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Debating with your friends who’s the best Ultimate Frisbee coach?

Ben Wiggins, Mike Payne, or Matty Tsang?

Here is our list of the best Ultimate Frisbee coaches of all time.

Do you agree with our picks?

Best Ultimate Frisbee Coaches:

  1. Ben Wiggins
  2. Mike Payne
  3. Matty Tsang
  4. Miranda Roth Knowles
  5. Alex Ghesquiere
  6. Lou Burruss
  7. DeAnna Ball
  8. Tiina Booth
  9. Kyle Weisbrod
  10. Jim Parinella
  11. Molly Goodwin

#1 Ben Wiggins

  • πŸ† Achievements: Renowned coach, strategist, and thought leader in Ultimate Frisbee
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Known for his deep understanding of the sport, Ben Wiggins has significantly contributed to the strategic development of Ultimate Frisbee.

As a coach, he has been a mentor and strategist for players and teams, helping to refine their skills and approach to the game.

Wiggins has authored articles and led clinics, widely sharing his insights on high-level play, making him a respected figure within the Ultimate community.

#2 Mike Payne

  • πŸ† Achievements: x
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: San Francisco Revolver
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Mike Payne has been influential in his role as a coach for San Francisco Revolver, an elite Ultimate Frisbee team.

His leadership and coaching techniques have played a significant role in the team’s successes over the years.

Payne’s strategies and emphasis on team culture have helped shape Revolver into a powerhouse in the sport.

#3 Matty Tsang

  • πŸ† Achievements: Numerous national championship titles
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Fury (Women’s)
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Matty Tsang is best known for guiding the women’s Ultimate team Fury to multiple national championship titles.

His tenure as coach was marked by a deep understanding of player dynamics and the ability to build a cohesive, competitive team.

Tsang’s coaching philosophy has not only led to victories on the field but also to the personal growth and development of his players.

#4 Miranda Roth Knowles

  • πŸ† Achievements: Coach of U20 Girls’ National Team, Coach of Atlanta Hustle (AUDL)
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Miranda Roth Knowles has played an essential role in the development of young Ultimate talent, particularly as the coach of the U20 Girls’ National Team.

Her coaching style is focused on fostering not just strong players but well-rounded individuals who understand the spirit of the game.

Knowles’ work in coaching extends beyond youth teams, also taking a role in coaching professional teams such as the Atlanta Hustle in the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL).

#5 Alex Ghesquiere

  • πŸ† Achievements: World Championships, National Championships
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: San Francisco Revolver, USA Ultimate National Teams
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Alex Ghesquiere has led teams to victory on the biggest stages in Ultimate Frisbee, including World Championships and National Championships.

His notable tenures include coaching the elite team San Francisco Revolver and leading USA Ultimate National Teams.

Ghesquiere’s coaching is characterized by his ability to integrate complex strategies with a strong understanding of team dynamics.

#6 Lou Burruss

  • πŸ† Achievements: x
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Oregon Fugue (Women’s), Seattle Sockeye
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Lou Burruss is recognized for his contributions to the sport through his time coaching Oregon Fugue, the women’s college team, and his involvement with Seattle Sockeye.

With a philosophical approach to coaching and leadership, Burruss has imparted wisdom on game theory and mental toughness which is reflected in his teams’ performances.

His influence has also spread through his writing, where he has broken down complex aspects of the sport for a broader audience.

#7 DeAnna Ball

  • πŸ† Achievements: x
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Ohio State Fever (Women’s), Columbus Cocktails
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

DeAnna Ball has been a trailblazer in coaching women’s Ultimate, known for her role with Ohio State Fever and Columbus Cocktails.

Her dedication to developing female athletes in the sport is matched by her ability to create strong, competitive teams.

Ball’s work has provided a platform for women in Ultimate to excel and influence the next generation of players.

#8 Tiina Booth

  • πŸ† Achievements: Founder of National Ultimate Training Camp (NUTC)
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Amherst Regional High School
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Tiina Booth is not only a respected coach but also the founder of the National Ultimate Training Camp (NUTC), essential for youth development in the sport.

Her work with Amherst Regional High School has been foundational in establishing one of the strongest high school Ultimate programs in the country.

Booth’s commitment to Ultimate education and player development has made her a revered figure in the coaching community.

#9 Kyle Weisbrod

  • πŸ† Achievements: x
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Various youth and college teams
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Kyle Weisbrod’s coaching career is marked by his work with various youth and college Ultimate teams, where he has been instrumental in nurturing young talent.

His approach to coaching includes a strong emphasis on skill development and understanding the nuances of Ultimate strategy.

Weisbrod is also renowned for his contributions to Ultimate coaching literature and education.

#10 Jim Parinella

  • πŸ† Achievements: x
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Jim Parinella, while known for his playing career, has also contributed significantly to the coaching and strategic dimension of Ultimate Frisbee.

His deep knowledge of the sport has been shared through coaching stints and educational resources aimed at elevating player performance.

Parinella’s legacy includes a focus on the analytical aspects of the game, fostering a greater understanding of high-level play.

#11 Molly Goodwin

  • πŸ† Achievements: x
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: American

Molly Goodwin is recognized in the Ultimate community for her contributions as a player and coach.

While specific coaching achievements and teams are not provided, her involvement in the sport has undoubtedly influenced many players.

Goodwin’s contributions are characterized by her commitment to the growth and development of Ultimate Frisbee at various levels.


Who is the greatest Ultimate Frisbee coach of all time?

Ben Wiggins is often cited as the greatest Ultimate Frisbee coach, recognized for innovative strategies and leading Seattle Sockeye to multiple championships.

Who was the most successful Ultimate Frisbee coach?

Tiina Booth is considered one of the most successful coaches, with numerous titles from coaching at the University of Massachusetts and for various youth teams.

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