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Frustrated with inconsistent putting?

Too often, golfers settle for substandard blade putters that sabotage their game.

But that ends now.

Embark on a journey to discover the ultimate blade putters crafted to transform your performance on the greens.

#1 PGM Golf Blade Putter

DesignNotched strike surface with grooves, black stainless steel head with milled face
WeightShaft: 113g; Head: 350g; Total: 540g
Grip ComfortNon-slip rubber grip for secure and comfortable handling

The PGM Golf Blade Putter is a testament to the thoughtful blend of tradition and modern technology. Its classic black design is timeless, yet it boasts performance-oriented features, like the notched strike surface with strategic grooving, that significantly improve the golfer’s control and ball roll consistency.

Sitting at a comfortable length of 34 inches and sporting a total weight distribution that encourages a smooth swing arc, this putter is a fine choice for the discerning golfer. The tactile assurance you get from the non-slip rubber grip adds to the putter’s precision on the green.

The incorporation of a regular flex graphite shaft marries a lighter feel with stability. This seems to effectively reduce hand fatigue without sacrificing the weighted feedback necessary for judging putts correctly. It’s a club that both beginners and seasoned players can appreciate.

High fault tolerance is an exceptional feature, as it ensures that even less-than-perfect putts have a fighting chance to find the bottom of the cup. This friendly forgiveness is why many golfers will find it a staple in their bag.

Overall, the PGM Golf Blade Putter stands out for its equilibrated feel and robust construction, making it a prime pick among the best blade putters. Its PGA approval for tournament play further cements its status as a top-tier choice for golf enthusiasts.

#2 GoSports Classic Blade Putter

DesignPremium milled alloy face and traditional blade style
Weight0.73 kg (1.6 lbs)
Grip ComfortAnti-slip pistol grip with premium feel

The GoSports Classic Blade Putter presents a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern craftsmanship. With its impressive 4.6-star average rating, it is clear that this putter is a favorite among golfers. Its 35-inch length offers a comfortable fit for both male and female golfers, while the premium milled alloy face ensures a pure roll on the greens, instilling confidence with every putt.

Weighing in at a mere 1.6 pounds, this blade putter is both lightweight and manageable, ideal for golfers who enjoy lengthy sessions on the course. Such a design allows for a smooth stroke and less strain on the hands, translating to more consistent putting.

Comfort is key in a putter, and the Classic Blade Putter doesn’t disappoint, featuring an anti-slip pistol grip that allows for a secure and tactile connection to the club. This premium grip not only enhances handling but also aids in the reduction of overall hand fatigue during play.

This putter is a budget-friendly alternative for golfers who aspire to Tour-level performance without the extravagant cost. Made from durable steel with an alloy steel shaft, the GoSports Classic Blade Putter stands the test of time and frequent use.

For those seeking a dependable, high-performance club, this classic design combined with a comfortable grip and solid build quality make the GoSports Classic Blade Putter a standout choice in the realm of blade putters. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned golfer, this putter could be the game-changer in your bag.

#3 Pinemeadow Pre 2.0 Putter

DesignClassic blade style, silver and black color scheme
Weight1.2 pounds; easy to handle and maneuver
Grip ComfortPutter grip type designed for a secure hold

The Pinemeadow Pre 2.0 Putter stands out in its category with its compelling blend of traditional design and modern technology. The classic blade style, complete with a sleek silver and black aesthetic, offers the time-honored look that many golfers prefer. At a lightweight 1.2 pounds, handling and maneuverability are made exceptional, catering to a variety of golfer preferences.

Notably, the pin-point precision and consistent performance promised by this club are fostered through its robust dual weighting in the putter face. This innovative feature is meticulously engineered to stabilize each stroke, yielding improved accuracy and a smoother roll of the ball on the green.

The Pre 2.0 Putter’s comfort is not left to chance; its grip is specifically designed to provide a secure and comfortable hold throughout the game. This attention to detail is evident in the putter’s reception by golfers, as reflected in its positive customer feedback and strong presence in the market since 2010.

For those seeking a blend of tradition and innovation in their golfing equipment, the Pinemeadow Pre 2.0 Putter is a solid choice. Its positive reviews and sustained popularity underscore its status as a reliable putter that doesn’t disappoint on the green. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your game, this putter is worth considering for its balance, style, and performance.

#4 Wilson Staff Harmonized M1 Ladies’ Putter

DesignSquare heel/toe with a micro injection face insert
Weight0.4 kg / 0.88 lbs
Grip ComfortLarger diameter soft feel grip for enhanced control

The Wilson Staff Harmonized M1 Ladies’ Putter is a beautifully designed putting solution tailored for women right-hand golfers looking for improved performance on the greens. At a club length of 34 inches and a weight of just 0.88 pounds, this putter enables a comfortable and steady stroke. The square heel/toe design, paired with a microinjection face insert, offers accuracy and responsiveness in your putt.

Catering to control, the grip is specifically upgraded to a larger diameter size to ensure a soft, yet firm grasp, mitigating slippage and enhancing handling precision. Durability is also a key factor, and with its sturdy steel shaft and material, this putter promises to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Supporting consistent strokes, the putter’s 1-degree loft and 7-degree lie angle are engineered to boost the golfer’s mechanics and ball trajectory. The dimensions of 48 inches by 5.65 inches provide a balanced structure, making it a reliable golf club.

While the Wilson Staff Harmonized M1 Putter is our fourth choice, it carries the distinction of being highly rated by users, holding an impressive 4.6-star rating on Amazon. Backed by Wilson’s century-long reputation in golf, this putter stands out as a prime selection for any female golfer dedicated to enhancing their game.

#5 Wilson Harmonized M1 Right-Hand Blade Putter

DesignSquare heel/toe profile with alignment aids and a stylish 2013 cosmetic update
Weight0.4 kilograms providing a balanced feel for controlled strokes
Grip ComfortOversized three-piece paddle grip with a larger diameter and distinctive vertical seam for enhanced feel

The Wilson Harmonized M1 Right-Hand Blade Putter is an impressive club for recreational golfers seeking precision on the greens. The putter offers a 34″ stainless steel shaft, an excellent length for most male golfers, providing the stability and consistency needed for accurate putting. It features an alloy steel construction, balancing strength with playability, essential for enduring performance.

One cannot overlook the sleek square heel/toe design, equipped with horizontal lines for easy alignment, aimed at increasing accuracy. The fresh and stylish look of the 2013 updated design also makes this putter stand out aesthetically on the course.

The oversized three-piece paddle grip underscores the ergonomic advantages of this model, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold under various weather conditions. The distinctive vertical seam grip design increases tactile feedback, which is paramount for delicate strokes.

Another notable feature is the micro-injection polymer face insert, enhancing the feel and improving touch upon ball contact. This technology, coupled with the putter’s multiple-density micro-injections on the clubface, empowers golfers to make more consistent and confident putts.

In summary, the Wilson Harmonized M1 Right-Hand Blade Putter is an excellent choice for those valuing a blend of classic design, modern enhancements, and tangible results. It’s well-suited for the golfer seeking to finesse their putting game without compromising on feel or control.

#6 GoSports GS1 Tour Golf Putter

Design34″ stainless steel head with milled face, sleek silver color
Weight1.53 lbs for a stable, controlled putt
Grip ComfortChoice of oversized fat grip at 1.3″ diameter or traditional grip, both designed for enhanced feel and precision

The GoSports GS1 Tour Golf Putter is a fine instrument for any golfer seeking precision on the greens. The 34-inch stainless steel head, complete with a milled face, provides a satisfying contact with the ball, promoting a consistent and smooth roll.

At a weight of 1.53 pounds, the putter offers a reassuring heft, contributing to its stability and aiding golfers in maintaining a smooth, controlled stroke. The putter’s grip is a standout feature, with the choice of a substantial 1.3-inch fat grip or a traditional grip, each textured to ensure optimal feel and precision when it matters the most.

The fat grip particularly stands out, as it helps reduce hand rotation, encouraging a more consistent putt. Included is a meticulously crafted, premium padded cover that shelters the putter, revealing the careful thought put into the product’s longevity.

The stylish silver finish of the GS1 Tour offers an air of sophistication comparable to more expensive counterparts, reinforcing its place as a reliable choice for quality without the extravagant expense. Overall, the GoSports GS1 Tour Golf Putter serves as a respectable contender within the blade putter niche, boasting features often reserved for premium models at a more accessible price point.

#7 Odyssey Golf DFX Putter

DesignSleek black finish, available in various styles including 2 Ball and Rossie
Weight1 lb (16 ounces), balanced for smooth handling
Grip ComfortPistol and oversized grip options for personalized comfort

The Odyssey Golf DFX Putter strikes an excellent balance between performance and style. Its modern black aesthetic is not just for show; it exemplifies the quality of the Odyssey brand. The various style options, from the classic 2 Ball to the innovative Seven, provide golfers with a tailor-fitted experience that matches their preferences and playing styles.

At a comfortable weight of 1 lb, the DFX putter offers an impressive balance that caters to steady handling and accurate strokes. The premium soft DFX insert is a highlight, offering a superb feel upon contact that translates to consistent rolls, which is essential for any golfer vying to improve their green game.

With options for both a pistol grip and an oversized grip, players are granted the flexibility to choose the level of comfort and control that best suits their putter handling. Such customization is a welcome feature, allowing the DFX to adapt to various hand sizes and grip styles.

The inclusion of a compatible head cover and a 2-year warranty by Callaway not only ensures protection for your putter but also instills confidence in your investment. Given the craftsmanship and thoughtful design inputs, it’s no surprise that it’s highly regarded among blade putters on the market.

Echoing the sentiments of its satisfied customers, the Odyssey Golf DFX Putter is undoubtedly a commendable pick for golfers seeking a reliable and stylish putter to elevate their game on the greens.

#8 Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0 Blade Putter

DesignSleek black appearance with tungsten forward weighting for stability
WeightWell-balanced 34″ length with consistent head weighting for control
Grip ComfortLarge pistol grip made from midsize, rubber material ensures comfort and stroke stability

Cleveland Golf’s Frontline 4.0 Blade Putter is the quintessence of precision and consistency. Its innovative tungsten forward weighting ensures that the center of gravity is close to the face, providing a more stable stroke that promotes straighter putts. This feature, combined with the Speed Optimized Face Technology, offers unparalleled distance control, making it a reliable precision instrument on the greens.

A right-handed golfer will find the regular flex shaft to be accommodating with its classic 34-inch length, making it an exceptional choice for those with a standard grip style. The head’s substantial steel build is complemented by a midsize rubber grip that not only offers comfort but also enhances stroke stability, a crucial factor during crucial putts.

The inclusion of Cleveland’s proprietary 2135 Technology for alignment accounts for varied eye positions at address, making precision all but guaranteed. Additionally, the range of hosel configurations available allows the individual golfer to choose the one most suited to their stroke type.

The putter’s classic black design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also minimizes distractions, allowing players to focus solely on their putt. Its headcover addition is a considerate touch, reflecting the brand’s commitment to both the protection and longevity of the putter.

Although it finds its place as our eighth selection, the Frontline 4.0 Blade Putter from Cleveland Golf impresses with its features and must not be underestimated. It stands as a testament to the brand’s ability to engineer putters that fuse traditional aesthetics with modern technology, making it a worthy addition to any golfer’s bag.

#9 Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier #4 Putter

DesignSleek gray satin PVD finish with precision CNC milled face
WeightApproximately 1.3 pounds with a uniflex steel shaft
Grip ComfortLamkin SINKFit Skinny Pistol grip for superior handling

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier #4 Putter aligns cutting-edge technology with elegant design to enhance the putting game. With its gray satin PVD finish and diamond CNC milled face, the putter offers not only aesthetically pleasing looks but also a soft feel and a purer roll to those who prefer tactile precision and control on the greens.

This putter is well-suited to golfers who demand consistent performance, thanks to the Speed Optimized Face Technology. Regardless of where you strike the ball on the putter’s face, you get consistent speed control, which is vital for maintaining distance accuracy and performance.

Grip comfort is addressed with the Lamkin SINKFit Skinny Pistol grip, chosen for its ergonomic design that suits golfers with a slight or strong arc stroke. The toe-down design of the head further accommodates stroke play, making it a versatile choice for a range of putting styles.

Weighing in at around 1.3 pounds and with varying shaft length options, the putter provides a balance between heft and maneuverability. The choice of a 33″, 34″, or 35″ shaft ensures players can find the match for their stance and style, aiding in a consistent putting stroke.

The high customer satisfaction and strong reviews for the Huntington Beach Soft Premier #4 Putter reflect its status as a premium blade putter in the market. Its combination of design, weight and grip comfort makes it an attractive option for golfers aiming to refine their performance on the green.

#10 TaylorMade PT-TP Hydroblast Soto #1

DesignElegant machine milled 303 stainless steel with a Hydro Blast finish
Weight4.5 ounces, with optional TP sole weights ranging from 2.5g to 20g
Grip ComfortStandard size grip, suitable for a wide range of golfers

The TaylorMade PT-TP Hydroblast Soto #1 is a gem in the world of blade putters, crafted with precision and performance in mind. The tactile pleasure of 303 stainless steel forms its foundation, complemented by a design that not only exudes class but also inspires confidence on the green. Machine milled perfection paired with the Hydro Blast finish ensures durability and a stunning look that catches every golfer’s eye.

At a featherlight 4.5 ounces, this putter offers unmatched control, further customizable with interchangeable sole weights addressing the specific needs of any player’s stroke. The Surlyn insert is familiar, as its effective groove patterning promotes a smooth roll that serious golfers covet, adding to the putter’s overall trustworthiness.

Embedded within its construction is a lie angle of 45 degrees which, in concert with the standard grip size, affords an almost intuitive feel in stance and execution. It’s the ideal putter for male players who appreciate subtleties that enhance their natural play style without overwhelming with excess features.

Its classic blade silhouette and single sightline beckon the purists, while advancements like the L-Neck hosel appeal to those with a calculated face rotation in their putt. To wrap it up, TaylorMade’s 2-year warranty on the PT-TP Hydroblast Soto #1 underlines the conviction they have in this reliable putting partner’s quality and performance. Truly, while it sits at our tenth spot, it’s a contender that holds its own, promising to be a valued asset in the bag of discerning golfers.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Blade Putter

  • Design Precision: Look for putters with meticulous design features like a notched strike surface, alignment aids, or milled faces that enhance control and promote a consistent ball roll.
  • Weight Distribution: The putter’s head and shaft weight should be balanced to encourage a smooth swing arc and stable stroke. Adjustable weights can further tailor the putter to the player’s preference.
  • Grip Comfort: A secure and comfortable grip is essential. It can range from non-slip rubber to oversized fat grips, aimed at reducing hand fatigue and ensuring precision.
  • Material Quality: Sturdy construction using materials like stainless steel or an alloy ensures durability and consistent performance. The club’s longevity is vital for frequent play.
  • Balance and Feel: The overall balance of the putter affects the feel of the stroke. Seek a design that provides an equilibrated and intuitive feel during the putting motion.
  • Approval for Play: For competitive golfers, a putter that is approved for tournament play by leading golf associations adds an assurance of quality and acceptance in official events.


What should be considered when choosing a blade putter?

Factors such as design precision, weight distribution, grip comfort, material quality, and balance and feel are important considerations when selecting a blade putter.

How does the grip affect my performance with a blade putter?

The grip’s comfort and size can influence control and consistency in your stroke, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing precision on the greens.

Are blade putters suitable for tournament play?

Many blade putters are designed to be approved for tournament play, but checking with leading golf associations for specific model acceptance is recommended.

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