality construction and performance. This chipping wedge is specifically tailored for right-handed players and boasts a regular flex suitable for a broad range of golfers.

Moreover, the 35″ alloy steel shaft is the perfect blend of lightweight feel and strength, providing stability through your chip shots. The rear cavity chipper design offers excellent shot alignment, which can drastically improve accuracy around the greens. Despite being our number 7 choice, the Money Club Chipper’s design and reliability cast it as a wise choice for any golfer looking to improve their up-close game.

With an item weight of just 0.91 kilograms, the Money Club Chipper is easy to handle and yet weighted enough for a steady swing. Designed for functionality across both short grass and more challenging rough terrains, this chipper exemplifies the versatility that golfers need. Rounded out with a robust steelhead, the Money Club Fire Red Chipper is both a durable and aesthetically appealing choice for golfers at different skill levels.

#8 Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper

MaterialAlloy Steel
Wedge Loft32 Degrees
Bounce AngleNot Specified

When you find yourself stuck at those awkward in-between distances around the green, having a reliable chipper can make all the difference. The Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper, with its 32-degree loft and sturdy alloy steel construction, provides the precision and durability you need to enhance your short game.

This chipper’s alignment aid is a standout feature, encouraging more accurate puts and instilling confidence with each stroke. The absence of a face insert means that the head shape is uncompromised, designed to optimize performance in varying conditions.

The unique grip, marked by a vertical seam and a slightly thicker diameter, delivers a stronger feel and more control. This is a huge plus for those who prize tactile feedback.

At 35 inches, the club length falls comfortably in the standard category, making it a familiar choice for most golfers. Its solid weight of 400 grams ensures enough heft to deliver a smooth stroke without feeling cumbersome.

As the 8th choice in our chipping wedge selection, the Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper offers a blend of value and performance. It might not top our list, but it’s a solid selection for golfers looking to add a dependable chipper to their bag. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this chipper’s ability to improve your shots in various situations around the green makes it a worthwhile investment.

#9 MAZEL Stainless Steel Chipper

MaterialStainless Steel Shaft with Rubber Grip
Wedge Loft55 Degrees
Bounce AngleWide Sole Design to Prevent Digging

As golfers work to refine their short game, having the right equipment is crucial, and the MAZEL Stainless Steel Chipper stands out as a highly reliable tool. Its sleek design with a striking green color not only adds a touch of flair to one’s golf bag but also provides performance that can improve one’s game. Constructed with a durable stainless steel shaft, the club is built to last, while the rubber grip helps absorb shock, enhancing comfort and control through every chip.

With a 55-degree loft angle, this wedge is versatile enough for a variety of shots around the green, making it a solid choice for players looking to improve precision and manage a range of scenarios. The lower center of gravity due to the heavy club head synergizes with the wide sole to simplify striking the ball, reducing the margin for error and boosting a golfer’s confidence.

Moreover, the putter-like length allows players to execute chips with a similar stroke to putting, promoting consistency and offering a familiar tactile experience. The attention to detail extends to the CNC milled club face which provides consistency in every shot, making for a stick that deftly combines forgiveness with accuracy.

This club isn’t only about performance; it’s also suitable for tournament play, meeting the official rules of golf. The included bonus PU headcover adds value and convenience, ensuring the club stays protected when not in use. For golfers aiming to elevate their short game without breaking the bank, the MAZEL Stainless Steel Chipper is a commendable choice. Its design and build cater to both new players and experienced golfers who desire to enhance their approach around the greens.

#10 Square Strike Pitching & Chipping Wedge

MaterialStainless Steel
Wedge Loft45 Degrees
Bounce AngleN/A (Designed with an extra-wide sole and beveled leading edge)

The Square Strike Wedge is built as a solid choice for those looking to improve their short game. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, this wedge is both robust and reliable. The approximate 11.64-ounce weight adds a substantial feel to each swing, increasing confidence around the greens. With a stiff club flex and 45-degree loft, players can expect precise shots that cater well to an array of pitches and chips.

This wedge’s design notably reduces the occurrence of dreaded fat shots, a common bane for amateurs and seasoned golfers alike, thanks to its extra-wide sole and a beveled leading edge that glides across the turf. Moreover, its putter-like length lends to a simpler, more controlled swing motion which is further enhanced by the anti-chunk sole and anti-rotational weighting, keeping shots aligned.

The standout feature may well be the strategic additional weight positioned on the toe that ensures the clubface remains square through impact, fostering consistency. Such design intelligence is often reserved for higher-tier clubs, making the Square Strike Wedge an intriguing option. While it may not be the very best in its class, its innovative design offers forgiveness and simplicity that might just improve your game.

Anyone struggling with consistent chipping will appreciate the club’s focus on minimizing wrist action, propelled by a design principle that emulates straight-back-straight-through putting strokes. This increases predictability when it comes to chip shots, offering the higher loft necessary without compromising on control.

Lastly, with a one-year manufacturer warranty, the Square Strike Wedge stands as a pledge to quality and customer satisfaction. Its unique features make it a noteworthy addition to any golfer’s bag, especially for those who value a design that caters to a straightforward and effective chipping strategy. Whether you’re expanding your wedge repertoire or looking to replace an aging club, the Square Strike provides an admirable blend of innovation and practicality.

Checklist: What makes a great chipping wedge

  • Material Quality: High-quality materials are crucial for durability and performance; look for wedges made from stainless steel or alloys that stand up to frequent use and maintain their condition over time.
  • Wedge Loft: The right loft angle enhances versatility on the green; consider lofts between 32-55 degrees depending on your preference for chip trajectory and roll.
  • Design Features: Features like two-way chipping capabilities, gooseneck hosel, or wide sole designs can minimize the risk of errors and enhance performance in various terrains.
  • Club Balance: Balance affects the ease and control of your swing; look for a chipper with a weight that feels comfortable, ensures stability, and complements your swing style.
  • Grip Comfort: A non-slip, comfortable grip is vital for precision and control, especially in chipping, where delicate touch is paramount—rubber grips with texture can offer the necessary confidence during swings.
  • Legality for Play: Ensure that the chipping wedge conforms to official golf rules, particularly if you plan to use it in tournament play.


What is the ideal wedge loft for improving my chipping game?

Ideal chipping wedge lofts range from 32-55 degrees, tailored to your desired chip trajectory and roll on the green.

How does the design of a chipping wedge affect my short game?

Chipping wedge designs, such as two-way capabilities or wide soles, can minimize errors and enhance shot performance on various terrains.

Are non-slip grips important for chipping wedges?

Yes, non-slip, comfortable grips are crucial for precision and control in chipping, where a delicate touch is key to accuracy.

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