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Embarking on an adventure but fear the perils of water damage?

Don’t let a dip dampen your essentials.

Secure your peace of mind with the ultimate waterproof fanny packs.

We reveal the best options to shield your valuables, no matter the splash or spill.

#1 ECHTPower Adventure Pack

MaterialPVC (bags), Polyester (belts)
Size8.66″ x 6.93″ (closed bag)
Water ResistanceDouble Zip-Lock & Velcro closures

The ECHTPower Adventure Pack offers indispensable protection for your essentials on water or land. Constructed from durable PVC with a sturdy polyester belt, these waterproof wonders encapsulate your valuables in a secure, air-tight embrace. Weighing in at a mere 95 grams and measuring approximately 8.66″ by 6.93″, these compact packs are designed to accommodate the must-haves like documents, cash, and smartphones.

The highlight feature is the ingenious transparent window that enables uninterrupted smartphone touch-screen use. This means you can operate your device without exposing it to the elements; an essential for the connected adventurer. The combination of Zip-Lock and Velcro closures ensures that whatever you store inside stays as dry as a bone.

Comfort is another cornerstone of the ECHTPower experience. The adjustable waist belt, ranging from 21.65″ to 34.25″, assures a personalized fit for a hands-free and unrestrictive experience during high-octane activities. Plus, the inclusion of two packs in each purchase offers a color choice between black/blue or black/grey, and additional value for money.

Critics and customers agree that these fanny packs hold their own against the elements. The recommended “bubble test” for assessing water resistance echoes this sentiment. Confirming that even when submerged, the ECHTPower keeps its contents untouched by water, these bags indeed stand up to the claim of being the Best Waterproof Fanny Packs in the market.

Given their effectiveness in keeping gear dry and dust at bay, the ECHTPower Adventure Pack is apt for not just water activities but also for hiking and cycling, ensuring your small but precious items are safe, regardless of the adventure. They’re a boon for avid explorers seeking a reliable, yet budget-friendly solution without the bulk.

#2 Drench Submersible Voyager

MaterialHigh-Quality Diving Suit TPU
Size9.45″ x 5.12″ x 0.79″
Water ResistanceSubmersible to 3 meters

The Drench Submersible Voyager strikes an amazing balance between durability and seamless functionality in the realm of waterproof fanny packs. The high-quality TPU material borrowed from diving suits spells resilience and longevity, making it a staple for any water-sport aficionado.

Each dip in the water becomes worry-free, knowing your essentials are secure within this waist pack. At a mere 2.82 ounces and dimensions easy on the hips, the pack promotes unhindered movement, ideal for vigorous activities such as swimming or snorkeling. The waterproof zipper, requiring an extra tug, is a trifling inconvenience in light of the stellar submersion capacity of up to 3 meters – a true testament to the pack’s impregnability.

Testimonials from divers and surfers attest to its efficacy, as does its commendable best-seller status in its category. Whether navigating Costa Rican waves or the trails of Ocho Rios, style melds with substance in this unisex design. The Drench Submersible Voyager’s overall performance coupled with its sleek, universally-complementary black shade offers an unbeatable proposition for keeping your possessions dry.

#3 AiRunTech Waterproof Submersible Pouch

MaterialDurable and eco-friendly PVC
Size8.5″ x 5.8″
Water ResistanceUp to 32 feet (10 meters) underwater

When it comes to securing your valuables near water, the AiRunTech Waterproof Submersible Pouch is a trusted ally. Constructed from durable and eco-friendly PVC material, these pouches promise robust protection while you enjoy your favorite aquatic activities. Their impressive water resistance, withstanding depths up to 32 feet, gives peace of mind when snorkeling, swimming, or participating in water sports.

Designed at a practical 8.5 inches by 5.8 inches, the pouches feel spacious enough for most smartphones (under 7 inches), alongside other small essentials like credit cards and keys. The convenience of a touch-friendly surface on the translucent options makes it possible to operate your phone through the material – a modern-day necessity.

Adjustability is a key comfort feature, with a waist strap that extends to fit a range of body sizes, making this fanny pack versatile to be worn in several styles. AiRunTech has considered varied wearers, even offering strap extenders for a more customized fit. Plus, the pouches’ floating design helps prevent loss, adding an extra layer of security.

The brand has built a strong reputation since 2019 for accessories that not only safeguard possessions from water but also from theft, by keeping them close and concealed. These waterproof fanny packs are not just about function; their stylish look fits in well at any outdoor event or adventure.

With their focus on eco-friendliness and commitment to high-quality sports gear, AiRunTech’s Waterproof Submersible Pouches stand out as a fantastic choice for those who wish to merge safety with eco-conscious adventure gear. The two-pack offering ensures that you have a spare or one to share, so you’re prepared for any water-related escapade.

#4 HEETA Pouch Pro

MaterialDurable PVC
Size9.0″ x 6.7″, waist straps adjustable from 22″ to 44.9″
Water ResistanceIP68 certified, up to 32 feet underwater for an hour

The HEETA Pouch Pro sets itself apart in the waterproof fanny pack arena with its robust IP68 certification, promising to keep your valuables dry up to an impressive depth of 32 feet for 60 minutes. This level of protection is courtesy of the triple sealing closureβ€”consisting of three zipper locks and a firm Velcro top. Crafted from robust PVC, the pouch admirably resists the rigors of outdoor elements like stones and branches, ensuring a scratch-free surface over the long term.

Sized at a convenient 9.0″ x 6.7″, there’s ample space to protect items such as smartphones and wallets. What’s more, the transparent design lets you operate your touch screen devices uninterruptedβ€”a thoughtful feature for those on the go. If you crave privacy, opt for the opaque black version, which ensures your contents remain concealed.

The wearable flexibility of HEETA’s pouch is another charm, boasting an adjustable waist strap that comfortably fits a 22 to 44.9-inch range. Lightweight at just 3.6 ounces, these pouches promise an unburdensome experience whether you’re swimming, kayaking, or simply enjoying a beach day.

This variety is mirrored in the color options as well, with HEETA offering 12 different hues to match your style. The Pouch Pro can be easily transformed into a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or used as a traditional handbag, reflecting its design ingenuity and user-centered approach.

Overall, the HEETA Pouch Pro is a stellar option within its category, especially as a practical companion for water-related activities without the anxiety of damaging your essentials. It’s a thoughtful mix of practicality, versatility, and reliability for anyone seeking a waterproof solution.

#5 Veckle Clear Stadium

Material0.5 mm PVC Plastic, Waterproof and BPA-Free
Size11″ x 6.5″ x 5.9″ with an Adjustable Belt fitting 19″ to 47″ Waist Size
Water ResistanceWater-Resistant Design Suitable for Various Activities

The Veckle Clear Stadium fanny pack is a standout for anyone who needs a reliable, see-through bag that aligns with stadium guidelines. Made with durable and waterproof PVC plastic, this fanny pack keeps your valuables safe and dry in any weather. The bag’s 11″ x 6.5″ x 5.9″ dimensions offer ample space for essentials, while the lightweight design won’t weigh you down.

This waist bag caters to versatility with an adjustable strap accommodating a wide range of body sizes and wearing styles; it can be slung across the chest, over the shoulder, or traditionally around the waist. The addition of an elastic strap ensures a snug and stable fit during active use.

What shines in this clear fanny pack is its smart compartmentalization. A scratch-free cellphone pocket keeps your device safe, and a spacious main pocket stores everything else you need quick access to. The smooth zipper and strong buckle round out its practical features.

While Veckle’s fanny pack stands at the fifth spot in our selection, it doesn’t fall short in quality and convenience. Whether heading to a concert or a casual day out, it serves as a stylish and practical choice for carrying personal items.

Considering its ample storage, waterproof build, and comfortable fit, the Veckle Clear Stadium offers great value. Its consistent customer satisfaction scores affirm its status as a reliable option within the waterproof fanny pack category.

#6 Sport2people Enduro Belt

MaterialDurable Lycra with TPU reinforcement
SizeAdjusts from 27.5″ to 40.5″, expands up to 4.5″
Water ResistanceWater-resistant fabric and zipper

The Sport2people Enduro Belt is a thoughtfully designed accessory for the active individual. Its water-resistant construction makes it a solid choice for those seeking to keep their belongings dry during workouts or outdoor adventures. With an adjustable strap and dual-pocket design, the belt allows for a customizable and bounce-free experience, suitable for a wide range of body types.

Functionality meets safety in the Sport2people Enduro Belt’s design, which includes reflective detailing for increased visibility during low-light conditions. The soft Lycra material, paired with a reinforced TPU inner layer, suggests a commitment to durability without sacrificing comfort. Furthermore, the slim profile maintains a discreet look, while still offering ample space for essentials such as a large smartphone, keys, or even a passport.

For those who value easy access to their items, the specialized headphone hole is a convenient feature, allowing one to enjoy music on the go. The dual pockets help organize and protect personal items, minimizing the risk of scratches to your devices, a clear indication of the brand’s attention to user needs.

While its design appears sleek and minimalistic, the Sport2people Enduro Belt’s expandability up to 4.5 inches is indicative of a deceptive spaciousness. This element ensures that it can serve multiple purposes beyond just running, like being a travel money belt or an insulin pump carrier.

Providing style choices in various colors, this running belt doesn’t just cater to practicality but also to personal taste, appealing to a wide audience. The multifunctionality and high customer satisfaction ratings of the Sport2people Enduro Belt cement its position as a desirable option in the waterproof fanny pack market.

#7 Crenova Amphibian Voyager Pouches

MaterialDurable soft PVC with high density
Size8.66″ x 5.91″ x 0.12″
Water ResistanceIP68 rated, up to 32 feet underwater for one hour

Crenova’s Amphibian Voyager Pouches deliver on the promise of protecting your essentials during water-related escapades. Crafted from a robust soft PVC material, these pouches defy water, sand, and dust infiltration, keeping your items dry and clean. With a set encompassing both opaque and clear options, privacy and functionality go hand in hand, especially with the clear pouch enabling touchscreen usage underwater.

Size-wise, the dimensions of 8.66 by 5.91 inches offer sufficient room for your wallet, phone, passport, and keys, all the while maintaining a slim profile. Adjustability is another strength of this product, with the waist strap comfortably extending from 32.6 to 54 inches, accommodating a wide range of body types. Furthermore, the pouches are incredibly lightweight at just 3.53 ounces each, enhancing their portability.

The IP68 rating ensures that whether diving up to 32 feet or simply splashing around the shore, your valuables are safe for up to an hour submerged. Just be mindful to secure the triple-seal protection and Velcro closure correctly for optimal waterproofing. Crenova’s Amphibian Voyager Pouches, with their strong customer approval rating, present a reliable yet stylish solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking peace of mind around water.

#8 Mum’s Memory Multifunction Fanny Pack BB001000-01

MaterialHigh-end waterproof nylon
Size5″ x 2″ x 10″, 1L capacity
Water ResistanceSweat, moisture, and light rain resistant

When you’re in the market for a fanny pack that ticks all the boxes, Mum’s Memory Multifunction Fanny Pack BB001000-01 stands out as a reliable choice. Constructed from high-end waterproof nylon, this fanny pack offers a robust defense against the elements, ensuring your essentials stay dry and protected.

The design is a nod to flexibility, effortlessly transitioning from a waist bag to a chest bag. It’s ideal for keeping your hands free while engaging in a variety of activities, from casual outings to more intense sports. The added convenience of the 1L capacity main pocket with double zippers simplifies access to your belongings, enhancing the user experience.

With an adjustable strap to fit various body sizes and a lightweight build of merely 4.8 ounces, it’s comfortable enough for extended wear. The discreet back pocket and internal mesh pockets underscore its commitment to security and organization, an essential feature for modern-day travel or daily use.

Beyond functionality, it doesn’t skimp on style. Available in a range of vibrant colors, it adds a pop of personality to your attire. Not just practical, the Mum’s Memory Multifunction Fanny Pack BB001000-01 makes a statement that practicality and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive.

Checklist: What makes a great Waterproof Fanny Pack

  • Material Durability: Key for longevity, opt for waterproof fanny packs made from robust materials like PVC, Polyester, or TPU, which are known for resisting tears and punctures while keeping contents dry.
  • Water Resistance: Essential for protection against the elements, look for features such as IP68 certification, and double Zip-Lock or Velcro closures which indicate a fanny pack’s ability to withstand submersion and heavy rainfall.
  • Seal Effectiveness: Verify the sealing mechanism, as a triple-seal closure can enhance waterproof capabilities, providing an essential barrier that safeguards against any water ingress during underwater activities.
  • Size and Fit: Consider fanny packs with adjustable belts to ensure a secure fit for various body sizes and activities. The size should be ample enough to accommodate essentials without being bulky.
  • Design Versatility: Review the fanny pack’s adaptability to different styles of wear such as over the shoulder or across the chest, which offers flexibility for different outdoor and water-related adventures.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: For the environmentally conscious, options constructed from eco-friendly materials provide a sustainable choice without compromising on water resistance or durability.


Can waterproof fanny packs be submerged in water?

Yes, waterproof fanny packs designed for submersion can protect valuables underwater, often up to specific depths, like 32 feet.

Are waterproof fanny packs suitable for activities beyond water sports?

Absolutely, waterproof fanny packs are versatile, suitable for hiking, cycling, and travel, protecting contents from water and dust.

How do I ensure my waterproof fanny pack is properly sealed?

Check for features like IP68 certification and a triple-seal closure, which indicate effective waterproofing capabilities to safeguard against water ingress.

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