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Dread the grime on your paddle board? You’re not alone.

Many enthusiasts face the daunting task of cleaning and maintaining their gear, which can quickly turn a labor of love into a chore.

Stop the struggle.

Uncover the ultimate cleaners that promise to make your paddle board maintenance a breeze, enhancing both performance and longevity.

Read on and let your board shine.

#1 STAR BRITE Ultimate Paddlesports Cleaner & Protectant

EffectivenessRemoves grime and salt, with PTEF polymers for protection
Eco-FriendlinessBiodegradable formula, eco-conscious cleaning
VersatilitySuitable for fiberglass, Kevlar, rotomolded, inflatable kayaks, SUPs, and canoes

When it comes to maintaining the look and longevity of your paddlesports gear, the STAR BRITE Ultimate Paddlesports Cleaner & Protectant stands out as the best cleaner for paddle boards. This easy-to-use spray not only handles the removal of stubborn grime and salt deposits with ease but also leaves a non-slip coating that repels UV rays and dirt. The added layer of protection helps to extend the life of your equipment, whether it’s made of fiberglass, Kevlar, rotomolded, or inflatable materials.

The pleasant blueberry scent turns the often tedious task of cleaning into a more enjoyable experience. With its convenient 22 oz bottle size and a weight of just 1.65 pounds, it is as portable as it is effective. Being biodegradable, it speaks to the eco-friendly enthusiast who’s committed to preserving not just their gear but also the environments they explore.

The STAR BRITE Cleaner is not just about maintaining cosmetics; its protective qualities contribute significantly to the gear’s performance by preventing the buildup of harmful elements. Versatility is key with this cleaner, as it is compatible with a diverse array of paddlesports equipment, including stand-up paddleboards and canoes.

Moreover, the high customer satisfaction rating on Amazon reflects its reliability and efficiency in keeping paddlesports equipment in pristine condition. In a market filled with various cleaning products, the STAR BRITE Ultimate Paddlesports Cleaner & Protectant rises above its competitors, setting the benchmark for top-notch cleaning and protective solutions in the paddlesports community.

#2 Star Brite Rib & Inflatable Boat Cleaner

EffectivenessExceptional at removing salt deposits, bird droppings, and general grime
Eco-FriendlinessEco-friendliness not explicitly described
VersatilitySuitable for Hypalon, PVC, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, and more

When it comes to maintaining the pristine condition of your paddleboard or inflatable boat, the Star Brite Rib & Inflatable Boat Cleaner stands out in the marine maintenance landscape. This cleaner is not just for show; it packs a punch with its ability to penetrate and lift stubborn stains, simplifying the upkeep of your watercraft.

It’s a breeze to useโ€”spray it on and assure yourself of the easy cleaning that follows. Users will appreciate the cleaner’s inclusion of PTEF polymers, which provide a protective shield against UV damage, preventing color fade and repelling dirt.

The 32 oz bottle ensures that you’ll have enough product for numerous cleanings, making it an economical choice. It’s clear that this cleaner is designed with water sport enthusiasts in mind, accommodating the meticulous care of a variety of equipment including RIBs, kayaks, and inflatable toys.

While eco-friendliness isn’t explicitly claimed, the Star Brite cleaner is indicative of a brand with a sturdy reputation in the market, focusing on delivering products that are effective and practical for a range of customers. Its high ratings and user reviews support its position as a highly regarded product for paddle board enthusiasts looking to keep their gear in top condition.

#3 ONITPRO Revive & Protect

EffectivenessPowerful against oxidation, minor scratches, and scuff marks; enhances color vibrancy
Eco-FriendlinessEco-conscious formulation, aligns with ecological standards, likely non-toxic
VersatilityCompatible with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and gel coat finishes; suitable for SUPs, surfboards, and OCs

ONITPRO Revive & Protect stands out as a reliable companion for maintaining the integrity of your paddle board. This cleaner makes even well-used boards gleam, rejuvenating the color and reducing the visibility of unwelcome marks from paddles or the elements. With its eco-friendly promise, you can polish up your board with the peace of mind that you’re not harming the environment.

Its specialized formula is perfect for an array of finishes, demonstrating its efficiency on common materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber. Weighing just 1.5 pounds, this 8-fluid ounce bottle is easy to handle, and the spray nozzle makes application a breeze.

It’s not just the practicality that impresses; customers praise ONITPRO for the cleaner’s restorative qualities, ensuring your watercraft not only looks pristine but is treated to a layer of protection. The 4.8-star consumer rating testifies to its effectiveness and satisfaction among its users.

ONITPRO also offers a visual guide with a video demonstration that illustrates how effortless the cleaning process can be. Whether it’s for routine care or a more thorough revamp of your board, ONITPRO Revive & Protect is an excellent pick for paddle board enthusiasts.

#4 iROCKER SUP Cleaner & Protectant

EffectivenessRemoves salt, dirt, scuffs, and sand effectively.
Eco-FriendlinessSupports small business and sustainable practices.
VersatilityCompatible with both inflatable and hard paddle boards and kayaks.

Maintaining your paddle board’s look and performance can be a challenge, but the iROCKER SUP Cleaner & Protectant offers an effective solution. This 16oz spray cleaner is a meticulous formulation designed to keep your paddle board looking like new, tackling everything from salt and dirt to UV-induced wear. Its gentle yet powerful cleaning ability coupled with UV protection polymers ensures that your investment is well-protected after each use.

Not only does this cleaner preserve the aesthetics of your gear, it also supports eco-conscious choices by promoting a small business’s sustainable practices. Its specialized formula leaves iROCKER gear with a glossy finish that belies the rugged conditions it endures on the water. The convenient spray bottle design makes the application as effortless as a fresh water breeze, enhancing user experience considerably.

Portability is another highlight of this product, with a bottle so light it wonโ€™t be a burden in your water-bound journeys. The cleaner’s versatility cannot be understated either, as it works wonders on both inflatable and hard paddle boards, as well as kayaks. Compatible accessories from the iROCKER line, like the SUP Scuff Eraser and Cup Holder, complement your maintenance routine, ensuring your gear remains in its prime condition for longer.

Despite being fourth on our list, its merits are reflected in its impressive 4.3-star rating since its market debut in December 2021. Customers have noted its excellence in delivering promised results, adding a layer of protection against the elements. Owning a paddle board or kayak means committing to its upkeep, and the iROCKER SUP Cleaner & Protectant gracefully rises to that responsibility, making it an indispensable part of your maintenance kit.

#5 303 Marine Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner

EffectivenessRemoves grime and shields against UV damage, preventing yellowing and cracking.
Eco-FriendlinessPotentially eco-friendly formulation for safe use on and off water.
VersatilitySuitable for a variety of vinyl and plastic surfaces, including boats, outdoor furniture, and auto interiors.

Maintaining your paddle board is crucial for both performance and longevity, and the 303 Marine Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner stands out as a reliable choice. This 32-ounce bottle of specialized cleaner is designed to purge vinyl and plastic surfaces of dirt while offering a robust layer of UV protection to prevent environmental damage.

One of the product’s key advantages is its ability to safeguard these materials from the harsh rays of the sun. With each application, you are actively preventing yellowing and cracking of the vinyl, thereby extending the item’s life span. The multipurpose nature of the cleaner means it’s also suitable for a range of marine gear, ensuring your boat remains in top condition.

The ease of use is another salient point, as customers can expect a hassle-free process that delivers improved appearance and material integrity with regular use. Directions to apply and buff the product suggest a user-friendly approach, making routine cleaning less arduous while still effective.

As an addition to our curated list of cleaners for paddle boards, the 303 Marine Clear Protective Cleaner assures enhanced color preservation and defensive performance, making it a wise selection for boaters dedicated to protecting their investments. While it’s our fifth choice, its protective qualities and proficiency in maintaining the aesthetic of marine equipment underscore its value in the market.

#6 Amazon Quart-Sized Marine Cleaner

EffectivenessEfficiently removes dirt, grime, and tough scuff marks.
Eco-FriendlinessEnvironmentally safe, no harm to marine life or water quality.
VersatilitySuitable for PVC, rubber, hypalon, and fiberglass surfaces.

This Amazon Quart-Sized Marine Cleaner is not just another bottle in your maintenance arsenal; it’s an essential item for any paddle board or inflatable boat owner. Tailored for cleaning a wide array of surfaces including PVC, hypalon, and fiberglass, its specialized formula tackles everything from ordinary dirt to the stubborn scuff marks that shoes leave behind.

Owners of both new and older boats will find the cleaner’s ability to restore the original look of their crafts quite remarkable. Its non-abrasive nature ensures that your investments are cared for without the risk of damage during the cleaning process. The convenience of this cleaner is evident in its easy application processโ€”no specialized tools or brushes are required.

Effectiveness also extends to the treatment of marine-specific responsibilities such as salt residue removal, an aspect crucial for seafaring vessels. Moreover, the eco-friendly formulation is a breath of fresh air, offering peace of mind that the water you traverse or the sea creatures that dwell within are not being harmed.

Another impressive feature is the protective layer it leaves post-cleanup. Not only does it preserve the color and texture of your board, but it also provides a streak-free finish. Although itโ€™s the sixth entry in our selection, this cleaner delivers performance that could place it in a higher rank, earning positive feedback for its comprehensive cleaning prowess and ease of useโ€”particularly beneficial to those new to boat maintenance.

#7 ONITPRO Multi-purpose Deck Pad Cleaner

EffectivenessHighly effective on paddle board traction pads, wetsuits, and fitness mats
Eco-FriendlinessFormulated to be gentle on surfaces and the environment
VersatilitySuitable for multiple cleaning needs, including mats and sporting gear

The ONITPRO Multi-purpose Deck Pad Cleaner stands out in its field for its thorough cleaning capabilities. It tackles dirt, debris, and residue efficiently, ensuring paddle boards maintain their texture and grip. This maintenance not only preserves the appearance of your board but also enhances safety by preventing slippage.

Beyond paddle boards, it’s a godsend for water sport enthusiasts as it refreshes wetsuits by removing salt, chlorine, and body oils, thereby extending their lifecycle. Similarly, it sanitizes BOGA FIT MATTS and yoga mats, promoting a spotless space for fitness regimes and a clean, safe yoga practice environment.

Moreover, this cleaner boasts an eco-friendly formulation, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious users. It manages to maintain the adhesive qualities of traction pad surfaces without harsh chemicals that might degrade the equipment or harm the planet.

With its practical application across various exercise and sporting accessories, ONITPRO simplifies the cleaning process for active individuals. This not only saves time but also safeguards the investments made in high-use fitness and sporting gear, keeping it in prime condition.

ONITPRO’s dedication to creating a hygienic and safe sporting environment is evident, as it ensures grip and cleanliness, supporting performance while caring for the equipment. Whether you need to spruce up your paddle board or maintain your yoga mat, this cleaner is an exceptional choice, providing a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

Checklist: What makes a great Cleaner for Paddle Boards

  • Effectiveness: A top-tier cleaner should effortlessly remove common contaminants like dirt, salt, and grime without damaging the board’s surface. It should also offer some protection to prevent future buildup.
  • Eco-Friendliness: For outdoor sports enthusiasts, an eco-friendly cleaner ensures that the maintenance of gear does not adversely affect the aquatic environments they cherish and explore.
  • Versatility: An ideal cleaner would be suitable for a variety of materials, such as fiberglass, PVC, and carbon fiber, accommodating different types of paddle boards and related gear.
  • UV Protection: Prolonged exposure to the sun can deteriorate your board. A cleaner that offers UV protection helps maintain the boardโ€™s color vibrancy and structural integrity.
  • Non-Slip: Post-cleaning, the board’s surface should remain grippy to ensure safety. Cleaners offering a non-slip protective coating fulfill both maintenance and safety needs.
  • Biodegradability: Considering that cleaning often occurs near or on the water, a biodegradable formula is crucial to prevent chemical pollution and preserve marine ecosystems.


What qualities should I look for in a paddle board cleaner?

Choose a cleaner that effectively removes contaminants, offers UV protection, is eco-friendly, versatile for different materials, and leaves a non-slip surface.

Why is eco-friendliness important for paddle board cleaners?

Eco-friendly cleaners ensure aquatic environments remain unharmed during maintenance, protecting marine ecosystems from chemical pollution.

Can using a paddle board cleaner extend the life of my board?

Yes, using a cleaner with protective features against contaminants and UV rays can maintain your board’s integrity and extend its longevity.

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