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Get ready to slide into the slick and strategic world of curling!

Picture yourself sweeping across icy lanes in a quest to discover which corners of the globe are captivated by curling’s cool charm.

Are you geared up to unveil which countries truly rock the house of this icy chess game? Let the stones glide!

Countries where curling is most popular:

  1. Canada
  2. Scotland (United Kingdom)
  3. Sweden
  4. Switzerland
  5. United States
  6. Norway
  7. Denmark
  8. Germany
  9. China
  10. Russia
  11. Japan

#1 Canada

Bjarte Hetland, Curling Canada Torino 2006, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0

Curling’s prominence in Canada is a product of its Scottish heritage and chilly winters, making it an ideal setting for the sport.

Renowned for its curling clubs and world champions, Canada views curling as more than a pastimeβ€”it’s part of the national ethos. The country consistently performs at the highest levels, reflecting Canadians’ deep-seated love for the sport.

#2 Scotland (United Kingdom)

John JohnstonGB Men’s curling team Torino 2006, modified by scaling, CC BY 2.0

As the birthplace of curling, Scotland holds a distinguished place in the curling world. The sport, often referred to as “The Roaring Game,” has been played on frozen lochs since the 16th century.

Scottish curlers are respected for their expertise and competitive spirit, with the sport deeply woven into the country’s fabric and cold-weather culture.

#3 Sweden

airwaves12010 Winter Olympics – Men’s Curling – Sweden (4409349946), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.0

Sweden’s status as a curling stronghold is affirmed through its frequent triumphs in European and global championships.

The Swedes’ strategic prowess and precision on the ice reflect their broader sporting culture, which values tactics and relentless practice. The sport enjoys substantial popularity and support here, backed by top-notch facilities and widespread engagement across generations.

#4 Switzerland

airwaves12010 Winter Olympics – Men’s Curling – Switzerland (4409345958), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.0

Switzerland’s fascination with curling aligns with its alpine climate and love for winter sports. Curling clubs are widespread, fostering a strong community around the game.

Swiss teams, known for their skill and mental toughness, frequently excel in world curling events, symbolizing the country’s significant role in the international curling scene

#6 Norway

Β© Ralf Roletschek Ralf Roletschek creator QS:P170,Q15080600, 12-01-20-yog-674, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0 AT

Curling in Norway gained international attention due to the national team’s vibrant pants, but it’s the strategic depth and camaraderie of curling that captivate Norwegians.

With a strong tradition of winter sports, Norway’s affinity for curling is part of its broader love for icy competition. The sport reflects a cultural appreciation for teamwork and precision, which are cherished values within Norwegian society.

#7 Denmark

Martin Rulsch, Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.02020-01-10 Curling at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics – Mixed Team – Round Robin – Session 3 – Denmark vs. Hungary (Martin Rulsch) 35, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Denmark’s engagement with curling mirrors the country’s keen interest in cooperative and strategic sports. Danish curlers have demonstrated their prowess on the international stage, aiding in the sport’s popularity.

Curling clubs dot the Danish landscape, fostering community and skill development. The sport’s blend of strategy, social interaction, and physicality appeals to the Danish ethos of balanced living.

#8 Germany

Martin Rulsch, Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.02020-01-10 Curling at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics – Mixed Team – Round Robin – Session 3 – Brazil vs. Germany (Martin Rulsch) 16, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Curling resonates with Germans’ precision and strategic thinking. Although less popular than skiing or football, curling has carved a niche within the German winter sports scene.

The country’s achievements in international curling competitions have bolstered its reputation, inspiring a dedicated following. German curling clubs encourage grassroots involvement, perpetuating the sport’s presence in the nation’s athletic repertoire.

#9 China

Martin Rulsch, Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.02020-01-10 Curling at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics – Mixed Team – Round Robin – Session 3 – Switzerland vs. China (Martin Rulsch) 25, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

In China, curling has witnessed a notable rise in popularity, particularly after hosting international events and participating in Olympic competition. The strategic nature of the sport aligns well with Chinese cultural preferences for games that require tactical acumen.

#10 Russia

RyAwesome / Ryan Clare from Vancouver, Canada., Women’s Curling Team Russia – 20 February 2010, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 2.0

Curling in Russia has grown in prominence, especially following its notable participation in recent Winter Olympics.

The sport appeals to the Russian appreciation for strategic and team-based winter activities. With investments in curling facilities and a growing league system, Russia is nurturing a competitive community that enjoys both the tactical challenge and the social aspect of the sport.

#11 Japan

Martin Rulsch, Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.02020-01-10 Curling at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics – Mixed Team – Round Robin – Session 3 – Japan vs. Sweden (Martin Rulsch) 12, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

In Japan, curling has captured the public’s interest, particularly after impressive performances by Japanese teams in international competitions.

The sport is celebrated for its strategic depth and precision, qualities that resonate with Japanese cultural values. Curling clubs and dedicated ice facilities are increasing, providing more opportunities for people to engage in this mentally stimulating and sociable sport.


Which country is Curling played the most?

Curling is played the most in Canada, where it’s not only a popular sport but also an important part of the cultural fabric, with strong competitive leagues and dedicated curling clubs.

Which country watches Curling the most?

Canada watches Curling the most, evidencing high ratings for curling broadcasts, with the sport consistently attracting significant viewership, particularly during national championships and international events.

Where was Curling originally played?

Curling was originally played in Scotland. Please refer to our Curling history article for more details. The earliest evidence of the sport dates back to the 16th century on frozen ponds and lochs.

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