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Debating with your friends who’s the best Muay Thai coach?

Apidej Sit-Hirun, Kru Yodtong Senanan or Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn?

Here is our list of the best Muay Thai coaches of all time.

Do you agree with our picks?

Best Muay Thai Coaches:

  1. Apidej Sit-Hirun
  2. Kru Yodtong Senanan
  3. Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn
  4. Samart Payakaroon
  5. Sangtiennoi Sor.Rungroj

#1 Apidej Sit-Hirun

  • πŸ† Achievements: Considered one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters, later became a revered coach
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Active in fighting career during the 1960s; coaching career timeframe is less well-documented
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Not specific to a team; known for training fighters in Thailand
  • 🌐 Nationality: Thai

Apidej Sit-Hirun is hailed as one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time and brought his profound knowledge into coaching. During his fighting career, he was recognized for his powerful leg kicks which reportedly could break an opponent’s arm.

After retiring from competition, Apidej became a sought-after coach, imparting his extensive experience and technique to new generations of fighters. He has been instrumental in shaping many champions with his teachings.

While specific details of his coaching career are not well-documented in the English language, his influence on the sport and its practitioners is significant and long-lasting, making him a legendary figure in Muay Thai’s rich history.

#2 Kru Yodtong Senanan

  • πŸ† Achievements: Founder of Sityodtong Camp, produced numerous champions
  • πŸ“… Years Active: x
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: Sityodtong Camp
  • 🌐 Nationality: Thai

Kru Yodtong Senanan was the revered founder of the renowned Sityodtong Camp in Pattaya, Thailand, which is synonymous with excellence in Muay Thai. The camp has produced a multitude of champions and is a testimony to his coaching and mentorship abilities.

As a coach, Yodtong was not just respected for his technical skills but also for his philosophy that Muay Thai training is as much about building character as it is about physical skills. His holistic approach has helped shape the lives of many fighters, both inside and outside the ring.

Kru Yodtong’s legacy is carried on through his camp, which continues to be a destination for fighters around the world seeking to learn authentic Muay Thai and to walk in the footsteps of greatness.

#3 Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn

  • πŸ† Achievements: Legendary fighter known for his knee strikes; imparted knowledge as a coach after retirement
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Coaching career following an illustrious fighting career that ended in 1985
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: Thai

Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn, often referred to as “The Sky Piercing Knee,” is one of Muay Thai’s most celebrated fighters. After retiring due to a lack of competitors in his weight class, he transitioned into coaching, where his immense knowledge and experience made him a highly respected figure.

His coaching style emphasizes the importance of the devastating knee strikes that made him famous, as well as a deep understanding of Muay Thai techniques and strategies.

Dieselnoi’s transition from a feared competitor to a respected coach illustrates the natural progression for many fighters in Muay Thai, where legacy and knowledge sharing are deeply embedded in the sport’s culture.

#4 Samart Payakaroon

  • πŸ† Achievements: Legendary multiple-time world champion, revered for technical skills; became a respected coach
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Coaching career following a fighting career that spanned the 1980s
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: Thai

Samart Payakaroon is considered by many as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time, having won several world championships and displaying a level of skill that was unmatched in his era.

After retiring from professional fighting, Samart applied his exquisite technical prowess to coaching, where he cultivated a new generation of fighters. He is renowned for his incredible understanding of timing, rhythm, and fight IQ, which he passes on to his students.

Samart’s coaching career may not be as well-publicized as his fighting career, but he remains a figure of high regard in the Muay Thai community, embodying the artistry and intelligence of the sport.

#5 Sangtiennoi Sor.Rungroj

  • πŸ† Achievements: Known as “The Deadly Kisser,” formidable fighter turned coach
  • πŸ“… Years Active: Began coaching after fighting career, which peaked in the 1990s
  • πŸ‘• Teams Coached: x
  • 🌐 Nationality: Thai

Sangtiennoi Sor.Rungroj, famously known as “The Deadly Kisser,” is another legendary fighter who successfully transitioned to coaching after a celebrated career in the ring. He gained his nickname from his habit of kissing his opponents after defeating them.

His expertise in Muay Thai extends beyond his competitive accolades, as a coach he has been able to translate his ferocity and technical knowledge into a successful coaching methodology.

His commitment to teaching and nurturing new talent is evident, with many students citing his approach as integral to their development not only as fighters but as individuals, showcasing the broader influence a coach can have on their trainees.

(Note: The descriptions have been created based on known achievements and reputations within the Muay Thai community. Some specific details about years active as coaches and teams coached are not widely documented, particularly in English language sources, thus the entries remain general in those aspects.)


Who is the greatest Muay Thai coach of all time?

Apidej Sit Hirun is often considered the greatest Muay Thai coach ever, renowned for his exceptional training techniques and fostering multiple champions.

Who was the most successful Muay Thai coach?

Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn, noted for his dominance in the 1980s and for training many successful fighters, is one of the most successful Muay Thai coaches.

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