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Struggling with how to transport your paddle board to that perfect spot?

Say goodbye to bulky, time-consuming setups and hello to adventure with the right bicycle trailer.

Streamline your journey with our top picks for the ultimate paddle board transport companions.

Dive in and discover the freedom of effortless travel now!

#1 Reacha Sport SUP Trailer

Trailer CapacityUp to 132 lbs as a manual cart, Up to 77 lbs as a bicycle trailer
MaterialAluminum frames, water-repellent fabric
Wheel Size20โ€ compact, 24โ€ street, 20โ€ fat beach wheels

The Reacha Sport SUP Trailer is a superbly crafted piece of equipment for transporting your paddleboard and more. Its lightweight aluminum frame, coupled with water-repellent fabric, ensures durability against the elements. The thoughtful modular design allows adjustments in size, further enhancing its utility for various sporting gears, including SUP boards up to 14 feet long.

Maneuverability is paramount, and the Reacha Sport doesnโ€™t disappoint. It offers three unique wheel sets – compact for short distances, street wheels for smooth pavements, and fat beach wheels designed for tougher terrains, making it the Best Bicycle Trailer for Paddle Boards in versatility and utility.

Accessibility and storage convenience are key; the trailer can be easily folded down to a compact size for storage, and its quick, tool-free assembly is practical for users on the go. Furthermore, being able to transport as much as 132 pounds manually or 77 pounds when hitched to a bicycle caters to heavy-duty requirements.

Additional accessories such as neoprene padding and securing straps round off the customizable options, ensuring your cargo is not only transported safely but is also protected against scratches and bumps. With its sustainable construction and a two-year warranty, the Reacha Sport SUP Trailer is an outstanding choice for environmentally conscious consumers seeking a resilient and reliable transport solution for their adventures.

#2 SUP Wheels Evolution X Bicycle Trailer

Trailer CapacityAccommodates wide hard and inflatable paddle boards
MaterialDurable aluminum and UV resistant materials
Wheel Size14-inch airless wheels designed for soft terrain

The SUP Wheels Evolution X Bicycle Trailer stands out as an exceedingly capable option for those looking to transport their paddle boards effortlessly. Designed specifically for extra wide and inflatable boards, the carrier becomes an extension of your bike, eliminating the hassle of heavy lifting.

The Evolution X excels in functionality, with its airless 14-inch wheels providing a smooth roll over sandy and rough terrain. As an avid paddle boarder, youโ€™ll appreciate how it navigates those curbs and soft surfaces without a hitch. The no-tool connection to the bike seat adds to the convenience factor, making it a breeze to attach and head out for a paddling session.

Supporting local businesses is an added perk when considering this product, as the carrier is built by a committed small enterprise specializing in paddle board transportation solutions. With durable construction, made primarily of lightweight yet robust aluminum, the Evolution X promises to be a long-lasting accessory to your water sports gear.

Not only does it protect your board with a considered design, but with floating wheels and resistance to saltwater and UV rays, this trailer is engineered to withstand the elements. Included is a handy strap with a rubber handle for versatile carrying options when you’re moving the cart itself. All in all, the SUP Wheels Evolution X Bicycle Trailer is a smart investment for paddlers looking for a hassle-free way to get their board from home to the waterfront.

#3 Rambo R187 Canoe and Kayak Trailer Cart

Trailer Capacity300lbs
MaterialAdjustable steel frame with thick foam padding
Wheel Size16″x3″

When it comes to transporting paddle boards via bicycle, the Rambo R187 Canoe and Kayak Trailer Cart stands out as a robust and versatile option. Its 300-pound capacity is ample for hauling not just paddle boards but also any hefty gear accompanying your adventure.

Crafted from an adjustable steel frame and featuring substantial foam padding, the Rambo R187 protects your board during transit, minimizing the risk of damage. Compatibility is a key strength, as it has been designed to attach seamlessly with all Rambo electric bikes, ensuring a secure and stable fit.

The 16-inch wheels are more than capable of tackling uneven terrains, which adds to the practicality for off-road expeditions or a trip down a rugged trail. The extendable structure of this trailer is a boon for those with varying cargo sizes, adapting up to 10 feet to meet your specific hauling needs.

This trailerโ€™s assembly process, which is user-friendly and requires only about 30 minutes, is the icing on the cake for paddle board enthusiasts who prefer not to be bogged down with complex setup procedures. While this product may not be the top-ranked in its category, its solid construction and thoughtful design make it a highly reliable choice for an array of outdoor activities.

#4 Burley Flatbed Aluminum Utility Trailer

Trailer Capacity100 lbs
Wheel SizePush-button removable wheels

With its practical and foldable design, the Burley Flatbed Aluminum Utility Trailer is a smart addition for the outdoor enthusiast with varied transportation needs. Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum, it strikes the perfect balance between strength and ease of handling, ensuring that you can haul up to 100 pounds of cargo, including paddle boards or any other equipment, without the trailer itself contributing substantially to the load.

The dimensions of 33″L x 30.9″W x 16.1″H paired with its open-air design accommodate different cargo types, from coolers to outdoor gear, providing flexibility without restriction. Its stability and ease of use are also noteworthy, with a reliable hitch system and two-wheel chassis ensuring smooth sailing (or rather cycling) even when fully loaded.

Storage convenience is well-considered, as its push-button wheels allow for quick disassembly, and the ability to fold flat is a boon for those with limited space. The versatility of the flatbed design extends to its accessory options, such as the Dry Bag and Cargo Bungee Net, enhancing its functionality across a range of activities.

Lastly, Burley’s reputation for exceeding safety and durability standards comes as no surprise with the Burley Flatbed Aluminum Utility Trailer. It’s an investment for the dedicated cyclist or adventurer seeking a reliable, quality product supported by a robust warranty and Burley’s long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Bicycle Trailer for Paddle Boards

  • Capacity: Evaluate the weight limit and dimensions to ensure the trailer can adequately transport your paddle board, and ideally, have extra space for additional gear without overloading.
  • Wheel Type: Check for appropriate wheel size and type for your usual terrain โ€“ options such as compact, street, or fat beach wheels can impact maneuverability and ease of transport.
  • Material Durability: A trailer constructed with robust materials like aluminum and featuring elements like water-repellent fabrics or UV-resistant coatings will provide longevity and protect against the elements.
  • Assembly and Storage: An easy-to-assemble design with quick, tool-free setup and the ability to fold down for compact storage is essential for convenience and usability.
  • Portability: Prioritize a model with features that enhance portability, such as airless or removable wheels, or a design that allows the trailer to become an extension of your bike.
  • Accessory Compatibility: Look for trailers that offer or support additional accessories like securing straps or padding to safeguard your board during transit and enhance the carrying experience.


How do I choose a bicycle trailer for my paddle board?

Select a trailer based on capacity, wheel type, material durability, assembly ease, portability, and its compatibility with accessories to protect your paddle board during transit.

Can bike trailers handle rough terrain when transporting paddle boards?

Yes, bike trailers with appropriate wheel types, such as fat beach or airless wheels, can handle rough terrains and facilitate smooth transportation of paddle boards.

Is assembly difficult for bicycle trailers used for paddle boards?

No, many paddle board bicycle trailers are designed for easy, tool-free assembly and convenient storage, offering quick setup and breakdown.

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