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Leap into handball’s heart-pounding hype, where every pass and pivot ignites the screen.

These picks serve aces in emotion and storytelling, beyond just the scoreboard.

Feeling game to dive into the best handball films, series, and docs that throw the perfect pitch in entertainment?

Best Handball Movies, Shows, and Documentaries:

  1. Forever the Moment (2008)
  2. DARE TO RISE | A Machineseeker EHF Champions League Documentary
  3. HANDBALL CITY, USA: A Documentary Series
  4. Projekt Gold – Eine deutsche Handball-WM

#1 Forever the Moment (2008)

  • 🎬 Directed by: Yim Soon-rye
  • 🌟 Starring: Moon So-ri, Kim Jung-eun, Uhm Tae-woong

Forever the Moment is a South Korean sports drama inspired by the true story of the South Korean women’s handball team that competed in the 2004 Athens Olympics. The film delves into the lives of the team members, exploring their personal struggles, dedication, and the intense dynamics within the group as they pursue a seemingly unattainable goal.

This engaging movie combines sports action with heartfelt storytelling, celebrating the spirit of teamwork and the perseverance of the athletes striving for glory on behalf of their country.

Where to watch: Google Play

#2 DARE TO RISE | A Machineseeker EHF Champions League Documentary

“DARE TO RISE” is a documentary that delves into the intense and passionate world of handball, specifically focusing on the Machineseeker EHF Champions League. It provides viewers with an inside look at the dedication, challenges, and triumphs faced by players and teams in this high-stakes competition.

The documentary offers a unique perspective on the sport, showcasing the physicality, strategy, and emotional investment involved in reaching the pinnacle of European handball.

Where to watch: YouTube

#3 HANDBALL CITY, USA: A Documentary Series

“HANDBALL CITY, USA” is a documentary series that explores the vibrant culture and community of handball in the United States. The series highlights the sport’s significance in various cities and the impact it has on the lives of those who play it.

From amateur enthusiasts to professional athletes, the documentary presents the diverse stories and backgrounds of individuals united by their love for the game, offering an in-depth look at handball’s role in American sports culture.

Where to watch: YouTube

#4 Projekt Gold – Eine deutsche Handball-WM

  • 🌟 Starring: German national handball team

“Projekt Gold – Eine deutsche Handball-WM” is a compelling documentary that takes viewers behind the scenes of the German national handball team’s journey at the World Championship.

The documentary captures the intense preparation, strategic planning, and emotional highs and lows experienced by the team as they strive for glory on the international stage. It provides a unique insight into the world of professional handball, highlighting the dedication, resilience, and team spirit required to compete at the highest level.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Media dedicated to handball enriches fans’ connection to the sport, paralleling how creative handball team name generators can foster a sense of identity and community among players.



What is the best Handball movie of all time?

“Forever the Moment” (2008) is the best Handball movie of all time, a South Korean drama based on a true story about the country’s women’s handball team.

What are some good Handball movies?

“Forever the Moment” (2008) is a good Handball movie, offering both historical context and a modern perspective on the sport.

What Handball movies, shows, and documentaries are on Netflix?

The best Handball movies, shows, and documentaries on Netflix currently are limited as the platform may not have a wide selection specifically focused on handball.

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