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Searching for the perfect Golf Instagram caption?

Discover our amazing collection of Golf Instagram captions.

From witty to charming, these captions will perfectly capture your swing-tastic memories!

Funny Golf Captions for Instagram

I like big putts, and I cannot lie!

  1. I like big putts, and I cannot lie!
  2. Just hacking my way through the course.
  3. They call me “Mulligan” for a reason.
  4. Swinging into the weekend like…
  5. Golf: ruining a perfectly good walk.
  6. “Fore” warned is “fore” armed.
  7. Grateful for golf carts… and beer.
  8. A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing.
  9. Suns out, clubs out!
  10. I’d call myself a golfer, but I’m really a ball whacker.
  11. What’s my handicap? My swing.
  12. Tee it high, let it fly!
  13. Grip it and (try) to rip it!
  14. Beauty and the bogey.
  15. Putt up or shut up!
  16. The grass is always greener on the golf course.
  17. May the course be with you.
  18. Don’t be a slice guy.
  19. Not a single duffer ever ruffled these greens.
  20. Better late than never, but never late is better.

Short Golf Captions for Instagram

Swinging into action.

  1. Swinging into action.
  2. Go for the green.
  3. Fairway to heaven.
  4. Keep calm and swing on.
  5. Finding my happy place.
  6. Just tap it in.
  7. Iron it out.
  8. Chipping away at it.
  9. Living on par.
  10. Driving ambition.
  11. Love at first swing.
  12. Golf is life.
  13. Par-tee time!
  14. Putts and pars.
  15. Good vibes only.
  16. Hole in one dreams.
  17. Stay in the green.
  18. Focus on the fairway.
  19. Birdies all day.
  20. Game, set, golf.

Clever Golf Instagram Captions

Green eggs and sand traps.

  1. Green eggs and sand traps.
  2. Teed off, but loving it.
  3. I came, I saw, I putted.
  4. Swing like nobody’s watching.
  5. Life’s a pitch and then you chip.
  6. The only shots I took were on the golf course.
  7. Always aim for the flag, but watch out for the water.
  8. When in doubt, grab a 7-iron.
  9. Putts well with others.
  10. I’d rather be driving a golf ball than a car.
  11. It takes a lot of balls to play golf like I do.
  12. There’s no place like the golf course.
  13. My slice is so bad, even the pizza guy is confused.
  14. Are you bogeying me?!
  15. Irons may rust, but my love for golf is forever.
  16. I’m just a putter away from greatness.
  17. Fairways are overrated, said every golfer who’s never hit one.
  18. Golf is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle.
  19. Born to golf, forced to work.
  20. To golf or not to golf, that’s a silly question.

Cute Golf Instagram Captions

You make my heart skip a putt.

  1. You make my heart skip a putt.
  2. Puttering around with you is the best.
  3. Here for the golf and the gossip.
  4. Tee-rific times with friends.
  5. Love on the links.
  6. Life is better when you’re golfing.
  7. Sunshine, fairways, & good company.
  8. Making memories, one swing at a time.
  9. Halves of birdies, quarters of eagles.
  10. My favorite golf buddy is you.
  11. A hole-in-one kind of day.
  12. Good friends, great golf.
  13. Chips happen!
  14. Green dreams and tee time memories.
  15. Swinging through life together.
  16. My golf partner in crime.
  17. Smiles and strokes.
  18. Fairways, greens, and everything in between.
  19. Pals, putts, and birdie putts.
  20. Chipping away at happiness.

Witty Golf Instagram Captions

Swing it till you make it.

  1. Swing it till you make it.
  2. Life is full of greens and tees.
  3. Good times and tan lines on the golf course.
  4. Fairways to heaven.
  5. Tee-rific adventures await.
  6. Grip it and rip it.
  7. Par for the course, fun for the day.
  8. Slice, hook, laugh, repeat.
  9. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
  10. This round’s on me!
  11. Just like golf, life is a series of strokes.
  12. From putter to winner.
  13. Living my life, stroke by stroke.
  14. Eager to make the green scene.
  15. Drive ambition, not golf carts.
  16. Three things to remember: swing, score, smile.
  17. Got  problems but a putt ain’t one.
  18. I scored high… in style!
  19. Golf: Where style meets stroke.
  20. Swinging between the strokes of genius.

Girl Golf Instagram Captions

Tee-time and me-time.

  1. Tee-time and me-time.
  2. Girls with clubs, making a scene.
  3. Swing like a girl and own the green.
  4. Women who golf, redefine par-fection.
  5. Lady golfers do it with style.
  6. Strokes and high-heeled strolls.
  7. Feeling fairway fabulous!
  8. When in doubt, girl golfers swing it out.
  9. Par-TEE girls club.
  10. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but golf is a close second.
  11. The future of golf is female and fabulous.
  12. Drive like a girl, swing like a queen.
  13. Golf squad goals.
  14. She believed she could, so she played golf.
  15. Life’s too short not to swing hard.
  16. Girls who golf, conquer the world.
  17. Sisters on the green.
  18. Golfing and glamour, the ultimate combo.
  19. Green goddesses unite.
  20. Making the fairway look fabulous.

Golf One-Liners for Instagram

Keep calm and golf on.

  1. Keep calm and golf on.
  2. Eat, sleep, golf, repeat.
  3. Grip, rip, sip, and celebrate.
  4. Life’s a course, golf is the guide.
  5. Ready, set, fore!
  6. Make every swing count.
  7. Hole-in-wow!
  8. Play like a pro, party like a golfer.
  9. Tee up and conquer.
  10. Swing high, aim low.
  11. Birdies, bogeys, and memories.
  12. It’s all in the swing.
  13. Chase dreams and greens.
  14. Drive hard or go home.
  15. When life gives you clubs, play golf.
  16. Swing easy, live fully.
  17. Golf today, conquer tomorrow.
  18. Earn your strokes, treasure the journey.
  19. On the green, we live our dreams.
  20. Risk it for the birdie.

Funny Golf Quotes for Instagram

“Golf: A game where you’re your own worst enemy.”

  1. “Golf: A game where you’re your own worst enemy.”
  2. “I’d like to see the fairways more narrow. Then everybody would have to play from the rough, not just me.” – Seve Ballesteros
  3. “The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.” – Billy Graham
  4. “I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators.” – Gerald R. Ford
  5. “Golf is a game in which you yell ‘fore,’ shoot six, and write down five.” – Paul Harvey
  6. “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” – Mark Twain
  7. “Forget your opponents; always play against par.” – Sam Snead
  8. “If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.” – Dean Martin
  9. “Golf is life. If you can’t take golf, you can’t take life.” – P.G. Wodehouse
  10. “I can always rely on three things: death, taxes, and three putts.” – Unknown
  11. “Golf is not a game of good shots. It’s a game of bad shots.” – Ben Hogan
  12. “Golf… a sport where the ball always lies poorly, and the player always lies well.” – Art Rosenbaum
  13. “If you think it’s hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball.” – Jack Lemmon
  14. “Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at.” – Jimmy Demaret
  15. “A missed putt is like leaving money on the table.” – Sam Snead
  16. “Golf is like a love affair. If you don’t take it seriously, it’s not fun; if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart.” – Arthur Daley
  17. “The two things in life I never regret spending money on are therapy and golf lessons.” – Anonymous
  18. “A golfer’s diet consists of lots of greens.” – Unknown
  19. “Golf appeals to the idiot in us and the child. Just how childlike golf players become is proven by their frequent inability to count past five.” – John Updike
  20. “They call it golf because all the other four-letter words were taken.” – Raymond Floyd

Golf Puns for Instagram

Watch me whiff it, now putt me baby one more time.

  1. Watch me whiff it, now putt me baby one more time.
  2. Golfers don’t cry when they’re puttering out.
  3. Teeing up for some pun-tastic moments.
  4. Swinging on cloud nine-iron.
  5. Par-fectly punny, one hole at a time.
  6. “Fore” real, I love golfing!
  7. Life is full of fairways and puns.
  8. Slice to meet you on the green.
  9. Bogey nights and birdie dreams.
  10. I putter around and have a good time.
  11. Sinking puns, one hole at a time.
  12. Just pitching and pun-ishing on the course.
  13. Living under par in a pun-tastic world.
  14. Who’s the iron man? I am!
  15. Chip off the old block, on the golf course.
  16. Golf: A hole lot of fun and pun.
  17. Swinging through life’s pun-traps.
  18. Tee-rifically punny, every round.
  19. Birdies, bogeys, and banter.
  20. Swingin’ in the punshine!


How do you caption a Golf Instagram post?

When captioning a Golf Instagram post, opt for a succinct, relatable phrase that represents the essence of your photo while also engaging your audience. Strive for clarity and authenticity, and avoid overly complicated or emotional language.

What are good IG Golf captions?

1. Swinging into the weekend.
2. Just another day in paradise (on the greens).
3. Par for the course.
4. Fairways to heaven.
5. Grip it and rip it.
6. Tee it high, let it fly.
7. Finding my happy place.

What are great hashtags for Golf Instagram posts?

Excellent Hashtags for Golf Instagram posts include:

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