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Venturing into open waters?

The unexpected can transform your swim from serene to stressful.

Equip yourself with a swim buoyβ€”the definitive companion for visibility and safety.

This article spotlights the superior options, ensuring you choose the best for peace of mind in the depths.

#1 Restube Classic

Buoyancy125 N (12.5 kg)
Size29.9″ x 13.7″ (76 cm x 35 cm)
MaterialDurable Nylon TPU

The Restube Classic stands out as the best swim buoy for its robust design and duo functionality. Weighing a mere 7.4 ounces, its buoyancy is impressive at 125 N, providing dependable support during swim breaks or emergencies. When you’re facing cramping or fatigue in open waters, the buoy’s reliability is unmatched, keeping you above water and giving you peace of mind.

What sets the Restube Classic apart is its added utility as a storage compartment. The 12.5-liter inner chamber can be a waterproof haven for dry and secure storage of your essential items, protected by a trustworthy roll-top closure system. The convenience of storing your valuables can’t be overstated when enjoying a day out on the water.

Its construction is of top-tier quality. Crafted from sturdy Nylon TPU material, the Restube buoy is made to last, even in rigorous water conditions. Additionally, it features an environmentally thoughtful approach, shipped without unnecessary packaging to reduce its ecological footprint. It’s PVC-free as well, catering to eco-conscious swimmers and paddlers alike.

The Restube Classic is incredibly practical for different water activities, providing versatility beyond swimming. Whether you’re stand-up paddling, boating, or snorkeling, the buoy follows almost effortlessly with minimal drag. The added perk of attachment points, including the ‘Restube Ready’ patch, makes it handy for securing accessories such as whistles, phones, or cameras.

Overall, if you seek a seamless blend of safety, convenience, and quality, the Restube Classis is the ideal choice. Its two-in-one function makes it much more than just a swim buoy – it’s an accessory that will enhance your water experience by ensuring your safety and keeping your belongings dry. From leisurely swims to more adventurous water sports, the Restube Classic confidently stands as the best swim buoy in its class.

#2 Xterra Wetsuits High-Visibility Swim Buoy

BuoyancyFloatation aid during fatigue
Size24″ length x 10″ width, 15-liter capacity
MaterialDurable Polyvinyl Chloride

The Xterra Wetsuits Swim Buoy stands out in the open waters with its two-toned, high-contrast design in orange and yellow, making swimmers visible and traceable under most conditions. Its 15-liter buoyancy offers a floating sanctuary for those moments when cramps or exhaustion hit, which isn’t only a comfort but a critical safety feature as well.

Lightweight at just 10 oz, the buoy is a breeze to transport during paddleboarding and kayaking excursions. It functions beyond mere visibility; it includes a drybag compartment that keeps essentials like sunscreen and clothing dry while swimmers enjoy their aquatic journey.

Crafted from robust Polyvinyl Chloride, the durability of this swim buoy is designed to withstand the wear of open waters, attesting to its quality build. This piece of equipment won’t serve as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), yet it’s lauded by standup paddleboarders and kayakers for that extra layer of safety.

As a tool for triathletes or casual open water swimmers, the buoy, with its attachment by waist belt and tether, keeps belongings secured without impeding accessibility. The favorable reviews, commendations by swim race officials, and the manufacturer’s emphasis on environmental sustainability all contribute to the buoy’s status as an excellent choice within the swim buoy category.

#3 New Wave Swim Bubble Safety Buoy

BuoyancyHighly buoyant, suitable for swimmers up to 250lbs
Size16″L x 8″W, with a lightweight 8oz design
MaterialDurable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

The New Wave Swim Bubble Safety Buoy is a beacon of safety for open water swimmers, offering high visibility with its bright orange hue. Designed to tow effortlessly behind you, it’s a guardian without being a hindrance, ensuring you remain visible to boats and jet skis to avoid potential collisions. Despite its striking color and presence, it’s ultralight and won’t interfere with your swim.

A notable feature is the buoy’s impressive buoyancy. It confidently supports swimmers weighing up to 250lbs, making it a universal companion for a wide array of body types. This is particularly beneficial for triathletes, who need to conserve their energy for the segments that follow their swim.

Besides not sporting a dry compartment, its pure emphasis on visibility and buoyancy also means less drag β€” a crucial aspect for athletes and recreational swimmers alike. Manufactured from tough PVC, it weathers the challenges of open waters, and with an adjustable waist belt, it caters to a broad swath of swimmers.

Customers praise the New Wave Swim Bubble for its minimalistic approach to enhancing swimmer safety without compromising performance. Easy to inflate and deflate, it’s also commended for being an emergency flotation aid. The included lifetime warranty reflects the brand’s confidence in their product, a sentiment echoed by the buoy’s high ratings from users.

The Swim Bubble stands out in its category; it’s a no-frills, safety-centric tool that offers peace of mind for a variety of swimmers. Whether you’re racing against the clock or simply enjoying the open water, its presence is reassuringβ€”an aspect that shouldn’t be undervalued in environments where risk is inherent.

#4 JOTO Swim Buoy Visibility Float

BuoyancySupports rest & safety
Size15.3″ length, 7.1″ width
MaterialEco-friendly PVC

Safety and visibility are at the forefront of open water activities, and the JOTO Swim Buoy Visibility Float serves these two needs exceptionally well. With a vibrant neon yellow and orange design, it significantly improves the swimmer’s visibility in vast water bodies, providing peace of mind for both the swimmer and those around them.

The swim buoy’s intelligent design allows it to accompany swimmers without hindering their movement, acting as a gentle trailing companion rather than a cumbersome burden. It strikes the perfect balance between being sufficiently buoyant to offer a reassuring resting spot and being lightweight enough (0.8 ounces) to not impose any drag on the swimmer.

Durability is another feather in its cap, thanks to the eco-friendly PVC material known for its non-toxic and long-lasting nature. The product’s strength ensures it can withstand the rigors of regular use in various water conditions, an essential attribute for open water gear.

Convenience hasn’t been overlooked, as evidenced by its inflatable nozzle that simplifies the task of inflating or deflating the buoy. When deflated, its compact size allows it to seamlessly blend into any swimmer’s gear pack. Plus, with a set of two included in the pack, swimmers can opt for either redundancy or a shared safety mechanism with a partner.

While the JOTO Swim Buoy Visibility Float may not be the leader of the pack, its combination of safety features, hassle-free design, and solid construction make it a worthy consideration for swimmers seeking an extra layer of protection in open waters.

#5 T6 20L Safety Float Swim Buoy

Buoyancy20L capacity, sufficient for resting and floating
SizeAfter inflation: 10.63″ x 24.8″, Folded: 9.84″ x 19.7″, Thickness: 0.01″
MaterialDurable PVC with waterproof storage compartment

The T6 20L Swim Buoy caters to those who prioritize safety and functionality in an aquatic environment. Its strikingly bright color options, including an eye-catching orange, provide excellent visibility to nearby water traffic. This is essential for maintaining a safe distance, especially in open water where swimmers can be challenging to spot. The buoy’s soft, comfortable PVC material and 20-liter capacity mean it’s not just a safety device but also a buoyant aid for tired swimmers in need of a break.

An outstanding feature of this swim buoy is its waterproof compartment. It offers a secure and dry place for storing valuables, which is particularly valuable when there is no one to watch your belongings onshore. With a separate chamber from the inflation area, personal items like phones and keys are protected even during extended swims or accidental submersions.

Furthermore, this product’s smart, lightweight design ensures that it’s not a burden to carry. When deflated and folded, the buoy’s compact dimensions make it an easy addition to any swimmer’s gear. Even better, the waist-attached nylon belt means that it follows the swimmer without hindrance, allowing for uninhibited movement in the water.

The T6 20L Swim Buoy is also versatile enough to suit various water-related activities, from kayaking to fishing. This adaptability, combined with the convenience of a shoulder strap for transport, makes it an exceptional tool for anyone looking for a reliable, multi-use swim buoy.

While this may not be the number one choice in our roundup, the T6 20L Swim Buoy still stands out as a solid option for those seeking peace of mind in open water. It delivers on safety, storage, and visibility, essential for recreational and athletic water activities.

#6 HIEMAL32 Swim Buoy

BuoyancySupports up to 190 lbs
Size15-liter capacity, pack dimensions: 10.98″ x 2.8″ x 2.68″
MaterialToughened nylon PVC with UV resistance

The HIEMAL32 Swim Buoy brings together safety and convenience in a vibrant package. Designed for open water swimmers, it flaunts a “Furnace Orange” hue paired with reflective strips, making it almost impossible to miss in varied lighting conditions. When inflated, it provides substantial buoyancy, supporting up to 190 lbs, so you can rest assured that it will help you stay afloat and take a break when needed.

Crafted from robust nylon PVC, this swim buoy is built to withstand punctures and the whims of the weather, promising longevity and consistency in performance. Swimmers have the added bonus of a 15-liter dry bag compartment, which is fully waterproof and secured with a buckle system, keeping valuables dry and nearby while you focus on your strokes.

Adjustability is central to its design, offering a customizable fit with waist and tether straps that use sturdy clips for easy modification. Whether for casual swims or serious training, the HIEMAL32 Swim Buoy won’t compromise on a snug and comfortable fit. Its double-seal two-way valve simplifies the inflation and deflation process while ensuring your gear remains air-tight.

This swim buoy isn’t just about safety and practicality; it extends its prowess to sustainability. It comes thoughtfully packaged in a reusable gift box, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to the environment. Overall, the HIEMAL32 Swim Buoy is a reflection of the brand’s dedication to blending utility with style for the discerning swimmer. Its high customer satisfaction score attests to its ability to meet the demands of open water enthusiasts, making it a worthy pick for our selection.

#7 New Wave Swim Buoy Safety Float

BuoyancySupports swimmers up to 250 pounds
Size24″ in length x 10″ in width
MaterialDurable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

The New Wave Swim Buoy Safety Float is a standout product for swimmers who prioritize security and convenience in open water. Its visible yellow color and substantial buoyancy provide an essential layer of safety, making the swimmer noticeable to nearby boaters and jet skis, thereby reducing the risk of collisions.

Boasting a lightweight design of just 9.9 ounces and sporting dimensions that make for generous space without the bulk, this swim buoy is comfortable to use and easy to handle. Its 15-liter volume capacity is ample for essential personal items, with the added benefit of a watertight compartment that safeguards against water infiltration.

The added storage capability distinguishes the New Wave Swim Buoy, allowing for the transportation of items such as snacks, phones, and wallets in its separate dry storage area. This feature is particularly advantageous for long swims, triathlon transitions, or leisurely snorkeling where access to personal belongings is desired without the need to return to the shore.

Another selling point for this product is its adjustable nylon web belt and the ease with which it can be attached and trailed behind the swimmer. Its ergonomic design means that it does not interfere with swimming strokes and provides a floating aid to lean on when required, offering an additional sense of safety and an option for rest during rigorous training sessions or casual swims.

Conclusively, the New Wave Swim Buoy Safety Float is ideal for those seeking a reliable, convenient swim partner in open waters. Its PVC construction promises durability and longevity, while its user-friendly design and practical attributes render it a valuable piece of equipment for swimmers and water enthusiasts of all levels.

#8 Hikeen Open Water Swim Buoy

Buoyancy127N, effective for swimmers up to 250lbs
Size17.51″ x 8.46″ x 7.87″ when inflated
Material0.35mm thick PVC laminated fabric, IPX7 rated

The Hikeen Swim Buoy stands out due to its vibrant orange color and fluorescent green belt, ensuring high visibility for those enjoying open-water activities. Its unique construction features a 0.35mm thick PVC fabric, which provides both durability and ease of inflation.

The product brings peace of mind, offering a waterproof touchscreen storage compartment that protects mobile phones and other valuables while swimming, and the 127N buoyancy can support individuals up to 250lbs. The swim buoy’s decent dimension allows it to be a sturdy but non-intrusive partner during strokes in the open water.

Furthermore, the adjustable belt ensures a good fit for a wide array of body sizes, accommodating up to approximately 113kg, which highlights the swim buoy’s adaptability and utility for a diverse group of swimmers. With the added reliability of a 2-year warranty, the Hikeen Swim Buoy exemplifies resilience and function in one package.

Though ranked as our eighth choice, it well earns its place by providing solid performance, and while it may not be acclaimed as the best, it is certainly a valuable asset for any open water enthusiast seeking added safety without compromising on their swimming experience.

#9 Garberiel Dual Float Swim Buoy

Buoyancy20L Capacity, independent airbags
Size10.63″ x 24.80″ (unfolded), 9.84″ x 19.69″ (folded)
MaterialDurable PVC, soft and comfortable fabric

The Garberiel Dual Float Swim Buoy offers swimmers and water enthusiasts a blend of safety and practicality. This multipurpose float comes with a commendable 20L capacity, which is sizable enough to provide a floating rest spot and can support a variety of swimmers, from novices to the more seasoned. The high-visibility colors are a thoughtful touch that enhances safety by ensuring swimmers can be easily spotted in open waters.

Made from durable PVC, the fabric remains soft and pliable even in colder waters, which is a boon for year-round swimmers. The easy-to-use air nozzle facilitates quick inflation and deflation, making this a breeze to set up before a swim and to pack away post-session. These features come together to prioritize user experience without complicating preparation time.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a waterproof compartment within the buoy means personal belongings can be taken along for a swim without concern. The separate dry compartment ensures that whether it’s a phone or a wallet, items remain dry as you focus on your strokes.

While this swim buoy may be ninth on our list, it doesn’t slack in performance. The adjustable waist belt ranging from 26″ to 50″ means it fits a wide array of users comfortably. Plus, its detachability adds an element of convenience often overlooked in other designs.

Overall, the Garberiel Dual Float Swim Buoy is a trustworthy accessory that brings peace of mind to open water swimming. With its visibility, comfort, and dual functionality, it earns its place as a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their open water experience with security and efficiency.

Checklist: What makes a great Swim Buoy

  • Buoyancy: A top-notch swim buoy should provide sufficient buoyancy to support rest during swims and offer a secure floating aid, ideally catering to a broad range of swimmer weights.
  • Visibility: High-visibility colors such as bright oranges or yellows are critical, potentially enhanced with reflective strips, to ensure the swimmer is easily spotted by boaters and fellow water enthusiasts.
  • Material Durability: The use of resilient materials like PVC or Nylon TPU is indicative of a long-lasting swim buoy that can withstand the conditions of open waters, including saltwater and UV exposure.
  • Storage Capability: A swim buoy that doubles as a dry storage compartment for personal valuables adds a layer of convenience, ideally with a waterproof and secure closure system.
  • Adjustable Fit: An adjustable waist belt facilitates a comfortable and secure fit for various body sizes, allowing the buoy to trail without restricting movement.
  • Ease of Use: Quick inflate and deflate options, along with a compact and lightweight design when not in use, contribute to a swim buoy’s practicality and ease of transport.


Why is a swim buoy important for open water swimming?

A swim buoy significantly enhances visibility and safety, providing a resting point and storage for personal items during open water activities.

How does a swim buoy improve safety in open water?

By making swimmers visible to boaters and providing flotation support, a swim buoy reduces the risk of collisions and aids in emergencies.

What features should I look for in a swim buoy?

Ideal swim buoys should offer high buoyancy, visibility, durable materials, storage capacity, an adjustable fit, and be easy to use.

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