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Tired of the pumping blues?

Forget the sweat and strain before you even hit the water.

Electric pumps for paddle boards are here to revolutionize your experience.

Expect to cut setup time, preserve your energy, and dive straight into the action.

We’re unveiling the leading electric pumps that promise efficiency, reliability, and the ultimate convenience for your aquatic adventures.

Stay tuned as we take the hassle out of inflation, ensuring you spend more time on the waves and less time on the shore.

#1 OutdoorMaster Shark II High-Pressure SUP Pump

Pump SpeedApproximately 7.5 minutes to 15 PSI
Pressure Range0.5 to 20 PSI
Portability28 x 23 x 12 cm, weighs 1.6kg, includes carrying handle

The OutdoorMaster Shark II SUP E-Pump stands out as an exceptionally efficient and versatile electric pump for paddle boards. Its dual-stage pumping process with a separate motor for low and high pressure not only ensures fast inflation of up to 20 PSI, but also prolongs the pump’s lifespan by preventing motor burnout.

This pump is not just powerful; it is smart too, featuring an automatic shutoff once your desired pressure is met, which means you’re free to take care of other preparations without the need to constantly monitor the pump. User-friendly with its digital display and easy-to-use interface, the Shark II allows you to set and forget, simplifying the set-up process.

Portability is one of its strong suits; despite a slightly larger size compared to more basic models, it remains highly portable due to its smart design. The inclusion of various valve adapters means that its use goes beyond just paddle boards, making it a versatile tool suitable for a variety of inflatables.

Crafted with both precision and safety in mind, its pressure sensor and active cooling system demonstrate the manufacturer’s attention to detail. The robust design, complete with a two-year warranty, is reassuring for users looking for a lasting investment in their paddleboarding gear.

When it comes to saving time and ensuring a stress-free transition to water-bound adventures, the OutdoorMaster Shark II is truly the best electric pump for paddle boards on the market. It epitomizes ease-of-use, effectiveness, and adaptability, embodying everything you could want in an electric SUP pump.

#2 Polotrag SUP Pro

Pump Speed350 LPM, inflates a SUP in approx. 13 minutes
Pressure Range3-20 PSI, with auto-off function to prevent over-inflation
PortabilityCompact size (9.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches), includes carrying bag

The Polotrag SUP Pro Electric Pump is an essential tool for paddleboard enthusiasts who value convenience and efficiency. Its significant airflow capacity of 350 LPM means your board will be ocean-ready in roughly 13 minutes, saving precious time and energy for the activities you love.

Suitable for various inflatables, from SUPs to kayaks, this versatile pump with six nozzles addresses the needs of multiple outdoor equipment with one solution. The intelligent automatic shut-off feature ensures your inflatables reach just the right pressure, ranging from 3 to 20 PSI, affording you peace of mind.

The LED display and integrated light are practical for early morning or twilight adventures, delivering user-friendly operation even when sunlight is scarce. Plus, the compact design paired with a handy carrying bag conveys its dedication to portability, enabling adventurers to take it anywhere.

Safety isn’t overlooked either, with a replaceable fuse and strategic auto-off function to ward off over-inflation risks. The 1-year manufacturer warranty further testifies to the pump’s durability and quality assurance. Considering its overall positive customer reception and thoughtful design, the Polotrag SUP Pro stands out as a superior choice for outdoor water sports enthusiasts.

#3 Tuomico 20PSI High Pressure SUP Electric Air Pump

Pump SpeedFirst stage: 350 L/min, Second stage: 70 L/min
Pressure RangeUp to 20 PSI
PortabilityCompact design with a built-in carrying handle, dimensions 9.8″L x 6.9″W x 6.1″H

The Tuomico 20PSI High Pressure SUP Electric Air Pump stands out for its ability to handle high-pressure inflatables with ease. Its maximum pressure capability is impressive, making it suitable for a wide variety of water sport inflatables, not just paddleboards.

Pumping efficiency is optimized with the dual-stage inflation system, which can dramatically cut down set-up time by inflating a regular iSUP in around 10 minutes. This is a considerable advantage for those eager to hit the water without delay.

Featuring an 11.2-foot DC car power cord, it’s clear that portability was a priority in the design of this electric pump. With a compact build and a convenient built-in handle, transporting this pump to and from your paddleboarding adventures is a breeze.

The digital LCD screen is another thoughtful touch, providing precise air pressure readings. This, combined with the auto shut-off functionality, ensures that inflatables are filled to the perfect pressure every time, with no risk of over-inflation.

Overall, the Tuomico Electric Air Pump presents a compelling option for outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize speed, accuracy, and convenience. It’s a trusty companion for an array of inflatable items and a strong contender among electric pumps for paddle boards.

#4 OutdoorMaster The Cachalot High-Pressure SUP Pump

Pump SpeedMax 350 L/min
Pressure RangeUp to 20 PSI
Portability4.7 lbs, 14.33 x 7.2 x 7.17 inches

OutdoorMaster’s “The Cachalot” rises as a noteworthy choice in the realm of electric pumps for paddle boards, offering an impressive array of functionalities tailored for water sports enthusiasts. Boasting a dual-stage inflation system, this air pump accelerates the preparation process, pushing a high-volume air flow of up to 350 liters per minute at its zenith.

The digital LCD screen stands out, providing clarity in monitoring pressure in real-time and pre-setting desired levels, thereby diminishing the risk of overinflation with its smart automatic shutoff feature. Weighing a manageable 4.7 pounds and with compact dimensions, “The Cachalot” champions portability without skimping on power, essential for those paddle boarders who value efficiency alongside ease of transport.

Complementing its core performance, the array of nozzles included ensures a broad compatibility with various high-pressure inflatables, while the eco-conscious build and compliance with CE standards attest to the product’s dedication to sustainability and safety. Although our selection is extensive, OutdoorMaster’s “The Cachalot” undoubtedly deserves its spot for inflating your aquatic adventures with a blend of speed, precision, and user-friendliness.

#5 Morpilot Detachable Battery SUP Pump

Pump Speed420L/min max, inflates to 15 PSI in 7 minutes
Pressure RangeUp to 20 PSI with auto-shutoff
PortabilityCordless with a detachable battery, 6.4 lbs., 13.15 x 8.11 x 6.61 inches

The Morpilot Detachable Battery SUP Pump is a versatile and convenient choice for paddle board enthusiasts looking for a reliable inflator. The pump’s cordless design, complemented by a detachable battery, provides the freedom to inflate your paddle board wherever you are, free from the constraints of needing a power outlet. With its three power supply options, it seamlessly adapts to indoor, on-the-go, and off-grid scenarios.

The dual-stage inflation process is impressive, achieving a fast fill speed at 420L/min and then switching over to a high-pressure mode of 90L/min. This allows you to get your paddle board from flat to fully inflated to 15 PSI in approximately 7 minutes, saving time and getting you on the water faster.

One particularly useful feature is the intelligent preset function on the digital display. Combined with an auto-off facility, it ensures your paddle board is inflated to just the right pressure without constant monitoring, thereby eliminating the guesswork and risk of overinflation.

Though sixth on our select list, the Morpilot SUP Pump’s design emphasizes ease and efficiency. The swivel head and seal ring ensure a secure fit and prevent air leaks, while the included waterproof bag keeps the pump safe from splashes – though it’s not intended for full submersion. Weighing in at 6.4 pounds with dimensions of 13.15 x 8.11 x 6.61 inches, it’s fairly portable for carrying to your paddling location.

Lastly, while this pump isn’t suitable for inflating items that require more than 20 PSI, like bike or car tires, it’s ideally tailored for stand-up paddle boards. With a strong customer rating and recent market introduction, the Morpilot Detachable Battery SUP Pump is designed to meet the needs of paddle boarders looking for a blend of performance and portability.

#6 Morpilot Dual-Stage SUP Pump

Pump Speed420L/min initial, 90L/min final
Pressure RangeUp to 20PSI
PortabilityIncludes portable handy bag, dimensions 127.9 x 76.7 x 64.9 inches

The Morpilot Dual-Stage SUP Pump is a proficient piece of equipment designed for paddleboard enthusiasts who value efficiency and usability. It significantly reduces the effort of preparing your paddle board with its robust dual-stage inflation, swiftly filling your board to 15PSI in roughly seven minutes. This feature alone makes the Morpilot pump an indispensable companion for both impromptu and planned water outings.

Ease of use is at the forefront with this electric pump’s digital display, which enables precise pressure settings. The invaluable auto-off function provides peace of mind, allowing users to attend to other setup needs without the risk of overinflation. Such attention to detail speaks volumes about the user-focused design of the Morpilot pump.

Versatility is another key advantage. Whether you’re preparing your gear in the comfort of your home with an AC outlet or getting ready at the shore via a DC car power cord, the pump adapts to your environment. Additionally, its range of nozzles ensures it’s not just limited to paddle boards but also ready for a variety of inflatables, making it a multi-functional tool.

The portability of the Morpilot pump is underscored by the inclusion of a durable carrying bag, streamlining transport and storage. This, along with its compact dimensions, positions the pump as a travel-friendly accessory that doesn’t compromise on power. Furthermore, its solid ABS construction and stylish red design lend it durability and an attractive appearance.

For those seeking a reliable electric pump that combines power, precision, and convenience, the Morpilot Dual-Stage SUP Pump emerges as a smart pick among its peers. Its thoughtful features offer an excellent balance of performance and ease, confirming its place as a solid choice for water sports enthusiasts.

#7 Swonder 20PSI High Pressure Digital Electric Air Pump

Pump Speed350L/min first stage, 70L/min second stage
Pressure Range0 to 20 PSI with auto-off functionality
Portability1.7 kg weight, 9.8″ x 5.5″ x 4″ dimensions

For outdoor enthusiasts on the lookout for a reliable electric pump for their paddle boarding needs, the Swonder 20PSI High Pressure Digital Electric Air Pump stands out as a well-regarded option. Its intuitive operation, enabled by a straightforward 12V DC connection and a generous 3.6-foot hose, makes setup a breeze.

The Swonder air pump shines in its dual-stage inflation functionality which offers a quick fill at 350L/min initially before switching to a precise 70L/min at a mere 1 PSI changeover, ensuring rapid yet accurate inflation. The versatility offered by six different nozzle attachments and three gaskets guarantees a compatible fit for most water sports equipment.

With its practical design, weighing in at a mere 1.7 kilograms, and manageable dimensions of 9.8 x 5.5 x 4 inches, the pump is effortlessly portable. This portability is a boon for those needing on-the-go inflation whether they’re at a lake, beach, or on a camping trip.

The digital controller not only prompts for energy-efficient operation with its auto-off characteristic but also enables pinpoint precision in PSI settings, leveraging its 0.01 PSI measurement accuracy. This detailed attention ensures you won’t overinflate or damage your paddle board, kayak, or tent.

A one-year warranty backs the pump’s performance, offering peace of mind to purchasers. With a commendable 4.4-star rating from a pool of a thousand customers, the Swonder 20PSI Electric Air Pump represents a solid investment for those needing a dependable and efficient solution to their inflating needs.

#8 SereneLife SUP Air Pump

Pump SpeedDual-stage for quick inflation
Pressure Range0 to 20 PSI (0 to 1.378 bar)
PortabilityCompact design with a carry handle

The SereneLife SUP Air Pump is a solid electric pump option for paddle board enthusiasts seeking efficiency and convenience. Designed for a hassle-free ‘insert and pump’ operation, this pump takes the grunt work out of inflating SUPs, boats, kayaks, and other watercrafts.

With a dual-stage inflation and a maximum pressure output of 20 PSI, this pump significantly speeds up the pre-paddle preparation time. You’ll have your board ready in minutes, rather than exhausting yourself with manual pumps before you’ve even hit the water.

The user-friendly features of the SereneLife Electric Air Pump transcends expectations, thanks to its neatly integrated digital LCD and precise controls. Fine-tuning the desired pressure is a breeze, and the auto shut-off mechanism ensures you won’t overinflate your watercraft, giving peace of mind to both novices and experienced paddle boarders alike.

Its compact and portable design, featuring a robust carry handle, makes the SereneLife Pump a fitting companion for the beach, lake, or river. Weighing only 4.2 pounds and with its significantly small footprint, it easily fits into car trunks or even larger backpacks, making it a convenient option for those on the move.

Overall, this air pump by SereneLife, with its versatility and space-saving features, is an excellent choice for anyone looking to spend more time on the water and less time setting up. It’s a reliable, user-friendly accessory that effortlessly supports your paddle boarding adventures.

#9 Hydsto 20PSI Electric Air Pump

Pump Speed1 to 5 minutes for a standard car tire/flat
Pressure RangeUp to 150PSI max
PortabilityBuilt-in 4000mAh battery for cordless use, compact size at 6.5″ x 5.71″ x 2.76″

The Hydsto 20PSI Electric Air Pump emerges as a practical and efficient device for outdoor enthusiasts. This pump is tailored to meet various inflation needs, from paddleboards to car tires. With its rapid inflation capability, it can breathe life into a flat tire in merely 1 to 5 minutes, a testament to its impressive speed.

In terms of convenience, the pump’s built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery is a standout feature. It liberates users from the dependency on external power sources, making this pump a highly portable and attractive option for those constantly on the move.

Safety measures, such as the automatic shut-off feature and real-time pressure monitoring, ensure users can confidently operate the pump without over-inflation risks. Its dual LCD displays enhance user-friendliness, simplifying the inflation process with easily readable metrics.

Another appealing aspect of the Hydsto pump is its versatility. It comes equipped with eight different inflation modes, making it suitable for a wide range of inflatables. Users can select from multiple units such as PSI, BAR, KPA, and Kg/cmΒ², catering to personal preferences and international standards.

While the Hydsto 20PSI Electric Air Pump might not be the top contender in its category, it stands as a solid option for its intelligently integrated features, such as memory functions and various measurement modes. This pump’s practicality and focus on user experience earn it a deserving spot on the list for those seeking reliable inflation on the go.

Checklist: What makes a great Electric Pump for Paddle Boards

  • Pump Speed: A great electric pump should have the ability to inflate a paddle board quickly, cutting down on setup time. Look for pumps with rapid inflation speeds within the range of 5 to 15 minutes to a standard PSI.
  • Pressure Range: Choose a pump with a comprehensive pressure range that suits the PSI requirements of your paddle board, generally around 12 to 20 PSI. A versatile pump can adapt to various inflatables beyond just SUPs.
  • Auto-Off Function: Reliability is key, so select a pump with an auto-off feature that prevents over-inflation by shutting off when the desired PSI is reached. This function also allows you to multitask as you prepare for your adventure.
  • Portability: For paddlers on the move, the size and weight of the pump matter. Portable pumps equipped with carrying handles or bags are ideal, especially if they maintain functionality without compromising performance.
  • Digital Display: A user-friendly interface with a digital display aids in setting precise pressures and provides real-time monitoring, which is crucial for ensuring that your board is properly inflated.
  • Power Source: Consider whether you’ll have access to a power outlet during your outings. Pumps that offer multiple power supply options, like battery operation and car adapters, increase flexibility for inflating your board anywhere.


Why are electric pumps for paddle boards beneficial?

Electric pumps save time, energy, and effort during setup, allowing you to start paddle boarding quicker and with less fatigue.

What features should I look for in an electric pump for my paddle board?

Look for an electric pump with rapid inflation speed, a broad pressure range, auto-off function, portability, and a digital display for ease and accuracy in inflating paddle boards.

Can electric pumps for paddle boards be used for other inflatables?

Yes, many electric pumps come with various valve adapters, making them versatile for inflating different items beyond just paddle boards.

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