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Heading to the water with your SUP can be a hassle, right?

Struggling with awkward boards and aching shoulders could be a thing of the past.

Imagine a seamless trip from your car to the coast, gear in hand, stress-free.

Gear up for the game-changing SUP carrier straps we have lined up for you!

#1 Tactical Element VersaStrap

DurabilityHigh-quality polyester straps and metal components
AdjustabilityFully adjustable up to 160cm strap and 190cm board loops
ComfortPadded shoulder strap with slim cushioning

The Tactical Element VersaStrap exemplifies adaptability and strength in SUP Carrier Straps. Its innovative design accommodates not just different sizes of SUP boards but also surfboards and kayaks, speaking volumes about its versatility. The inclusion of an integrated paddle holder further enhances its functionality, allowing paddlers to go hands-free conveniently.

Despite its thin shoulder paddingโ€”which may be a setback for some usersโ€”the VersaStrap boasts an adjustable and smooth setup. Adjusting the loops and straps to secure your board is quick and uncomplicated, providing a snug and protective grip on your equipment. This means less time fiddling with your gear and more time enjoying the water.

The materials used in the VersaStrapโ€™s construction are reminiscent of safety belts used in vehicles, suggesting a high level of durability that one would expect from the Best SUP Carrier Straps. The polyester is tough against wear and tear, and the metal components promise longevity, even with regular exposure to the elements.

For paddlers seeking a balance of quality and value, the Tactical Element VersaStrap stands out. It tops our list not just for its sturdy materials but also for its thoughtful features that cater to the practical needs of transport. The smart design of this strap system means your SUP adventures are never bogged down by cumbersome logistics.

In conclusion, even with the potential for a more cushioned carrying experience, the Tactical Element VersaStrap presents an astute choice for paddle sports enthusiasts. Its flexibility, easy handling, and robust construction make it the go-to choice for anyone looking to transport their watercraft with ease and assurance.

#2 SUP-Now Paddleboard Comfort Strap

Durability100% Metal Hardware
AdjustabilityFits Various Body Sizes & Board Widths
ComfortTriple Padded Neoprene Shoulder Pad

The SUP-Now Paddleboard Comfort Strap epitomizes convenience and ease for the paddleboarding community. Boasting all-metal hardware, this strap is a bastion of resilience, standing against the wear and tear of frequent use. A definitive choice for those looking for a durable carrier, the SUP-Now Strap skirts the pitfall of break-prone plastic elements entirely.

Adjustability is non-negotiable for a carrier strap, and this model rises to the occasion. It crisply accommodates different body types and paddleboard sizes, making it a universal fit for adult paddleboard enthusiasts of all skill levels. The convenience doesn’t end with fit, however. The inclusion of industrial-strength Velcro straps transforms your paddle into a makeshift handle, further easing the carrying experience.

Comfort often becomes the deciding factor for many, and SUP-Now’s strap does not disappoint. A shoulder pad padded with soft neoprene triples the comfort, reducing strain during transport. This, coupled with its lightweight nature at just under 12 ounces, ensures that your journey from car to coast is as pleasant as the paddle itself.

Standing against the transient nature of many items in the market, the lifetime warranty provided by SUP-Now is a testament to their confidence in the product’s quality. Operating from Granbury, Texas, the brand couples its product assurance with an environmental conscience, planting a tree for every registered product.

Overall, the SUP-Now Paddleboard Comfort Strap is a premier choice for anyone in search of a hassle-free, comfortable, and lasting solution to transporting their paddleboard. It synergizes durability, adjustability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, fully justifying its position as highly regarded in its category.

#3 OCEANBROAD SUP Kayak Adjustable Carrier

DurabilityHigh-quality construction for prolonged use
AdjustabilityLooped straps fit various board sizes, with rotatable clips
ComfortThicker shoulder pads with non-slip material to reduce strain

The OCEANBROAD SUP Kayak Adjustable Carrier surpasses expectations with its 2023 updated version, focusing on ease of transport and user comfort for water sports enthusiasts. The strap’s innovative design prioritizes the wearer’s experience, featuring wider and thicker shoulder pads to alleviate the fatigue commonly associated with carrying bulky boards.

Not only is adjustability at the forefront with looped straps and 360ยฐ rotatable clips that cater to varying board sizes but durability is also key. Constructed with high-grade materials, the strap is built to withstand the rigors of regular use, making it a reliable option for adventurous paddlers and surfers alike.

The multifunctional nature of the strap stands out, offering webbing buckles for additional hanging items and doubling as a bottle opener, which proves handy during those leisure moments by the water. It’s not just a carrier but a comprehensive accessory, including storage space for your paddle, making it an indispensable tool for organized travel.

Despite being our Number 3 choice, it’s clear that OCEANBROAD has put thoughtful consideration into the practical challenges faced by paddleboard and kayak owners. The easy-use buckle system and quick-release feature underscore the strategic design aimed at providing convenience without sacrificing security or stability during transport.

In conclusion, for those in the market for a SUP carry strap that strikes a balance between comfort, adaptability, and durability, the OCEANBROAD SUP Kayak Adjustable Carrier proves to be a great investment. Its secondary features underscore a thoughtful approach to design, ensuring this product is not only a robust carrying solution but also a multifaceted accessory for the water sports aficionado.

#4 Gradient Fitness Marine Sling Carrier

DurabilityMade with durable nylon and custom metal hardware
AdjustabilityTri-glide pieces for variable board widths, one-size-fits-all
ComfortPadded shoulder sling and buckle padding to prevent scratches

The Gradient Fitness Marine Sling Carrier simplifies the way paddleboard, kayak, and surfboard enthusiasts transport their gear to the water. Strong and well-crafted, the nylon strap endures regular use without showing signs of wear. What makes it a dependable gear carrier is its thoughtful design that couples durability with user comfort. The convenient padding on the sling absorbs the weight of your board, making it almost effortless to carry.

With the tri-glide pieces offering unparalleled adjustability, this strap easily accommodates various board sizes. It’s reassuring to know that whether you have a narrow racing board or a wide all-around SUP, this strap will provide a snug fit. This adaptability makes it a versatile pick among SUP carrier straps.

Comfort is considered from every angle, evidenced by the padding over the buckles which serves to protect both the user and the board surface from unintentional scratches. Additionally, specialized holders for paddles address a common carrying conundrum, freeing up your hands entirely.

What enhances the strap’s user-friendliness are features like the quick-release buckles and the inclusion of a stash pocket for essentials. This pocket eliminates the need to lug around an extra bag, integrating storage seamlessly into the product.

Gradient Fitness operates with robust American values, designing and testing their equipment stateside. Their commitment to quality and community support is evident in the Marine Sling Carrier, reflected in its high ranking among Amazon’s Stand-Up Paddleboard Accessories. It’s a solidly constructed, thoughtfully designed, and community-oriented product that stands out for its practicality and ease of use.

#5 GOBUROS Surfing Bag Carry Strap

DurabilityHigh-quality nylon and sturdy metal hardware
AdjustabilityAdjustable length for various board sizes, user-friendly buckle system
ComfortPadded shoulder section and soft buckle pad to prevent scratches

The GOBUROS Surfing Bag Carry Strap is a versatile and essential accessory for water sports enthusiasts. Its ability to easily adjust for different sized paddleboards, kayaks, and other boards makes it a valuable tool. Whether you’re transporting a shortboard or a longboard, this strap can be tailored to your needs, eliminating the hassle of multiple carrying solutions.

Ease of use shines with the user-friendly buckle system that expedites the loading and unloading process. Every second saved gives you more time on the water, which is where the true enjoyment lies. Moreover, the extra fastener straps are a thoughtful touch, allowing for hands-free transportation by securing your paddle along with the board.

Convenience extends beyond the strap itself with a detachable storage bag included. Perfect for safeguarding your valuables or tossing in a water bottle, this addition enhances the functionality of the strap system. The external mesh pocket serves as an added perk, reassuring you that your essentials are accessible and secure.

Comfort is not sacrificed for functionality; the padded shoulder section is evidence of that. Carrying your gear over distances can be burdensome, but this strap’s padding helps distribute weight evenly, making for a more comfortable trek. A soft buckle pad also ensures your precious cargo remains unscathed during your journey.

Sturdiness is key for long-lasting equipment, and the GOBUROS Carry Strap meets that requirement. Crafted from durable nylon and supported by robust metal hardware, confidence in this product’s longevity is well-placed. Overall, it provides a near-ideal blend of durability, adjustability, and comfort, making it a highly recommended choice for paddlers.

#6 ZipSeven Adjustable SUP Carrier

DurabilityConstructed with nylon and quick-release metal hooks, designed for frequent use and longevity.
AdjustabilityLength can be adjusted from 29.5″ to 59″, accommodating various user heights and board sizes.
ComfortPadded shoulder section enhances carrying comfort, reducing strain during transport.

Transporting your SUP or surfboard to the coastline has become more convenient with the ZipSeven Adjustable SUP Carrier. This strap offers a padded shoulder rest ensuring a comfortable trek from your vehicle to the waves. The adjustable nature of the strap, spanning an ample 29.5″ to 59″, guarantees a custom fit for carriers of all statures and various board sizes.

The inclusion of quick-release metal hooks is a highlight, providing ease and resilience far surpassing the plastic alternatives often seen in the market. This feature not only promises a reliable grip on your gear but also accentuates the product’s durability.

Weighing in at a mere 3.84 ounces, the lightweight design does not add unnecessary burden when hauling your board. Practicality is matched with an understated black color scheme that complements any board design.

Given its thoughtful construction and unisex design, the ZipSeven SUP Carrier Strap is a fitting addition to any paddleboarder’s accessory collection. It’s a practical solution for those in pursuit of a dependable, comfortable, and adaptable carrying strap. With a solid performance in user reviews, it stands as a sound choice in the marketplace of SUP carrier straps.

#7 Rosefray Adjustable SUP Carrier Strap

DurabilitySturdy metal buckles and high-density imitation-nylon webbing
AdjustabilityIndustrial-grade buckle, universal strap length
ComfortSoft neoprene shoulder pad and buckle pad to protect against scratches

In the SUP carrier strap category, the Rosefray Adjustable SUP Carrier Strap stands out with its robust design. Made from durable high-density imitation-nylon and featuring solid metal buckles, this strap is built to endure the rigors of transporting your paddle boards with reliability.

A key selling point is the adjustability of this product, which sports an industrial-grade buckle system that can accommodate a variety of board sizes and user heights. Whether youโ€™re tall or petite, you can find a comfortable fit, although individuals under 5 feet might find boards dragging.

Comfort isn’t sidelined, as each strap is equipped with a soft neoprene shoulder pad, designed to ease the strain of carrying your equipment. The included buckle pad is a thoughtful addition, preventing your board from unsightly scratches during transport.

The Rosefray Adjustable SUP Carrier Strap provides additional value with its storage bag, which enhances organization and portability with room for small essentials or the strap itself. Versatility is key, as it fits a wide array of boards from kayaks to longboards.

Despite being our seventh pick, consumer feedback speaks volumes, evident in the positive ratings it has amassed. It’s a testament to Rosefrayโ€™s commitment to enriching the kayaking experience with functional and user-friendly accessories.

#8 Jinvun Universal SUP Carrier

DurabilityHeavy-duty nylon construction, reinforced buckle system
AdjustabilityQuick-adjust length mechanism, suitable for various user heights
ComfortPadded neoprene shoulder pad, built-in paddle carrier, water-resistant materials

The Jinvun Universal SUP Carrier offers a practical solution for those looking to transport their paddle boards, surfboards, or kayaks with less effort and more comfort. Each component, from the heavy-duty nylon construction to the reinforced buckle system, ensures the carrier is robust enough for regular, rigorous use. Designed with versatility in mind, it caters to a wide range of board sizes and is a handy tool for adventurers of any stature.

Comfort isn’t overlooked, the carrier boasts a padded neoprene shoulder pad, significantly reducing the discomfort of carrying heavy boards. It eases the load and aids in preventing back tension, especially beneficial for those not graced with towering height or long arms. Furthermore, the inclusion of a built-in paddle carrier streamlines the process, allowing one to carry all their gear in one go.

The Jinvun Universal SUP Carrier embodies practicality. Its quick-adjust support and length mechanism is a testament to its user-friendly nature, accommodating both short and tall individuals with minimal fuss. This feature is particularly useful for families or friends who share equipment but differ in size.

Water-resistant materials ensure the strap doesn’t become a liability when exposed to the elements, a crucial quality for any water sports accessory. The neoprene padding not only adds comfort but also durability in wet conditions, maintaining the carrier’s integrity over time.

When it comes to transporting your watercraft with ease and style, the Jinvun Universal SUP Carrier stands out for its robust build and thoughtful design. It serves as a significant asset for anyone frequenting the waters, whether for leisurely paddles or more rigorous kayaking. An excellent choice within its category, it complements the water sports lifestyle with functionality and ease.

#9 PPXIA Universal SUP Carrier Strap

DurabilityHigh-quality nylon material, tear-resistant with a high-strength safety lock buckle
AdjustabilityLength can be adjusted to suit different heights and board sizes, includes a strong self-front loop for the paddle
ComfortNeoprene shoulder pads for cushioning and soft buckle pads to prevent scratches

Whether you’re bound for a serene lake or the wild surf, carrying your paddleboard can be a task in itself. The PPXIA Universal SUP Carrier Strap is designed to simplify your journey from A to B with your board. Its versatility to fit an array of watercraft, including paddleboards and kayaks, signals its universal appeal.

The adjustability feature is noteworthy; the strap’s length can be tailored to ensure your board doesn’t drag on the ground nor bump your legs, which is a practical innovation for enthusiasts of all statures. For the traveler on the move, the durability of the high-quality nylon fabric and the robust-safety lock buckle are reassuring details that point to this product’s long-term value.

Comfort isn’t forgotten, with neoprene shoulder padding that allows you to carry your gear without the dreaded shoulder dig that some straps can cause. Combined with soft buckle pads, you can trust that your watercraft will remain unscathed on the journey. Speaking of convenience, the compact design and light package weight make the PPXIA Carry Strap a low-hassle addition to your water sport arsenal.

This strap is not just an accessory, but a necessity colored in practicality which, true to the spirit of SUP enthusiasts, delivers ease and efficiency in transporting your gear. With the integration of durable construction, comfort-focused design and quick installation, the PPXIA SUP Carry Strap holds its importance in the realm of paddleboard accessories.

#10 LINGVUM SUP Carrier Strap

DurabilityRobust nylon, reinforced hardware hooks, wear-resistant design.
Adjustability48.4″ adjustable shoulder strap, 45.2″ bundle straps, quick-release buckles.
ComfortNeoprene padded shoulder pad, lightweight at 1.08 pounds.

The LINGVUM SUP Carrier Strap is a versatile and indispensable companion for water sports enthusiasts. When you’re planning for a day on the water, this carrier strap simplifies the journey of transporting your board from your car to the shoreline. Built to hold various types of watercraft, the adjustable straps provide a custom fit for boards large and small.

Transportation is further eased with a shoulder pad crafted from comfortable Neoprene, designed to alleviate pressure as you’re moving. It’s crucial when faced with a longer trek to the beach or lake. Furthermore, at just 1.08 pounds, the carrier is remarkably lightweight, ensuring that your paddling energy is conserved for the water.

Ease of use is championed, thanks to its quick-release buckles. This practical feature saves time and hassle, both when securing your board and when it’s time to hit the waves. The added Velcro strap for securing a paddle keeps your hands free and unencumbered.

The construction, made from durable nylon, and reinforced hooks that resist rust and corrosion, paints a picture of a product built to last. Keeping the LINGVUM SUP Carrier Strap on hand means you’re ready for countless water-bound adventures to come.

Its collapse-and-store capability, facilitated by the tote bag, makes this an easy accessory to keep in the trunk or garage, always prepared for your next outflow. The LINGVUM SUP Carrier Strap stands as a great choice for paddlers in search of a supportive, durable, and user-friendly gear transportation option.

Checklist: What makes a great SUP Carrier Strap

  • Durability: High-quality, resilient materials like nylon and polyester, and robust metal components, are essential for a strap that withstands frequent use and exposure to the elements.
  • Adjustability: Look for straps that offer a wide range of adjustability to accommodate various body sizes and board widths, ensuring a snug and secure fit for your SUP board.
  • Comfort: Padding in the shoulder area is crucial for reducing strain during transport, so opt for carriers with thick neoprene or foam padding for enhanced comfort.
  • Convenience: Features like quick-release buckles, paddle holders, and storage pockets add convenience by simplifying the attachment process and enabling easy transport.
  • Versatility: A strap system that accommodates different types of watercraft, such as SUPs, kayaks, and surfboards, offers more utility and better return on investment.


How important is durability in a SUP carrier strap?

Durability is crucial for a SUP carrier strap to ensure it withstands regular use and resists wear and tear from exposure to the elements.

Can SUP carrier straps be adjusted for different board sizes and user heights?

Yes, SUP carrier straps are designed with adjustability to fit various board sizes and user heights, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit.

Are comfort features like padding necessary in a SUP carrier strap?

Comfort features, such as padding in the shoulder area, are essential in a SUP carrier strap to reduce strain and make transport more comfortable.

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