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Debating with your friends who’s the best Curling coach?

Kevin Martin, Russ Howard, or Glenn Howard?

Here is our list of the best Curling coaches of all time.

Do you agree with our picks?

Best Curling Coaches:

  1. Kevin Martin
  2. Russ Howard
  3. Glenn Howard
  4. Rick Lang
  5. Guy Hemmings

#1 Kevin Martin

  • πŸ† Achievements: Olympic gold medalist, World Champion, multiple Grand Slam titles
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Coach since 2014
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Team Carruthers, Team Bottcher
  • 🌐 Nationality: Canadian

Kevin Martin is a revered figure in the world of curling, not only for his competitive achievements but also for his role as a coach and mentor. After an illustrious career as a player which included Olympic gold at Vancouver 2010, and a World Championship title in 2008, Martin transitioned to coaching, where his expertise continues to influence the sport.

Starting his coaching career after retirement, Martin has passed on his strategic acumen and game sense to teams like Team Carruthers and Team Bottcher. He has influenced the growth and performance of these teams at national and international levels.

Besides coaching, Martin’s contributions to curling include commentary for major curling broadcasts, offering insights that stem from his deep understanding of the sport. His ability to analyze games and break down complex strategies has made him a respected voice in the curling community.

#2 Russ Howard

  • πŸ† Achievements: Two-time World Champion, Olympic gold medalist
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Coaching since the 2000s
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Teams on a consulting basis
  • 🌐 Nationality: Canadian

Russ Howard is celebrated as much for his coaching and development of the sport as he is for his achievements on the ice, where he won two World Championships and an Olympic gold medal in Turin 2006. His innovative strategies and hands-on approach have made him a cherished coach in the curling world.

While not tied to a single team, Howard has worked with various teams in a consulting role, providing guidance and sharing his vast experience. His contribution to coaching extends beyond technique and includes sportsmanship and the psychological aspects of curling.

Howard’s legacy includes the popularization of the “Moncton Rule,” which later evolved into the modern free-guard zone, fundamentally changing the tactics of curling and showcasing his innovation within the sport.

#3 Glenn Howard

  • πŸ† Achievements: Four-time World Champion
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Coaching since late 2010s
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Team Epping
  • 🌐 Nationality: Canadian

Glenn Howard has carried his unparalleled legacy as a player, with four World Championships to his name, into his coaching career. Known for his precision and strategic intelligence, he has become an important figure in coaching up-and-coming Canadian curling teams.

Howard has helped teams like Team Epping, working on refining their skills, game play, and team dynamics on their journey to compete at the highest levels of the sport. His impact on the ice is complemented by the impact he has had off the ice, mentoring players to realize their full potential.

His continued involvement in curling, whether as a competitor or coach, underlines his passion for the sport and his dedication to fostering excellence within the curling community.

#4 Rick Lang

  • πŸ† Achievements: Three-time Brier Champion, two-time World Champion
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Coaching since the 2000s
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Canadian National Women’s Team; other teams in a consulting role
  • 🌐 Nationality: Canadian

Rick Lang has a rich history in curling, both as a highly successful player and as a coach. After capturing numerous titles on the ice, including three Brier titles and two World Championship golds, he turned his attention to coaching, where his achievements have been equally commendable.

As a coach for the Canadian National Women’s Team, Lang has played a pivotal role in developing the talents of elite female curlers, preparing them for competition at the highest international levels. His leadership has been instrumental in numerous international competitions, including the Olympics and World Championships.

Known for his tactical knowledge and ability to inspire teams, Lang is distinguished by his dedication to the growth of curling in Canada and his commitment to nurturing the next generation of curling champions.

#5 Guy Hemmings

  • πŸ† Achievements: Two-time Brier Runner-up
  • πŸ“… Years Active: x
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: Canadian

Guy Hemmings is best known for his charismatic personality and his performance as a competitor, where he became a fan favorite during his runs to the Brier final in the late 1990s. His ability to entertain and engage with audiences has made him a popular figure in the sport.

Though specific details on his coaching career are not extensive, he has been involved in developing the sport through various engagements, including curling clinics and as an ambassador for the sport, sharing his knowledge and passion for curling with enthusiasts of all levels.

His contribution to curling transcends the ice, with his efforts to popularize the sport and encourage its growth among amateurs and future talents. Guy Hemmings remains an influential personality in the curling community.

Understanding the dynamic roles and positions within a curling team can offer insight into the strategic decisions made by our featured best curling coaches, highlighting their importance in shaping champions.


Who is the greatest curling coach of all time?

The greatest curling coach of all time is often considered to be Jules Owchar, known for guiding the legendary Kevin Martin team to numerous victories.

Who was the most successful curling coach?

Jules Owchar is the most successful curling coach, leading teams to multiple Brier and World Championship titles alongside Olympic gold.

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